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    Software Version 20.49.x

    My Powerwall has just jumped to version 20.49.0 - still no updates to the release notes. I am on the Tesla energy plan in the UK though.
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    Taptes deliveries

    If anyone doesn’t want to wait, I have a taptes gen2 wireless charger and a jeda usb hub for sale both still in their boxes and unused (in the for sale section).. open to offers!
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    Upgrade Options Disappeared?

    That was why i was looking! ;)
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    Upgrade Options Disappeared?

    Bought outright - the upgrade options are still there on our Model 3 but they have disappeared from the X. It was £2.5K for the FSD upgrade last time i looked at it.
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    Upgrade Options Disappeared?

    I have a Model X 100D that used to have the FSD upgrade option available - I think it stopped showing up a month or so ago. I just called Tesla and spoke to possibly the worst customer service rep I have ever spoken to at Tesla that without any investigation decided it was probably a code change...
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    TeslaFi Maps - must get out more

    We got to the channel tunnel for 8:30 on Sunday morning and got into Split on the Tuesday evening, we spent one night in Frankfurt and another in Austria, we took it pretty easy, not driving through the night or anything like that! Getting all the tolls, vignettes etc is a bit of a pain, but I...
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    TeslaFi Maps - must get out more

    This my map since July - it does stop all the range questions when you tell people you drove to croatia.. More alarming is the fact that I have spent 14 days driving the car since July!
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    Acceleration Boost Upgrade/option inbound?

    I’ve got a model X 100D and I see the same text on the upgrade options page.
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    Is there something wrong with my X?

    I don’t see consumption as high as the OP is reporting, this average from Teslafi has been over the last 3 months around Europe. Most of the driving on motorways is usually around 80 to 85mph.
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    Liftgate Drain Blockage

    yes, there is a grommet under the spoiler and it drains down and out the bottle of the tailgate (I only worked it out by looking at the parts catalog)
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    Liftgate Drain Blockage

    Does anyone else have a problem with the drains in the liftgate getting blocked? Mine have both been blocked several times now, you can tell when you get a nice pond forming under the rear spoiler (mine does not have a active spoiler). I’ve tried using a air compressor (from both directions) but...
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    V10 on the Model X

    There is an issue that the Tesla API is currently reporting most cars as AP 2.5, that’s why Teslafi is seeing so many AP 2.5 cars at the moment, in teslafi if you go to settings you can manually classify your car because of this issue.
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    Changing Plates

    The ones on my S and X were both clipped into the holder, gentle pressure on the holder was enough to take the plates out. They are thin aluminium plates and used to be hard to find however Halfords seem to have recently changed to supplying aluminium plates with a stick on front so that is a...
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    2019.28.3.1 breaks Christmas Show

    I found on mine the Christmas show wouldn't work until I set the FWD to "always open fully at this location". At some point i must have stopped the doors opening fully at home and until i changed it to open fully all it would do was open the windows, not even start the music.
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    Transfering Ownership, Pin to drive

    I had the same problem moving from my S to a second hand X. They said it would take up to 6 weeks, once I then asked them to guarantee that the previous owner no longer had access to the vehicle (I did quote GDPR regulations at them) the transfer was completed the same day.
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    Frunk/Bonnet Corrosion

    It was in the SC for 2 days and is now back all fixed.
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    Frunk/Bonnet Corrosion

    Do you think they should be replacing the bonnet then? Or that we shouldn't be worrying about it? Feeling quite ashamed at how dirty my picture is compared to yours! ;) At least we know it's not one particular colour this happens on.
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    Frunk/Bonnet Corrosion

    Well mine has been at the SC for 2 days so far getting fixed, there was no mention of a new bonnet, just it going to the Tesla approved body shop. Yours does look much worse than mine though - i am worried that if they just rub it down and respray it it may just reoccur in 12 to 18 months time...
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    Frunk/Bonnet Corrosion

    I should have put in my original message, mine is a November 2016 facelift, there is some bubbling below the latch plate as well. It does make you wonder what they will find underneath the latch plate. My real worry was if this was a interaction between the steel and aluminium because the...
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    Frunk/Bonnet Corrosion

    I've noticed some paint bubbling on the inside of the bonnet around the latch? I've got an appointment booked with the SC for them to deal with it but wondered if anyone else has seen something similar, the corrosion is above and below the latch plate.
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    Do you regret buying a RWD Model S?

    I’ve got a facelift 75 RWD in the UK and have just passed 43,000 miles in it, no problem with the little bit of snow we get every few years! When I do get a AWD loaner I find the whine from the front motor quite noticeable.
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    So...who's buying the "enhanced anti-theft" accessory?

    I couldn’t pick up a solid 12v supply from the connector on my car, even when you switch off the alarm on the screen this was the same, hence running mine to the back of the car!
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    So...who's buying the "enhanced anti-theft" accessory?

    Did you try putting a multimeter on it? I spliced into the cables and couldn’t get a 12v supply from the connector.
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    So...who's buying the "enhanced anti-theft" accessory?

    It’s no longer a 12v supply - at least that was what I found when I installed my blackvue (with the alarm sensors installed). I ended up running the power for my blackvue back to the rear tailgate opener supply. There are a few threads somewhere on TMC about people installing blackvue’s in...
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    So...who's buying the "enhanced anti-theft" accessory?

    If its implemented the same as in Europe it will mean you can’t have it switched on at the same time as cabin overheat protection, and if you have a dashcam wired into the “spare” connector in the overhead console you will need to find a new source of power because that is used for the...
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    V9 in the UK - 2018.42.2

    Since V9 I've noticed that my phone (iPhone X) starts streaming over Bluetooth all the time (even though i'm just listening to the radio in the car). I only noticed when i finished a journey and released my phone was warm and running low on charge. I've also been unable to enter the Pin to Drive...
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    So...who's buying the "enhanced anti-theft" accessory?

    Probably not - It's been standard on the UK cars for some time - certainly it's already install in my 2016 Model S
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    Advice for leaving car in airport car park

    I’ve left mine for 2 weeks twice this year at Gatwick, I tend to stop at the Heathrow supercharger on the way down. As everyone else has said, turn of always connected, disconnect your dash cam if you have one, make sure cabin overheat protection is switched off and finally if you use teslafi...
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    New Maps in the UK

    I didn't get notified that the car had a software update or anything like that just the attached popup when i got in the car this morning. Mine is a facelift 2016 with AP1 so has MCU1 as well. The routing does seem to be better, at least it didn't try and get me to drive in a circle around my...
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    New Maps in the UK

    I got the new map update this morning. I got 2018.21.9 75bdbc11 3 days ago and then got the map update this morning.
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    Tesla Used Cars

    Hi, To be honest I’d not really considered it because of the outstanding PCP agreement. At the moment I’m just planning on keeping it I think, I was hoping that tesla had made a mistake with the PX price. Certainly it leaves a bad taste in the mouth when you compare their offer to other dealers...
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    Tesla Used Cars

    No, not advertised anywhere, i was offered £45k from a local garage though. I was interested in a X, but what they offered is less than is due on the PCP. There appears to be no negotiation or discussion of the p/x price with them, it’s done by someone at the head office not the sales people...
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    Tesla Used Cars

    I’m not sure but with the amount tesla offered me as p/x on my S75 they don’t seem to be encouraging existing owners to trade then in! (For a Late 2016 facelift S75, with AP1, next gen seats, pano roof and 29,000 miles they offered £36,500)
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    BlackVue DR750S-2CH install - step by step guide

    I tapped into the red with the gray stripe, and the black next to it on the tailgate supply. 12v constant in rear trunk This thread gives you most of the information. I just used a couple of scotch locks to tap in and then put in a inline fuse and connected up to the camera.
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    BlackVue DR750S-2CH install - step by step guide

    Yeah - it was a bit of a shock to me! I'd got everything ready to go and then had a bit of a surprise when i pulled the grill down. I did disconnect the cable and put a volt meter on it (thinking i might still be able to tap into it) but its not showing 14v. I'm not sure if (or why) we get...
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    BlackVue DR750S-2CH install - step by step guide

    Thanks for the guide. I just fitted my 750S over the weekend. Only thing I would add is in the UK there is no spare power supply in the panel. In the UK that connector is connected to I think Ultrasonic sensors for the Car Alarm. After trying several other options I ended up running the power...
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    Blackvue DR750S Dashcam on Massdrop - $275 Shipped!

    Mine has just cleared customs in London, I’ve just paid the import duty and handling fee and it’s still worked out cheaper than I can find elsewhere in th UK!
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Every time I have used them I’ve been the only car there. They are only available if you have checked in (they are outside the service area in the UK and France). There is another one in Calais that you can use if you are not using the tunnel.
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    Gap insurance for Model S?

    I did go for the replacement gap cover, I figured with exchange rate and price variations etc this made sense (for me at least) to ensure I would end up with a new car if anything bad does happen. I have to say not having to deal with a salesman “pushing” gap and all their other insurances on me...
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    Gap insurance for Model S?

    I used gapinsurance.co.uk - it was around the £300 mark for 4 years cover (with a maximum payout of £50,000 - after your own insurance has paid out).
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    Communication and UK Service Centre

    Has anyone had any better experience with Milton Keynes service center? They never seem to reply to emails to the [email protected] address you get on the service appointment email (At this point I'm suspicious that they never read it). If they don't answer the phone and you leave a...
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    Insurance freak out

    I just changed from Admiral to Direct Line for our late 2016 Model S 60. Admiral increased the price by over £250 this year. I just paid direct line £450, that's for the two of us, mid forties, business use, 9+ years NCD (the max Direct line will acknowledge), 18,000 miles a year parked on a...
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    DIY Power Lift gate for Tesla Model S Walkthrough Video

    Hi, Does anyone know if the autoease kit is the same as the cozero one? Cozero have some massive price differences between their international store and the EU store, the international one works out at £200 less than the EU one but won't let me ship to the UK, the autoease site will so works...

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