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  1. Mishakim

    Roof rack t-slot/rubber

    I got the T bolts for my Yakima ski racks in with brute force. It wasn't easy, but it does work. The main thing is gripping the bolt as low as you can, so you're applying force parallel to the slot, and not torquing the bolt downward. That said, I've been driving around with bare bolts sticking...
  2. Mishakim

    Airstream/Thor introduce the eStream concept

    The laws of thermodynamics would have something to say about that.
  3. Mishakim

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Isn't that essentially what the Setec adapter is? It converts CCS1 to CHAdeMO, but with a Tesla connector. I'm not sure if there's an additional CHAdeMO to Tesla messaging conversion, or if that's in the car, but they could just omit that if so.
  4. Mishakim

    confused about requirements for wall plug, some clarification please?

    The mobile connector will only charge at 32A, even on a 14-50. There's no reason to use a 60 amp breaker, unless you plan to put in a HPWC instead of a 14-50 outlet.
  5. Mishakim

    Tesla Supercharger map 3Q21 update - comments, complaints, surprises?

    I'd add to that that I-84 needs some chargers east of Scranton. We were driving from Carlisle to Boston on Sunday (day 2 of a trip starting in Asheville, NC), and didn't quite have enough charge at the start to make it to Middletown or Newburgh, so had to charge in Moosic and then again in...
  6. Mishakim

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Put these on a couple of weeks ago: Enkei TFR 18", with Vredestein Quatrac Pro. So far I'm liking them. There's a slight rumble at about 40 mph, but nothing annoying. Going on my first drive of any distance next week. It snowed after I got to work today and will be gone before I leave, so I...
  7. Mishakim

    Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup (Not Tesla Specific)

    Just FYI, the Chamberlain openers being discussed use motor position to determine door position, so they only alert you if the door is opened by the opener, not if the emergency pull is used, or if it is somehow forced. Aftermarket smart garage door kits, on the other hand, use a position sensor...
  8. Mishakim

    Best ski rack for the Tesla bars?

    For anyone looking at the FatCat, I want to share two issues I had trying to put an older set on the bars -- this shouldn't be a problem with a new one. First, the clamps that go around the bars couldn't close -- they need a longer bolt than originally came with them, and that was backordered...
  9. Mishakim

    14-50 outlet on a 120V circuit?

    All the other replies telling you why this is bad/dangerous/impossible are right, but none explained what would specifically be wrong if you did this. A 14-50 outlet has four conductors, two for 120V out of phase, one neutral, and one ground. A 120V/20A circuit has only three conductors, one...
  10. Mishakim

    Thule XXL roof box

    What do you mean by "fit?" It will attach to the crossbars, but might overhang the roof more than you want. I have a Motion XT L, and it fits well, but I don't have any pics. Looks like the XXL is 14" longer, and comparing the pictures, it looks like the added length is split evenly F/R. I feel...
  11. Mishakim

    Disappearing Bluetooth Door Locking Radios

    I've noticed the number of BT radios change over time, pretty haphazardly. Sometimes I can not open the trunk if the car was locked, and when it has persisted I've seen that the "R" radio was missing. Stopping and restarting Bluetooth on the phone (iPhone X) has always resolved the behavior, but...
  12. Mishakim

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    As of this morning, the chain-link fence is down, but the trailers and porta-potty are still there.
  13. Mishakim

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    I wasn't in a good position to get a picture as I drove by, but the charging stations themselves were going up this morning. Three or four were in place (one leaning a bit, not anchored I guess) and a worker was present at 8 am.
  14. Mishakim

    Cat urine on passenger seat...

    There's a specific Bissell detergent for pet urine
  15. Mishakim

    Cat urine on passenger seat...

    Does that penetrate the vegan leather to get into the foam and back out?
  16. Mishakim

    J1772 adapter. What's the proper way to unplug?

    This is what I've found to be most reliable. I watch for the light to turn teal before pulling (I usually open my trunk first, which wakes the car and turns the light back to green)
  17. Mishakim

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    They have cordoned off another whole section of the lot with barriers / fencing. Not sure what that's for, but it decreases the available parking, so that could be the source of crowding. Hopefully whatever that is for is done before the Supercharger opens.
  18. Mishakim

    Borrowing Public WiFi...

    Note that in general, public WiFi requires you to log in / accept terms using a web page interface, which the Tesla UI doesn't support. You need to find a public wifi that uses a simple WPA2 password.
  19. Mishakim

    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    You can report the bogus road to Apple, I've found them to be fairly responsive to errors I've reported in Maps. Just tap the circled 'i' (as of iOS 13) above the location arrow and then "report an issue"
  20. Mishakim

    AC back vents blowing warm air

    I think the problem is they're not answering the right question -- they're saying the HVAC system can't be heating the rear air differently than the front. The problem, it seems, is that heat from somewhere else (i.e, directly from the battery pack under the floor) is heating the rear air. But I...
  21. Mishakim

    Using an inverter to charge a computer: recommendations? cautionary tales? effect on 12 v battery?

    It's getting off-topic, but grid-tied solar systems shut down when the Grid is down for more technical reasons than that. Without a battery etc., the Grid is needed to balance the mis-match between the solar power production and the household demand. The details get into pretty advanced power...
  22. Mishakim

    Software 2019.32.2.2 thread

    Toggle your bluetooth on the phone on and off. Sometimes it loses one of the four BLE transceivers, resulting in phone as key not working at the corresponding location (vs. not working at all)
  23. Mishakim

    New house, need guidance for at-home charging

    Well, he's right that you'd have an insurance issue if something were to happen while violating code. And, charging an EV on a 120 (they're not 110 anymore) does increase the risk of fire. Interestingly, that's not what the code you're violating is meant to prevent, but I don't think the...
  24. Mishakim

    Navigation software that prioritizes right of way routes?

    It may depend too much on local knowledge / analysis, vs. things that can be inferred from a map. As more cars provide historical data, it may enable this via machine learning. UPS supposedly saved a lot of time/money by eliminating left turns from their routes, but they're trying to cover all...
  25. Mishakim

    AC back vents blowing warm air

    We just repeated our 600mi road trip from last December (when the unwanted rear heat was really annoying). Of course outside temperatures were much better, from mid-80s at the start to mid-60s at the end. We had no issues, and a few times when shifting things around in the back seat in a way...
  26. Mishakim

    Charging collaboration at work

    After it closes on the adapter, the door will re-open and stay open until some other event prompts it to try to close (like unlocking the car after it's gone to sleep).
  27. Mishakim

    Software Update not Applying

    Not sure if it's related, but my software update did start, but failed last night. The app just said it failed, I went to the car and the screen was all glitchy and it said I needed to wait for Tesla to push me a new update. Rebooted the screen and that cleaned it up but there's now no sign that...
  28. Mishakim

    AC back vents blowing warm air

    Yes, yesterday was our first cold-weather road trip, 30s outside, heat set to 66 or 67. Panel was blowing cool, foot and rear were blowing really hot. But this was after 10 hours driving (starting with temps in the 60s), so I attributed it to battery heat
  29. Mishakim

    WiFi won't connect to strong signal, low bandwidth AP

    no, I meant Mb, 4 megabits per second - normal speed test units, just a really low number (by modern standards).
  30. Mishakim

    WiFi won't connect to strong signal, low bandwidth AP

    Well, I ended up using a power line WiFi extender to get the car to update to 42.4. The plume pod provided about 4 Mb/s to my iPhone, so it may be that that just wasn’t enough for the Tesla. I also set up a VLAN on the plume mesh so when I do get the speed up it won’t get interference nice from...
  31. Mishakim

    WiFi won't connect to strong signal, low bandwidth AP

    Is anyone else connecting to a Plume or similar mesh network? I finally got electricity into my detached garage (ongoing house renovation), and added a Plume pod out there, so the WiFi signal in the garage itself is strong, but the node actually has a very weak uplink to the rest of the mesh...
  32. Mishakim

    How about a plastic sub-trunk liner/carrier?

    I spent a while looking for a soft-side cooler that would fit, and everything I found was too large in at least one dimension. What I did find was that a pair of these 12” cubes fit quite nicely, leaving room on the back for the UMC. They each hold a grocery bag and are easy to carry, but don’t...
  33. Mishakim

    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    To be clear, there are products actually called "USB splitter," and they will probably not work. You need a hub to get data from both drives. The things called splitters are passive devices that pass the data on one female socket, and only pass power on the other, so you can charge a phone, but...
  34. Mishakim

    POLL: North-up or Heading-up

    I vary with where I am - near home, I prefer north up because it matches my mental model of the surroundings and I know which direction things are relative to my position and bearing. When away from home, heading-up, because I don't know what direction anything is anyway, so the relative view is...
  35. Mishakim

    Model 3 with 3 kids

    I think you'll be OK with the baby seat in the middle, but am not certain. Diono is certainly narrow enough. The problem I found, with my 7-year-old, was that it's hard to find a booster narrow-enough to sit down in the bucket of the side seating positions. With boosters that were normal width...
  36. Mishakim

    Strange error message: "close console lid gently"

    I'm really fascinated by the logic behind this message. There must be some sensor that notices you're slamming the door. But the reason people close it too hard is because it's hard to close, and the natural response is to close it harder, which doesn't work. So they added a sensor and software...
  37. Mishakim

    Vinyl cutout files for Model 3

    Everyone asking for the files - they're on GitHub: Kenrik/Model-3-Vinyl-Wrap-Template (I believe @AMIYY4YOU merged his with Kenrik's)
  38. Mishakim

    A door button that can't be overlooked

    I was actually thinking of doing the opposite - putting a red or yellow wrap on the emergency release, with some sort of "emergency" symbol or label on it
  39. Mishakim

    Massachusetts Rebate program

    I got my notice today that application was approved, and I see on the mor-ev site that they're funded again, with $2M on-hand.
  40. Mishakim

    PSA. Another melted NEMA 14-50 receptacle

    Tesla can say the GFCI is not required, but the Code says it is. Code wins. For wired equipment, code may defer to manufacturer specs, but this is just an outlet, code can't be based on what you say you're plugging into it. Note this is only for states that adopted the 2017 code already and...
  41. Mishakim

    Model 3 Diecast Model

    Ditto - picked up last week, deliver advisor thought they might get more and I could check in the future, like when getting the Dual Motor badge (which I don't actually want).
  42. Mishakim

    Rear view interior mirror

    I feel like it's too small in two ways. First, as @rogerbohl said - it's perfectly sized to fit the available view, until you move your head, because it has no extra area. But also, because even if perfectly positioned, it cuts off what you couldn't see through, like the high back end, you feel...
  43. Mishakim

    Owning Model 3 with 2 kids?

    Just out of curiosity, I downloaded the manual for the seat we have from 2012. It says in the main safety warnings to use the vehicle's anchorage system (not mentioning Latch specifically) if available, no weight limit mentioned. In the detailed instructions, it says to refer to the vehicle's...
  44. Mishakim

    Owning Model 3 with 2 kids?

    Yeah. When Latch first came out, seats were lighter and their own weight limits were lower, so it supposedly wasn't an issue. As of 2014, car seats are now required to note their Latch weight limit, which is max 65 lbs combined. That was between when my first and second were born, so I didn't...
  45. Mishakim

    Owning Model 3 with 2 kids?

    I think the issue is that most seats say not to use Latch and seatbelt at the same time to retain the seat. It would be fine to run the seatbelt behind the seat to buckle it in. Likewise, in a booster seat, you can use latch to retain the seat (for when no one's in it) and the seatbelt to secure...
  46. Mishakim

    Massachusetts Rebate program

    It’s always running out of money, and so far, they’ve always replenished it. It’s been that way for years
  47. Mishakim

    May AWD/Performance Orders -- VIN / Status Thread

    Exactly the same details here, in Massachusetts, previously had no estimate
  48. Mishakim

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    So reading this makes me curious, as this happened to me years ago here in Boston (Cambridge, actually), when I drove a Beretta. Now that I have child seats in the back, are the people doing this smart enough to know what a pain it will be to get that out of the way to put the seat down, and...
  49. Mishakim

    Rapid Turn Signal Blinker (2X speed)

    Probably case of duplicating the passive failure indicator in software, since people know what it means. Just like the electronic "blinking" noise mimics the sound of a relay clicking
  50. Mishakim

    So who actually has configured their P or AWD?

    Got my AWD invite today, was a line waiter in Natick, reserved at 12:38, initial invite in April

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