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    Nagging issues

    For the first issue, some people have found that the rear hatch if it is not tight against the bumpers can flutter when driving. It causes a big change in pressure in the cabin just like you describe. The way to fix it is to extend the rubber bumpers the hatch closes against by unscrewing them a...
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    Too Late to order a Sales Tax Exempt Model X?

    Just to follow up on this for anyone reading this thread in the future (I know this part of the discussion is old...) You can see the penalties for trying to avoid the sales tax (technically use tax) on vehicles here in RCW 46.16A.030(6). This includes leaving the car registered in another...
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    Wired - What Tesla Needs to Fix Before It Gives Us a New Model S

    This just tells us that you haven't been using it for very long. Like any car or device, it takes a while to get familiar with things. I can do the three or four most common things I do with barely a glance at the screen: set the headlights to off (so they don't turn on in the garage), open and...
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    If we're throwing out speculations, what about a whole new model - the Tesla Model D, say a pickup? It doesn't make sense to me that they would use a whole new model number for the S with a second motor.
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    NEMA 6-50 adapter "engineering"

    A mutilated 14-50 plug won't fit in a 6-50 receptacle. I believe you're thinking of a 14-30, which fits if you cut off the center (neutral) pin. The 6-50 has a narrower blade on one side that won't fit the 14-50 blade. You can see below: 14-50 (left), 14-30 (center), and 6-50 (right) plugs. It...
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    Have you been ICEd?

    How about PWOC'd (pronounced "pwocked") - Parked With-Out Charging. "I showed up at the hotel's chargers and couldn't charge because two were ICE'd and one was PWOC'd."
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    How to plan out a Supercharger only route

    PlugShare (www.plugshare.com) also has a trip planner, but it's relatively simple. You enter in your start and endpoints, and it will show you all the chargers along the route within a certain radius. You have to do your own planning w/r/t charge times, etc.
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    Tesla no longer selling NEMA 6-50 Adapter

    I think this adapter is the opposite of what you want. The "P" in 14-50P means "plug", which is the part with the blades sticking out, while the "R" in 6-50R means "receptacle", which means it has the holes. If your friend has a 6-50 outlet in his shop, then you need a 6-50P to 14-50R, which you...
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    NADA getting desperate

    True, but what about every other new manufacturer that starts selling cars from now on? None of them will use dealerships either, and after a couple of decades it's feasible that the majority of cars will be sold direct to consumer. At that point it's painfully obvious you're just overhead, and...
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    FYI Update: Puget Sound Energy Green Power Energy Mix

    PSE gives a couple of different options, but if you choose the 100% Usage option, then PSE will purchase the same number of kWh from purely green sources (the list the OP gave) as you use each month. So while you're still connected to the grid which is largely hydro, you are offsetting your...
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    Reboot on 5.9 changed?

    However, I think with 5.9 they made it so you can no longer reboot while driving. I tried once while in drive to do the reboot sequence (on the scroll wheels) but it seemed to be ignored. Later, I did it after getting in the car while it was still "off". It rebooted as expected after 5-7...
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    Firmware 5.9

    I don't know about High or Very High to Normal (that seems to be not very fast - 5 or 10 mph), but I watched today for the transition from Low back to Normal after slowing down. I set mine to go "low" at 60 mph and drove on the highway for ~30min with the Controls/Driving screen open to see...
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    Designing new franchise agreement laws

    (Mods: I could not find a better forum for this topic, so please move if appropriate). Let's say that through some large effort a bunch of people were able to come up with a plan that by November, 2015, groups in all 50 states would put voter initiatives on the ballots of each state. These...
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    Alloy Gators and alignment problems

    My service center had a spare set of 21's in their shop which they put on to do the alignment, and then put my wheels with the Alloy Gators back on. That technique seemed to work fine.
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    Firmware 5.8

    I'm not following why this is a problem. The red part of the compass arrow will always point towards North, just like on a real compass.
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    Why is there a current battery supply problem?

    I'm with you. I think Tesla has gotten to the point where they can pretty well show they'll be around long enough to make the investment, and Panasonic appears to concur.
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    Why is there a current battery supply problem?

    Don't forget how big of an impact Tesla is having on global Li-Ion cell production. At current production rates, Tesla is consuming approximately 3.5 million cells per week, or 200 million a year, which is approximately 30% of global production capacity (see...
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    new Panasonic agreement!

    I find it pretty staggering to consider this works out to just under 1.4 million batteries per day over that 4 year period, assuming 7 days of production per week, and no ramp-up! With ramp-up, it will be even larger toward the end.
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    I drove through Detroit yesterday (as a passenger) and didn't see anything that looked like Supercharger activity. Unfortunately I was not able to stop as I wasn't driving and we were both in a hurry to get home to Seattle. I saw the AeroVironment charger (not being used). The supercharger site...
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    Gas stations are dangerous!

    Here's an interesting variant on the "gas is dangerous" theme... http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/desire-save-money-gas-may-make-cars-explode/nbXNt/
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    Could the Model S in the future be equiped with an automatic gearbox, for more range?

    A transmission is going to be less efficient than a straight gearbox due to the extra gearing. Automatics are even more so because they need to generate hydraulic pressure. The whole reason CVTs (and transmissions in general) were invented was to allow the gasoline engine to operate at its peak...
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    How long did it take you to get used to one-pedal driving?

    While it was only a day or two before I was feeling reasonably comfortable with it (but still undershooting stops quite often), it was a couple of weeks before any passengers stopped feeling the need to carry barf bags with them! :rolleyes: Keeping acceleration and deceleration smooth takes a...
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    Battery protection against mechanical damage

    I remember Elon and others saying that they have extensively designed and tested the pack for mechanical intrusion and impact, and the under surface is extremely robust. If I remember right, the bottom of the pack is basically a huge skid plate and extremely tough. I wasn't able to find any...
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    UMC won't open charge port without fob

    The charge port has never opened for me either without the car being unlocked. If I had to guess, I'd say that you keep your fob close enough in the house where the car could sense it, but now the battery has weakened enough to where it doesn't do that anymore.
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    Supercharger - Centralia, WA

    We were there this weekend (charged Friday and Sunday, 8/30 and 9/1) and they are now marked 1A, 1B, 2A, etc. with the black letters at the bottom of the "U" on each charger. I didn't make note of the actual order, though.
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    Sitting on the side of the highway with a flat tire ...

    In 25+ years of driving, I've had only one flat that required replacement on the road. And if I had noticed it before I got in the car and drove away, it wouldn't even have been that. The rest have all been slow leaks, easily managed. I also find it interesting that with 10,800 miles on my 21's...
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    Supercharger - Woodburn, OR

    Except it's not off to the side and back where the charge door is located when parked nose-in. It's like the others, in front, near where the driver's headlight would be if parked nose-in, or by the passenger tail-light if backed in. Neither option amenable to plugging in. I'd hate to think...
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    Supercharger - Woodburn, OR

    @Lyon, in your first photo, how would someone plug their car into the charger on the far left?
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    NEMA 5-20 option?

    It says 4 mph, although I'm getting a bit of voltage drop on the outlet I'm plugging into: 16A @ 112V down from 120V.
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    NEMA 5-20 option?

    I received the 5-20 adapter today and confirmed that it DOES charge at 16A, as expected.
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    Naming FM radio stations

    It's possible they're not HD stations but they are broadcasting RDS data or the non-US equivalent. RDS is used in the U.S. but I think Europe and possibly Canada use a different system. In any case, the Tesla radio only seems to get metadata from HD stations, and not the older RDS (or...
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    Naming FM radio stations

    The names seem to come from the metadata broadcast by HD radio stations, so if you don't have any HD stations in your favorites then I don't think there's any way to get the names. With the HD stations here in the Seattle area, you get song/artist/album information and album art with the music...
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    Heavy stop and go traffic

    We've done Seattle to Vancouver, WA a few times and gotten stuck in traffic between Southcenter and Olympia. Both times we averaged on the order of 240 Wh/mi in slow traffic with climate control (A/C not heater), much lower than what we get traveling at speed (~340-360 Wh/mi). Heater seems to be...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    My wife and I charged in Centralia yesterday evening, and the grand opening ceremonies were this morning at the Burlington site. By now I would guess there have been plenty of charges at both sites. Look in the Community / Northwest section - there are threads for both supercharger sites with...
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    Supercharger - Centralia, WA

    The other new chargers that were recently opened were added to the http://www.teslamotors.com/supercharger page right away, so hopefully they'll continue keeping that up-to-date and a good place to look for when they go online...
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    Partial Recall announced on blog for Model S

    Elon just tweeted this link. Partial Recall | Blog | Tesla Motors Here's the text of the post: After a careful examination, we have concluded that some Model S vehicles manufactured between May 10, 2013 and June 8, 2013 may contain a defect. Specifically, the attachment strength of the...
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    12 amps down to 5, and a question

    It will also remember the most recent charge rate at that location. So, once it's plugged in, make sure you check the charge current setting and put it on the maximum.
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    Supercharger - Centralia, WA

    Cool. I was only ever getting a single result, so I never saw the summary page. Thanks.
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    Supercharger - Centralia, WA

    Where do you get the information about 10 bays? I don't see it in the permit information anywhere.
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    Permit for NEMA 14-50 install?

    Actually, WA state does require a permit if you're doing anything but swapping out an outlet or switch for the same kind: From http://apps.leg.wa.gov/WAC/default.aspx?cite=296-46B-901 The Labor & Industries site also has a brochure that spells it out pretty clearly...
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    How do you manually tune the FM radio?

    Just drag the radio tuning dial left or right with your finger to tune to whatever station you want. However, I agree that a USB stick is definitely your best option.
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    artsci's Model S modifications

    The hose is most likely the condenser drainage tube, where condensation from the air conditioner drains out. You probably want to make sure you don't nick it, or you will get water inside the passenger compartment!
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    Firmware 4.4

    104 volts is more than a 13% reduction in voltage from the expected 120 volts, so either the voltage drop has increased recently at the outlet you're using or maybe Tesla added the warning message in 4.4. It does seem awfully low.
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    Trunk button for rear facing seat passengers?

    My 5-year-old has probably tried it without my knowledge, but I'm pretty sure it only operates while the car is in "Park". I'll confirm it for sure one of these days...
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    Trunk button for rear facing seat passengers?

    You have to bend down and look up to see it - it's kind of hidden underneath the parcel shelf track on the driver's side. Also, it behaves just like the window buttons - push to close the hatch, pull to open it. We didn't realize that for a while and the kids were only able to close the hatch...
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    Firmware 4.3 - basic charging scheduling

    Interesting. That icon never worked for me until 4.3. It always showed either the 'fresh air' with the 'A' in the middle or the 'fresh air' icon, but never the recirc icon even if I selected recirc.
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    Firmware 4.3 - basic charging scheduling

    I've noticed two relatively minor changes in 4.3: one fix and one new bug introduced: - The little recirc/fresh air icon on the climate control summary that you see when the climate control menu is closed now properly shows recirc. In 4.2 it would always show the fresh air icon, even when you...
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    Seattle to Portland and back

    Kirkland to Vancouver trip I did Kirkland to Vancouver (WA) this weekend - 182 miles each way. Did a range charge in both cases and had 55 miles left on the way down and 35 on the way back. Took no special precautions - drove 72 mph or so and climate control was on normal. Kept an eye on the...
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    What are your favorites quotes about Tesla Motors?

    First Drive: 2013 Tesla Model S "And then, blissfully, at one of the all-too-brief passing lanes created during road improvements for the winter Olympics, the truck oozes over to the right, I show the Model S the clear road ahead and, lulled by quiet comfort, stomp on the accelerator. At which...
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    Model S UMC for sale?

    If you find out any info, can you please post a follow up? I'm interested in doing this as well.

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