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    Voice Commands - Call xxx - sort by # (Android) ?

    When using the "Call <name>" in the car with my Android phone connected via BT, contacts that have more than 1 phone number (such as an office number, work cell, personal cell) always seem to sort by the phone numbers for that contact in numerical order. I must scroll to find the number and...
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    Default map setting

    Have the same issue where I prefer heading up. The setting stays until I navigate then always switches to North after the preview. I have to manually switch it each time when I nav. If I don't use nav it keeps the heading up setting.
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    Outlook calendar synch with Model 3

    Is the Outlook calendar information visible from the native "calendar" app installed on Android? Depending on how your Android is setup, there can be a personal and work space on the phone and Tesla is probably not looking at the work partition.
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    EZ pass/SunPass

    If I only travel in FL do I need to worry about EZ Pass? I have a Sunpass and recall in Orlando (408 East-West) that connected to the turnpike was also a toll road. I thought it was something similar to EZ Pass but I forgot now. Thank you, Eric
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    Supercharger - Ocala, FL

    I'd go see it!!
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    Start ICE car with flat battery using M3?

    My 2013 Honda CR-V did the same thing. Battery seemed fine (no stutter cranking or dim headlights) but the one time I used accessory mode for less than an hour, the battery crapped out, and even after a full charge at home, then started slow cranking, etc. Also a family member has a 2017 CR-V...
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    MP3 audio issues after upgrade to 2020.8.2

    Reformatted by Samsung USB 3.0 256gb drive over again and started from scratch, creating two partitions, both of them FAT32. Still have mp3's skipping. I then found an older 16gb Toshiba drive which I turned into my TeslaCam drive, and reformatted the Samsung as a music drive only. So far no...
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    MP3 audio issues after upgrade to 2020.8.2

    Reformatting (not quick format) the USB drive did not help me either. I also updated the car a week or so ago and no change. I will try another USB drive.
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    MP3 audio issues after upgrade to 2020.8.2

    SanDisk 128GB USB3.0 - I believe it was linked here mid-2019 as one to buy. Has worked perfectly - but yes, I do understand the MicroSD are better choices.
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    Supercharger - Deltona, FL

    After you see the construction begin it usually takes a few months. In the picture I only see the stalls. The cabinets (the larger boxes) need to be installed, inspected, and then connected to the power company. There may also be a slight delay between the time you see the red Tesla sign lit up...
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    Jacksonville, FL clear bra / window tint

    Firehouse Window Tinting did the windows on mine and I have been satisfied. I didn't ask them about the clear bra (I should) but I would definitely use them again.
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    MP3 audio issues after upgrade to 2020.8.2

    After upgrading to 2020.8.2, I have noticed when listening to MP3s via my USB drive, the audio cuts out and then continues playback 1 or 2 seconds later. I've rebooted the car (with brake press also) and removed/reinserted the USB. Has anyone else come across this issue? As a last resort, I...
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    Battery Replacement

    I would think the AC to DC (converter?) would need to be upgraded too since our SR+ only does 32A charging.
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    Touchscreen lock car button functionality

    Yes, I wish there was an auto-lock setting and it shouldn't be too hard to create one. I don't have pin enabled but I am almost certain as long as the doors are all closed I can lock the car using the button on the screen.
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    Unlocking driver door ONLY not all doors when entering car?

    It locks only when you reach about 5MPH.
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    Model 3 won’t charge - broken port

    These are showroom hours. I used the three examples you provided and service hours are not the same. They are not open that late and none of them open Sunday. Yes, some working people take their car on Saturdays or drop it off and get shuttled to work or get a courtesy car. Others take time...
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    Does anyone have this on their driver side?

    No (2019 SR+)
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    The woes of wrecking a Tesla Model 3 Performance...

    Thank you for keeping us updated. I just started reading this today. I need to not crash AND open a Tesla body shop. Good luck.
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    Third party chargers are absolute trash!

    Is there a general consensus on how the public chargers are owned? Do the businesses buy them in hopes of attracting customers or do the charging companies lease space to make money on charging?
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    Model 3+ Max charging rate compared to LR

    That's right. My SR+ hits 102kWh at the SC and I don't use navigation to get there. I've seen that charge rate when my SoC was lower than 40%.
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    Model 3+ Max charging rate compared to LR

    Yes, you may want to look at the graphs here: V3 Supercharging Profiles for Model 3 For max charge rates, the battery needs to be preconditioned (using nav), have a very low state of charge, and be at the V3 supercharger (of course). P.S. for having 1,200+ posts, how are you not an owner or...
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    How Does the Model 3 Handle Extreme Heat?

    Hi George, I had the same thoughts about buying the SR+ vs LR and ended up with the SR+. I couldn't justify the extra price. I'm in Florida (near Jacksonville) and have had no issues with heat. Turning on the A/C 5 minutes before getting in the car if left out in the sun all day is helpful, as...
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    Not able to charge at home....new perspective on EV ownership.

    I rarely see a broken chargepoint. I don't think Tesla needs to raise their rates. Chargepoint already charges upwards of $6k for a charger installation (not sure about monthly fees for data collection, reporting, etc) but if employers are looking to provide L2 charging, keep rates LOW.
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    Speakers blew out?

    I'm going to guess software. I have the SR+ which did not have streaming audio until v10 and that's the first time I've seen the issue. I would use the "bug report" feature in your car before spending time at the SC.
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    Speakers blew out?

    Same issue here, day after I loaded v10 software. Noticed: - No sound from radio - No turn signal audio - Streaming said "No LTE" or something to that effect. Fix: - Soft Reboot Only happened once and has been ok since last week.
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    Only 198 volts on nema 14-50. Yikes!?

    It could be an issue with the charger itself. Maybe contact the manufacturer and ask if they can provide some insight?
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    Any 1 from FL got the v10 yet?

    Got it Thursday eve - M3 SR+ no AP.
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    Model 3 Keyfob updated on Tesla shop to include passive entry

    Ouch. I definitely don't want a paperweight.
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    Calculating cost of electricity used

    Very raw figures that I saw with my M3 were 24% loss with 120v and about 6% loss with 240v (in Florida summer weather). Battery/ambient temp play a factor.
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    Model 3 Keyfob updated on Tesla shop to include passive entry

    To all who have used the old keyfob, does it unlock the car instantly? The issue I have now (not why I am buying a keyfob) is that there are times it takes 5-10 seconds for the vehicle to unlock after pulling on the driver's door handle.
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    Model 3 Keyfob updated on Tesla shop to include passive entry

    Interested in buying one of the old ones if someone is upgrading and wants to offer a deal :)
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    What happened to Supercharger pricing info?

    I stopped seeing prices around the end of July.
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    What happened to Supercharger pricing info?

    My tesla account says Pay Per Use and I've done nothing to get free supercharging.
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    My model 3 says full at 210 miles

    I traveled 400 hundred miles this weekend so I charged to 95% (220 miles). On the way home at a destination charger, I forgot to set the charge to 100% so I charged up to 95% and then unplugged. I thenI set the limit to 100%, got a message on screen asking if I was sure as "I had charged over...
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    Delay in SC bill lately?

    Are you checking your Tesla online account or your credit card statement? You should see any referral miles online. The few times I've used one it was billed instantly.
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    What happened to Supercharger pricing info?

    I noticed it and though it was because of the standardization of fees. In states that allow per unit fees (per kWh) it is 28 cents per kWh, otherwise you pay based on tier of charging speed at 13 cents per minute for under 60kWh and 26 cents per minute over 60kWh. Supercharging
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    Model 3 and GFCI woes :(

    Possible to ask a neighbor with the same builder to see if you can test their outlet with your charger?
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    Model 3 Performance Real 3 Week Phantom Drain Test

    Car was connected to WIFI, unplugged from power, had no cabin overheat protection (never used it before) and outside under a metal carport. I did not have any USB devices plugged in and don't use any 3rd party apps (if that is what you mean by data sharing). I forgot to mention that about day...
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    Model 3 Performance Real 3 Week Phantom Drain Test

    During the 21 days I was gone, I went from 208 Miles to 189. (19 Miles Total) Software Version 2019.12 Temps in the 90F-95F range during the day. Awakened car 4x during the 21 days.
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    Tips on how I averaged~190 wh/mi for 17,000 miles (so far...)

    Since these are in the original thread, hopefully they are "on topic". 1) I've always thought setting the AC to anything other than LO mixes hot air (from the heater) with cold air (from the compressor) and is "less efficient". Maybe old school thought... but what is the case with M3? 2) Do...
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2005 Honda Civic LX Special Edition.
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    Model 3 Performance Real 3 Week Phantom Drain Test

    Thank you for this information as it makes me feel a little more at ease. I will also be leaving my M3 SR+ for 21 days and will document.
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    Garage is ready for new Model 3

    Garage looks awesome - great job!
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    Nema 14-50 charge speed much lower than expected

    I was at a L2 public charger last weekend and was charging at 208v @ 32amps. I got about 110 miles of charge in 4 hours. I noticed, however, when I got into the car to cool it down (It was 98F outside, 110F in the car), my charge rate with the AC on and set to 4 fan speed went to about 10mph...
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    Radio (FM) volume changes to low while driving

    Will try the same. Thank you.
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    AutoLock Doors When Driving?

    Mine lock and show locked when in Drive.
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    Superchargers at Wawas?

    Jacksonville as well.
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    stay below 70 mph to reach destination

    In the car? Yes via your phone or tablet. On the car's screen, no.
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    How many Superchargers near you ?

    0 Superchargers within 30 miles from home. 4 Supercharges within 50 miles from home (one in each direction pretty much).
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    Pick it up Saturday

    Congrats on the new car. I've had my SR+ for a month today and love it! I'm surprised I have not seen more around town here in Jacksonville.

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