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  1. AllDigital

    Gen 1 High Power Wall Charger (HPWC) - SoCal OC

    Wow. I got two replies in the first six minutes, so I think this is gone. I'll reply if they fall through.
  2. AllDigital

    Gen 1 High Power Wall Charger (HPWC) - SoCal OC

    I've got a first generation high power wall charger (HPWC) with 24 foot cable that I no longer need. It is circa 2013, but in good condition. It would not work with my new Model S (MCU2), but it did work great with our Model 3 (Jan 2018) and two older Model S cars. Tesla gave me a replacement...
  3. AllDigital

    Series 1 HPWC issues with 2018 model S

    Same problem here. I have two chargers at home, a Gen 1 for my Model S and a Gen 2 for my Model 3. I just got a new P100D and it does not work with the Gen1 charger, but works fine on the Gen2 charger. The Model 3 works fine on both. My old P85D worked fine on the Gen1 charger, as does my...
  4. AllDigital

    One Year with a Model 3

    I use autopilot in stop and go. Let the car do all the stressing or if I’m not that lazy I’ll just use adaptive cruise. Autopilot loves traffic, as it is slow and has so many data points around it. wrt regenerative braking... I have had a Tesla over six years. I’ve got two and an ICE SUV for...
  5. AllDigital

    Key FOB packaging fail

    The local store (Mission Viejo) gave me some band key rings for free when I bought my last Tesla. Like these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KPZ5DSZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_qhNmCb26W6DGR My favorite are these in colors to match the car...
  6. AllDigital

    One Year with a Model 3

    No, no issues. solid. I think that Tesla's experience going from high performance first (Roadster/Model S) and "affordable" (Model 3) second gave it a lot of experience in solid engineering and manufacturing. If your engineering/manufacturing can withstand ludicrous mode then it will likely be...
  7. AllDigital

    One Year with a Model 3

    15K miles and we get a real 330 miles out of the rear wheel model.
  8. AllDigital

    One Year with a Model 3

    We just celebrated one year with our Model 3. It is still the favorite car in our family (used the most) and my other Tesla is a P100D. There were a few kinks in the first few months (all good now), but the car has proven to be a delight. It is only the rear-wheel drive model, but it is fast, it...
  9. AllDigital

    Leave keys in ICE car?

    yeah. that. I did that with our ICE SUV three times the first year I had a Tesla. Apparently, it doesn't turn off when the key is out of range, only when it runs out of gas. Many times coming out the next morning to wonder, "who started my car this morning?"
  10. AllDigital

    Better Cup Holders - Integrated Console

    I added a small trash cup that fits behind the cup holders. It also has a slot to hold a toll road transponder and a small thing of Carmex. The 3D print file is here: Tesla Model S Integrated Console Trash bin by AllDigital Also, good suggestion @mbhforum -- I wrapped the cup holders in vinyl...
  11. AllDigital

    Better Cup Holders - Integrated Console

    I just upgraded to a new P100D and got the new Integrated Center Console. This is a huge improvement over the old bowling alley (yacht floor), but I've had two Teslas with the EVannex CCI and I missed the big perfect cupholder in the middle. The new Tesla Integrated Center Console cup holders...
  12. AllDigital

    Show me those Arachnid wheels / Spiders!

    Call the Costa Mesa Service center and ask them for the name of "the guy that does rim rash". He is not Tesla, but does an amazing job for about $100/rim. He comes to you. I had him do some 21" rims on an old tesla and his work was amazing.
  13. AllDigital

    P85D -> P100D upgrade decision...

    So...... I return from my original post that started this thread. I was on the fence between purchasing my low miles P85D off of lease or buying a new P100D. I went into a store last week and came home with a new P100D. It turns out, in Southern California, they have a LOT of inventory and a lot...
  14. AllDigital

    P85D -> P100D upgrade decision...

    I've owned two Model S' and currently have a fully loaded 2015 P85D coming off lease in January. I was excited to get into a P100D, but after spending time looking at the options and implications, I think I've decided to just purchase my P85D and stay in it a few more years, instead of...
  15. AllDigital

    Service appointments two weeks?

    Tpham07, It isn’t necessarily about how much money is spent, it is about customer loyalty. Most businesses have some type of customer loyalty program. Airlines and hotels are the most obvious, but even my local Mercedes dealer has a VIP Star program. I’ve owned four Tesla’s. 3 cash and one...
  16. AllDigital

    Service appointments two weeks?

    I’m in Orange County and have seen the service appointment times spiral out of control the last six months — they seem to get progressively worse as more and more Model 3’s hit the road. I’ve got a P85D, an M3, and had one of the first MS vins in the early days. I am the the biggest Tesla fan...
  17. AllDigital

    Sales and delivery indicator...

    My wife got rear-ended at a stop light this morning in her Model 3 by another brand new Model 3, about a mile from our house. No damage, just a small paint scuff. How crazy are those odds?
  18. AllDigital

    Phone as Key Issues

    iPhone X has been almost 100%. IPhone 6 has been about 98-99%. Apple released some iOS updates recently that improved 3rd party Bluetooth connections and recent M3 firmware changes have made the experience much better. The early issues of the car locking and unlocking when walking around your...
  19. AllDigital

    Wall connector keeps tripping breaker

    I have been charging 2-3 cars for six years and have had lots of issues with a 200A sub panel breaker. I’ve replaced two of them and now I keep my charging below 60A at any time. At 80A my wiring gets warm (not hot). I suspect the high rate of charge breaks down cheap breakers over time. I’ve...
  20. AllDigital

    Left model 3 with full charge at friend's place for a month. Came back to 0 miles.

    I had one of the very first Model S cars. In the early days (first six months) it had big vampire draw issues — about the same as the Model 3, but then it was fixed in OTA firmware early. Now I can leave my S at the airport for a week and only lose a mile (or less) of charge. I suspect this will...
  21. AllDigital

    Model 3 UI Wish List

    1) Enable wifi -- it is in the car and enabled at the service center. We have poor cell coverage at our house, so I need to sit out in front of the AT&T store to do firmware upgrades on my M3. 2) Labels on the slacker music favorites (like on S/X). Most streaming stations just have random album...
  22. AllDigital

    Phone as Key Issues

    Wowzers. I started this thread just three months ago and it already has almost 500 posts. My experience in the past three months is that the "Phone as Key" is awesome when it works, but when it doesn't work or you can't get it setup right it is a nightmare, since the card key is such a bad...
  23. AllDigital

    Model 3 Software Updates

    I got 2018.12.1 yesterday from the service center. All is good, but I had to do a restore of favorite radio stations (unrelated to 12.1) and when I added a favorite FM station it created two favorites. The correct one and a "phantom favorite" labeled "0.1". Very strange. If I delete the FM...
  24. AllDigital

    CPU/Display constantly rebooting

    We got OTA update 2018.10.5 on Wednesday and have had no issues for the past few days. Tonight my wife was at a store and came out and had trouble getting the car unlocked. Eventually she got in, but after about 20 seconds the display went black and rebooted. After the reboot it would work for...
  25. AllDigital

    No Way to Unlock Charge Port from Console?

    There is another thread on this. It happened to me the day we got the car. No need to use the app or release in the trunk. Just use two hands to remove by pressing the ChargePoint charger release button with one hand (automatically unlocks adapter) and pulling out the adapter with the other...
  26. AllDigital

    FM Antenna?

    Yay. FM is now working, but the fix was not easy. The service center had the car for six days. Replaced the tuner and then replaced the entire central computer. Everything about the radio and the car is working great now. I got 50.13 upgrade, but I don’t see anything different over 50.12...
  27. AllDigital

    Sunk-in hood

    I had lots of fit gaps when we picked it up (Vin 20xx). The big ones were on both sides of the trunk and both driver side doors. We also had gaps inside. We took it to service expecting a referral to the body shop, but they were able to get all of them back to 100% right without the body shop...
  28. AllDigital

    Best Shirt Ever

    As seen on someone at the Orange County Tesla meet-up yesterday... Sorry, he said it was custom made and not available to order.
  29. AllDigital

    FM Antenna?

    It might be UI related, but it worked well the first two days for us. No issue setting favorite stations and listening to them. Now it is not working even after multiple UI resets.
  30. AllDigital

    FM Antenna?

    Anyone know where the FM antenna is on the Model 3? The FM radio just stopped working after 4 days of working fine on our M3. I know FM is a dying format, but my wife has 3-4 stations that she really likes that aren’t available on TuneIn. We’ve done all the regular resets and retries to setup...
  31. AllDigital

    Phone Key Review

    Great video. What phone are you using to test? We have two phones set up for “key as phone”. An iPhone 6 and a X. I’ve done dozens of tests of each and looked at dozens of settings. The iPhone 6 operates as you described in the video and doesn’t require the app to be open. On my iPhone X the...
  32. AllDigital

    Phone as Key Issues

    Yes. Background app refresh is on and allow location always on both phones.
  33. AllDigital

    Where to place the ExpressLanes transponder on Model 3

    We use RFID tags for our HOA gate. The stick on tags don't work well on any modern windshields, so I use the "license plate bar", but I put the bar in the frunk on our M3 and MS and it works great every time. For the CA toll roads I keep the transponder in the glove box, because it never worked...
  34. AllDigital

    Phone as Key Issues

    A quick update... After an hour of trying everything yesterday, this morning my wife's phone had no issue setting up "phone as key" in the app. Nothing changed on the car or the phone, so it was probably the position of the moon. I later talked to a tech and he said that all the control...
  35. AllDigital

    Model 3 J1772 Unlock Issue

    Randy, thanks for the tip. That works great and should be the SOP for anyone using a J1772, regardless. I did talk to an engineer and they were able to reproduce the software issue with unlock. That said, Randy's "two hand" suggestion is way more efficient, as you don't need to get in your car...
  36. AllDigital

    Phone as Key Issues

    We took delivery of a new Model 3 yesterday. We had no problem connecting both of our iPhones up as "keys" to accommodate keyless entry and start. Overall, the functionality seemed great, until we realized the app always needs to be running and then this morning my wife's phone/app showed...
  37. AllDigital

    Model 3 J1772 Unlock Issue

    I've got a new Model 3 and a ChargePoint home charger at home and office. When you use the J1772 adapter the M3 automatically locks it in place when you insert it in the charge port. The issue is unlocking. If you start charging and then stop charging the UI allows you to unlock the J1772...
  38. AllDigital

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Pickup of the blue Model 3 in the photo. It is just a distribution center, so I don’t think it is open to the public.
  39. AllDigital

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Marina del Rey was loaded with new Model 3's today, delivering them as fast as they can. It was a beautiful sight to see!
  40. AllDigital

    Two days with Model 3 impressions/review- This is not a mini model S

    I took delivery of a new Model 3 this morning. I think that autopilot's write-up is spot on. This is a fantastic car. My expectations were exceeded. There are a number of things that are better than my 2015 P85D. The phone as a key, the center console, those amazing "digital" vents, and a...
  41. AllDigital

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    I made a few calls today. I’m not sure if timing was coincidence or “squeaky wheel”, but I got a call back in the afternoon with a delivery date of Tuesday 1/2 in Marina del Rey.
  42. AllDigital

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    I got the invite, configured, and put the extra deposit on my Model 3 on 11/22 with a "4 week delivery" time promised. I'm now into the 6th week and I haven't heard from the DS or got a VIN. The lack of communication is disappointing. In all my previous purchases with Tesla they exceeded...
  43. AllDigital

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    I got the email today. I've got mine configured and ordered. The site said 4 weeks delivery. I am in Southern California, have owned two Teslas, long-time owner, a dozen referrals, etc. The first ones don't have many options -- exterior color, rims, premium package, long-range battery...
  44. AllDigital

    Tesla Official Model 3 Delivery Estimator Available

    I was early in line on 3/31, in California, and have owned 2 Model S. My date shows Oct-Dec 2017.
  45. AllDigital

    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    Follow-up #2: Ok, I stuffed my son in the trunk with the iPhone and the MagnetMeter app. It is rainy and wet here, so we couldn't peak out acceleration, but here is what we found. With regular cruising around the neighborhood, the uT are in the 100-200 range, but when I accelerate from a stop...
  46. AllDigital

    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    Here is a quick follow-up #1 -- I got smart on measuring magnetic fields. It turns out the iPhone is actually a very good device to use as a magnemometer. I downloaded "MagnetMeter" from the app store and used a few magnets in the garage to help me understand relative strength and direction. In...
  47. AllDigital

    Who Is Offering The Best Insurance Rates?

    Yep. We had AAA (ACSC) for over 25 years. A great insurance company and really took care of us in a few accidents that weren't our fault. Unfortunately, they like to keep their portfolio low risk and low cost, by quoting sky high rates for Tesla's and other high value cars. Also, when my...
  48. AllDigital

    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    Back on topic... I might have an overly sensitive DJI or something else might be going on, but the compass test I did in the car clearly indicates a significant magnetic field, even when off and parked. Enough to peg the compass flat. I'm sure the DJI sensor is more sensitive than an old liquid...
  49. AllDigital

    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    So, here is a new one for me. I've got a new DJI Phantom 3 drone. For the past 3-4 weeks it has been working well, but occasionally throwing compass errors on start-up. After a long drive today, I couldn't get the compass corrected at all to start up the drone (in the middle of a field). After...
  50. AllDigital

    Fun with Autopilot

    I've got about 1,000 miles on Autopilot. I love it. It takes a while to learn its limits and behaviors, but now it feels strange to drive without it in "regular cars" on the freeway. I also love how it learns and gets more confident over time in difficult road spots. Regardless of media...

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