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    Supercharger - North Conway, NH

    (waiting for the pictures of the poor desperate soul who backs in over the grass, through the pine tree branches, to charge from the wrong side...)
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    Supercharger credits disappeared?

    correct, per my direct observation. My '1000 mile' credit was available in the first year. I used 950ish in my first year and watched the (small) balance 'disappear' on the 1 year date.
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    New tweet from Tesla: will sell their own CCS adaptor “soon” in North America

    can't seem to buy one. all my credit cards are being declined both on mobile and via computer.. anyone else having that issue?
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    Nissan Leaf as a battery

    (I guess I can't complain too much about my 10 bars... ) I will complain about the pointless expense of the annual battery inspections though. glad that's a thing of the past...
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    Model 3 Roof Rack

    I put racks on my Y, expecting to take them off when not using them... but I've left them on : didn't really notice much efficiency hit. perhaps a bit of noise at fast HW (70+?).. but I spend very little time at that speed... So the risk and effort of taking off and putting on racks wasn't...
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    Nissan Leaf as a battery

    My leaf is a 24khw pack. I figure 25-30% degraded though.
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    Nissan Leaf as a battery

    maybe that's what I should do with my 2012 leaf... wonder if the charger costs more than the blue book on my car.. :)
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    Supercharger - Ashland, NH

    It's still that way. I charged in the end spot and the storm water drain in the corner of that charging stall was NOT draining at all. Also of note: while the side-mounted charging pedestal allows a vehicle to be further forward (say - to allow for a hitch mounted bike rack) the trash can...
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    What are the supercharging costs per kwh in northeast?

    I was seeing $0.34 ish in NH but $0.45 or so in ME this weekend. At least per the in car display
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    Supercharger - Farmington, ME (Hannaford Dr)

    any update on the '0 stalls available' at this and the Bethel sites? is it just a connectivity thing but you can still charge? or does it mean no charging?
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    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    yes - but the picture shows 'wrong side charging'!!!! with the V3s it doesn't much matter (could be a 'feature'? half the chance of ICEing?) but the V2 it makes it hard to pair properly. it's not just this layout. the Berlin VT 'drive though' setup is also at risk. I've had to reposition...
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    Supercharger - Portsmouth, NH

    My thought: until all hotels and rental cottages have surplus L2 charging for people on vacation, having 'gas station-like' DC fast charging in the area helps. This location would give a tesla driver staying on the NH seacoast easy charging to top up during their vacation. In many ways, this...
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    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    Also - the working (old) stations are still thick V2 cables. I think the new ones are thin V3.. still wonder if they have a rework plan to convert the v2 to v3
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    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    Currently charging here. Still looks like only V2’s work. Hard to see in sunlight but pretty sure the v3 stalls are not lit up.
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    Toronto to Claryville, NY next month.

    I did annoy my family during a drive from Montreal to Montebello by having waypoints along the river to keep me on 'back roads' instead of the highway... waypoints worked well for 'forcing' the route-- but did 'backseat' didn't appreciate the nav indicating '15 min' to what they thought was the...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    appointment done. too early to report back, but the short drive home wasn't too noisy. my alignment 'before' wasn't good but it's been 'fixed' now. the guy at the tire place (Town Fair Tire here in NH) did actually ask if I had the jack point pucks... I didn't even have to prompt him. not...
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    Anyone buy eves adapters Tesla plug extension cord?

    I've used a J1772 extension from QC Charge - Home for years - first with my LEAF now with my Y. I use it as I installed my EVSE 'deep' in my garage but now like to park with the charge ports of the vehicles out by the door... so my EVSE cord doesn't reach. I will note that I never charge...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Well, I gave up and ordered more continentals. Conti pro contact. Had to do something in order to pass state inspection. They get put on this next week. I’ll report back …..
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    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    I have a Model Y. To me the biggest difference is the 'less power sharing' on the V3. but in general, my humans are seldom ready to go before the car is..
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    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    someone with recorded charging curves can answer the first question, but, for me, when the stations are 'lightly used' I've found (in my limited experience) little meaningful difference for a 'full charge'. but for a low SOC 'splash and go' the V3 are so nice and quick. and a crowded V2...
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    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    so, dumb question, perhaps. this was a V2 (150kw) supercharger. for the existing 8 stalls what's involved in upgrading them to V3? I'm assuming a new charger cabinet, pull new underground cables and then swap in new V3 pedestal?
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    Model Y Roof Rack CRACK

    I've had a Tesla rack on my Y for over a year. Not that I carry much. But haven't seen much efficiency loss with just the rack. the rack helps set my Y apart from 'the others' a little. I was expecting to use with with my Thule - but the bar spread on the Tesla was just a bit more than the...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    well... just got an email back. "Unfortunately the tires you selected are currently unavailable". Too good to be true, I suppose.
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Well, just 'ordered' the Goodyear Electric drive GT from my local tire shop. Haven't paid anything yet. Nominal install date is ~1.5 week out. we'll see what happens. Just needed to 'do something' as there is no way my current tires will pass NH state inspection here this month as is...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Thanks for the Cross Climate 2 idea. I have never run dedicated 'snows' on any of my cars - but my Prius (the car before the Y) benefited from the 'All Weather' Celsius option... So much tire discussion I've found seems to be centered on getting better performance etc. I'd be willing to trade...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    My 2021 Model Y is at 32,000 miles and needs new tires. I haven't seem much discussion on replacement options. Obviously I can put the same OEM Continental ProContacts back on. I did see Goodyear released the Electric Drive GT - apparently targeted directly at the Model Y (based on the...
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    Charging Cable is Warm While Charging

    Yep. Normal. I 'turn down' charging current to 20A unless I need faster, figuring that less current means less resistance loss and thus less heat in the cable.
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    Tesla Cancelled My Order - Am I right to be upset?

    surprised they cancelled. Tesla spent several months text messaging updates to my home phone (which I obviously didn't get). It was only when I got a (voice) phone call from the delivery person (NH home delivery from NJ site) that I actually found out my car was ready.
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    Supercharger - St. Johnsbury, VT

    nice find. I've been searching minutes for 'charging' too (but I took a vacation...)
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    Service Center - Bedford NH

    a perfect excuse to get off the turnpike (charge) and then get back on, avoiding the toll! My comment wasn't so much about location as the lot size and nearby amenities expected of a supercharger location...
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    Service Center - Bedford NH

    decent enough location for a service/sales location. Not really an idea supercharger spot though (which is probably why they aren't making it one?) I also didn't see any transformers listed. Kinda wonder if the 'superchargers' are going to be 'urban'. It's right at the end of the runway of...
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    massive memory leak leading to MCU crashing while driving, random autopilot disconnects

    I had a screen reboot in my 2021 Y - blamed my daughter for messing with the music.. :) did the 2022.8.2 update last night but haven't driven it much at all since then. (I do have a flash card in an adapter for dash cam)
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    Supercharger - Melville, NY - Walt Whitman Road

    There were two SAECCS at that Marriott already. Kind of strange as it is very close to the nearby construction, but maybe easier on/off than that (or the other nearby supercharger at Old Country Rd. you might almost call it 4 superchargers at a single exit..
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    Supercharger - Concord, NH

    Yep. been watching that one. not 'trivial' to get to that site when south bound though...
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    Space required to open hatchback

    I made the measurements when figuring out my bike rack. I'll have to dig them up. It's only a 'couple of inches'. I can open my hatch with my bike rack on: I did have to run a ~4" extension/reducer (down to 1.25 hitch).
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    Supercharger - Meredith, NH

    Drove by last night. didn't see anything obvious (from the road) indicating any progress at all (not surprising given the Q2 '22 timeline) This does not appear to be a big site, in terms of existing parking. Not sure where they'll fit supercharger spots....
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    Supercharger - Concord, NH

    don't get me wrong - very happy to see more. my comment was more that this particular location was likely easier for Tesla due to the concurrent construction - as opposed to an I89 location or something near the NH MA border on either I93 or Route 3.
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    Supercharger - Concord, NH

    drove by, but didn't stop, last night. (Thanks to trymes for the picture) still seems like an odd spot, in the grand scheme of things. in the end, we'd really like to see a super charger at every exit, so.. good start to that, I guess. (I suspect this one is here as the construction of the...
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    Is the Model Y the best choice if you have a dog?

    Hi. I got the 'bigger' crate (Intermediate Dog Breeds). my dog is ~50lb and seems 'OK' amount of room for her. I'll note it does mostly block the (already limited) rear window
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    Ordering Model 3 after Model Y

    nice to have adapter options. I have the Lectron sitting in my Leaf. The real question for multi EV homes will be power sharing. Having good EVSE-power sharing options will become more important as more people join the multi EV group. When I saw tesla selling J1772 gen 2 wall EVSE I was...
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    Ordering Model 3 after Model Y

    I want to weigh on my experience with a two EV household. When we got a Y about a year ago it took over the original 30A EVSE, charging with the provided J1772 adapter. my 2012 LEAF got 'demoted' to 120V charging (16a though, as that's what it turns out my upgraded Nissan EVSE does..) which is...
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    Model Y real range

    My EV (a 2012 LEAF) starts the day with less than 55 miles on it... I also have a 2021 Y. Your observations are roughly in line with what I see. You certainly aren't going to get 326 miles on the highway. (or 316 or even 300). If you want longer range, drive slower, drive in warmer weather...
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    Charging during cold months

    With a tesla - keep it plugged in when you can. Ideally to a 240V circuit. with regards to the charge level: I've been mostly setting my limit to 70% as that covers all daily driving. I 'bump' to 80 or 90 for weekend trips (just have to remember to do that in time...) I'll let someone else...
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    Service Alert

    Got the message this AM. despite the alert on the car, I didn't have an associated alert in the app-service menu so I scheduled an 'other' service request and posted my photo of the car screen message. My only lasted option was a mobile service. a bit later I got notified of a 'service...
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    Lyndon Vermont Supercharger Location

    There really is a dearth of public charging St. Johnsbury area. Had a weekend rental up that way this summer and just did a trickle charge (120v) at the cabin to get 'driving around' miles. supercharged at Lincoln NH both on way there and way home, which worked, but wasn't ideal.
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    Atlanta - I want to rent your MY Roof Rack Bars

    I found my bar measurements from the other thread: "The front of the front bar to the back of the back bar is about 38 1/2." I'll add I could get my Thule Force XT sport to attach - but it wouldn't be 'properly attached' (at least not in my opinion) good luck.
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    Atlanta - I want to rent your MY Roof Rack Bars

    More info here: Thule Roof Cargo Box Size? My Thule Force XT Sport doesn't fit on my Model Y. The distance from leading edge of the forward bar to the trailing edge of the aft bar is just too much.
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    Atlanta - I want to rent your MY Roof Rack Bars

    Which Yakima carrier do you have? I ask as my Thule box doesn't fit.. the model Y bars are too far apart.. Can't assume the carrier will fit -- gotta check!
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    Supercharger - Tyngsborough, MA

    Nothing visible for supercharger at this site. Electrify America at the mall looks to be complete but not yet online.
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    Is the Model Y the best choice if you have a dog?

    Got my dog crate. Ferplast Atlas Vehicle SUV Dog... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08S31X76K Just barely fits in the back (trunk) of my 5seat 2021 Model Y. Will try to get pictures soon

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