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    USB for both TeslaCam and Music

    May be someone can chime in and help with my situation. I have a 2018 M3 SR+ with the USB hub and Samsung T7 500GB SSD. I created two partitions: 200 GB -exFAT with partition name as TeslaCam and TeslaCam folder (dash cam and sentry mode work) 300 GB (actually less) FAT32 with partition name...
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    Aftermarket fog lights

    That's the one I followed! In theory you don't need to run the power harness to the back like the video. You could tap the power for the fog lights nearby as long as it shuts off when the car locks itself. I agreed that the after-market fog lights kit is not really a fog lights perse but more...
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    Hansshow audio upgrade for Model 3 SR+

    I can help you install this setup. I have the same exact kit.
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    SR+ Hansshow Audio Upgrade

    I have the version E installed in my SR+. Pretty simple but I also have the rear deck speakers pre-installed so that saved a few steps. The hardest part is probably plugging into the main computer system by the Passenger footwell area. If you follow the instructions, you should be ok.
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    Aftermarket fog lights

    You should check out my setup. I want to see how your OEM fog lights compared to mine
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    Aftermarket fog lights

    You are in luck as I installed mine today!!! You do not need to jack your car up or remove the wheels but if you do it will make things a bit easier. You can also jack the car up without removing the wheels as well. Otherwise, turn the wheel left and right as needed (I did this option...Car...
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    Hansshow Model 3 Swivel Screen Mount

    I installed mine today and boy does it make a difference. I love it! It can swivel left or right any time. I forgot to bring the fabric wrap to cover it up but you can see the mechanic.
  8. Tesla Model 3 Center Screen Tiled Right

    Tesla Model 3 Center Screen Tiled Right

    teslaupgrades.net for kit
  9. Tesla Model 3 Center Screen Internal Mechanism

    Tesla Model 3 Center Screen Internal Mechanism

    teslaupgrades.net for kit
  10. Tesla Model 3 Center Screen Tiled Left

    Tesla Model 3 Center Screen Tiled Left

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    For Sale: Hansshow SR+ Premium Audio Upgrade Package F

    I have a brand NEW complete setup package E available. I've installed the original version in my car and it sounds great. If anyone wants this setup in the Bay Area, please contact me and I can help. It takes 4-6 hours to install this. I can sell you the kit or including the install. Let me...
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    SR+ Hansshow Audio Upgrade

    I did...I have the gen 1 with the wood frame 10" subwoofer frame. It works as advertised.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    I have a 2020 M3 SR+ that I ordered in Nov of 2019, picked up on Dec. 23rd of 2019. It's a 2020 model per the VIN. I just double checked and there are two 3 or 4" size speakers in the rear. I wonder if the kit will connect those rear speakers as well.
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    HELP! Buy new M3 SR+ Or used LR AWD

    You have to figure out financially what makes sense also. Are you getting any rebates such as the CVRP, PGE, etc? If you are then it makes sense to get the LR as it will help you "recoup" some of that cost. Run the #, # don't lie.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    So if I get this right, there are only FOUR (4) functioning speakers at the doors plus one speaker at the front hood that are working on SR+ model. How many speakers are there on the back? In my Model 3, the speaker grill runs the full length. So with this kit, we can activate the two front...
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    Did I get a 2019 model even when the paperwork shows I got a 2020 Model 3?

    So I ordered my Tesla Model 3 back in November of 2019. Got my M3 on December 23rd, 2019 and all the paperwork clearly shows it's a 2020 Model 3 SR+. If I recall, the range at that time was 250 miles and people mentioned getting the UV tinted moonroof. Well, I never charged my car to 100% but...
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    CA license plate arrival?

    I waited two months on mine. I called DMV to track the status. They even confirmed that these are made by State inmates....
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    I replaced my 2003 Toyota Corolla LE in indigo blue with 248K miles with a SR+. Actually, I didn't even think I could afford an M3 but a friend pointed me to the Fed and State grants so I looked and analyzed everything that could be available to me. I was surprised as I was able to get over...
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    SAE Combo CCS to charge a Tesla M3

    I was at a DC fast charging station (50Kwh) and it has the CCS plug. I tried plugging my Tesla J1772 adapter to it but it won't fit because the bottom part of the adapter is being blocked by the CCS plug. I think I can remove the lower notch with a dremel and it would fit just fine, being held...
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    Group buy pre-cut full frontal Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF

    Found an eBay seller (mykodesigns) that offers pre-cut Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF for the full hood, bumper kit, partial fenders, and mirrors (see attached image) for the M3. I'm trying to get him to go "full fender" instead of partial fender. The price was $550 but with a group (didn't say how...
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    DIY PPF...which one to choose from Amazon?

    So I'm thinking of buying the Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF from ebay. How much do I need to cover the entire vehicle? Any body got any clue?
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    DIY PPF...which one to choose from Amazon?

    What's the correct ratio for the slip mix and the stick mix if I use Xpel? Also, where can I get large size single piece? Amazon only sells the largest size at 6" x 84". See https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0748QPJTP/ref=ox_sc_act_title_7?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&th=1
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    DIY PPF...which one to choose from Amazon?

    I plan to wrap my car and would prefer to diy as I don't have the $ to hire a pro to do it. I will enlist help with my buddies after reading the instruction and watch some YouTube vids. What brand and what size should I go with if I want to wrap the entire car. I plan to order from Amazon and...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Just got off the phone with the local credit union and they agreed to match the rate with Stanford CU. Stanford wants 4.24% with an additional 1% discount if you have direct deposit AND one other criteria. So I bargained with Redwood CU and brought it down to 3.24% on a 72 months term...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I didn't get any email notification. The VIN # was assigned to me roughly about 2 hours ago (so it was probably at 9AM PST). The rep (via chat) gave me the VIN #. Then I confirmed it by viewing source code. Then I saw Mvpa document (assuming it's Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement) below the Lemon...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Woohoo..reached out to Tesla via chat and he gave me the VIN#. I also checked the page source and found the same number. That's good news right? Now I need them to enable me to apply for a loan directly with Tesla rather than using my credit union.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I ordered my SR+ on 11-20-2019, 6 weeks before the end of year. I still have only the RN #. You guys keep referring to VIN source code. What is that?
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    Measuring Kw usage at home charging my M3

    Thanks for all the replies and info. Very valuable and informative. I have a Xiaomi phone and can't seem to download (or even find) Teslafi. I can get TeslaCam, Tezlab, Tesla app (thank God!!!), Dasboard for Tesla, Teslarati, Superchargers for Tesla, etc. but no Teslafi. As for the solution, I...
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    Measuring Kw usage at home charging my M3

    So I ordered a M3 SR+ but I live in the "in-law" unit in SF. My landlord allows me to charge the vehicle on the condition that I pay for the electricity usage - fair enough. My commute is short with total driving of around 15-20 miles/day. I think I am just fine with 120V standard plug or even...

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