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    19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream (Model S) with New Tires and TPMS in SoCal

    I just posted them below, feel free to send me a private message if interested: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/19-silver-slipstream-model-s-with-low-tread-tires-and-tpms-in-socal.269636/
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    19" Silver Slipstream (Model S) with Low Tread Tires and TPMS in SoCal

    Includes: 4x 19X8.0J OEM Silver Slipstream Wheels 4x Michelin Primacy MXM4 245/45 R19 98W Tread levels: 3/32nds 4/32nds (small nail in tire, I might be able to see if Costco will patch it before sale) 4/32nds 6/32nds 4x OEM Tire Pressure Sensors Asking $700. Located in Orange County, but...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    97 safety score and got FSD Beta today (had the cameras upgraded back in February and been sitting mostly at 98 since then).
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    I totally missed that it only comes up when you hold an icon to enable editing/customizing. I'll try it out in my car in a bit. Thanks! EDIT: Yup, that worked. Thanks again!
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    Legacy S/X = those with the vertical MCU screen prior to 2021.
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    I was really excited to get this release to put the seat heaters back on the bottom bar, but instead got really disappointed that the Additional Bottom Bar Customization is not being released to Legacy S/X in this update (also annoyed we can't view Sentry remotely still)...
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    Infotainment Upgrade $2000 for AP2.0/2.5, $1500 for Older Vehicles

    It lets you record Sentry mode videos and view them on the screen. However, Legacy S/X cannot view video remotely unfortunately. I think they replace the AP2.0 computer to the AP3.0 at the same time as the MCU2 retrofit, hence it costs $2000 instead of $1500 for those who did not pay for FSD.
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    19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream (Model S) with New Tires and TPMS in SoCal

    The Sonic Carbon set sold today. I’ll post another thread with pictures for the silver ones.
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    19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream (Model S) with New Tires and TPMS in SoCal

    Includes: 4x 19X8.0J OEM Carbon Sonic Slipstream Wheels 4x Michelin Pilot Sport AS4 245/45ZR19 102Y XL BSW 4x OEM Tire Pressure Sensors, with black valve stems and black caps I changed out these wheels for the 21" version right after changing the tires, so they have full tread left. Asking...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    One would think they should either allow those with 98/99/100 Safety Score to schedule the Camera Upgrade (I can't believe there's thaaat many of us that they can't get the parts) or they should have blocked the Safety Score button from AP2.0 owners in the first place (until the Camera Upgrade...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Any tricks to get the Camera Upgrade once we get to 100 Safety Score? Or is that really out of the service center hands and it's just waiting for Elon to randomly decide it's our turn?
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    Well, I thought I bought a 2020 Model Y, but only to find out it was a rental, and I was a victim of Fraud!

    People who already owned a Tesla or are enthusiastic about Tesla likely know to check those things. However, coming from a non-Tesla I'm sure many would never think to check those Tesla logins (since most traditional cars don't have something similar).
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    Whispbar roof rack for 2012-2015 Tesla pano roof + 2 bike mounts - Socal

    Are these for Gen 1 or Gen 2 pano sunroof? If Gen 2, I'm interested in the set.
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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    The holiday update was actually released? I remember it being hyped up but couldn't actually tell which release last year was the "holiday update" 🤣
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    eMMC recall replacement - had 3G to LTE modem replaced for parts cost

    2017 would be AP2.0 or AP2.5, for which they charge $2000 instead of $1500, supposedly because they replace AP2.x with AP3.0 at the same time. If you have already paid for FSD (not subscribed), then it should cost $1500 (since you already paid for the FSD computer). But if you haven't paid for...
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    Screens go dead

    It's been happening on my 12/16 Model S and my friend's 3/18 Model S (both upgraded to MCU2 with FSD, mine with the radio retrofit) often enough that it's starting to get old real quick. Initially I chalked it up to owning a big fancy computer on wheels, but I'm kind of surprised Tesla hasn't...
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    All used 75D uncorked?

    Every 75 built since July 2017 should have been uncorked from the factory.
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    Gauging interest FS 2018 P100D Ludicrous +, FSD, HW 3.0

    Given the insane prices on the used market right now, definitely sell it if you're not going to need a car for two years.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    You can get FM and SiriusXM back, but it will cost you $500 (parts and labor included). AM is lost forever. The AM stations I listen to are not on TuneIn, so I flip between iHeartRadio and Audacity (used to be Radio.com) on my phone for the few AM stations I listen to.
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    Supercharger - Brea, CA - Brea Mall (LIVE 28 Jun 2021, 20 V3 stalls)

    I like that this location is much closer to the freeway.
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    I want to upgrade to large DU on my 2021 LR MS - Am I crazy?

    You'd be better off selling your current MS and buying a performance model.
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    FS: 2013 Model S P85, Metallic Green, CPO Warranty, Free Supercharging, 67K Miles

    The CPO warranty from when you bought it was 4 years 50k miles from the date you bought it used, or 8 year unlimited miles battery/drive unit from the first owner original purchase date (and the two extended warranties you listed also only could be purchased by the first owner).
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    FS: 2013 Model S P85, Metallic Green, CPO Warranty, Free Supercharging, 67K Miles

    Are you sure about that? I'm fairly certain the 8-year battery/drive unit warranty is based off the original first owner purchase date.
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    Infotainment Upgrade $2000 for AP2.0/2.5, $1500 for Older Vehicles

    Here's the line item for AP3.0 confirming it should be $1500:
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    The representative responding through the Tesla mobile app was very adamant it was $2000, but my friend was able to get ahold of the service center and an advisor confirmed it costs $1500 for those already paid for FSD. Here's the line item for any others who have issues:
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    Infotainment Upgrade $2000 for AP2.0/2.5, $1500 for Older Vehicles

    The question remains whether cars that have pre-paid for FSD are covered under the $2000 or $1500 (as they're eligible to get HW3 installed at the same time).
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    My friend just picked up a used Tesla (AP2.5, FSD paid for) and got quoted the $2k. I suggested he take it in for the eMMC recall and have them put in the FSD Autopilot Computer 3.0, then just schedule the next day to have them do the Infotainment Upgrade. Technically it would be an "other...
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    Infotainment Upgrade $2000 for AP2.0/2.5, $1500 for Older Vehicles

    Looks like it's covered starting with this post: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/tesla-infotainment-system-upgradeable-from-mcu1-to-mcu2.145473/page-366#post-5412428
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    Infotainment Upgrade $2000 for AP2.0/2.5, $1500 for Older Vehicles

    I know the Infotainment Upgrade was $2500 up until recently. I thought it dropped to $1500, but it looks like it's actually $2000 for AP2.0/2.5 vehicles: This upgrade is available for $2,000 plus applicable tax, including installation, for vehicles equipped with Autopilot Computer 2.0 or 2.5...
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    PSA: Whole Foods, WiFi, and Software Updates

    You'll get a notification in the phone app when a software update is available for your car. At that point go park it wherever it gets WiFi, connect to WiFi, and the software page should start downloading.
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    2017 Model S P100D, AP3 w/ FSD, MCU2 upgraded Bay Area

    Is this still available?
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    2017 Tesla Model S 75 AP2/HW3/FSD Full Warranty through 2024

    What was the manufacturing month? Was it before July 2017? Trying to figure out if this has the DU01 rear motor for 0-60 in 4.3 seconds or the older one with 5.5 seconds.
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    2017 Model S 90D for sale

    Are you still within the window to buy the ESA extended warranty?
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    Tesla service on 2017 MS gets blown off!

    The MCU2 upgrade is worth every penny (just keep in mind you have to pay extra if you want FM radio and there's no way to get AM radio), but don't expect it to be perfect. I've had the occasional MCU2 crash while driving, and unlike MCU1 it will result in both displays going fully black for a...
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    2019 Free Unlimited Supercharging

    Free Supercharging will not transfer on any 2019s. It was only transferrable for vehicles ordered by January 15, 2017 and delivered by April 1, 2017 (even then, it's become more difficult to tell unless buying from the original owner, as you'd have to confirm Tesla never took possession via...
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    FUSC vs SC01

    This is easy if you're buying from the original owner, but if you buy from a non-Tesla dealership or buying from the 2nd+ owner (who may have bought from a non-Tesla dealership, or even from Tesla) then you're at Tesla's mercy as to whether it will transfer or not.
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    If this is anything like NoA or Smart Summon, just be patient and wait for it to be ready. I know we all want it now (myself included), but if it gets released and the quality is so poor that you use it for a few days and never touch it again, then we'll be left with an even more sour taste. By...
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    Reason for SR Y discontinued

    The SR Y was discontinued due to lower profit margins. There's going to be a lot more demand at $40k than at $49k, and most people don't drive more than 100 miles per day.
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    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Michelson Dr. (Park Place, LIVE 19 Oct 2019, 12 urban stalls)

    I don't think any of these Superchargers are free (unless you have FUSC, which I do so I actually don't know the rates of the Superchargers), so we're talking about the cost to park in addition to the cost to charge (and that cost to park doesn't go to Tesla, so it's not going to expanding the...
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    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Michelson Dr. (Park Place, LIVE 19 Oct 2019, 12 urban stalls)

    In an absolute pinch, okay sure I guess. But it's not like the money is going to Tesla, it's just paying a premium to some parking lot for the benefit. In normal usage, one of the reasons people buy an electric vehicle is to save money not buying gas. Spending an additional $6/hour (overall, not...
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    Federal Tax Credit may be coming back for Tesla purchases

    Mods should update the title of this thread, given that it's not actually back yet (but hopefully will be).
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    MCU2 Crashing

    Does that trigger speech-to-text (this is what I meant I have trouble getting to work properly), or just captures the logs at that moment and sends those as a bug report?
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    MCU2 Crashing

    12/16 build date, but I'm not sure that matters given it's a retrofit MCU2 (with Tuner2 for FM radio). It's always taken me like 3 tries to get the bug report to capture what I'm trying to tell it o_O
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    MCU2 Crashing

    I had Tesla perform the MCU1 -> MCU2 retrofit last year. However, my MCU2 rebooted 3 times while driving the past week (once on 2020.48.30 and twice thus far on 2020.48.35.5). It usually takes about 90 seconds or so to turn back on, but obviously it's not fun to drive with both the IC AND MCU...
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    Buying or selling a Powerwall 2? A warning...

    So does that mean they're valuing the referral Powerwalls at $5100 for those of us who received them last year?
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    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Main Street (LIVE 29 Dec 2020, 24 Urban stalls)

    The ones who are on a road trip won't pay for parking with all the other locations close by. The ones with paid supercharging won't pay for parking with all the other locations close by. This location only makes sense for corporate employees with (likely employer-paid) monthly parking passes...

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