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  1. lynnpt2001

    Slipstream MX Wheels Tires Tpms

    Willing to separate if anyone wants to buy one or 2. Also will ship at buyers expense
  2. lynnpt2001

    Reservation for sale! LRMY ETA delivery November 8th- December 13th. Ordered before price increase

    Just bought a mx plaid 50 miles on it 125k. But no reason for people to come on this forum and try to shut down someone wanting to sell their car. If someone wants to buy this reservation they should be able to working all the armchair quarterbacks
  3. lynnpt2001

    Original MX Christmas Show on Refresh

    Been to the Tesla Light Show site. Curious if anyone was able to get the old Xmas show to run on the refresh MX?
  4. lynnpt2001

    Will pre-refresh MX key fobs work with new car and is it possible to open fwd w/ phone app?

    My wifes android phone has the ability to open the doors including the FWD with her app. I have an android but mine does not show. Her app is a newer version than mine. This is a pic from my phone hers has icons beside the doors to open them, I'll try to post a pic from hers. App version 4.12...
  5. lynnpt2001

    Screen stays on while charging

    We have a 22 X Plaid, while the car is unlocked in the garage when charging the main screen is on, when you lock it goes off. Is this normal, I don't recall our 2018 MX staying lit while unlocked charging in the garage?
  6. lynnpt2001

    Slipstream MX Wheels Tires Tpms

    Reducing to $ 500
  7. lynnpt2001

    J1772 adapter new

  8. lynnpt2001

    Model x adjustable camber arms 2022

    Anyone know of adjustable camber arms for a 2022 X plaid? Trying to get a jump on waisting the rear tires already
  9. lynnpt2001

    Model S X storage drawer

    This was in our 2018 model x. Carbon fiber front. Fits under the main screen into the cubby area. $40.00 shipped in the lower 48. Can take pay pal or vendor. PM if interested. I installed a battery motion light as shown
  10. lynnpt2001

    J1772 adapter new

    Have this extra adapter $25.00 shipped in the lower 48. Can take pay pal or venmo....pm if interested
  11. lynnpt2001

    Slipstream MX Wheels Tires Tpms

    Used wheels. Few scratches as pictured. One rear tire needs replaced, has damage on the tread. Not interested in shipping. Located near hagerstown md. These are staggered from a 2018 MX. No bends or damag TPMS are. included $550.00 could meet to help with delivery
  12. lynnpt2001

    Sentry model recording at home when it is checked not to

    I checked every profile today. Deleted the home address in the Nav and added it again. Called Tesla support, they looked at the car remotely and had me reboot and power cycle. If I lock the car it will begin to record again. Same setup as our 2018 MX and my current M3. They did not record at...
  13. lynnpt2001

    Sentry model recording at home when it is checked not to

    I did the reboot, also deleted the home address and reset on the car. Still recording at home. Guess I'll call customer support see if they have any suggestions. Our 2018 always worked without issue
  14. lynnpt2001

    127k plaid

    Wanted to post this, I just bought a plaid from here. Great people to work with...
  15. lynnpt2001

    MX Plaid Drive Indicator questions

    Thanks I will schedule this for repair
  16. lynnpt2001

    Sentry model recording at home when it is checked not to

    I will give that a try....thanks
  17. lynnpt2001

    Sentry model recording at home when it is checked not to

    Picked up a MX plaid last weekend, it records sentry mode at home even when the box is checked not to? I have the home address correct and the home link works when approaching the house so it knows where we live, correct? Any suggestions?
  18. lynnpt2001

    MX Plaid Drive Indicator questions

    I have a new plaid mx, look at these photos, is this the way the drive indicators on the bottom of the tray, the other photo is what it shows when I touch the key pad? Is this correct?
  19. lynnpt2001

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    I did the sill and C pillar trim today. No more sounds....Happy. Still have a rattle somewhere in the seal belt adjuster on the passenger side. Next project?
  20. lynnpt2001

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    You are one of the lucky ones
  21. lynnpt2001

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    Have not resolved it yet. Thinking of pulling the plastic trim and felt taping it
  22. lynnpt2001

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    This is a known issue on all model x and s cars running on low setting alters the rear camber causing this to happen. If you raise the car you will cause damage to the front axles. I installed adjustable camber arms on the 2018 mx to correct the camber change this eliminates the inner tire wear...
  23. lynnpt2001

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    We drove (2) earlier built Model X 2022 yesterday, the first one was just like this. The second one had a little of this, a tink noise coming from the front of the car you could hear inside and a ticking/creaking from the right front suspension, car had 1K miles on it. Ended up buying a later...
  24. lynnpt2001

    Wanted OEM floor mats for 6 seat MX 2022

    Looking for a set of floor mats for the 6 Seater plaid
  25. lynnpt2001

    Model X Hitch Unit Used one time

    Used one time, 2 keys included. What is pictured is what you will receive. $ 175.00 shipped in the lower 48 stated. I can take paypal for payment. Ended up with an extra as we just picked up a new MX yesterday
  26. lynnpt2001

    2022 Model X default suspension setting

    I believe Tesla has programmed the software to run on low to help with the front axle destruction that occurs on MED to higher settings
  27. lynnpt2001

    Model X Plaid 32K Under Sticker

    Be very careful, many of these are advertised as plaids but are only long range. We recently almost got caught buying one that wasn't really a plaid when it was listed as one
  28. lynnpt2001

    Beware of Model X

    We have a 2018 X 75D with 91,000 miles to date. Driven mostly with care. Tows a 5000 lb boat on occasion. Still very quiet inside, hardly any creeks rattles, etc. Have yet to replace one suspension component or half shaft replacement. Maybe we got lucky. We worked out a deal today on a 2022 with...
  29. lynnpt2001

    How can I buy an interior piece on my M#

    Thanks that worked
  30. lynnpt2001

    How can I buy an interior piece on my M#

    Need to get an interior trim piece near the floor by the seat on the left rear of my model 3, mine is deformed. How can I get a part number and order one from Tesla? Model 3
  31. lynnpt2001

    Considering selling 2019 M3 LR AWD FSD and Performance Boost

    Thanks that is what I've been considering watching some recent activity...
  32. lynnpt2001

    Considering selling 2019 M3 LR AWD FSD and Performance Boost

    Trying to get some feedback on an asking price?
  33. lynnpt2001

    Considering selling 2019 M3 LR AWD FSD and Performance Boost

    Blue 2019 M3, LR, AWD, Perf Boost option, currently is in FSD Beta. Has about 59K miles on as I drive on the highway quite a bit. No damage other than a few paint nicks from normal driving. Has chrome delete kit installed. 18" aero wheels. Looking for some opinions on what is should sell for...
  34. lynnpt2001

    FSD M3 vs Enhanced AP Mx

    Drove the model 3 with fsd beta all highway to son's school yesterday and back. Then same trip today in the mx with enhanced ap. Night and day, wish I could move the ap system from the x to the 3, why I paid this much for a solution that just gets worse....I remember the day when tesla...
  35. lynnpt2001

    Electric Bicycles

    https://www.addmotor.com/collections/trike We have a bike from them
  36. lynnpt2001

    Electric Bicycles

    I recently bought 2 Ebikes, wife and I. have about 179 miles on them so far. Way better than biking, travel so much further in same amount of time, allows me to ride up hills I would not be able to otherwise. You can still get the exercise by setting the level of assist. You decide how much or...
  37. lynnpt2001

    A hell of a lot better than a cash back credit card

    It occurred today, every time I let off the accelerator, or go down hill and see the Green regen line on the meter I am getting FREE Gas/Energy. Cash Back while driving, what could be better than that.
  38. lynnpt2001

    Refreshed Model X Delivered Yesterday

    I have the FSD Beta on my M3, our 2018 MX is using AP2.5 the MX hands down is a better setup. Several updates on the M3 for FSD so far it literally sucks to the point I stopped using it. Everyone in the car including myself are tired of the constant phantom breaking. Same roads traveled same...
  39. lynnpt2001

    Model X Bansal Hitch, Tow Hook, Windshield Top Shade

    I will take the hitch, shipping to a business 21740 Also the hook and the UV Screen
  40. lynnpt2001

    Model X Goodie Grab Bag

    PM'd you
  41. lynnpt2001

    acceleration SHUDDER

    It will come back and out of warranty you are on your own....just beware
  42. lynnpt2001

    2019 Model 3 Performance Sleeper for sale

    If you are not in huge hurry hold out, the market is only going in your favor. The more inflation we see and supply issues, the buyers will be encouraged to pay more as well
  43. lynnpt2001

    M3 19 Inch Wheels and New Tires Not Stock with TPMS $ 1650.00

    I am not sure of the offset, I will take a look on the wheels and see if it is there. The pics below have pirelli tires, I didn't like them so I put the Michelins on. They appear to stick out ever so slightly more than the 18 stock wheels but did not compare them to stock 19s
  44. lynnpt2001

    M3 19 Inch Wheels and New Tires Not Stock with TPMS $ 1650.00

    Selling my ForgeStar Wheels, 19 inch, Gray brushed finish. With TPMS sensor Pre Blue Tooth. My car is a 2019 and they fit. They also will fit the M3 performance HUB. Tires have less than 2000 miles. I have one shown in the pics but all 4 are the same. No curb marks on any of them. There is NO...
  45. lynnpt2001

    Windows dropping at random when opening driver door any ideas?

    Yes mine does this only in cold weather, otherwise they do not....

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