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  1. J

    Autopilot changes???

    I hope none of these holier-than-thou folks never sneeze and close his or her eyes while driving, or drink a bottle of water and take one hand off the steering wheel, or look at the name of the music playing on the screen, or have an itch and scratch it, or look in the rear view mirror when they...
  2. J

    New Software Update is Ready

    I received the message today. It says 1 hour 40 minutes to install it. I already got the map upgrade. Anyone know what's in this latest software upgrade? There doesn't seem to be much info out there with a cursory search on the interwebs.
  3. J

    What percentage of your liquid assets is being used to fund your Model S purchase?

    I could have paid cash too, and then speaking of liquid assets, would have been cash flow poor for a while so I took the same route. I put ~40k down and financed the rest at a very cheap rate. In fact, the cost of borrowing the money is so cheap comparatively speaking that I wonder why I don't...
  4. J

    Varying charge/discharge levels any benefit?

    Hi folks, I'd say for 85% of my driving I am off to the office, visit same customers, drive home, charge. Rinse and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat..... Got me to wondering: Is there benefit to randomizing the level of discharge I let the battery get to? How about the charge? I...
  5. J

    Ecstatic to be a part of the club - MS 85D

    Our cars are almost identical. After ~5,000 miles I can say without doubt that I absolutely love mine. Welcome to the club!
  6. J

    Are the news Ds finally quiet (no front motor noise)?

    My 2015 85D has an awesome sounding "whine" when I floor it .... sounds like a **gasp** motor pitched whine ... I love it. Otherwise it is almost entirely silent. Maybe it is the modulation of the speed controller, but whatever it is I really like the way it sounds under heavy acceleration.
  7. J

    Has anyone tested 0-60 and or 1/4 times since 7.0 update?

    I haven't seen any threads with a before and after. I think I saw one the other day where he was going to test, but no follow-up yet. Wasn't there some changes to the acceleration at various speeds?
  8. J

    Has anyone turned an air-suspension D model into an off-road machine?

    I got to thinking while having my air-suspension on the very high setting while washing it, that if someone had more money than maybe common sense (or just a lot of money) maybe they would have tried putting all-terrain tires on the car, jacking up the wheels via air suspension and creating one...
  9. J

    Just went for a drive ... and only drove 25% of the time.

    I'm pretty impressed with the system so far. I think we as a community need to be cautious how we use this capability or it could have some negative repercussions based on my limited experience so far as I could see very easily being lulled into a false sense of security and not paying attention...
  10. J

    Can you drive a Tesla and still be a REAL MAN(tm)?

    I don't always drive myself, but when I do, it is a Tesla model S.
  11. J

    P85D motor hp controversy starts also to show in U.S. media

    And thus this conversation should end. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict it doesn't.
  12. J

    P85D motor hp controversy starts also to show in U.S. media

    Although I do so enjoy the salt ... isn't there enough of this in the other thread you people keep posting in?
  13. J

    First Long Distance Trip - Ponte Vedra to Tampa/Clearwater

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. 70mph definitely isn't an option for me. :) I'm going to allow plenty of extra time so I will be good whichever route I take, but definitely a bit apprehensive for my first road trip! P.S. If I go the Port Orange route do you just double-back to I4 via...
  14. J

    First Long Distance Trip - Ponte Vedra to Tampa/Clearwater

    Hey guys, Curious how you would plan the following trip: Ponte Vedra (Nocatee actually, just south of Jacksonville) to Tampa and then on to Clearwater. 85D w/ 262 rated range full charge. EV Trip Planner shows 225 miles/73.5 KwH to my destination in Tampa, and then it isn't too far to my...
  15. J

    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    I'd like the 20 or so minutes of my life I wasted reading through this thread back.
  16. J

    FPL Off-Peak Charging

    Makes me want to get solar and a powerwall and go off peak and have a REALLY low bill!
  17. J

    which is faster 30-50/50-70 S85D or P85D

    DING DING ... had to watch that scene on youtube last night just to get a laugh.
  18. J

    which is faster 30-50/50-70 S85D or P85D

    ERP got the quad part right! But the P would stand for something else. :)
  19. J

    which is faster 30-50/50-70 S85D or P85D

    I'm utterly pleased with my 85D performance wise having come from a 6.0L tuned engine. The acceleration is phenomenal and instantaneous. I would have loved to have the P, but I could not justify it in my head even though from an affordability perspective it wasn't much of an issue. Now, when...
  20. J

    FPL Off-Peak Charging

    Thanks for the info LeoJ. I thought I responded to this thread earlier. Must have been my tablet freaking out on the wireless. Larry, to answer your question: I live in Nocatee (West of PVB) so FPL provides our power and JEA provides our water.
  21. J

    Intermittant Noise in my new 85D

    mscott nailed it ... I turned off the lane departure and no noise! Funny that I didn't correlate the noise with "departing".
  22. J

    Intermittant Noise in my new 85D

    Really? Any thoughts how to verify that? I figured lane departure would be a ding like the radar does. Maybe I need to read the manual. :) Day three of ownership so haven't had time to do silly things like read the manual, but I don't think I've been drifting out of a lane every time it makes...
  23. J

    What's your 90%?

    2015 85D ~ 6800 miles 90% = 244
  24. J

    Intermittant Noise in my new 85D

    I do have air suspension. I will also try turning off the A/C to see if that is the noise. Thanks for the heads-up.
  25. J

    Intermittant Noise in my new 85D

    Hey guys, Picked up my 85D yesterday. LOVE IT. On the way home, which was about 150 miles I noticed it make what I can only describe as a hum, or rrrrrrrrrrr noise. Almost like what you would hear when something is vibrating, but it doesn't vibrate. It appears to come from the front of the...
  26. J

    0-60/30-50/50-70 comparative times for 70D/85D/P85D

    You sound like a Data Scientist. I bet Tesla is doing some neast things with data analytics!
  27. J

    FPL Off-Peak Charging

    Has anyone signed up for FPL's Off-Peak Charging program and or had an analysis done? Picking up my 85D tomorrow, already have HPWC installed and got to thinking this could be a good way to save a few bucks on electric bill. Thanks, Jason
  28. J

    autopilot or no autopilot

    If cash is tight I would get it later. You will have all the hardware you need so it is a matter of buying the upgrade to enable it later for a slight premium, but depending on your age you are likely to be more financially sound in the future. Just my one opinion among many.
  29. J

    Owners putting a higher trim badge on is one thing but this is pretty funny

    I wonder if the badge came with his last battery change.....
  30. J

    I was going to be stoic...

    But @ 41yo I feel like my kids on Xmas eve knowing I'm picking up my 85D tomorrow! Hope I can sleep tonight. :biggrin:
  31. J

    Will service plans be discussed/pushed at pickup?

    Kind of curious what to expect from Tesla when I pick up my car tomorrow in terms of Service Plans. I'm still not sure what makes the most sense there. Thinking just do the annual $600 checkup at this point, but I'm curious if Tesla tries to get you to sign-up for more service plans/warranty...
  32. J

    0-60/30-50/50-70 comparative times for 70D/85D/P85D

    I agree. I don't consider the P90DL a publicity stunt either. It is in supercar performance realm, but my point is that for most folks (I'd imagine) the 85D/90D are "enough" performance. Would I have liked the P90DL ... absolutely, but I personally couldn't quite justify the delta in price...
  33. J

    Air suspension phenomena?!?

    That was quite the mental imagery you created, luvnMyTS. Good info along with the story.
  34. J

    0-60/30-50/50-70 comparative times for 70D/85D/P85D

    llavalle, your posts re-affirm my "being good" with choosing an 85D instead of a P85 or dropping the extra cash on a P85D/P90D ... that's pretty darn quick for 99% of cars!
  35. J

    Air suspension phenomena?!?

    Picking my 85D up day after tomorrow, and it has air suspension. This almost sounds like it could be working as intended?
  36. J

    Owners putting a higher trim badge on is one thing but this is pretty funny

    Now that's just plain funny right there.
  37. J

    Man Down!

    The car I'm trading in for my new Tesla was rear-ended at high speed going down a bridge. The cost for the repair was so high they "almost" totaled it. I kind of wish they had after the blood-bath I took on trade-in value. All this said, I think the only reason this was reported was due to the...
  38. J

    85D Potential Performance?

    I'm about to take delivery of my 85D, and I was looking around at some of the performance threads on P85 vs. 85D etc. (obviously P85D/90DL are in another ballpark), but it got me to wondering with two motors albeit lower advertised HP, what would the envelope look like on a 0-60 for a 85D. Are...
  39. J

    Who's gotten a speeding ticket in their Tesla?

    I'm sure he got a big-time scolding. :)
  40. J

    Who's gotten a speeding ticket in their Tesla?

    Whoever said the law always makes sense?
  41. J

    Who's gotten a speeding ticket in their Tesla?

    If it is the same as the state of Florida there is no "legal" reason to be speeding unless you have emergency equipment on your vehicle and you are authorized to be driving beyond posted limits. I was in LE for 8 years, and one of my instructors who was a big time traffic guy used to start his...
  42. J

    About to take delivery of new 85D demo. Anything I should be on the lookout for?

    I got about 11 grand off w/ 6k miles. The vehicle has just about every option minus the updated sound and next gen seats.
  43. J

    About to take delivery of new 85D demo. Anything I should be on the lookout for?

    Hi folks, After a ton of browsing and finally winning the wife over I put my deposit down on a demo 85D that's being shipped to my service center (closest one is Orlando). Obviously this car will have some miles on it, but I liked the idea is saving some money with the discount while still...
  44. J

    Happy Birthday to me... it's a P90D

    Congrats! I'm waiting for my 85D to be delivered so I can only imagine how exciting a P90D would be!

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