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    Safety Score and Auto Pilot

    Using AP doesn’t count but when thing goes wrong, u have to hit the brake hard then … that counts.
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    Should I buy my current leased X?

    I would prefer you lease a new one & extend your current lease until you get the new car. You can see Tesla cars are now getting updated hardware frequently, not like 2012-2018 peroid anymore. So the tradein value is actually driving down dramatically. Tesla offered my AP2.0 (upgraded to HW3.0...
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    Buying a 2017 Demo Model X with 17k miles

    You need to carefully check all mis-aligned panels - because that car might be repaired internally few times. Tesla will not disclose any information unless you figure thing out. Also, the paint might have ton of swirls and hair line scratches. So probably you would need to details the car...
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    Upgrading AP cameras

    2020.48.30 here - Upgraded Tri-cam + repeaters. Working fine.
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    March 2017, X 100D

    No. It will not unless you keep the original account and just change your email/your name on the account to you. But as Tesla view, the title will still linked to the old owner. At the point you submit the document to prove that it is under your name. They will remove it. Or when you buy from a...
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    what is the true cost of owning a Tesla MX ?

    The more you open/close your FwDs, the more chance you would end up fixing it. I have been using FWD like 8-12 times per day for 4 years - loading stuff, kids in various weather condition. So it misaligned few times, components loosen. Also the interior pieces will loosen - because Tesla is...
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    what is the true cost of owning a Tesla MX ?

    Am not owned any luxury vehicle in the past, but from a Toyota user, here is my experience 4 years with Tesla (am living in SoCal, clean driving history, 20y insurance without any claims): + I have solar: so no fuel cost. + The insurance went double just because am owning a Tesla. Tried Tesla...
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    Firmware 2020.48.x

    The 2020.44.25 is already fixed that music favorites & spotify issue.
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    Tesla production numbers doesn't match PG&E...

    The Utility meter can’t count your house internal usage. Example in the morning/solar time: your system generated 1000kWh, and your house used 500kWh for that month. So total went out to the grid during the daytime +500kWh. But during night time/solar off for that month, you used 600kWh total...
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    Upgrading AP cameras

    Hi all, With the Vector-space bird’s eye view feature coming, I think it would use the B-Pillar cameras from now. We might have benefited from upgrading these cams.
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    MCU2 upgrade possible after FSD upgrade?

    Upgrading to mcu makes you feel your car like new. MCU2 Pros: + Responsive: fast map loading, smooth nagivation, changing playlist without lag, responsive menus. + Fast navigating: you don’t need to wait like 1-2 minutes for the car to draw the route for you. For long-distance route, my MCU1...
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    MCU2 upgrade possible after FSD upgrade?

    This is false information. If the upgrade is available for your car. You will be able to do that. I upgraded my MCU after HW3.0 upgrade. Two separate appointments.
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    Upgrading AP cameras

    I purchased the part 1132925-00-A (triple-cam for model 3). Then cut 3 mount parts that are dedicated for model 3/Y - It fitted the model S/X mount well. The first time I plugged it in, everything worked well - this time I didn't mount the camera on to the windshield. But removed it & mounted...
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    Upgrading AP cameras

    Weep. I just tried to install an AP2.5 1120520-00-B triple-camera on my model X AP2.0-MCU2-HW3.0. And it didn’t work. The whole camera system (except the rear camera) stopped working. Tried to shutdown the car, rebooted MCU, reset calibration - none of them worked. Plugged back the old camera...
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    Car wash After Service

    If your car needs to go to the Detailer to fix scratches, ding, paint issues - yes it will be washed. Like rxlawdude said, they stopped doing that for normal services. I don’t know why people love to have a $5 bucks express wash service for their cars that cost thousands to correct the paint...
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    AP2 MCU1 FSD Dashcam Videos

    Wrong. You do have the dashcam feature with AP2/HW3/MCU1. You just don’t have the dashcam playback, no rear camera will be recorded. No cameras&sensors upgrade are needed at this time.
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    P100D X 12V battery dying in a car without any warning?

    Weeee you need an evidence of a failure 12V to get it replaced for free. Otherwise, it would cost you $500+. My 2017 X 75D had to replace the 12V twice. The first one lasted ... 1y old. The second battery popped the “12V battery must be replaced soon/Software updates will not complete until...
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    Does TeslaCam work on previously HW2.0 MCU1, now upgraded to FSD?

    Yes, based on other people experience in this forum; with MCU2.0, the choppy part would go away. But the color/quality won’t be better.
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    Does TeslaCam work on previously HW2.0 MCU1, now upgraded to FSD?

    Tesla dashcam does work on HW3.0, AP2.0, MCU1 car. But the quality doesn’t good. Choppy & glitchy!
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    My car has uploaded 22GB over Wi-Fi in the past few days. Any idea what's up?

    If your driving style matches the NN trigger, the mothership will ask your car to upload the recorded cam. I calculated mine: its upload rate is about 12MB per mile :-) So 22GB around 1877miles.
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    New autopilot visualizations coming

    You know if the car identifies a Tesla as a normal car, there will be nothing happen. But if it identifies a Firetruck as a normal car, there might be a lawsuit happening.
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    $5k MCU2 / HW3 Upgrade (MX) (Help!)

    Nope. An 2020 car is definitely a MCU2 already car. I guess they are short on the mcu2 to replace a new one for you.
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    Tesla Announces Color-Change Wrap Service in China

    Again - cheap & high quality labors make difference. 1. No California paint chemical restrictions resulted to a better paint quality. 2. Chinese labors are far better than US labors. 3. Wrapping a car in China is much cheaper than in US.
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    Location on GPS stuck and Autopilot not working after FSD and MCU2 upgrade

    I got 2 different times my gps got stuck. 1. They forgot to connect the gps antenna to the module. 2. The second time, they had to put my car into service mode & exit it to make gps work again. Something went wrong on their side.
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    Location on GPS stuck and Autopilot not working after FSD and MCU2 upgrade

    Go to the app and request for the service appointment with the error - they should reply it.
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    sentry/dashcam for 2017 MX

    You need to upgrade the AP To HW3.0 to get this feature working on AP2.0 car. Otherwise, no dashcam for AP2.0. Sentry mode just notifies event, gives you a small non-video file.
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    $5k MCU2 / HW3 Upgrade (MX) (Help!)

    True. When I scheduled the HW3.0 upgrade via the app, they gave me the estimation with $$$$$ on the bill. I had to fight back and told them i should get it for free. They confirmed & adjusted the bill before I turned my car in.
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    Honolulu SC just completed my MCU2 Upgrade

    You have to specify with them that you want MCU2.0 with new screen. Otherwise, they will try to reuse your touchscreen and give you $250 discount for the infortainment upgrade.
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    FSD upgrade. AP2.5 to 3.0...

    Yes they will. You can schedule an appointment for the upgrade on the phone app. Make sure you let them know that you purchased the FsD package.
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    AP2 MCU1 FSD Dashcam Videos

    The title said HW3/FSD, with AP2.0 camera & mcu1. The videos are choppy :(
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    MCU3 Release Date?

    i am waiting for MCU4 too :-)
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    AP2 to AP3 FSD Retrofit

    Or from kdday - not a random guy who diy the upgrade I retrofit MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD Computer into my HW2.0 Car
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    Frimware 2020.12.10 MCU1/AP2.0

    2020.12.10 fixed the usb music issue on the precious one 2020.12.6.
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    AP2 to AP3 FSD Retrofit

    You can read it here: Honolulu SC just completed my MCU2 Upgrade
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    AP2 to AP3 FSD Retrofit

    This part might be incorrect - few people here already got their ap2.0 upgraded to ap3.0 without any camera changed.
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    it's worse to upgrade from Ap2 to Ap3 ? MX 90d 17

    It os a different thing. MCU1->MCU2: $2500 AP2.0/2.5->AP3: $7000 (FSD package) For the MCU upgrade, right now they are only offer this upgrade for people who purchased FSD. Infotainment Upgrade
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    Software Updates

    Can you list down the version numbers? One of them removes the ability to play music from an usb :)
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    Will Dashcam/sentry update on MCU1 HW 2.5

    As far as I see - MCU2 only.
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    Honolulu SC just completed my MCU2 Upgrade

    Thanks for the information. But this is the MCU1+AP2.5 to MCU2+AP3.0 upgrade.
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    MCU2 Upgrade

    All I heard is if you want to keep the old one, the total cost for the mcu2 would be $3k5.
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    How many 1 cu ft bags of manure in a Model Y?

    The Model X: the maximum cargo including passengers and cargo should not exceed 892 pounds. The Lexus rx450h: Total load capacity: 825 lb. (370 kg) Like other guy said, you are doing thing wrong by risking ur life & damaging the car.
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    Rear View Mirror Dark all the time

    like other people said, it won’t help you see the rear, but it does help you to see the back seat passengers. I have kids in the back and sometimes that damn mirror were too dark - i cant even see them. So unplugged just leave the mirror as-is. I have no issue with that - the car is fine.
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    Rear View Mirror Dark all the time

    I solved this issue by removing the cover then unplugged the power for the dimming mirror.
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    Cyan Model X

    If you down the tone a bit, you would get a Tiffany color. Go google “tiffany model x” and get the real result :d
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    2020.12 Update

    Here mcu1/ap2
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    2020.12 out

    A new one added ability to see third party charge stations.
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    New map update broke Navigation

    A map update might be quite big as 4-6GB. So you do need a good wifi to finish it in less than 3 hours.
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    How do you tell what AP functionality a AP2 car has?

    They don’t offer EAP anymore. Now you have to pay: + Basic Autopilot $3000 US. + FSD: $7000 US. To get same functionality as EAP.
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    Is there any coverage for hail damage for solar panels?

    Then you have to tell ur insurance company that you have a solar system on your home. It you don’t so that, they won’t honor the cover.
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    Violently out of alignment - 5 repair attempts

    Please let us know what were done at the Tesla Service Center by posting the recent bill.

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