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    Energy Usage Graph and Trip Data no longer display

    If you haven't already, try putting a trip destination into the navigation to see if that populates the data.
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    Long family camping road trip; how would you?

    As someone who has towed with our MX 20k+ miles. Who has lived out of our trailer with three dogs for as long as a three month stretch. Who advocates for electric vehicles and towing with electric vehicles. I have to admit that what you are proposing may not be doable with the parameters you...
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    Long family camping road trip; how would you?

    I think the answer depends on how you define "camping". If you are talking about tent camping then you may not even need a trailer. We fit a 6-8 person tent in the frunk. Ton of stuff in the back and under the back. And even some room under the back seats. If you still need room for luggage...
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    Model X Travel Trailer Consumption Analysis

    What's the story on that one? I assume that happened in Florida:rolleyes:
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    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Tear drop aerodynamics discussion starts on post #17 Linkage distance discussion starts on post #18 https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-x-travel-trailer-consumption-analysis.80439/
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    Trailer Hitch on Model X

    I keep the cover in place. I cut a hole in it just big enough for the hitch and extension chains to fit through. I moved the 7-pin connector onto the adjacent belly pan so I don't need to access it through the hitch opening. Tow Hitch Opening
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    Trailer Hitch on Model X

    What's the downside of leaving in permanently? *Full disclosure. Mine has been removed for the last four years plus.*
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    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Try playing with your trailer brake settings (if you already haven't). I inadvertently "jacked up" the setting on our brake controller. Noticed it when it felt as if the trailer was pulling our MX.
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    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    Check with Jason Hughes @wk057. He does charger upgrades. Not sure if he can put a 72A into a 2022. https://upgrades.057tech.com
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    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    You can always put on your hazard lights. We were towing on the TCH and hit unexpected bad weather. Combined with being a charging desert we had to drop below 80KPH for over an hour. Other than the occasional "angry honk" I didn't feel it was a safety issue.
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    Maintaining Trailer/Camper Battery with 7-Pin AUX output

    Elon needs to add one more setting to the air suspension ;)
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    Maintaining Trailer/Camper Battery with 7-Pin AUX output

    I was looking at those. Put that would mean also getting a pump since 250 lbs of water is a little heavy to lift. I ended up getting several of these smaller, foldable containers (5 gallons each). Should be a little easier to handle and store. I plan on filling them at the Mather campground...
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    Maintaining Trailer/Camper Battery with 7-Pin AUX output

    Resurrecting an old thread...charging a trailer from the MX 7-pin connector. Previously I had been charging the trailer from the MX via the trailer 7-pin wiring. This wasn't ideal since the trailer wire gauge, combined with the run length to the battery, resulted in a a voltage drop (13.5V...
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    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Another situation it might come in handy is when the Supercharger is on an island. If the island is narrow enough you can pull up on the "non-supercharger" side and not take up multiple spaces. While hopefully not blocking traffic. We've tried this a few times, but only have found one island...
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    Locked out of Model X - Both Key Fobs not working

    @PILOT RAVI Having a similar problem. What ended up being the problem and solution?
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    Mercedes EQS reviews published - longest range and most luxurious ride of all EVs?

    I've been at my local dealership twice to test drive. They have yet to receive one. A year and a half ago they said they would have one to sell in a few months. They didn't. A couple months ago I went back and still none. They said next Spring.
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    The Adventures of Gray Matter + Soufflé

    Why not just plug the Tesla into one of the open outlets on the pedestal? Generally when we have 50A/240V available we plug the trailer into the 30A/120V outlet and and the Tesla into the 50A/240V outlet. Since our trailer rarely draws over 10A, when not using A/C, we''ll adjust the Tesla...
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    Towed with 20 MYP today = abysmal

    I agree with those numbers. But here's why the numbers you stated might not matter (at least for us they don't). Even when driving an ICE long distance I can't remember the last time I stopped for "just gas". There's always coffee involved. And the bathroom. Probably a snack. And if...
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    Towed with 20 MYP today = abysmal

    Since we've been towing for over three years the novelty of taking pictures and logging my stats has worn off. I don't have "hard documentation" of those two trips. But here is a link to some stats from our first cross country trip with our camper...
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    Towed with 20 MYP today = abysmal

    Hmmm...So my same day, 550 mile plus roundtrip to Boston and back, towing an empty utility trailer on the way up and a loaded trailer the way back was a dream... Or that 600+ miles, 13 hour trip, through the Appalachian Mountains of NC and Virginia, pulling a 24' camper never happened 🤔
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    Towed with 20 MYP today = abysmal

    So something is not right there. When we tow an open 5x8 utility trailer it's < 400 wh/mi. This is at speeds up to 62-65 mph. I have an MX, not a MY. So absolute numbers will differ. But my point is that although towing the utility trailer results in an increase in power consumption, about...
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    12V outlets always-on hack

    Good point. Could make a longer cord and run externally. Doesn't necessarily have to be permanently mounted initially.
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    12V outlets always-on hack

    Short term solution...put the cooler in the frunk. Run wire directly from the the dc/dc stud in the frunk fuse box. Use a megafuse and switch or a dc circuit breaker. Only a couple feet so 12ga should easily support a 15A-20A circuit.
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    Both. But the towing really accelerated it.
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    Think I’m gonna buy a Taycan

    After reading your post I decided to test drive a Taycan. My wife's MS is now eight plus years old and she is looking to get a new EV. Thoughts on some differences from the MS: 1. Regen is not terribly strong. Unlike the MS which you can basically "one pedal" drive, this would be much more...
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    One warning with towing in low. It will accelerate rear tire wear. Low induces a camber in the rear wheels. IIRC it wore out the inner edges of the tires, exposing the steel radial bands.
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    Please Help me Understand Range

    Addendum The "rated" range on the instrument cluster is based on the "rated" range of the car. Not the actual range best on your current usage. If you want a better estimate then use the consumption screen. It's range is based on the "actual" usage over the last 5, 15, or 30 miles...
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    Please Help me Understand Range

    It's very simple---->"...and I averaged 85 mph....". Speed kills range. EPA range testing speeds: "...This procedure uses the same EPA city cycle (20-mph average speed over 7.5 miles with 18 stops) and highway cycle (48-mph average speed, 10.3 miles) ... the most aggressive acceleration would...
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    Ohmmu battery installation by mobile ranger

    In regards to "engineering a car from the beginning", the 12V battery appears to be almost an afterthought in the original design. Here are two good discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of the 12V battery system in the Tesla Tesla Model S 12V battery analysis Pros and Cons of Li+ 12V...
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    When in Tesla and on WiFi I can't browse to local sites

    RFC1918 range (local IP addresses) are blocked from the browser. @wk057 has previously mentioned/speculated that they are reserved for Tesla internal communications.
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    It's official!!! Tesla is about innovation, NOT luxury! :)

    Must be true since it says so right on the graphic:confused:
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    Power Limited - Please Schedule Service - Potentially Trailer Mode Related?

    @Marcia L Thanks for the info. Glad things "worked out". Hopefully you'll find a suitable solution. FWIW we've never had a problem with the Prodigy current draw on the 15A fuse and factory wiring. I realize we have the "older" wiring configuration. My point being that the factory wiring and...
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    Refresh? get some Ipads instead!

    We're in the same boat with a 2013 S and 2016 X. The S is an easier call given age and overall hardware improvements. OTOH...I'm really torn about the X. Would love longer range and faster charging since we tow. But I've driven the most recent iterations of AP and phantom braking is a...
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    @steilkurve What if I told you that you could pull a 31', double axle AS with an MX and essentially stay within MX specs? The beginning of Another Airstream Adventure!
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    Water tanks and propane alone will put you at 5100 pounds. Reading the experiences on Airforums figure that your weight will be empty weight plus 50%-150% of the trailer carry capacity. If you are going to push the limit of the aftermarket setup you might consider renting an enclosed trailer...
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    Given the torque and stability of the MX my guess is hitch was the limiting component. But that's strictly an opinion...FWIW. If you really wanted to test your aftermarket hitch on the MX you could always try to do your own SAE J2807 tests:rolleyes...
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    It will requiring switching to a traditional hitch at a minimum. Below are links to an article and discussion on towing at 27' AS with a Model 3. Note that the author has significant experience with custom towing fabrication. The Tesla Experiment - RV Lifestyle Magazine Our Tesla Experiment...
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    Have never had a problem plugging in. Just the opposite. Other campers, rangers, and even park owners come over and want to know more. As others have mentioned, a class A or other trailer with two A/C units is probably using as much electricity.
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    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Just back the MX into the garage partway. This should protect you from the worst of the weather. You should have plenty of room with only 1/3 of the vehicle in the garage.
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    4WD doesn't mean you're invincible

    It's all about the tires! Had a Z3 with summer stock tires that couldn't get out of my flat driveway with 1" of snow. That same car with snow tires would go past AWD vehicles stuck on hills.
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    My Model S door handles were upgraded to Model X handles

    Never refer to any woman with a man as grandma...or ask when the baby is due...so I'm told:(
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    Connecting with an incar web server (with no outside data connection)

    Not an RP expert so can't comment. I used a 3 (not sure if A or B).
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    Connecting with an incar web server (with no outside data connection)

    If you are using an RP and setting up your own DHCP on it you can use any network range you want. As long as it's not in RFC1918 range. Then either put your server on the RP and it give it a static IP address within that range. Or in the case where your server is on an IPhone, have the RP...
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    Connecting with an incar web server (with no outside data connection)

    You are going to need to put an RP "in between" the phone and the browser. The RP acts as both an AP access point (for the browser) and a wifi client (for your IPhone wifi network). You need to configure the RP to pass all traffic through the IPhone WAN, except for the IP of the server which...
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    Towing...actually Airstreaming...with a Model X

    There are sub-5000 lb AS options in the 23 ft+ range... The beginning of Another Airstream Adventure!
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    DC Solar trailer used for charging my M3

    The charge inverters alone are worth over $3k each. Great deal.
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    Do people install 2 NEMA 14-50 outlets in one garage?

    We have an MS and MX. Each has a dedicated 14-50. Electrical service is 400A (2 x 200A service panels). One 50A breaker is in one panel and one is in the other panel.
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    Maintaining Trailer/Camper Battery with 7-Pin AUX output

    That makes perfect sense...especially since you have solar capacity. Our experience is that the power used by keeping the trailer connected does not result in much energy loss. Maybe a couple percent over a few days. Almost indistinguishable from vampire drain. We generally can justify the...
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    Maintaining Trailer/Camper Battery with 7-Pin AUX output

    Good thought. But I don't think it will work. Solar panels output at 17V+. My understanding is that solar charge controllers requires at least a 5V differential between the input voltage on the solar side and the output voltage on the battery side. Since the 7-pin output is ~14.5V max...
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    Maintaining Trailer/Camper Battery with 7-Pin AUX output

    Actually the external solar connector is a fused connection that leads directly to the 12V battery. The output of the solar charge controller would go to the battery via the external solar connector. Since I don't have solar (just the connection point) I don't have a charge controller. The...

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