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    Tesla Insurance

    The carrier will require you to list the garaging address, wherever the car is garaged is how the policy will be rated. In order to do what you are asking you would need a physical address to list on the policy. If you were successful in obtaining a policy the carrier would have grounds to...
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    Service and communication (out of main)

    Our Lexus dealer treats us the same , the go above and beyond when we bring our LX570 in for service. They apologize for not having LX570 loaners.. Yes its a big antiquated boat, but it will last forever and even when it hits 100k miles it will still be worth something. Enjoyed owning our...
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    Tampa Location on North Florida Avenue

    I was told by someone in the auto industry (no automaker affiliation) that the reason the Tampa location is not open is due to an ongoing dispute with the auto dealers association. Since Tesla does not have franchised dealers they cant open this location.. Makes sense, its been more or less...
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    Imagine how these situations will be in 6 months, once a poop ton of Model 3's are on the roads. Service centers are overwhelmed as it is and the process to become a Tesla body shop is expensive and time consuming. Ive always felt a cheap Tesla will be what brings the house down.. the lack of...
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    FS: Tesla HPWC High Power Wall Charger w/ Long cable

    FS: Tesla HPWC High Power Wall Charger w/ Long cable Purchased new in 2015, has the long cable. Great condition, used for one year. Comes with box and book, no shipping.. local pickup in Tampa Florida or within 30 miles. $250.00
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    New Deliveries - Anyone worried about Tent/Weld/Brake and Roll?

    Dont worry, all will be ok.. LOL. Of course you should be concerned, buying car built in tent in parking lot that has not been run through a standard safety test.
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    How reliable is your Model S?

    Water leak on day 2 of ownership, dash rattles (took a week to fix), water in tail lights, misaligned trim, grinding door handles. No mechanical issues, but lots of down time to fix all the above. Great customer service with the Tampa center... That said, these cars are rushed out of the plant...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Yes Yes, demand was so strong for the Model S and Model X it required massive discounts at the end of the 2017 to get rid of them... Last I checked and abundance of inventory does not mean high demand. Once again Tesla spin, do people really believe there is a high demand for Model S and...
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    FS: Tesla HPWC High Power Wall Charger w/ Long cable

    FS: Tesla HPWC High Power Wall Charger w/ Long cable Purchased new in 2015, has the long cable. Great condition, used for one year. Comes with box and book, no shipping.. local pickup in Tampa Florida or within 30 miles. $350.00
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    p100d tuning

    If you like thats all that matters, however keep in mind you just murdered your resale value. Weird colors, kits and wheels appeal to the 1% of buyers. Ive learned the hard way, its best to keep mods conservative or easily returned to stock.
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    Tesla Trade In Value Is Bizarre, What Is Our 2016 S P100D Worth?

    Telsa's are like the most expensive google phone ever made, with every update the old models are worthless Talk to people in the used car business, they run from Teslas.. there is no rhyme or reason to pricing... bottom line is used Teslas are tough to sell.. you will take a hit, no worse than...
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    Tesla Trade In Value Is Bizarre, What Is Our 2016 S P100D Worth?

    Its seems like the some Tesla owners feel their cars are immune from depreciation, at one point that may have been the case just like any other hot in demand car. Just like any highly optioned luxury car the "P" cars are going to take it in the shorts the first year or two. Part of the...
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    Tesla Trade In Value Is Bizarre, What Is Our 2016 S P100D Worth?

    Selling at 138 on ebay? Just because someone is asking 138k doesnt mean that they are getting it. Used P100D's are not flying off anyones lots, in fact I dont think any model s/x is unless its a sub 70k price.(for the 60/70/90/100s). From what I have seen a loaded up P85D will move at 70k...
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    Mint Standard Black Leather Tesla Leather seats 2015 Model S

    These are standard seats, not next gen.. they are like new!
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    TESLA Customer Service – Lack of Oversight?

    Mark LaPlant in Tampa should be overseeing the whole service division, he is the BEST!! He went above and beyond each time I took my car in for service.. my issues were corrected on time and Mark always kept me in the loop. Probably once if the nicest people I have ever encountered in my life...
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    This is why Teslas are totaled so easily

    I dont think the cost to fix is out of line.. problem with Tesla is the parts chain. You might be looking at a 4 -6 month repair time. This A6 was a 16k repair.. car was driveable.. expensive cars = expensive repair. Body shops have to pay for schooling to be able to fix Tesla's also...
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    Body shop repair >2 months no end it sight

    As always, the apologist come out and defend and excuse blatant incompetence. Priority? Shouldn't the customer who dropped 100k and is making payments have a little bit of priority? Response are always contact so and so, or email Joe Blow and he will take care of it... Why should it come...
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    Insuring a new Tesla $$$

    Try Amica, and Travelers..
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    Another Terrible CPO Experience

    Wow, that car is beat to heck.. Id just decline it altogether. Car was probably driven super hard and who knows what the prior owner did to it.
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    2014 P85D Jump Seat - 32k miles

    No, there was not a carfax blemish.. I talked to the seller. Yes, the 14 P85D is the same as a 15.. but in the minds of the auto world its a 2014... and its worth less than a 2015. Base MSRP for a 2014 S550 was 93k.. most were right at 100k . Vast majority of the P85Ds were 125-132 MSRP, so...
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    List of Elon Musk Autopilot Predictions

    Where I am from the term we use for people that "oversell" is.... full of sh*t. All the grand promises pump the stock up and create hype. Eventually overpromising and under delivering will catch up and all the warts will come to the surface. Tesla has accomplished some amazing things but...
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    Advice Needed: To sell or not? Leaving country for 14 months

    dump it, will take a huge ding when the 3 rolls out.
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    2014 P85D Jump Seat - 32k miles

    Not really, 2014 P85D with 13k miles just went for 70k on ebay.... P models depreciation is no better than a S class or 7 series. Auction prices are 69-72 for 14's P85Ds with 120-130 MSRP's , a 109k MSRP S class with 30 miles is 65-69 car... so the myth that Teslas dont depreciate like...
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    Window opens/closes slightly when door opens/closes.

    Its to relieve pressure so you dont have to slam your door.
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    Expected Depreciation on a new Model S

    An S with an MSRP of 85K will be worth 70 or less after year one, year two 50-58 then settle in the 40's at year 3. The big factor is the model 3, if it ever hits the pavement and its really cool then expect S prices to really take a hit. Tesla buyers are tech geeks, they want the latest and...
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    [Resolved] Frustrated Mad and Angry at Service right now

    If Tesla delivered new cars to the service centers that werent screwed up to begin with then the techs wouldnt be so overworked and rushed that the customers cars wouldnt get damaged or need to come back to fix the same problem. Overworked, poor communication, bad product = poor employee...
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    Devaluation of HW1?

    AP1 worked well for me, I have no experience with AP 2 to compare. Id wait till the 3 starts being built and then buy an S. Prices on the S will take another large hit once the 3 is on the streets.
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    Bought a Inventory Vehicle, it was driven prior to delivery and damaged in the process...HELP!

    Its possible your "inventory" Model S was a MALL car. When you see an inventory with a large discount with no or super low miles then its a Mall car. Those cars get beat to holy heck, kids climbing all over them and people leaning on them etc.. Hard to complain since you saving big money..
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    E-Pass users in Florida

    Im in Florida too, just register your tag with the transponder.. the system in plate based now. No need to worry about it registering.
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    Tesla Service Always Breaking Something

    Tesla buyers are all beta testers and the service centers are an extension of the factory. Shove the car out the door to hit the quarterly # to pump the stock up and worry about the rest later. Model 3 will be an absolute shitshow..
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    Looking to buy a 2016 90d s asap any color but white used and under 75000

    Shouldnt be a problem, the closer the 3 gets to being released the cheaper the S will get. Several under 75 have gone through and 2 under 70.. find someone with dealer license and pay attention to the upcoming auctions and you should be able to snag one. 2016 TESLA MODEL S AWD 4D SEDAN 90D...
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    Need advice on recurrent rotor problems with 2014 Model S

    Florida weather is hard on brakes but from NOV to now is our cool season so I doubt its a heat related issue and if thats the excuse you are being told that is BS.. However if you are left foot braking that can cause excessive heat and warp the rotors. My senior father has a tendency to do...
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    Red Brake Calipers wanted

    Have them painted.. total waste to buy new ones. A quality shop can do it and they will not chip unless you hit them with your rims. You can find the logos online that are exactly like the stock ones.
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    I Enjoy the Car, I Really Dislike Tesla the Car Company

    I agree with some of your points and the overall dislike of Tesla the car company. However I think your service dept issues may just be in your area. The Tampa team is great, they bust their butt to make the customers happy and the service manager is top notch, always on top of problems. I...
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    Model S P100D (2nd Build)****

    come on! you just spend $150k and you expect your car not to have touched up damage? Stop being picky, find the nearest sand pile and put your head in it. <all sarcasm> Your pillar damage is the same area as the the S with the split but on the opposite side. I wonder if the machine that...
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    Why you should not buy a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

    S class is by far the better long distance cruiser and fit and finish is 100 times better than Tesla. Where Mercedes, BMW, and Audi fail is tech.. Their tech is always gimmicky garbage that is usually slow buggy and not intuitve. I sprung for nightvision on my last Audi, total waste of money...
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    How to prevent chips on windshield

    I dont recommend Clearplex for a daily driver, it scratches easily and distorts vision at night... it is meant for track use. Telsa windshields are no worse than any other car.. Audi, BMW, Jeep, Porsche all chip easily from my experience. Being a more aware driver will help the most, when...
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    Fit and finish improvement from 2014 to 2016?

    Spot on, the quality and fit of the seals is comical. I constantly had to put the rubber seals that butt up to the headliner back in place and the ones at the bottoms of the rear doors too. Keep in mind that weight plays a major role in what was chosen for materials on the S, the heavier the...
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    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    Id imagine the car will be returned and parted out , I dont see how you can fix an A pillar in that condition other than replacing the whole roof. The car is a major lawsuit if someone got hurt or worse in an accident.
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    Fit and finish improvement from 2014 to 2016?

    I owned a 2015 Model S and was given 13 and 14 year S's as loaners when my car was in for service. Nothing stuck out to me on the older models to indicate dramatic improvements in fit and finish. All shared (including my own) noticeable wind noise at 65 MPH which baffles me. My friends with...
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    Low Xpel Ultimate quote

    Ask to see his work and check out his work area... a cheap clear bra install can be a nightmare. I went with the cheap guy on a M6 , fortunately I stayed to watch the install and was able to stop them just as they were about to cut the pieces on the car! I few weeks later I ran into a guy...
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    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    Great news! Tesla will make sure your new S is perfect.
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    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    If I recall, Elon was sleeping on the assembly line? I figured that was going to be the turning point for Tesla, QC would be the #1 priority and threads like this would be disappear. But that is not the case, if anything it has gotten worse which sucks.. I want to see Tesla succeed as much...
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    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    The apologists will come out and defend Tesla no matter what.. Paint problem? Your fault stop being picky! panel misaligned? you are picky! Split A pillar a serious safety defect? suck it up! put some some bondo on it and dont roll the car over and you will be fine. Tesla made 76,000 cars...
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    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    Wow, there is no QC at Tesla , all that matters is getting the car delivered and hitting a sales # so the stock goes up. What frightens me is what you CANT see.. if the people putting trim, panels and paint are doing such a poor job then how about the mechanicals, suspension etc... They are...
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    Tesla Service Always Breaking Something

    No matter what brand car I own I always tell the Service Adviser "NO WASH". 9 times out of ten damage/scratches happen from the detail crew. Those guys have a line of cars to clean and dont give a hoot about being careful. Make sure your car is super clean when you drop it off, makes it...
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    Mint Standard Black Leather Tesla Leather seats 2015 Model S

    FS: Mint Standard Black Leather Tesla Leather seats from my 2015 Model S I upgraded my seats to the Next Gens, no wear.. no scratches or bolster marks. $2200.. Located in Tampa Florida. Local Pickup, can meet in Orlando or Sarasota as well
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    Model S depreciation??

    Used prices were holding strong before 2015 but now with AP1, AP2 new nose and the M3 prices are plummeting are there are LOTS of used S's for sale. Once the 3 deliveries begin expect an even bigger hit, especially if the projected range is true. Tesla buyers are like Iphone customers, the...
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    ball joint failure on 2015 MS70D at 11K miles - Tesla won't cover

    You hit a pothole that blew a tire AND damaged the TPS sensor? UMM... Me thinks you cracked the ball joint and and it finally failed. Hitting a pothole with enough force to blow out the tire and damage a TPS sensor is going to cause additional damage. Yes there are stories and pics of...

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