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    Charging cable stuck in public EV point - happened to you?

    Wow didn't know this. I use SourceLondon but fortunately I have always tapped my card before disconnecting anything.
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    Company car - lease company and account holder?

    It does depend on the lease company though. I'm with Lex Autolease (via 1st Choice Vehicle Finance), and the car appeared in my Telsa account the day after I signed the lease contract. Not that it benefited me at all, it doesn't give you any more info on when the car will arrive.
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    SR+ Ordered!

    I don't know if its the same with PCP but with contract hire you can do what's called an 'Informal extension', where you basically extend the lease for up to 3 months. It's super easy to do, you don't need to sign any new contracts or anything, and all the monthly payments and maintinance...
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    Model 3 accident repair costs

    Here is damage to the same area on my car (some genius reversed into my car while it was parked): I was quoted £1,800 + VAT to repair that, at a Tesla approved bodyshop. And It's just damage to the bumper and panel, not to the brake light enclosure. Will be covered by my insurance though, the...
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    Tesla app not accepting my address for mobile service

    The address finder in the app is terrible. It only allows you to proceed if it can find and confirm the address in the Tesla list of addresses. Problem is, the list of addresses seems to be either really badly indexed, or not a full list of UK addresses. If you want to book it into a service...
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    New superchargers at Park Royal

    I was there a few weeks ago, my SR+ maxed out at 100kw I thought the SR+ was going to get a charge speed increase to 175kw?
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    Outside the Tesla charging nerwork

    Public charging is a minefield. Those of you who have the ability to charge at home are very lucky. Yesterday I had a VERY close call. Was driving around Nort West London for work. Couldn't find a charger that wasn't either in use by an e-taxi or broken. Ended up limping to the Canary Warf...
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    Excess mileage - third party lease only

    Lex Autolease here as well, mine is 15.6p per mile. I'm absolutely smashing through my milage allowance already, so am going to re-negotiate my yearly allowance. Lex will allow renegotiation after 6 months.
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    Spare Wheel?

    Does the space saver fit in the bottom compartment in the boot (under the flap)? Might buy one of these space savers if you say they are good. Nothing worse than being stranded with a flat.
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    Bad news and a bit of good news

    Honestly insurance is such a con. All that talk of 'We protect your no claims if you're in an accident that's not your fault' is such a load of sales-hype nonsesne. Your premium will still go up regardles and any money they would have given you off relating to no claims bonuses they just dump...
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    Kids in Car

    I have three kids - five year old and twin three year olds. I love the Model 3 for kids, it's brilliant. The accesability is good. Since there's no central pillar on the floor in the back (since the hand brake is electronic), it's easy for them to get in and out and move from side to side in...
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    Attempted Theft smashed window!

    I vote no water on the sponge. [/SAVAGE]
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    PIN to drive

    I don't think people can intercept the Bluetooth signal like they can with a normal car fob. It's far more secure I believe. I always have PIN to drive set. While its a very minor inconvinence to enter it every time I want to drive, i'd much rather that than someone driving off with the car if...
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    Attempted Theft smashed window!

    Thanks for this info. Just ordered this protector kit.
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    Attempted Theft smashed window!

    Wow brazen. Not like the car was in some sketchy dark alley, what time was the break in? I'll definitly be putting centry mode on more often. I often park in central London like you did. I'm a photographer and always have kit in my boot, usually tripods and not much of major value but still...
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    Ionity, LOL. 67p/kWh from 1st Feb

    I was wondering about this - the Polar card still works even if you cancel your membership? I figured yes since charge slow 7kw charge points don't seem to connect to the internet to confirm the card is active, correct? Do the 50kw rapid chargers check a valid card over the internet?
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    Ionity, LOL. 67p/kWh from 1st Feb

    I rely on public charging for all my charging (no charging at home). I still find that, although some of their 50kw chargers are unreliable, Polar are still the best option out there in terms of coverage and cost. With the £8 a month (£7 a month if you're an AA member like me), it's pretty...
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    Biometric authentication by phone as alt. option to PIN

    I thought that was just a light sensor for automatically dimming the rear view mirror. It's a proper camera? Mad. Does the car using it for anything except dimming the mirror?
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    Biometric authentication by phone as alt. option to PIN

    Theres an internal camera in the M3? Where is it and what's it used for?
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    Help with Performing Diagnostics SP90D

    Have you asked Rich Rebuilds? The guy on YouTube who builds Tesla Model S's from salvaged cars. He has a garage in the US, i'm sure they might help via email, you might need to pay them though. His garage is basically an unoficial Tesla repair garage. TESLA ELECTRIC VEHICLE SERVICES
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    State of Pod point, Polar chargers

    I've had my SR+ almost 3 months now, and all of my charging is done at public points so have used most of the providers. In regards to PodPoint, i've found them pretty reliable. Only on once occasion has one not worked. I love the free ones in the Sainsburys car park near me, so handy having...
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    EVEZY, anybody using them?

    Yeah they said end of 2020. I said ring them up becuase that's an silly timeframe. Even slow delivery custom Model 3s are half that time. Maybe the Evezy waiting list is that long though! Also if you were on the waiting list before the price hike then the price is frozen and doesn't increase.
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    EVEZY, anybody using them?

    That price hike was inevitable, suprised they didn't do it sooner. Has anyone actually got a Model 3 from Evezy? My friend was on the waiting list for a Performance one, and they called him a few days ago to say they wouldnt get deliveries until the end of the year!
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    I don't think it actually restricts your car to only charge to 80% though does it? I've had this before - says a high usage site and sets the charge limit to 80%, but you can just go in and raise the limit to 100% after if you want.
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    In regards to both of these posts: The 12 bay Heathrow Supercharger is in the car park of the Hilton Heathrow Airport. You get 30 mins maximum free parking if you register your reg at reception. Even within the Tesla it says you only get 30 mins free, then beyond that you have to pay. I think...
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    Also one more thing - always ask for proof that you overstayed or were parked in violation of the parking terms. Like in Jeremy's case, if they can't prove it, they can't (and wont) try and enforce it. So always ask, it takes 2 mins, and you don't have to commit to fighting (or paying) it just...
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    One thing to note regarding the wording of the sign next to the Tesla bays is that the bays are (?) inside the car park of the establishment, and within the car park and at the entrance are likely signs with parking terms on them that probably state it's a penalty (not a fine) for not adhering...
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    Dash Cam Gone...

    Most people seem to have the best results when using an SSD Hard Drive, rather than a USB stick. Especially compared to a USB reader and memory card. There is a lot of read/write going on. When dashcam is enabled the car is constantly writing to the drive. A proper SSD hard drive will be more...
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    Issues with on first drive: 2019.40.50.1

    Same here in my SR+ regarding voice control - doesn't work at all. Must be a bug in the update that they will hopefully fix. The sat maps and traffic was actually pushed out on Christmas Day regardless of update. I was on the previous software version yesterday, and got that update. Then...
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    Satellite map visualisation and traffic on SR+

    Yep just checked mine and I have traffic and sattelite maps and my SR+ is on 2019.36.2.4
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    Satellite map visualisation and traffic on SR+

    Ohhhh i'd better update to the latest software then!
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    Two rear-ends in two weeks

    There’s no damage at all that I can see. The bumper just flexed on impact.
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    Two rear-ends in two weeks

    Isn't that the same with normal brake lights tho? Don't they just have either on or off, no matter how hard you press the brake pedal? I think both drivers in my instance were just not concentrating, perhaps on their phones etc, as both times I was at a complete stop, in traffic, and came to a...
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    Two rear-ends in two weeks

    It's a requirement of most insurance policies that you report any accident no matter how trivial. Pretty sure they can invalidate your policy if you don't report an incident and they find out later you were involved in one. or if the earlier incident has an ongoing factor in a later one (i.e...
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    Two rear-ends in two weeks

    I've been driving since 2005, not once has anyone ever driven into the back of me. I've owned a range of cars - VW Golf GT, GTI, Renault Scenic, Renault Clio etc. Since owning my SR+, I've had two people drive into the back of me. Both were within the last few weeks, one today with my three...
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    Type 2 Mennekes cable pin blown!

    Slight side note but was in Leicester last weekend and found this to be a bit of an issue, very sparse amount of chargers across the entire city - are there any rapid 50kw or higher at all? Polar doesn't have a single one. Although after spending a day driving around the city going to multiple...
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    e-on rip off EV drivers!

    I actually think BP/Polar have it right at the moment. Their pricing structure is reasonable in my opinion. 15p/kwh for a 50kw charger is great if you have the Polar Plus subscription, I can charge the entire car for about £5-£6 which is what it should be.Even without a subscription, 20-22p per...
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    Company fleet insurance

    The whole 'Teslas catch on fire more than ICE cars' is nonsense. It's annoying that insurers are even using this 'information' when adding cars to policies. The stats show that Teslas are actually far less likely to catch on fire than ICE cars. Forget the ratio of EVs to ICE cars on the streets...
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    First V3 Superchargers outside NA

    Anyone know if the SR+ can charge faster than 100kw yet? Tried mine recently and it maxed out at 100, does the new update improve the speed at all (not installed yet)?
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    Supercharger payment

    Me neither...regrets.
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    2019.40.2.2 in the UK on AP1

    True. Although I don't like doing it I get the reason for it. Hopefully they can improve it to the stage where you don't even need to touch it. Would be pretty cool.
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    Lots of Inventory stock, especially M3P's

    Yeah same. I get it cleaned and then it's dirty by the time I get home! Love the white though, looks way better than I thought it would.
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    Do you mean fogging of the windsheild? Make sure you have air circulation turned off, the fans set to windsheild and temp at 19 degrees or higher. Mine always fogs with the air cirulation on. A/C is the best way, but uses more electricity obviously. I never have A/C on and mine stays pretty...
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    2019.40.2.2 in the UK on AP1

    Is the whole 'had must be on steering wheel' just an EU thing (that Tesla was forced to implement), or do US Teslas have the same restriction?
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    2019.40.2.2 in the UK on AP1

    I thought it was 15 seconds already? If I take my hands off the wheel in my SR+ it prompts for the wheel to be moved slightly after 15 seconds... Honestly I wish I could just not have my hands on the wheel at all. I know it's not as safe or whatever, but I don't feel like the car is actually...
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    Stick with Sentry Mode/Tesla Cam or invest in Blackvue?

    Teslas are so setup to sync to the cloud...I mean the car has a built in LTE connection, hopefully they will implement that at some point..probably not a massive priority right now. The filesizes aren't huge either so totally doable. Also being able to view dashcam footage on the Tesla screen...
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    EVEZY, anybody using them?

    The broker was 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing, and the lease itself is Lex Autolease. The excess milage is also only 15p a mile! All lease companies have inicreased it now to 40p per mile or more. Was the cheapest deal at the time (August) by far.
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    EVEZY, anybody using them?

    I have an SR+, completely stock in white, no FSD, no maintinance. £380 per month with 1 month upfront (no big depoist). If I add on insurance and charging it works out to about £500 per month ish, maybe just over. Although it's less miles - about 10k per year. Evezy seems like a fantstic deal...
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    EVEZY, anybody using them?

    I think EVEZY didn't raise their prices when Tesla raised theirs. So 4 months ago EVEZY would have been way more expensive than a lease (like £200 per month more), but now it's a pretty decent deal. Although even looking at my lease deal that I got before the price rise, I think EVEZY is only a...

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