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    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    What part numbers did you end up getting?
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    Favorite non-tech feature

    The sub trunk... and if I used it more I would also say the frunk. Lots of extra storage!
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    Vendor TEMAI Giveaway 2020 (Archived)

    Model 3/Y Wireless Charging Pad
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    model3 pvb laminated glass retrofit

    Yeah it’s a start. I guess at least it’s better than what everyone has now. I wonder if it will help the car maintain its temperature a bit longer so it can save a bit of energy on heating and cooling.
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    Hansshow Ambient Lighting

    Probably worth noting that it’s $80 for shipping
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    Summon problem

    Any chance your driveway is on a slope?
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    Driving Route 66 - in a model 3?

    Another possible thing to do in addition to the paper maps is to download google maps on your phone as it allows you to download offline maps for areas that there is no cell coverage. Could be handy to have in a pinch and pretty quick and fairly easy to do.
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    Show off your Model 3 camping pics

    Just out of curiosity, where did you end up camping in Red Bluff and would you recommend it? With all these post about camping and the Model 3 I’m starting to get the itch and just began looking for places.
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    SparkCharge the portable charging solution

    And that it requires the $450 Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter to work.
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    Learnings/Feedback from completed Car Camping Roadrip

    If you are talking about this TT-30 connector: TT-30 Adapter for Tesla Model S/X/3/Y Gen 2 – EVSE Adapters you may want to contact them as it should set the charging amps automatically to prevent overheating.
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    Locked IN my Tesla

    Not ideal at all but another option would be to fold down the back seats and use the emergency latch to open the trunk. Personally I would use the emergency manual release mentioned above in the driver or passenger doors.
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    Soft Closing Doors - Model 3

    I guess you could use the app to vent the windows and then use a coat hanger or something to press the door open button... and it that didn’t work then you can use the hook on the coat hanger to pull the manual release. For that price it better come with a REALLY nice coat hanger! :p
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    Solved: wind noise

    Ha ha ha actually that was the one that inspired the crumpled up newspaper idea. I didn’t have any foam handy to stuff in there and was trying to think of alternative things that might get the job done as a test before spending money or doing anything more permanent.
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    Solved: wind noise

    I wonder if a quick and easy way to test would be to take a bunch of newspaper or something similar and cram it in that spot to see if it fixes the noise before doing something more permanent.
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    Trunk Security

    looks like they changed it. This video is 4 days old and he test it out and it doesn’t open unless the car is unlocked first or the 12 volt battery is dead
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    Car Parked Outside temp 68f / Inside 98f. Normal?

    Never thought about it before but where is the thermostat located in the car?
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    Sunshade for Windshield

    This is the same sunshade I got last year and it worked great for me. Easy to put up and take down - took a little getting used to maneuvering it inside the car without banging things the first few times due to the size of it.
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    Vendor Window protection for your Tesla

    Is the rear window easier/cheaper to replace than the small window? That might be another thing to consider.
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    Front Left Speaker/Dash Rattle

    Perhapse you are having this issue: or this one:
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    MASTER THREAD: V 2019.40.1.1 170kW charging, Neural Net for Auto Wipers, Auto Lane Change quicker

    I agree! Very noticeable and MUCH improved!! It pretty much starts moving to the next lane right away (as long as there is space).
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    MASTER THREAD: V 2019.40.1.1 170kW charging, Neural Net for Auto Wipers, Auto Lane Change quicker

    Mines in the same place... it’s been installing for almost 30 minutes now. The radio still plays in the background. EDIT: and as soon as I hit post it completes!
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    Game Controller - Cuphead

    Just as an FYI - the Logitech f310 controller is onsale for $12.99 at Target: Logitech F310 Gamepad And you can get 5% off and free shipping with the Target Red card. Also onsale for $12.99 at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VAHYQY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zlS2DbA58TT6S Free shipping with Prime
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    Using the dashcam button 'removed' the incident from records

    Sadly this is my experience as well. Seems very counter intuitive.
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    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    Just ordered as well and used the coupon for 22% off the sale price too. Probably won’t see a sale like this for a long time for these matts!
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    Vendor Group Buy - Self Presenting Doors

    I would be interested but I would also want to know the price and how involved the install process is.
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    Beeping after v10 update

    I didn’t know that! I never noticed a speaker when parking and hearing the beeps. I’ll have to check that out next time.
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    Theatre Mode Shortcuts to Free and Paid Playable Contents

    Tested real fast and it looks like in YouTube on the Tesla the movies show up under Library (on the left) and then scroll down to Purchases at the bottom and there they are.
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    Theatre Mode Shortcuts to Free and Paid Playable Contents

    This reminded me that Movies Anywhere syncs movies purchased on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Google movies and Fandango for most studios. And since google owns YouTube that means the movies would be available on YouTube in the Tesla.
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    Can someone recommend controllers for Cuphead?

    This is the one I got too (also from Target) and it works great for me as well. I also seconds that Cuphead is crazy hard!
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    I purchased a samsung micro sd endurance 128g card and a sandisk reader. it does not work. HELP!

    If it’s from Amazon is it possible they sent you a counterfeit drive? If you got it from Best Buy or Target or someplace where it’s not a 3rd party seller potentially then I would be more trusting. I’m not sure of a way to verify a USB drive is legit but maybe do some speed test and see if that...
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    Power Lift AND Close Frunk

    This also looks WAY easier to install than the trunk one. Just wish it was a little cheaper. Also, since this isn’t connecting to the CAM wiring I’m wondering if we don’t have to worry about an update from Tesla disabling it like what happened to the power trunk recently.
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    Power Lift AND Close Frunk

    Here’s the TeslaRaj video of the power frunk
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    Any Suggestion for Center Console Wrap?

    I was looking at getting the same wrap from RPMTesla. Seems very easy to install from the video. Does the Tesla key card still work through it to allow driving the car for valet or if the phone isn’t working? That was one of the reasons I didn’t get their other carbon fiber console wrap.
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    Trunk gasket fix?

    This is how mine looks like
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that another reason for the CAN bus connection for the trunk had to do with security. For example, if your car is locked someone couldn’t just come up to the car and hit the button on the trunk or activate the foot sensor and have the trunk...
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    Yep it’s a quick update - maybe about 10-15 seconds of flashing lights and you are done. It took a lot longer to take the trunk apart to get access to the control box and put it back together again. Hopefully this isn’t a common occurrence. For me the trunk button stopped working after the...
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    I got the update via email on 8/8/2019 from Teslaoffer. The update was a file called update.yst that was attached to the email.
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    Probably too late for most of us but here’s a really good install video where he takes you through the whole process (sans the foot control in the bumper):
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    Cruise control disabled [Update: faulty radar unit fixed, resolved issue]

    Thank you for following up and letting us know how this was resolved. Hopefully the new front radar last the life of the car.
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    Tesla Model 3 Power Lift Gate

    Just out of curiosity, how is it not working? Is it not opening or closing? For mine I had an issue with it not latching on close and had to adjust the latch so it was a bit higher than where I first had it. I did the install myself but I’m curious if there are other issues I should be looking...
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    I ended up running the cables down and then loop it up and into the hole. If the water runs down the cable then it would have to fight gravity to get into the hole.
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    Looks like Tesla Offer uploaded a new video to deal with making it a bit quieter when opening.
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    In this video she doesn’t use the white wire with the foot sensor, so it looks like it’s just an extra cable there to confuse people.
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    Trunk gasket fix?

    They must have fixed this. My Model 3 from March 2019 has a very different looking gasket for the trunk as it’s not flat like the one in the video.
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    2019.20.4.4 updated

    Just updated to 2019.20.4 from 2019.20.2 as well. Release notes appear to be the same as the 2019.20.2 release.
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    Groupbuy for auto trunk close and open

    The coupon expired on July 4th
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    Groupbuy for auto trunk close and open

    Just got mine delivered today.
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    New problem with autopilot in v 2019.20.4.2 (video attached)

    I believe what OP was saying was that his Tesla didn’t slow down when the other car entered the lane in front of him - he manually hit the brakes and that’s why his car slowed down in the video.
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    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    Teslaoffer uploaded a new install video today that’s pretty informative when combined with their previous install video and the one from Tesla Raj.
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    Groupbuy for auto trunk close and open

    Looks like they made a new install video just now: I haven’t watched it yet but figured I would post this Incase it gets missed.

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