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  1. Fossil Fool

    8 Years with a Tesla Model 3 (at 15k/yr, at least)

    At 100K the Ranger came out and replaced the muffler bearings for free on my M3P!
  2. Fossil Fool

    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    I'm in my 70s and own a M3P and a Ducati. Age, up to point is a number, and I enjoy all the technology TSLA and Ducati can throw at me. I would never consider shaming a Vette driven by a kid (someone in their 50s) at stoplight (wink). Life is short YOLO dudes! I live on Hwy 89 between...
  3. Fossil Fool

    Finding it hard to remain passionate about Tesla

    You are buying a hope, a dream and technology...not a car. It's like joining a very exclusive and expensive country club.
  4. Fossil Fool

    Is Tesla Energy Customer Service this bad?

    Zero problems getting our panels installed with a follow up service call that resolved an issue. Works perfectly.
  5. Fossil Fool

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    I support the OP. I live in the mountains and own an M3 and an S, an ORV and a Jeep. When the roads don't get plowed in the winter the Jeep is necessary and the ORV is fun in the summer. Everyone has different needs and situations and the OP, being a Doc living in a city, has needs that are...
  6. Fossil Fool

    Thinking about Roadtrip to Sedona Airzona. Winter Driving?

    Forecast is for light snow in Sedona with rain across Arizona for Christmas eve. I'm in nearby Prescott and it just doesn't feel like it's going to be a huge storm.
  7. Fossil Fool

    Wall charger install issue HELP!

    I'm in Tempe and have two Tesla wall mounts if you want to visit and see my electrical set up. I have 100amps on one line and 80amps on the other one. I did have to install a 100amp box, only because my original panel was full.
  8. Fossil Fool

    PS4 game controller?

    Played CupHead with it and works great, although I suck at the game! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D12RPHX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  9. Fossil Fool

    PS4 game controller?

    Xbox controller from Amazon for $22 works great!
  10. Fossil Fool

    Why is Autopilot always trying to Kill me?

    Drove 300 miles on I-17 in Arizona today with zero problems with autopilot. I only got nagged a handful of times. Helps to keep the hands on the wheel.
  11. Fossil Fool

    Urgent Question: Model 3 Range

    Enjoy your car and stop stressing about range.
  12. Fossil Fool

    Rattle from dash of my new Model 3

    I had a rattle/buzz in mine too. Turns out it was my iPhone charging cord hitting something. Took one item at a time out of the console, glove compartment and figured it out.
  13. Fossil Fool

    Summon seems like a silly party trick to me

    So Smart Summon (beta) isn't perfect. Name the car currently being made by another manufacturer that comes close to this feature.
  14. Fossil Fool

    Unpopular Opinion: The 3 is a $30k car and was built as such

    Do you have any idea how much it costs for a Corvette owner to try and reach the performance level of the M3P? It's a bargain if part of reason you bought the Tesla is to have performance capability.
  15. Fossil Fool

    How does previous car experience match up with Model 3 experience

    I used to race SCCA Formula cars. The M3P- is faster and a whole lot more comfortable. (The F car did brake and corner better)
  16. Fossil Fool

    Game Controller - Cuphead

    Thanks! Just ordered one.
  17. Fossil Fool

    Traded in my 2018 LR RWD for AWD: Observations

    Tesla went 100% vegan. No more leather anywhere on the car.
  18. Fossil Fool

    License Plate

    Get the plate and the holder and carry them in the car. If you get stopped, show the officer the parts and explain you have all the stuff and are going to bolt it on.
  19. Fossil Fool

    Chunk out of tire :(

    Get it replaced today!
  20. Fossil Fool

    Summon seems like a silly party trick to me

    There's the highly rational self that organizes pencils in the desk drawer and then there's the fun-loving irrational self that likes living on the bleeding edge of technology and being able to peer into the future. Sure, Summon is learning how to crawl, but it's Beta and down the road the...
  21. Fossil Fool

    Model 3 AWD 18” vs 19” wheels

    Who cares about spreadsheets? The 19s look cool and make the car look like it's ready to stomp on a vette! There's the highly rational self that counts beans and the irrational self that counts blondes! Get those 19s... life is short.
  22. Fossil Fool

    v10 TeslaCam rear camera added

    Hopefully good enough for evidence in a rear ender!
  23. Fossil Fool

    Safe/Gun Vault anchor points in rear trunk

    I have a federal LEOSA permit, so I carry everywhere except when sleeping. Rather than a safe, there are magnetic holders (see the link for $20) that can be installed under dash or in out-of-sight places in the trunk or fronk. The idea is to draw less attention than a safe and make the pistol...
  24. Fossil Fool

    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    Took my m3p- over to a semi-vacant parking lot and played with summon. I had a guy jump out of his truck to chase down the driverless car. I stopped him and then he really got hostile. I was over in an area where the businesses folded so no cars or people in danger.
  25. Fossil Fool

    While I was on AP, a reckless driver Hit and Ran me.

    Unsafe lane change is the violation in Arizona.
  26. Fossil Fool

    Plastic pollution from tires

    Great article today from National Geographic on the environmental impact of car and truck tires. Since it seems that some Teslas have accelerated end of life tires (due to driving behavior and other factors) this might be something to consider in the overall impacts positive/negative of electric...
  27. Fossil Fool

    A frightening experience charging story for the "Tesla Trolls"!

    I'm thinking your Tesla may be triggering displacement of the Pacific tectonic plate. Does your PM know about this phenomenon?
  28. Fossil Fool

    I remember when...my 3 would open without me having to open the app on my iPhone

    Just updated to iOS 13 on my iPhone and it seems to be working again. Methinks the problem was not the car but the phone.
  29. Fossil Fool

    Enhanced Summon Test..Amazing

    I'm looking forward to the Summon Racing League!
  30. Fossil Fool

    Superchargers Doubling in 2019?

    I wouldn't have bought our Teslas without the SC network. The fact that is growing at any rate is amazing to me. The infrastructure cost of what Tesla has achieved puts all competitors years behind, unless the market segment attracted to EV doesn't care about traveling outside their cars' range...
  31. Fossil Fool

    20,000 mile USA road trip with a Model 3

    Fantastic post of real life experience vs bullpucky on the forums. Good for you and keep rolling up the miles! Read your web posts as well. I have one question and that was the aeros. Did you specifically select them for the trip? Great photos! Michelin should hire you!
  32. Fossil Fool

    I remember when...my 3 would open without me having to open the app on my iPhone

    Mine won't unlock until I launch the app. Tried rebooting everything. Deleted the app and reinstalled it.
  33. Fossil Fool

    Powerwall for Sale, $5500

    Yeah, but you get free supercharging for life!
  34. Fossil Fool

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    I'm a stock holder and liken my experience to the early days of my investment in Apple which grew by a few hundred percent. I look at the long-term and will cash out when the stock grows to a point where my greed level has been reached. It will get there and I think much faster than Apple.
  35. Fossil Fool

    Cabin overheat protection doesn't work

    When I head down to the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix metro) I pretty much set it on dog mode at 80 degrees and let the AC run. I know this isn't practical for most, but I hate getting into my Tesla when its 190 degrees inside.
  36. Fossil Fool

    Tesla support is now non existent

    My Mercedes dealer is closed on the weekends, too. What is this world coming to?
  37. Fossil Fool

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite (my first car)
  38. Fossil Fool

    Is a Model 3 really cheaper?: A simplified analysis from an owner

    The equation = There's price/cost on one side. Then there's perceived value: utility + pleasure (fun) + ego. I bought mine because of the fun side. As long as it fulfills the basic utility function I'm after the ego and pleasure value. I don't care if there's a tenth of a cent difference here or...
  39. Fossil Fool

    Orange Peel Texture on Red Paint

    My red 3 is similar. No time to complain though, having too much fun driving it!
  40. Fossil Fool

    Do you intentionally park next to other Teslas?

    NEVER! I figure I'll return to find my custom 19"s replaced with teenie little aeros...
  41. Fossil Fool

    Current cost of battery pack replacement?

    Let's see here... The engine replacement in the Hellcat is around $40K. I wonder how many first time posters on the Hellcat forum are posting their concerns about replacing the engine?
  42. Fossil Fool

    Replaced my key fob battery

  43. Fossil Fool

    Summon option went missing from app

    Delete the app and reinstall it. Mine is there, but I reinstalled the app a couple days ago.
  44. Fossil Fool

    Owners service experience

    I've had zero problems with my 3 and my wife's S. Right now is a great time to take a car from inventory with the end of quarter incentives. People on forums are gonna hate. I don't have time to hate as I'm spending too much time having fun with our Teslas!
  45. Fossil Fool

    Seeking opinions as to whether or not my Model 3 is repairable or totaled

    Rub a little dirt on it! I'm going with totaled.
  46. Fossil Fool

    Hidden Tesla wall connector - photos

    My wife suggested the spot and her thought was it would keep the dust off things so she wouldn't get as dirty charging her car. I wipe down things on the charger every week or so. Happy wife happy...
  47. Fossil Fool

    Today I learned "rattles" are not covered under warranty (Estimate attached)

    The rattles I had a month ago are gone to be replaced by new ones. I'll live with them until I take it in for a future service and pay if I have to.
  48. Fossil Fool

    My realization after 5 yrs of ownership...Tesla needs to replicate the Gas station experience

    If there is a need it will be filled by entrepreneurs. Real estate always moves to its best use. When there are enough electric cars crowding into these spaces, someone will find a way to provide services at a profit.

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