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  1. K

    Need a PPF installer in MN - let me know!

    Yes I’m sure he is! david gilbertson 651-252-9233 mine car is holding up great as is the SUV he did for me ~3+ years ago. let me know if you have any questions.
  2. K

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package: Milwaukee

    Thanks for meeting me today! Great seller, very accommodating!
  3. K

    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    Looks like you have someone wanting the hitch, lighting kit and underbody tray all separately :) Let's make a deal!
  4. K

    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    mtndrew1 - sent you a couple PM’s.
  5. K

    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    Willing to ship? If so maybe we can make a deal. I would only want the hitch. No panel nor the light kit.
  6. K

    Model 3 Trailer Hitch Wiring Plug?

    That looks super slick, but $400... yikes!
  7. K

    WTB - stealth hitch for model 3

    Let me know if you are selling and what you want for it. Thanks!
  8. K

    Aftermarket Hitch Installation for Model 3

    Thanks for sharing this... that math might just work. I have a very similar trailer but no front and slate sides and gate. Haul a small MX bike and no solid front likely mean limited drag. Do you recall the cost of your stealth hitch?
  9. K

    Aftermarket Hitch Installation for Model 3

    Love this data! Anyone else have similar data? I’m debating installing a hitch on my 3 to haul my MX bike. Total load would be ~500 lbs. but the kicker is my round trip would be 164 miles. So feels like it would be cutting it pretty close! I’ve also yet to see anything close to 260 w/mi!
  10. K

    New house, new 14-50

    Congrats, glad you got it done! You are right getting the outlet back in the box with the beefy wires can be a little rough. Outside this 240 vs 120 is just one more wire- no big deal!
  11. K

    Stealth Model 3 still wanted?

    You car on order WILL have track mode...
  12. K

    New house, new 14-50

    Do you know how to use an Allen wrench and shut off a breaker/ your main panel? If so you are golden! Honestly the hardest part of this whole install is fishing the wire. The rest is super easy assuming you know what wire goes to what terminal. It’s no different than a 120v circuit, just...
  13. K

    New to Tesla/EVs - Home charging install options

    This statement is only accurate for HPWC. For the 14-50 a 50 amp breaker is correct size.
  14. K

    New to Tesla/EVs - Home charging install options

    This... Put in 2 14-50 outlets, each with 50amp breaker (this is the correct size for 14-50). If you want to install wall connector later (not sure why you’d need to...) you can do it easily it’s just reconnecting wires. Maybe 15 min per plug to convert to HPWC. Have some rough idea on the...
  15. K

    NEMA 14-30 VS NEMA 14-50 charging speed for Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    If you have the wiring to support it why wouldn’t you do 14-50? Swapping out a 14-30 to 14-50 is maybe 10 min work, again assuming you have the proper wiring. If you have a 14-30 today it will work, but as mentioned above it will charge slower which only you can decide if that matters to you.
  16. K

    anyone here prefer gen 2 wall charger over gen 3 wall charger?

    If you don’t want it sell it for a profit. They seem to be going for $800+ on eBay and anyone on here would likely pay $600+ for it. Take the profit and get yourself a lower cost gen 3. With the tax incentive (30% for any at home charging install) and profit from the gen 2 it will almost be...
  17. K

    Coating/Sealant Advice

    Everything you need to know and more.... https://budgetplan1.wordpress.com/glass-quartz-ceramic-coatings/ I chose Kamikaze ISM as I needed to coat PPF and paint.
  18. K

    Does anyone from MN have a recommended company for ceramic coating and window tint installation?

    No experience but these guys, specifically Triet Nguyen get recommended regularly. Car Detailing Minneapolis | Tint Pros | Ceramic Pro Minneapolis Don’t pay for ceramic, you can totally do it yourself. Not worth the cost, DIY and save the $$$. Don’t believe the warranties they tell you...
  19. K

    Front door speaker grill removal???

    Good to know!! Was going to give it a pull and see what happens but this tells me I would have gotten it and it would now be broken :( Maybe will take in for service at some point. Just figured if it was easy to pull off I would try it myself.
  20. K

    Front door speaker grill removal???

    Sorry, didn't put that in the post, should have. It's for a 2020 stealth Model 3.
  21. K

    Front door speaker grill removal???

    Thanks, but this is a model S. They seem to be different as you can’t buy just a speaker grill for the 3 like you can for the S. At least not that I could determine through various searches. Hence my question of how to do it or if it can be done?
  22. K

    Front door speaker grill removal???

    Can the grill for the speaker in the front door be removed? I have a rattle I’m trying to track down and feel like it’s from the grill. Have found video for door panel removal but nothing on the speaker grill. Thanks!
  23. K

    Anyone upgrading to a Y?

    Upgrade? Depends how you define upgrade. More size yes, more performance no. “I” would not call it an upgrade....love my 3 and no desire for a Y even as a family of 4. Had a Honda Accord before the 3 and when my kids were babies, never, ever did I want an SUV. I know I’m in the minority of...
  24. K

    Stealth Performance Now Available!

    Don’t know haven’t ever had it set to show miles. Will look next time I charge it.
  25. K

    Stealth Performance Now Available!

    Yes sir! I have a 2020 stealth with track model. Picked it up in November 2019. Super happy I didn’t wait like I was planning to :)
  26. K

    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Do you have a discount code if purchased straight from your website? Would rather buy from your website than through amazon to save us all some $$$.
  27. K

    mount to ONLY hold end of home charger?

    Well I'll be.... Wish I would have known about this when I was piecing together a solution for my setup at home.... looks MUCH better than 70% of the 3D printed stuff on the market.
  28. K

    Which should I buy: an older Stealth with 18's or an AWD with 19's and better color?

    Unless the ‘18 or ‘19 car is discounted significantly I would be getting a ‘20 stealth. I’d even go so far to forgo the tax rebate to get a ‘20 stealth. For the naysayers that say model year doesn’t matter... not true come sales time. Also ‘20 has had hardware updates from ‘18. Get what you...
  29. K

    Is Tesla doing any end of Q4 discounts?

    No.... they just raised the price $500. Doubt they are going to offer incentives given orders are through the roof. Tesla increases price of Model 3 as federal tax credit ends - Electrek
  30. K

    Washing Car w/Ceramic Coating

    This is the guy who’s website I posted earlier - he has probably spent more on coatings than some professional detailers!!! Welcome to the forum!
  31. K

    Washing Car w/Ceramic Coating

    Here’s a video about washing a car with ceramic coating.
  32. K

    Rematch vs Lamborghini Huracan

    Awesome race! You took him at the line, again :) Crazy to see the speed gain once the Lambo gets going. 1/4 mile - you had him smoked!
  33. K

    Washing Car w/Ceramic Coating

    Check out esoteric.com and Kamikaze coatings. Just did an ISM cost on my model 3 this weekend and it was super easy. Here’s a primer by a average Joe who has spent way much on coatings. https://budgetplan1.wordpress.com/glass-quartz-ceramic-coatings/#MYBEST
  34. K

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Use copper if you can. Sheathing is easy to cut. Just run blade down the length, parallel to wires and then peel it off.
  35. K

    Am I being too picky?

    I’m as anal as they come - those areas aren’t ideal but inline with what you should expect. The only one that is even worth questioning/ bringing up to the SC is the one on the corner of the door near the weatherstrip. That shouldn’t be there. The rest - don’t sweat it. Drive the car more...
  36. K

    Tesla not producing any more Performance models for duration of the year?

    Highly doubtful there will be any price drop come Q1 2020. They just raised price in October. Past pricing action doesn’t suggest they will do it again. Orders are through the roof, hence all the complaining on delayed delivers. Why drop the price if people are lining up to buy? Tesla has Qtr...
  37. K

    Don't buy from taptes

    How did you pay? If by CC you can file a charge dispute and you will get your $$$ back. As others have said it can take a while. Especially with it being the holiday shipping season. I would sit tight a another couple weeks and if nothing file a dispute, you will get your $$$ back.
  38. K

    Do you have paint protection (PPF or ceramic coating) on your new M3?

    Pay for PPF. DIY the ceramic coating. if you get the right ceramic it’s not any harder to do than a wax job. The ‘catch’ if there is one is that a DIY ceramic job may only last a year or 2 vs a $1k+ pro job might last 3 years. I’m good with $100 for DIY and a year or 2 vs $1k. I know I...
  39. K

    Aeros with Tires For Sale - New, only 35 miles

    Sent you a PM last week. Let me know shipping cost.
  40. K

    How to safely lubricate a NEMA 14-50 outlet

    Unless you get a plug designed for it like a Hubble or Bryant. $10 plug from HD - correct not designed for lots of plug and unplug cycles.
  41. K

    How much for your tires and wheels shipped to 55391? Thanks! Kevin

    How much for your tires and wheels shipped to 55391? Thanks! Kevin
  42. K

    Model 3 mud guards

    Any discount codes for the rally pro guards? I also don’t like the logo but figured you could just swap left and right sides.
  43. K

    Bought a P3D- for many reasons - environmental consideration wasn't one of them

    Agree with all your point and exactly why I bought a stealth! I don’t not care about the environment but my list looked just like your list and is what I tell people when they say ‘I didn’t think YOU were a Tesla person’ :)
  44. K

    I raced a Huracan and people can't believe the result.

    The OP won the race AND proved that a 3P can and did beat a Hurracan (with a slow off the line driver).
  45. K

    Track mode = donut mode in the snow!

    Good call! I wasn’t full into it, just enough to get it to fish tail.
  46. K

    I raced a Huracan and people can't believe the result.

    Races like this are great at illustrating the finesse reached to properly launch a high powered ICE. Tesla = go without drama. Great race and congrats on the win! A win is a win regardless of if the other driver was asleep at the launch. Minor suggestion - edit your video start time to...
  47. K

    Track mode = donut mode in the snow!

    Didn’t think I would use track mode but SA told me to give it a try in the snow as it shuts off all of the traction control/ keep car in line sensor. Super fun doing some donuts/ drifting in the snow! Only did a few figure 8’s as doing during the daylight is recipe for attention :)
  48. K

    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Very nice review! Makes me not question my choice to save $100 anymore :)
  49. K

    Stealth Hitch

    With just the hitch installed the range should not be impacted at all. Rounding error if at all! Your driving behavior and/or wind will have way more impact. I’m looking to install one of these as well. I just can’t get myself over how or if Tesla would put up any stink on warranty. I’m...
  50. K

    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    I agree! These will fit the job quite nicely and no logo is better for me.

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