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    FOR PICK UP IN LOS ANGELES: RED Founder's Edition Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids

    We have a NEW IN BOX, RED REFRESH FASCIA Founder's Edition Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids ready for PICK UP in West Los Angeles. It has already delivered, so there's no waiting months on back order for it to arrive for the holidays (new orders will arrive well after!). Box has been unopened...
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    Hurricane Irma

    Larry - hope you, Mary Ellen, and all in FL are staying safe. When we moved to CA, thought trading hurricanes for earthquakes was not a very good deal. At least with hurricanes you get some warning. But not so sure anymore. Please keep us posted on how you fare once Irma passes. Jeff
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    Selling My Son's Inheritance - 2013 Pearl White

    Took the trade. Should be on the CPO list soon. Someone will get a really clean, low mileage, relatively low VIN Model S with a full warranty. The should enjoy it as much as I did.
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    Selling My Son's Inheritance - 2013 Pearl White

    Photos taken this AM. Tech package in that era included self-presenting door handles, electric hatchback, footwell and door handle lighting, turning lights, puddle lights, heated seats, navigation. Don't recall if there is anything else. Predates any sensors and motorized side mirrors (can be...
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    Selling My Son's Inheritance - 2013 Pearl White

    The car that I told my then 21 year old son he could drive when he inherits it is no longer going to be his. My wife, whose become the primary driver since we moved to CA and are down to one car has decided she has to have an X because it's too hard to get our 17 month old grandchild into a...
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    Who Is Offering The Best Insurance Rates?

    Does anyone have any experience with insurance by Metromile? My quote for my 2013 S was around $60/month, + 9.4 cents/mile. A savings of at least $700 over my current State Farm. Driving less than 5K miles/year since moving to CA. Wife insists she has to have an X now that she's the primary...
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    How to use referral credit?

    Don't know if this may have been addressed in another thread, if so, sorry. The $1000 owner credits from the prior referral program expire December 31. I had not signed onto My Tesla for several months, and never received e-mail notification from Tesla about this. My son-in-law alerted me...
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    Ca Wash in Brentwood/Santa Monica?

    Just used this new waterless carwash service. Car looks great and no more nightime glare from dirty rear window. Squeegy - The Car Wash That Comes To You
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    Ca Wash in Brentwood/Santa Monica?

    Moved to LA from FL about a month ago. Without the daily thunderstorms, my Model S is looking pretty grungy. I've been using the Xpel rinseless product as I have a full wrap. Two buckets and less than 5 gallons of water total, but I suspect condo rules will prevent me from even doing that in...
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    Jacksonville FL Store at St. Johns Town Center?

    Finally, just as I'm leaving ... Will have to swing by anyway.
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    Tesla Road Trip for Men's Health

    Orlando-area doctors visit Suns game on first stop of cross-country journey for mens health | jacksonville.com www.driveformenshealth.com I don't think this made it to the Forum yet. No local publicity in advance, so I missed seeing them.
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    Ocala to Biloxi the gps needs help

    My wife - who goes to Seaside a couple times a year on business - says no way in our 85S. But she gets anxious when I drop below 50 miles rates range. Perhaps stop for a meal in Tallahassee & pick up a 30 mile buffer at the Sheraton or from someone on the FL Charging Network (if you've joined).
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    Window tinting

    Jax is a little far to go for a look-see, but I've been very happy with the heat reduction and appearance with Photosync. Only caveat, when headed directly into bright sun and wearing polarized sunglasses, there is a slight pink/purple color shift of green foliage. Some photos of my Pearl...
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    My car needs to go home to CA - How?

    Thanks for the suggestions & alternatives - which I am exploring. Several friends & two sisters have volunteered to make the trek. Perhaps... Sort of defeats the purpose if its the journey/marking a life transition rather than the destination that is most significant.
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    NE FL Get Together - Any Interest?

    It has been some time since the NE FL owners have gotten together, and there are now many more of us. I will be moving to CA later this summer, and since am 'retired' for the next couple of months, have the time to try to arrange a NE FL gathering before we leave, if there is sufficient...
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    My car needs to go home to CA - How?

    Later this summer, we will be moving from FL to Los Angeles. The long threatened cross-country, all-electric road trip taking in national parks along the way may not be feasible, both for timing, and because 5 or 6 hours a day in the car, different hotel every night, restaurant food for 2...
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    Ignore navigation at your own peril!

    e A message definitely would have helped. I didn't trust the system either particularly because of the route display and traffic display issues I was having too (fixed later by a reboot). I don't think I had a clue by having the navigation change in route. The accident occurred before I left...
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    Valet Service No Longer Free at Dania Beach SC - Miami-Dade Owners Annoyed

    Peculiar - seems like those within 10 miles would be least inconvenienced by having to drop their car off. What about those of us who are >100 miles from a service center. I didn't mind making day excursions to Winter Park for my first tire rotation and annual maintenance, but would be...
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    Ignore navigation at your own peril!

    Yesterday, on the home stretch of a road trip when I might not have even used navigation, it routed me quite a longer way. Because the system had been behaving wonky (see my post on Google Maps not showing route during navigation), I ignored navigation and took my usual route - even after...
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    Google Maps not showing route during navigation

    This bug still seems to be out there - or at least a new mutant of it. Running 6.1 (2.2.115). On a road trip yesterday, the route displayed on the Google Map did not correspond to the turn by turn directions, which was the better route initially. Also, lost the colored traffic indicator...
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    Supercharger - DeFuniak Springs, FL (I-10 between Tallahassee & Pensacola)

    PBEndo @US-FL, as the OP, can edit the thread. He manages the reviews and moves the posts to the correct section - your review is now posted in the FL section!
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    Supercharger - DeFuniak Springs, FL (I-10 between Tallahassee & Pensacola)

    Perhaps also post your review on the TM forum thread: SUPERCHARGER TIPS AND REVIEWS | Forums | Tesla Motors Nothing posted there yet on Defuniak Springs, so it would be helpful.
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    Penn Electric Racing's Rengade

    Looks like they've come a long way in 4 years with Elon's support for our alma mater. Might even challenge a D on the dragstrip! Penn: Penns Electric Racecar Revs Up Philly Auto Show.
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    Florida Service Centers

    Don't know if it's a good sign or a bad one, but I was not able to find any Jacksonville jobs listed on the Tesla site. Some have been listed in the past. When I ordered (June '13), the crew in Tampa thought Jax was scheduled for late '13 or first part of '14. Another example of Tesla...
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    Happy Hanukah

    For something totally different this holiday season - try the Tune-in Hanukah radio channel in you Model S. Found it yesterday. A m'chayah.
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    Another 12v battery bites the dust

    I was reassured by both the service center and Tesla Ownership that with normal driving the 12v would be OK for at least 2 weeks. The Service Center called me about 5 days before the warning appeared on the dash - the Model S sent a distress call back to the mother ship before the warning...
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    Charging help pls - Panama City Beach area?

    A bit of a drive from PCB, but there are chargers in Seaside Seaside Fl Tesla Drive this weekend
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    The "Jacksonville Supercharger" is likely going to be in Kingsland, Georgia.

    Great and very visible location in a new development that will become a hub of activity near downtown. I don't see anything permit wise, but someone more familiar with searching these sites may have better luck. Plug the address 150 Riverside Avenue into the url below...
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    My Model S Caused an Accident

    Model S Batmobile Perhaps this belongs in a separate road kill thread, but I pulled a mummified bat out of the front grill when washing my S this weekend!
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    Tesla Browser Plug-in installation - Help

    I suspected as much - at least for the time being. But I can't even get the LastPass website to load so I could copy and paste passwords from the vault into other websites on the browser. Perhaps because LastPass is sensing the Tesla browser as a mobile device that is not supported by the...
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    Tesla Browser Plug-in installation - Help

    Does anyone know whether/how to install a plug-in into the Model S browser? Or, more specifically, does anyone use LastPass for generating and storing complex and secure passwords and have installed the LastPass plug-in in their car so you can access My Tesla and the TMC Forums from the car...
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    Seaside Fl Tesla Drive this weekend

    All the cottages are in reasonable walking distance from the town center. The charm of Seaside is its design as a pedestrian friendly, mixed use community. Official Site for Seaside, Florida News, Events, Real Estate, Vacation Rentals Overnight ICEing likely is not as much an issue as during...
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    Seaside Fl Tesla Drive this weekend

    My wife was in Seaside this weekend and stopped by to say hello to the folks at the drive event. Would have gone with her, but it was a girls' weekend. Had to take the ICE, waiting for the I-10 Superchargers in Tallahassee and Defuniak Springs. Maybe text trip. Chargers right off 30A on...
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    JEA now offering a $1000 incentive for plug-in electric vehicle purchases

    Yes - this was announced at the recent Drive Electric event in Jax. I don't know if the Tesla Delivery Specialists who handle NE FL deliveries are aware of it or not. Might be useful if someone has contact info for them to let them know so they can inform/remind new owners about this rebate so...
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    Haven't been there, but 2 level 2 charge stations (4 slots) reportedly have been opened in the Water Street Garage in downtown Jax. I think charging is free, but parking is not. Perhaps call to verify & then post on plugshare. COJ.net - Downtown Parking Electric car charging stations coming...
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    Supercharger - DeFuniak Springs, FL (I-10 between Tallahassee & Pensacola)

    There are some FL club members on the panhandle who have put their chargers on the FL Tesla Enthusiasts Charging Network, but I don't think there are any in Panama City. Click the link in the signature for more info about the club and the network.
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    Disney's current position regarding electric chargers

    You'll need to check the Chargepoint website for the specific location you plan to use. Each may be different. Although I haven't used my card yet because the hotel I stayed at in Atlanta gave me a 110v trickle charge when I was there 2 weeks ago. But the charger I planned to use at Phipps...
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    Supercharger - Lake City, FL

    Perhaps there is a KOA or other RV park with a NEMA 14-50 in Lake City. KOA Charging Accommodations Or a 110v trickle charge at your hotel? Lake City is pretty small. I'm surprised there 's even a Nissan dealer there!
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    Supercharger - Macon, GA

    Posted a review on the Tesla Motors Co Supercharger Tips thread. Included many of the comments above. Appreciate the earlier posts. SuperCharger Tips and Reviews | Forums | Tesla Motors
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    Destination charging near Lenox/Phipps in Atlanta

    Exactly my plan. And will make the same point when I get their guest survey after check out. I think it ironic that ads for major hotel chains show up periodically on this forum, but that most of their locations do not have any arrangements for charging.
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    Destination charging near Lenox/Phipps in Atlanta

    Thanks for the tips. As it turned out (and I hope I don't get anyone in trouble by posting this since this doesn't seem to be officially available at the hotel), the valet offered to plug the car into a 110v outlet. Since we won't be driving much ?any tomorrow, a trickle charge at 3-4 miles...
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    Model S inspired JUMBLE puzzle

    Today's JUMBLE has to be inspired by the Model S. http://www.uclickgames.com/jumble/online/daily/tmjmf?fpr=AwsOas&
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    Destination charging near Lenox/Phipps in Atlanta

    Planning to drive to ATL this Friday via the Savannah and Macon superchargers. Staying at the Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center for a wedding, which does not have any EV charging available. Will need to top off enough to make it back to the Macon supercharger on Sunday. There are a...
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    Trip to the Gainesville/Hawthorne area (from out of state) - Charging suggestions?

    RV parks might be the best option if you're going to be doing a lot of local driving. Try the search feature as I think there have been some prior threads with specifics. But St Augustine-Citra-Tampa is only about 190 miles, very doable in an 85 since the first leg is not interstates and...
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    Condo answer = NO

    California has a statute that requires condo associations to permit installation of EV charging stations provided the owner picks up the cost, provides insurance etc. Perhaps someone knows a sympathetic state legislator who would be willing to push through a bill modeled on the CA law. The...
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    Supercharger - Macon, GA

    Second request for tips "I have used the free public charger at the Bibb courthouse a couple of times. They have great restaurants around there, but how about where the new Macon SC is? AJ" Still no information about the Macon Supercharger posted on the Tesla Motors forum 'Tips' thread...
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    Supercharger - Macon, GA

    Could someone please start a post for Macon on the Tips thread on the Tesla Motors Site, Sign into My Tesla | Tesla Motors, since this looks from the photos like it may be hard to locate, and also info about bathrooms, restaurants in walking distance etc. Looks like the build is coming along...
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    Prime Parking Spot for Jax One Spark Festival This Weekend

    Sarah Boren, the coordinator for the local US Green Building Council Live Smart initiative would love to have a Tesla parked next to her Leaf at their One Smart location tomorrow and this weekend. It is on Adams Street in from of the old Barnett Building, right in the middle of the festivities...
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    The Drive Electric Rally: Tuesday April 8, Jacksonville

    Mark - enjoyed meeting you this evening also. Quite a story! We have had a very informal group that has met twice - last August and again in November. There were a lot fewer Model S's in NE FL then. So we are due for another get together. You can private message 'Yoda' via this forum, as he...
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    The Drive Electric Rally: Tuesday April 8, Jacksonville

    Oops! Poor word choice. Not hospitalized, just work in one, some days too long. Jeff

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