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  1. Shadious

    P85DL 2014

    $52,000 Panoramic sun roof, MCU 2 upgrade, AP1, Next Generation leather seats, Interior lighting package, Center console, “Plus”sport air suspension, Carbon fiber rear spoiler, High fidelity sound system, Carbon fiber interior Alcantara headliner, 19” Slipstream wheels powder coated, new Advan...
  2. Shadious

    Gen 2 instrument Cluster screen- unused

    I purchased this from Reel Deal a while back. In the meantime I have decided to upgraded the infotainment system. This is unused, still in the box it was shipped in. There are a couple cosmetic blemishes on the backside, but the screen is in perfect shape and has a protector on it. New it...
  3. Shadious

    Charging experience in the boonies

    We just finished a trip from Florida to the northern mountains of GA. We took I-75 north and the last supercharging station was in Atlanta. Needless to say, we were very concerned about charging locally and at the air B&B. Unfortunately the dryer at the cabin was 110 volt and would not be...
  4. Shadious

    Model S Weather Tech Floor mats- $65

    These are a bit dirty, but overall in great shape. They came out of a 2014 Model S. New, Weather Tech charges $165 for the set. I’ll give about a 2/3 discount. Local pickup is free, will ship in the US for $25, or you supply the shipping label.
  5. Shadious

    Oedro floor mats sale

    I just ordered a set Of these floor mats, they are deeply discounted $45 shipped with coupon code: Subscribe10 https://www.oedro.com/tesla-model-s-2015-2018-floor-mats-full-set-3-mats I have read good things about them and for $45, I am going to give them a try. I remember seeing them for...
  6. Shadious

    WTB - one 19” wheel and tire model S

    Looking for one 19” wheel to put on my car temporarily while I get one of my wheels powder coated. I don’t want to leave the car on a jack while the wheel is being fixed. Does not need to be super pretty and the tire does not need to be in great shape. I’m in South Florida near Palm Beach...
  7. Shadious

    Model S wireless charger (finally)

    I have been looking for a wireless phone charger for quite some time. The only ones I have seen take up the whole covered compartment and I did not want to lose that space. I found this item in a FB forum and so far so good. Once I get to drive again, I’ll be able to see how quickly it...
  8. Shadious

    19” tire recommendations

    Hi all, I am about to purchase new tires for my 2014 model S P85DL. I don’t drive much, so am opting for a full on performance tire (live in south FL). I am trying to strike a balance between price and performance. I know the. Michelin’s are the best, but a bit expensive. Any other...
  9. Shadious

    13-18 Tesla Model S Rear Trunk Load Floor Carpet Mat Cover Trim 1005534-00-F.

    13-18 Tesla Model S Rear Trunk Load Floor Carpet Mat Cover Trim 1005534-00-F.. very good condition. This covers the lower storage area in the back of the model S trunk. Asking $200 OBO shipped anywhere in the USA. $165 if picked up locally -Port St. Lucie FL.
  10. Shadious

    Model S rear parcel shelf

    ⚡TESLA MODEL S 2012-19⚡ REAR TRUNK PARCEL SHELF CARGO COVER OEM⚡ GOOD SHAPE⚡. The backside carpet peeled away a small bit. It was repaired and looks very good. You would never notice unless you looked really closely. Asking $200 OBO. Price includes shipping in USA, local pickup is $165. In...
  11. Shadious

    Model 3 18” wheels and Aero caps

    Hi all- just gauging if there in any interest in a set of the original OEM 18” wheels. The tires are almost down to the wear indicators, so basically wheels, covers and TPMS. Four perfect wheels. Asking $125 each or all 4 for $450. I’m in South Florida, local pickup preferred. PM for...
  12. Shadious

    Trim popped out

    Hey gang- I just noticed that the center console trim piece popped out in the back. I’ve tried to push it back in and it won’t stay. I am wondering if a clip is missing. I did not see any pieces on the floor. Any wisdom out there? 2014 Model S P85DL thanks!
  13. Shadious

    Model S trunk subfloor cover

    In very good shape, covers the lower well on the model S trunk. Listed on EBay for $225 shipped. Make me an offer before it sells!
  14. Shadious

    Model S rear hatch cover

    In good shape, a bit of the carpet underneath is coming up, but only slightly noticeable when the cover is flipped up. Selling on EBay for $225 shipped, make me an offer before it sells!
  15. Shadious

    WTB Gently used UMC- gen 1

    I’m looking for the original UMC that charges at 40 amps. Mine seems to have quit and I like the speed over the newer UMC. Let me see what you got! Looks like the photo below:
  16. Shadious

    UMC Failure

    I have the original gen1 charger from my 2014 model S (40 amp version). The car has 89k miles on it and has also been charging our model 3 for about 20k miles. Yesterday after charging our model 3 to 100 (two days in a row for road trips), the charger stopped working. I got the 2 red flashes...
  17. Shadious

    Parcel shelf for sale Florida

    From a 2014 Model S. The top is in perfect shape, the backside is 8/10. There are a couple places where the backing is lifting up. You only notice when you fold it up. Asking $100 plus shipping, which will be about $50. I am located in FL if you want to pick up.
  18. Shadious

    Possible failed MCU- AC won’t shut off

    My main screen is black and the scroll wheels will not control any of the functions. The car drives and charges and I am waiting for a service appointment (2 weeks). Problem is that the AC is on and I can’t shut it off. It is set to 66 degrees and has been running nonstop for 36 hours. Any...
  19. Shadious

    Top speed run report

    Hi all, I did the top speed runs last weekend in Ocala Florida with my 2014 P85DL and thought I Soulja’s share some interesting information and insight. First off, the event held my WannaGoFast was amazing! Over 200 cars came out to run top speed times in the half mile. Obviously not Tesla’s...
  20. Shadious

    Is my car bricked?

    2014 P85DL with 85,500 miles. Charged it to 100% (233 miles) yesterday to take to the drag strip. We got there at 85% SOC. Did one run and then shut it off while we waited for the second runs. When we got in the car, the messages read “low voltage” “car needs service” “car won’t start.”...
  21. Shadious

    Replacing instrument cluster

    My IC is terribly bubbled and the service center wants $1500 to replace. I took apart the dash to find the part number and ordered a replacement from EBay. Here are a few before pics. My understanding is that it is plug and play if I push an update after installation. The removal was pretty...
  22. Shadious

    Replacing instrument cluster with used one

    my instrument cluster is leaking and the SC wants $1500 to do the job. I have seen a number of used clusters for sale and was wondering if anyone was successful in replacing their cluster with a used one from another vehicle. If so, do you need to program it for your vehicle? I read that you...
  23. Shadious

    What’s it worth- considering selling

    2014 red P85DL 85,000 miles Smart Air Suspension Alcantara headliner Next gen seats front and rear Carbon fiber interior and spoiler Ultra High fidelity stereo AP1 Piano sunroof 19” slipstreams powder coated grey Ceramic tint Battery charges to 228 at 100% Factory center...
  24. Shadious

    Lug covers, free!

    These came with a set of used wheels and I don’t need them. They cover the lug nuts for a clean, finished look. Free to good home, just throw me a few bucks for shipping costs. Trying to get some good Tesla karma.
  25. Shadious

    Model S Wheels

    Tesla Model S OEM wheels. These wheels are in nearly perfect shape- they were just refinished and there is only one small mark on them (see pics). No tires, lug nuts or TPMS. Condition: almost perfect Size: 19 x 8.5 Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida
  26. Shadious

    Sunroof Making Loud Noise When Opening.

    2014 P 85DL with 82k miles. Makes a very loud sound when opening. Mobile tech came out to replace the airbag and said the seals ned to be lubed. I lived all seals and it did not help. Now there is a noticeable wind noise above 55 mph that was t their prior to said lubing. Probably have to...
  27. Shadious

    What Are Your P85dl 1/4 Mile Times

    hi all- I just picked up a 2014 P85DL and took it to the track last night. My initial run was at about 89% SOC and no launch mode. I made several additional runs using launch mode and my best run was 11.767. My front tires are a bit worn, but I did not have any issue with traction. I have...
  28. Shadious

    Question about leather surfaces.

    I just bought a used 2014 P 85DL with the black next gen leather seats, leather steering wheel and console cover. I was doing a full detail on it, including cleaning all the leather surfaces. Can anyone tell me if there are any other leather surfaces on the vehicle (dash, door panels, etc)? I...
  29. Shadious

    P85D battery question

    I just got a P85DL with about 83,000 miles on it. Full charge reads 225 miles, down from the original 255, I believe. I am wondering if this is abnormal (12%) degradation in 4.5 years. What are the rest of you getting on a full charge?
  30. Shadious

    Powder coat wheels black, gunmetal or....?

    Considering powder coating 19” slipstreams. I am on the fence on which color to go with- the car is red. Leaning toward gunmetal, but curious what other colors might work (gloss black)? If you have a red S with wheels other than silver, can you share a pic to help me decide?
  31. Shadious

    New to the Forum

    Hi all- Just stopping in to say hello. I bought a Model 3 back in August 2018 and am on my way to pick up a P85DL today. Looking foreword to learning more about these cars. Previous cars were a Miata and a Mazdaspeed 3 (which was my dream car) until I got the Tesla bug. Cheers- Shad

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