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  1. trekkie

    Wait time for new X is >1 year, but lease is coming up...

    I originally was going to replace my Bolt EV with the Model S refresh, but I'll be honest I don't like this no button mentality. After a year of hemming and hawing about it I have an e-tron S on the way. We will replace the X with a Rivian R1S to follow the next year. I tried out the...
  2. trekkie

    2021 Holiday Update - GARBAGE!

    wish they'd have legacies this last v11 update. It's total *sugar* and I'm not real happy at how badly they screwed the interaction. Moving the heated seat buttons in the dead of winter I've rarely been this disappointed with an update but that entire menu bar is crap now.
  3. trekkie

    2019 Model X - Raven, Standard Range, 5 seats. - What's it worth?

    There were Raven 'Standard' Ranges from June to August. I got a six seater version that still has the center console.
  4. trekkie

    Has you driven with falcon wing doors open and had an accident?

    man it gets mad at me in the driveway if I open a door to let a kid out while not in park, can't imagine driving like that, it screams like crazy at me.
  5. trekkie

    Supercharger - Lexington, KY

    Does anyone know why this does not show up on A Better Route Planner or Plugshare as an option? If you search for them, you find them, but if you use the route planner for either website it ignores this one, and a number in WV. It makes my trip longer to go the route it wants and it makes no...
  6. trekkie

    Why Lease a car?

    prior to 2018, for me it was about taxes, and the fact I was paid an allowance and had to keep a car around that was <4 years old and had four doors to get that allowance. After the 'tax cuts' of 2018 all my deductions for that disappeared, so now it makes no sense unless I want more car for...
  7. trekkie

    Refresh Model S spotted in San Diego...

    lol why are the 'ooh saw a new refresh' shots of the new S/X all look like UFO sighting photos :D
  8. trekkie

    What's your predicted loyalty to Tesla whenever replacing current car?

    Unlike most folks who own Tesla it was my third EV. My first was a Bolt, then I got a used Fiat 500E for the teenagers, and finally swung getting the X to replace the Expedition. My Bolt lease was up, and we gave it back this month. So Soon(tm) I need another car. Unlike a lot of folks, I...
  9. trekkie

    Getting In/Out Model S for Large Folks

    some idiot set the easy entry mode in the loaner to go all the way forward and all the way up. There are some people that just need shootin ;)
  10. trekkie

    Getting In/Out Model S for Large Folks

    I hope so. i mean i get i'm overweight, but even after playing with the seat for quite some time i was unable to make it better. I did fix whatever had me banging my head against the roofline/moon roof seam, so I did find something. Hopefully the sales center might get a demo unit and I...
  11. trekkie

    Getting In/Out Model S for Large Folks

    so i got a few minutes, and had my wife try. She's 5'4 and had problems so I'm guessing there is a seat setting I'm missing, i'll play around some more. I figured if I could get in/out of my A5 no problem this shouldn't be an issue.
  12. trekkie

    Getting In/Out Model S for Large Folks

    I ordered the new version of the Model S to replace a car, without ever having been in an S. We currently have a 2019 X (Raven) Today, unrelated my X needed a low voltage thingamajig replaced and they gave me a 2016 90D S. Uhm, I'm having fun getting in/out of the car. I am not a tall...
  13. trekkie

    Raleigh-Durham NC - good place to get tires ?

    I used Discount Tire in Wake Forest when I hit a nail and destroyed a tire at 1100 miles. Didn't need to bring jack pads, they were familiar with what they needed to do. was best price in the area (north raleigh) for the OEM tire at the time. I've used them before for non-EV cars for at...
  14. trekkie

    Supercharger - Asheville, NC (Whole Foods)

    FYI, Durham has one being installed now (see: Supercharger - Durham NC for location/photos) Also, to my surprise Charleston is finally getting one. looks like it's having some issues with power delivery to half of them, but there are some now (Supercharger - Charleston, SC) in case doing a...
  15. trekkie

    12V battery dying but no warning?

    If it helps troubleshoot any, I had a phantom drain and noticed the contacts clicking one night while grilling. I felt silly standing there with a stop watch but it was pretty consistent, single click, 1m45s triple click, then 2m later, repeat. After taking my 2019 X in it was pointed at the...
  16. trekkie

    Supercharger - Asheville, NC (Whole Foods)

    My question was more traffic related, wasn't clear on that sorry. Distance is not a big deal if you don't sit at the I40 exit for 25m. It was a Sunday mid day, so was just surprised at how hard it was to get off I40/Onto the other road, and into the mall.
  17. trekkie

    Cross Traffic Alert

    man i need to quit talking today, that's like the fourth time I've been wrong today. when I was buying the car they said those were ultrasonic, just looked it up and it's a radar (maybe it uses ultrasonic wavelength, can't find clarity on that) should have known was from the same person who...
  18. trekkie

    Supercharger - Roanoke Rapids, NC

    I guess it doesn't matter anymore but on the map of 'where chargers should go' #2 hurt a lot for a trip I needed to take to Arapahoe, NC. Unfortuantely COVID lockdowns kept me from going after all, so I didn't have to figure it out. Now we won't need to go as my daughter aged out of YGuides...
  19. trekkie

    Supercharger - Asheville, NC (Whole Foods)

    i hope this one is easier to get to on the I40 drive by than the other one is, it easily added 45m to my trip getting on/off 40 to get to that outlet mall (Christmas 2019). That was the only location I was not overly thrilled about in our 2200 mile round trip in our X before the world stopped.
  20. trekkie

    Cross Traffic Alert

    Pretty sure most cars use ultrasonic for that. My Bolt that had it did not have any radar on it, but it did have ultrasonic on the bumpers.
  21. trekkie

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I ordered my Model S Refresh on Friday, just the LR version with 21" wheels. 10-14 weeks was the delivery window. Originally I was going to put the order in online, but it didn't show that anywhere I could find. Called the local store and they took the order over the phone and gave me the...
  22. trekkie

    Leased X returned in May. Received invoice for $9800 in September!

    tires are a common thing, and for some reason leasing companies get the worst price on tires. otherwise paint chips, all sorts of things. Usually when i leased a vehicle there was a walk through you would do, but it's 2020 and it's Tesla, two crazy variables. The tires not having enough...
  23. trekkie

    Any Tips for WiFi Issues? Can't Connect anymore

    I've had my 2019 X since October 2019, never had this problem and then in the last 45-60 days or so this started and I can't get it to stop. It will no longer connect to my wifi. To be clear, I changed nothing. I'm in IT, and I actually have a hotspot in my garage for my cars and other home...
  24. trekkie

    Model Y vs X

    I looked at a bunch of x's last fall before deciding to increase my budget. $60k Xs are rare, or beaten to death. The depreciation just isn't there, or it's a 60D model or something. Just my $0.02. We ended up with a Raven 'Standard' Range that doesn't exist anymore. Still nags the...
  25. trekkie

    Model X with no kids?

    Well, we have four kids, but I use the six seater x as a daily driver by myself. It uses more electricity than the others to get me there, but it's still better than the previous gas car. have yet to get tired of it opening the door when I come up to it.
  26. trekkie

    Playing iPhone music in a 2020 MX?

    my biggest gripe about the Tesla infotainment is how bad their bluetooth is. The recent update (2020.8.1) adding the delay to grabbing the phone was great, but they should just support wireless Android Auto/Carplay and call it a day.
  27. trekkie

    2020.8.1 and 'new' Nav for X/S?

    So I got the 2020.8.1 update and the release notes being pushed to the web have something about a beta navigation mode for the X/S When I got the update, the only thing in the release notes is the Bluetooth updates. Is the 'beta' mode for non-ravens then? wondering why mine didn't report it...
  28. trekkie

    Gigantic POP in audio, lose audio for a bit.

    This has only happened on one drive, and twice on that drive. It was 'cold' for North Carolina (<30 degrees) but car was parked in garage and said it was 50 Degrees until it'd been outside for a bit. Was driving listening to phone on bluetooth. About 3-5 min in the audio system, or uh...
  29. trekkie

    Falcon wing door just opened, no reason and no warning, now what?

    i have a pair of pants that if I put the fob in my pocket I will trigger a door. If the cabin is locked it'll beep and that stupid horn will go off it seems to always been the drivers side door too. Not sure what I'm doing, but it's happened ~ 5 times now since I bought it in October 2019.
  30. trekkie

    HW2.0 to 3.0 upgrade - are Tesla in big legal & financial trouble?

    Except, they won't. By design, and by law, the lights are in mandated positions. You can not put a red light at the bottom in the US for example... We've had color blind people for a lot longer than color blind cameras, and laws were put in place to determine the position of the light. So...
  31. trekkie

    Canceled my Model X order . . . .

    sucks but i get why you're cancelling.
  32. trekkie

    Supercharger - Kuttawa, Kentucky

    we used it 12/28, crazy. it must have died after that. would have sucked big time had it been down weird. that hampton inn is great spot for us on our roadtrip to crash for the day too.
  33. trekkie

    Supercharger - Myrtle Beach, SC

    Any idea why this doesn't show up in the Tesla app? My wife is there with our X and it took her to a destination charger at an Embassy suites, and isn't listed in nearby spots. I sent her the address for this, but was weird it wasn't showing up
  34. trekkie

    Knoxville supercharger - where

    Was charger 3b. Sorry forgot to mention that
  35. trekkie

    Knoxville supercharger - where

    I came through on a road trip. My charging just stopped twice. Was able to restart just by pushing start charge but was surprised as this hasn’t happened at any other. Is there a timer on these? Was not even half full from 13% when it stopped first time. Second time it was at 79. Was...
  36. trekkie

    Replacing Wing Mirrors with Convex Mirror

    Ah ok. Thank you. Didn’t know they had auto dimming. Need the blind spot more than that so guess I’m good.
  37. trekkie

    SuperCharger - Independence, MO

    We were there on Sunday afternoon. 1a/1B were taped up. The other stalls seemed to be working. There were cars in the slots whole we were charging for final leg of a 1100 mile two day road trip
  38. trekkie

    Replacing Wing Mirrors with Convex Mirror

    So I hate the blind spot on the X, and the lack of a usable system. It goes against my 30 years of driving to look forward to check a blind spot. In the past before BLISS and other blind spot indication systems were invented I used convex mirrors or the fisheye mirror. I found some convex...
  39. trekkie

    Unsworth Vs Musk defamation trial

    Just proof to me twitter should be shut off :) i figure in a world where Trump is allowed to attack a 16 yo kid and nothing happens calling someone a pedo guy once is fair. kinda a dumb insult anyway. You could easily blow that off. It’s not like he explicitly stated when and where the guy...
  40. trekkie

    Tire size for Raven MX with 20" wheels?

    I'd suggest you order the kit from tesla or the steel wheel kit from TireRack that is the snow tires and rims and all so you can just swap wheels at home, but to answer your question: The default 20s on it my Raven X came with Front 265/45-20, Rear 275/45-20 Continental Crosscut LX.
  41. trekkie

    That is One Ugly Truck?

    What bothers me is they didn't commit to it. It's a half ass job. If you're gonna do that amazing and unusual exterior, you don't put the F150 cab inside. Their only one display thing drives me bonkers, I hate it. I won't get a 3 or a Y because of it, and that's why I have an X. I want...
  42. trekkie

    Model X Lightbar for refresh?

    based on what i've seen on the truck the lightbar is just too bright.
  43. trekkie

    Unusual battery drain parked at airport

    it's no hotter than 60, but i'll charge it up and turn that off.
  44. trekkie

    Unusual battery drain parked at airport

    i have sentry mode off and a flat tire, taking it to tire place tomorrow. It was charged to 90% sunday overnight. It's been unplugged ever since. It's at 76% today. I checked Tesla Fi and its been in sleep mode for a lot of it.
  45. trekkie

    Tesla Model X Raven noise that all potential buyer should know about before buying it!

    ahh, the benefits of listening to Def Leppard at full blast in the 80s is finally here :) That said, none of my children have noticed any noise in ours.
  46. trekkie

    Need someone to check something since update yesterday

    yep, i've stared at the dash going 'what did i Doooooo' a few times now. Not as bad as this datsun i had in the 80s that screamed KEY IS IN THE IGNITION right as you turned it off. I Don't remember what model it was, but they added a recorded voice to the alerts in the mid to late 80s.
  47. trekkie

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    well my definition of torque steer was the steering wheel being yanked to the direction of the torque, this was a 'thud-thud-thud' noise at about 50 - 70 thuds per minute while I was on the gas. didn't feel anything though.
  48. trekkie

    Issues with LED lights on trailers

    Optronics Load Resistor for LED Lights - Male PL-3 Plug and Pigtail - Qty 1 Optronics Accessories an i can't remember which youtbue channel used one of these. TFL? they were doing some extreme towing up a mountain pass, had to install ones of those for the little trailer they were trying to...
  49. trekkie

    One pedal driving with X?

    Well cool, good to know. i didn't think they were out until July. I looked closer and it appears I do, i'm kinda happy i thought I'd missed out on the refresh. I have the more advanced air suspension options too didn't realize that was new. No cone visualization though lol.

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