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    Traffic Light option won't enable - says I need to download latest maps?

    Finally got updated to a recent firmware and this option has been stuck like this. Any idea what to do? I'm working from home now so the car is in the garage continuously connected to WiFi all day.
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    Model 3 still stuck on 2019.40.50.1

    Just got 2020.24.6.9 tonight. Still behind the latest on early access but at least that means I'm now getting updates pushed without human intervention
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    Model 3 still stuck on 2019.40.50.1

    Definitely not that. I have FSD and I've been part of the early access program from back when I had the Model S. I'm still getting the early access emails.
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    Model 3 still stuck on 2019.40.50.1

    Tesla contacted me yesterday and pushed 2020.20.17. It's not the newest version out there but I'm at least not stuck on last year's version.
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    Model 3 still stuck on 2019.40.50.1

    I've had the car for a while and was getting updates regularly. Been kind of busy and just didn't notice I wasn't getting updates for a while. I submitted an email support request as well as scheduled a service through the app. We'll see what happens. Thanks everyone.
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    Model 3 still stuck on 2019.40.50.1

    I've tried doing the various reboots people have recommended. Haven't been driving much recently so hasn't been in my mind. My router is in the other side of the wall from the garage and I have full signal. The car has literally sat for weeks at a time with full WiFi signal without moving Any...
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    Battery Charge Level Will Be Restricted. FML.

    Not the club I wanted to join but here I am. This was waiting for me this morning. Waiting for Tesla to call me back.
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    Supercharger - West Melbourne, FL [Operational]

    A member of the Space Coast EV Drivers shared this today. Looks like construction has started. Scott Hovey-Knouse Looks like it's about here: Google Maps
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    Tesla Extended Warranty when purchased Used from a Private Party?

    Hello Scott. I don't know if you're aware of this, but Tesla sells certified pre-owned as well as inventory units from their loaner fleet. The inventory cars are still eligible for the Federal tax credit. You can look for cars on Tesla's site: Pre-Owned Model S | Tesla Motors or you can go to...
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    Idea: Add approach direction to GPS HomeLink auto open

    Yeah, that why I was suggested using the arrival angle. Simply record the angle the car is facing (using the compass) when setting the GPS HomeLink. Only initiate auto-open if the car is facing the same direction again (maybe within 45 degrees?) This would also solve the problem some others...
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    Idea: Add approach direction to GPS HomeLink auto open

    Not sure how to get Tesla's attention on this one. I think it'd be a pretty simple change. My community has separate entry and exit gates. I'd like for auto open to only trigger when my car is facing inwards so it doesn't trigger when I'm leaving the community.
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    Release Cycles & Potential Refresh?

    Since the car has only been in production for a little over 3 years they've never done a refresh on the body design. We have no history to guess how they'll approach it.
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    LTE wait list duration?

    The Model S was delivered in 2012 so most of the design for the electronics would've been finalized in 2011 at the latest. The LTE rollout in the US started in late 2011. It's highly unlikely that there would have been LTE modems hardened for automotive platforms on the market back then.
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    Navigation problems drawing route on map

    I spoke to someone at the SC today. He says that they're aware of the problem and are still working on it. For now, they recommend just rebooting when it happens. The fix is not in the 7.1 update that just came out.
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    Climate control algorithm V7.0

    I'm so glad to find this. That's exactly what I was experiencing. After V7 there's a significant thumping vibration coming from the AC. I can hear it and feel it vibrating through the brake pedal when I'm at a stop light. My SC added the noise dampening blanket but I can still hear/feel it...
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    LTE wait list duration?

    Those of you that have gotten the LTE upgrade, how long did you have to wait to schedule your install? I contacted my SC back in October about getting the LTE upgrade. They told me I'd be added to the wait list and they would contact me when it's available. I'm curious how long everyone else...
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    Navigation problems drawing route on map

    I've been having weird issues with when routes are drawn on the map. These have manifested in 3 different ways: 1. It will draw part of the route on the map. Some segments will be missing. 2. The route is completely missing and only the destination flag is shown. For these 2, it will sometimes...
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    ~15% reduction in range after v7 update on S85

    I'm in Florida so, while there has been a temperature drop, it was down to the lower 70's. I don't think it's a temperature related issue. I'm going to try a few more controlled experiments today and record consumption at varying speeds.
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    ~15% reduction in range after v7 update on S85

    Is anyone else experiencing this? The v7 update installed last night. I typically get around 280Wh/mi driving around town. Today I was getting around 320Wh/mi.
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    Sunroof Repair Results - too picky?

    Yeah, the third picture is a pretty bad scratch on the rear window. I didn't mean to add it to post and I couldn't figure out how to remove it. I sent them an email about this 2 days ago and haven't heard back from them. This has been been pretty frustrating. So far I've driven a loaner for...
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    Sunroof Repair Results - too picky?

    I bought a 2013 CPO S85 and found that the sunroof shakes/vibrates after the car has been in the sun for a few hours. The first time the local service center attempted to repair it it came back leaking in addition to continuing to shake. The second time they kept it for more than a week trying...
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    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Air suspension, premium sound, pano roof, 21 inch wheels, premium interior

    This car has the performance seats which, I just learned, has suede seat bolsters. It looks kind of weird in pictures.
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    Tesla model S 85 kW

    Does this car have the parking proximity sensors?
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    2014 Tesla Model S 85kWh -- Air Suspension, Dual Chargers, Pano Roof, Xpel+Opticoat

    In an earlier post you said you'd post some interior pictures. Have you gotten a chance to take some photos yet? Is this an early or late 2014 model?
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    2013 Tesla Model S 85 kW 17,500 Miles - No Longer Available

    I too tried to send a PM and it says the message is Stored ...
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    Tesla model S 85 kW

    Tech Package? Does Navigation imply Tech Package?

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