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  1. tangent

    Water Leak into Trunk

    After a few rainy days, I started noticing water build up in my MX trunk, it is hardly noticeable because the build up is in the compartment in the trunk area that's usually covered. I sent it to Sterling, VA service center, and they were not able to fix the issue after 2 days. I wonder if...
  2. tangent

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Well, give another brand a try, and let us know if you miss the Model X, or the grass is truly greener the other side.
  3. tangent

    Receiving FM radio with HW 3.0 in Drive-in Theatre

    We went there twice with our kids the past couple of weeks, they have a blast! I also have fun watching Audi, Mercedes and Landrover owners struggling to turn off their cars' headlights and interior lights. Camp mode is a great idea, I am going to give that a try next time! In case you are in...
  4. tangent

    Receiving FM radio with HW 3.0 in Drive-in Theatre

    Thanks! I was under the impression the new HW3 would eliminate FM/AM analog radios, as those got their MCU upgraded to the latest HW have reported the analog FM was lost but HD radio still works.
  5. tangent

    Receiving FM radio with HW 3.0 in Drive-in Theatre

    We will soon look into a new Tesla, but just realize HW 3.0 may not come with the good old FM radio anymore. It is probably not needed most of the time, except when we go to our beloved Drive-in Theatre where sound is broadcast in FM. We would love to use Tesla's own audio, but wondering if...
  6. tangent

    FM radio for HW 3.0 (Drive-in Theatre)

    We will soon look into a new Model X, but just realize HW 3.0 may not come with the good old FM radio anymore. It is probably not needed most of the time, except when we go to our beloved Drive-in Theatre where sound is broadcast in FM. We would love to use Tesla's own audio, but wondering if...
  7. tangent

    Wall Connector install with Dryer Buddy using 30 dryer outlet

    I just checked Neocharge, they are still at "preorder" phase. That's been almost a year, it smells like vaporware.
  8. tangent


    Just curious, how did you capture such a nice screenshot without stripes?
  9. tangent

    Cybrtrk RN #

    Cybertruck room is here, but hidden in TMC. You can find it through clicking on the "Community" link.
  10. tangent

    Cybrtrk RN #

    Mine were placed immediate after the website announcement, got a few errors and ended up putting in 3 orders. The earliest one happens to be 112757xxx, it is going to take a painfully long 3-yr wait, but that gives me some time to pay off my MX.
  11. tangent

    Who is getting a Tesla Cybertruck

    It's a no brainer
  12. tangent

    Thinking of buying a used performance Model S, and have some questions

    I see reports that 2012/2013 drive unit needs frequent replacements. Do 2014 models have better DUs?
  13. tangent

    Thinking of buying a used performance Model S, and have some questions

    Hi, I am currently a happy Model X owner, and am thinking of getting a used Model S too, but the ideal price point would be around $35k for a performance model. That basically means I would probably look into model year around 2013 / 2014 with 60k+ miles. Without knowing the quality and...
  14. tangent

    Buying advice (2016 Tesla Model X 60D)

    I am not too sure X60D's range, and how you would use it. We love our Model X, and I almost wouldn't drive any other cars including Model S. So I wonder if it would be worth to get an X60D with shorter range in the big state of Texas, not to mention its hardware is not capable for full...
  15. tangent

    Buying advice (2016 Tesla Model X 60D)

    FWD = Falcon Wing Door p.s. ASS = Acronyms Seriously Suck
  16. tangent

    MX sluggish display compared to M3?

    MCU 1's web browser is so slow that typing in Google.com search box would take a few seconds to advance one character, in someway the browser is almost at an unusable state.
  17. tangent

    Help!!! P90D with ludicrous and ludicrous plus

    Double check the mileage setting and see if it is set at "ideal range". Ideal range shows much higher number than the advertised 250-ish range for P90D.
  18. tangent

    5 seat mx 75 or audi e tron

    Electric car's range is the most crucial and most practical factor, no matter how big the battery is, chances you run into range anxiety would happen, more so when you have a car with shorter range and smaller charging network. If you download PlugShare, and limit the plugs to CCS, you can get...
  19. tangent

    String of issues with 7 months old Model X

    I didn't get my X new, so I didn't have any of the fresh-off-the-production-line issues. I am happy to say 20,000+ miles of ownership the car has been problem free. Center screen black out is similar to smartphone hangup, a simple reset should do the trick. I have done it a few times even...
  20. tangent

    Supercharger - Fairfax, VA

    Hmm, I can still see it on Tesla's website
  21. tangent

    Latest update on 2016 X 90D?

    I am on an odd-ball release 2019.8.2
  22. tangent

    My experience from AP2.5 to AP 1.0

    Good point. Wish my Model X were AP2.
  23. tangent

    19.8.3 Received

    I got 2019.8.2 (not 8.3) here. Only Dog Mode appears to be in the release note.
  24. tangent

    Tesla X Problems after 135000 km

    I would be more afraid of the issues with a Mercedes of this number of kms/miles. I had a Mercedes before, and paid more than 2x what you paid to fix, key drum, retractable roof, check engine light (almost an annual problem), etc.
  25. tangent

    Is the Y/3 similarity a problem, or irrelevant?

    iPad and iPhone are different in sizes, but they don't stop people from buying both. I don't see one would cannibalize sales of the other like Wall Street would predict. They are just different form factors for different usages.
  26. tangent

    Would you recommend Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier for MX?

    Very nice and tight. The Pro Series I have extend a bit too far that backing in with the red pillar right by the super charger would be impossible.
  27. tangent

    Would you recommend Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier for MX?

    The Pro Series 65153 I got weighs about 60 lbs. I am a short and athletically challenged, so installing it took a little bit of deep breath and wiggling, but I wouldn't say it would be hard given I could get it done under two minutes. The item feels sturdy and it does not sway. I have gone on...
  28. tangent

    Elon! Please send Sentry mode

    This is just sad to see such targeted attacks. I bet those are thugs more or less related to TSLAQ or dirty oil camps. Hang in there, they would be history soon.
  29. tangent

    Do I have rain sensing wipers??

    I have AP1 and the auto wiper works great for me here! I don't think you would need anything special other than turning on the setting, and also adjust the wiper dial to 3rd marking I believe.
  30. tangent

    Supercharger - Haymarket, VA

    It was Saturday evening (Dec. 29). When I got there was just one Model S, but 20 minutes later it got crowded. I check the stations' capacity on my Tesla app every now and then, it was barely busy at the moment. It is a great addition and probably the first along I-66.
  31. tangent

    Would you recommend Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier for MX?

    So I went with Pro Series 65153 carrier. We wanted to see how much we would rely on the carrier before we go more pricy sophisticated solution such as Stowaway. The carrier is very easy to install, and it does not block the rare gate either. Supercharging was rather easy, we were able to back...
  32. tangent

    Supercharger - Haymarket, VA

    Lots of S3X actions already going on at Haymarket!
  33. tangent

    Charging Near Massanutten, VA

    Hi, I am looking around Massanutten and notice the nearest Superchargers are miles away. I am thinking of bringing my kids (and in-laws ...) there for two days, and would try to avoid any range anxiety. I see a few Level 2 stations near the resort but not sure how occupied they are, and a few...
  34. tangent

    Supercharger - Tannersville, PA

    That's some good thoughts. I cannot quite remember how many miles I drove right before I plugged in, but I would suspect somewhere between 12 to 20 miles.
  35. tangent

    Supercharger - Tannersville, PA

    I have tried with 27% SoC as well as 50% SoC, and temperature was around 29F at Tannersville. When I supercharged at Harrisonburg, my battery was at 31%, and the temperature was 30F.
  36. tangent

    Supercharger - Tannersville, PA

    I was in Tannersville during Christmas, and the Airbnb host didn't provide any way for me to charge the car, so the only way to feed the car would be using the Super Charger. While all stalls at Tannersville work, I notice the charge started at 24 ~ 28kw no matter what the SoC is, and it took...
  37. tangent

    Would you recommend Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier for MX?

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I just purchased a used Pro Series Hitch-mount Cargo carrier from Craigslist. I love the X-Lite, but we are not sure how often we need the carrier yet. I tried it out at super chargers (not the urban charger) and had no issue getting in the spot. We have a...
  38. tangent

    Supercharging Nightmare Begins

    I guess the new M3 owners just wanted to try out superchargers like new toys. Remember when Apple first launched Apple Pay, McD saw a huge sales surge because ppl would try out the new payment system there. Things would get better!
  39. tangent

    Would you recommend Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier for MX?

    The colors of Stowaway Max box match pretty well with your black 100D!
  40. tangent

    Would you recommend Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier for MX?

    Hi, we are going on a ski trip (and snowboards too) with our Model X, and I have been thinking of a hitch mount carrier to carry the cargos and sports equipment. I have a few questions here: 1. When using the super charger, would the carrier be too big to prevent the car from getting close...
  41. tangent

    Have you ever seen this strange warning icon?

    I think it just means the charge is still plugged in, and whisper "don't embarrass your fellow Tesla drivers like that Bimmer"
  42. tangent

    IRO Dashcam for Tesla Model X AP1?

    I came across IRO Dashcam lately, but I cannot seem to find any production description saying whether it would work with Model X AP1 or not, anyone here happens to have any luck with it? Thanks!
  43. tangent

    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    My car is Model X (not S) AP1, I wonder if any of the IRO cam would work with mine.
  44. tangent

    Christmas Decoration of Model X

    and please share some pictures!
  45. tangent

    Christmas Decoration of Model X

    Oh the exciting season is coming, what's your plan of decorating your Model X? Please share some inspirations, and eye candies. :)
  46. tangent

    Frequent Tire Punctures (4 in 7 months) Killing My Love For My Model X- Avg Every six weeks

    I have put on 20,000 miles on my Model and had no such experience. A few years back when I had the first-year-model of Chevy Volt, it had tire punctures just as frequently as your Model X, but driving other cars of mine didn't seem to have such bad luck, so I can understand your frustration.
  47. tangent

    Model X Road Noise

    Not fun, the quick for now probably would be a noise cancelling headset. :D
  48. tangent

    USA S/W 42.2 19e7e44 but no NoA

    NoA is available for AP2 and beyond. Sadly mine is AP1, so I am SoL with that feature.
  49. tangent

    Model X P90D Raffle Feedback

    What is the cause of the charity? Please keep me posted!
  50. tangent

    Phantom iPhone music play with Firmware 9 (2018.39)

    I cannot seem to find the option to turn of Carplay.

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