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  1. S-2000 Roadster

    VehicleLogs file name year shows 2001 and 2002

    The last VehicleLogs file that I pulled with the correct year was 202009190502.tar Since then, I'm seeing file names like 200103161832.tar and 200208092332.tar Is this a permanent error in the Linux system running internally, or is it a matter of setting the date? I've read on this forum about...
  2. S-2000 Roadster

    Any record of which VIN were test-driven in Bellevue before production?

    I fondly recall signing up for a test-drive of a Tesla Roadster in Bellevue. This was held in the parking lot of a Sears store that had been closed for some time. I didn't know anything about VP or other VIN numbering schemes at the time, but now I'm wondering whether anyone has a record of...
  3. S-2000 Roadster

    Anyone pull VehicleLogs in 2021?

    My car acts like it's 2001. I'm wondering if this is some sort of "Y2K" issue with the OS. I suppose it's also possible that Tesla reset the computer somehow during my last service. If anyone has logs from 2021 that they're willing to share, I'd like to take a look with my macOS app. Send me a...
  4. S-2000 Roadster

    Nikola.app - how does it work?

    I just noticed that the App Store contains a macOS app called Nikola.app It promises support for Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Roadster. The first thing that this app does is request the user's Tesla login and password. The thing is, I'm seriously reluctant to enter my Tesla.com password when I...
  5. S-2000 Roadster

    12 Ideal Miles in Storage Mode on ChargePoint?

    I put my Roadster 2.5 into Storage Mode in July and now it's down to 12 Ideal Miles. Is this normal, or should I start looking for a problem? I leave it plugged in to a ChargePoint system in my apartment garage through a CAN JR adaptor and changed the mode from Time of Day (formerly 2am) to the...
  6. S-2000 Roadster

    brake pad service limits?

    I searched the PDF of the Owner's Manual and found nothing on brake pad thickness service limits. When do the brake pads need to be replaced? How thick? I'm at 7 mm Front and 3 mm Rear. Seems like the Rear might be in need of replacement. Also, while we're on the topic, is there a thread here...
  7. S-2000 Roadster

    Photos or other details on VIN 0681 ?

    Hello Tesla Roadster experts. Has anyone found photos or other information on VIN # 0681 ? It would have been manufactured around August 2009 (2.0, Model Year 2010). I'm wondering what color it ended up, and maybe who bought/owns it.
  8. S-2000 Roadster

    Roadster charging vs. Single / Dual / Supercharge

    Hi folks, Maybe I'm late with this question, but how does the Roadster charging system compare to the Model S? I've got the H.C. Sharp "CAN SR" adaptor, so I've been trying to learn the differences between the various Model S chargers out there. Looks like the Model S Single Charging...
  9. S-2000 Roadster

    Alignment shops to AVOID in Seattle = Firestone, Car Tender

    My Roadster just had about $1,000 worth of alignment work done, and I'd like to share the negative experiences to save others the potential grief. I did not pay this money out of pocket, and I didn't deal with these alignment places directly. The body shop handling repairs on my car used...
  10. S-2000 Roadster

    suspension problems - swerving after bumps in the road, with steering wheel straight

    I have a strange problem with my roadster suspension affecting steering. Recently, I had some suspension parts replaced with upgraded (stainless) Lotus parts, and then I had an alignment done. Now, my roadster swerves violently to the side whenever I hit a bump in the freeway that causes the...
  11. S-2000 Roadster

    firmware release dates, historical

    Hi folks, I'd like to compile a list of firmware releases and their release dates, to the extent possible. I suppose it's not really important to know this much detail, as long as you have the latest. I'm still curious about when each version was released (especially since I missed a few). I...
  12. S-2000 Roadster

    Charge time increased due to high temperatures ID:1152 Data:0x08000000

    Has anyone seen this message when charging: "Charge time increased due to high temperatures" ID:1152 Data:0x08000000 I saw this message on a hot day when it was barely comfortable for me to sit in the car with the windows up. I also had the trunk closed for security, since I was in a public...
  13. S-2000 Roadster

    Known problems with Coulomb chargers? (ChargePoint network)

    Hello all, I just moved into an apartment where they have Coulomb chargers that were installed around 2010 and haven't been used until I got here. For some reason, I get a "GROUND FAULT" from the charger every time I try to charge, and my Roadsters says "line voltage lost sync ID:954...
  14. S-2000 Roadster

    Recommended jack, for home garage or trunk?

    Hi folks, I've been using an old screw jack from my Honda CRX, and it's getting more difficult to lift the Roadster. Actually, my CRX got stolen, and when recovered my original jack was gone. So what I actually have is a replacement from a junk yard that had a bent screw and despite oiling...
  15. S-2000 Roadster

    History of options (exterior paint colors, seat patterns, etc)

    Now that the Roadster has stopped production, I thought it would be interesting to (try to) document the various options for the Roadster that were available over time. I was on the waiting list in 2008 and made my options choices at that time, but the stock market crash ended up making me...
  16. S-2000 Roadster

    TPMS frequency, baud rate, other technical information?

    Does anyone know the parts, frequencies, baud rate, or communications standards for the TPMS in the Roadster? About the extent of what I have figured out is that each wheel sensor has a 32-bit ID that is memorized by the vehicle after a service tech uses the CAN bus tool to inject a new set...
  17. S-2000 Roadster

    Thermal Imaging via FLIR

    The following images were taken after the Roadster had been sitting in the rain for about an hour. A couple of the photos show cool spots where rain has run down and cooled the surface. In the first shot, you can see the intense heat of the disk brakes of passing traffic.
  18. S-2000 Roadster

    Form 8936 and Instructions for 2011 Tax Credit

    Hi folks, I've seen many threads discussing whether Tesla Motors actually filed for certification, along with a few links to IRS pages. However, I've not seen any mention of which Form we must attach to our tax return in order to take the $7,500 credit for purchasing a Roadster 2.5 (in 2011...
  19. S-2000 Roadster

    Reducing the rotational inertia to maximize efficiency

    I just read an article that has inspired me to think once more about rotational inertia. Gordon Murray Frames a New Future for Automaking | Autopia | Wired.com I've mentioned in other threads that I am keen on getting semi-solid forged wheels for my Tesla Roadster. I want lighter and...
  20. S-2000 Roadster

    When was the first spec car? VIN?

    When was the first "on spec" car? VIN? When was the first spec car made? i.e. Which VIN was the first orphaned roadster to be 'born' without an owner?
  21. S-2000 Roadster

    How much will this carbon fiber repair cost?

    I was at the bank handling business, parked right in front of the door in the right-most space, and some guy in a big van backed right into my roadster from the opposite side of the lot. I didn't see it happen, but he was kind enough to leave his name and number under the wiper. What's he/his...
  22. S-2000 Roadster

    Solar power without solar cells

    Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible
  23. S-2000 Roadster

    Coupé utility

    Personally, I think this discussion is worthy of its own thread. Either that, or I apologize for getting off-topic under "Next Gen Tesla Sportscar" since a utility/delivery vehicle is hardly a sports car. Ah, yes, the El Camino. ... with a cover for the bed (I'm sure I've seen those, too)...
  24. S-2000 Roadster

    Vitals: What do those temperature bars mean?

    My apologies. I know that this has been discussed (Scott?), but I can't find the topic anywhere. I've searched by title, author, and scrolled through pages of threads. Well, here goes: What are the real-world temperature ranges that correspond to the bars (blue/yellow/red) on the Vitals...
  25. S-2000 Roadster

    Fix for Alpine problems connecting to iPod/iPhone (Infotainment package)

    USB 2.0 A Female to A Female Coupler Adapter I have a Roadster 2.5 with the Infotainment System. Ever since day one, I've had troubles with my iPhone (not) connecting via the provided connector. Strangely, every iPod and iPhone owned by the Seattle Tesla Store staff would work in my car, but...
  26. S-2000 Roadster

    The equivalent of OnStar?

    Does the Tesla Roadster have the (basic) equivalent of OnStar? I'm not familiar with OnStar since I don't own any vehicle that comes with it. I remember that there is a button that can be used to call a service, and I know the Roadster does not have any voice capability. But what about the...
  27. S-2000 Roadster

    Replacing incandescent bulbs with cool LED alternatives?

    Has anyone seen replacement LED lights that will fit in a standard, incandescent auto bulb socket? Both the trunk light and the interior light get extremely hot to the touch. I realize that this probably isn't really that significant compared to the capacity of the ESS, but I still have the...
  28. S-2000 Roadster

    Cruise Control feels like ICE

    Rather than continue to dilute other threads, I wanted to discuss the quality and implementation of the Roadster cruise control. Does anyone know whether Tesla Motors licensed or otherwise purchased some existing generic cruise control module (*), or if they implemented their own? The reason...
  29. S-2000 Roadster

    Accuracy of 'new' tachometer

    After watching Ben Goodwin's videos of testing the Roadster 2.5 on icy roads, I found myself wondering: If Traction Control and/or the wheels spin for any reason, then how accurate is the tachometer? I assume that the speedometer is driven by the front wheels, so spinning the rears will not...
  30. S-2000 Roadster

    Which Alpine remote? (for the Infotainment system)

    I'm tired of leaning forward to mess with the Alpine touch screen. Does anyone have recommendations for an Alpine IR remote? Local retailers who carry Alpine do not stock this accessory, and there's no sense in having them order something that I can order direct from Alpine anyway. I just don't...
  31. S-2000 Roadster

    More aero: Roadster or Model S?

    I've been seeing some comments around the 'net that the Model S is more aerodynamic than the Roadster. While that's strictly true, I think it bears considering that the aerodynamic drag coefficient of a vehicle is a non-dimensional number. It does not directly represent the amount of force on a...
  32. S-2000 Roadster

    How does "Power Limited" compare with other modes?

    Ok, so we have several modes and submodes available for the Tesla Roadster power. Where does the "Power Limited" mode fit within the spectrum? I'm talking about when the light on the instrument cluster is lit (which, thankfully, I've never seen). ft-lbs of torque per Mode 295 Performance...
  33. S-2000 Roadster

    Tesla Vehicle Log Graphing application for Mac OS X

    Hi folks, Download from here - http://www.audiobanshee.com/software/TeslaLogs.dmg This is Version 1, but really should be 0.8 or something. It should run on Tiger or newer, and on PowerPC or Intel. I'll try to quickly go through the strange stuff first, followed by a brief guide. [EDIT...
  34. S-2000 Roadster

    Time for Performance mode to warm up?

    It is my understanding that Performance mode allows the battery to run hotter in order to produce more power. When switching to Performance mode, does anyone know how long the driver should wait before expecting the full Performance experience? I've only used Performance mode a few times, and...
  35. S-2000 Roadster

    US$7500 tax rebate on new electric/alternative vehicle purchases

    How does this $7,500 tax credit work? Does your car dealer file some kind of paperwork that makes this automatic? Do you have to find the right form yourself and remember to file it at the right time in order to get the check or credit? Just when and where is all of this handled? I've...
  36. S-2000 Roadster

    New unlocked 2009 Roadster for sale

    Hi folks, if you want a custom Tesla Roadster, and you're not willing to wait the normal 18 to 24 months, then this is probably your only chance. I have been waiting for 1.5 years, and I just discovered that I cannot afford to keep my roadster. Tesla is ready to lock in the options. So if...

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