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    Silver Aero wheels (not the covers)... anyone done this?

    See this thread Plasti Dip Aero Rims?
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    Model 3 AWD 2019.32 vs 2019.36 Peak power up 7.5%, Peak torque up 1%, 0-60 mph down 0.1s

    Yes, this thread is for AWD as indicated in the title. Got to give props to Tesla for keep releasing free enhancements to keep their existing customers happy.
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    Is a glass screen protector really necessary?

    I got one after reading this thread Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time Plus the matte glass screen protector helps with sun glare and hides finger print pretty well.
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    Model 3 AWD 2019.32 vs 2019.36 Peak power up 7.5%, Peak torque up 1%, 0-60 mph down 0.1s

    Another interesting point from Wugz's post is that the AWD power has increase from 381hp in 2019.5.4, to 412hp in 2019.8.3, to 447hp in 2019.36.2. Who doesn't like free performance upgrades after you buy the car!
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    Model 3 AWD 2019.32 vs 2019.36 Peak power up 7.5%, Peak torque up 1%, 0-60 mph down 0.1s

    This is a direct copy and paste from Reddit user Wugz's post Model 3 AWD tested from 0-160 km/h - Peak power up 7.5%, Peak torque up 1%, 0-60 mph down 0.1s : teslamotors I sampled hi-res data from the CAN bus while flooring my Model 3 AWD from 0 km/h to 160 km/h on 2019.32.12.2 and...
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    Loud squeaking noise - front right

    There are many threads on this, if you do a search on "creaking" you will find them.
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    Ridiculous battery drain, this can't be right?

    Sentry mode uses about 1 mile of range per hour, it could be higher depending how much activity is setting it off. Your driving habit and environmental condition can affect your range greatly as well, so need more information to see what's the cause here. Were you flooring the car a lot, what...
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    Only the 120V adapter comes with a brand new car??

    They used to include the NEMA 14-50 adapter with the car but they stopped including it several months ago. To make your car autolock as you walk away, you should ensure walk away lock is enabled in your car's settings, see the user manual for more info.
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    Model 3 Areo Wheels

    Check the marketplace forum on this site, there are many listings.
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    RFID hack wristband

    People had converted the RFID internals of the keycard into things like fobs and rings. This thread has some info Trimming down the Card Key?
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    Sunsreen on model 3 seats: aerospace 303?

    For sunscreen marks, I used Clorox wipe to wipe it off, then use a damp microfiber towel to wipe over that, then wipe dry with a dry microfiber towel.
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    Clean Air Vehicle Program vs Clean Fuel Rebate

    See this page, scroll down to question #6 Clean Air Vehicle Decals - High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Usage
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    Is this tint price reasonable?

    Concours Auto Spa has a group buy here for $580 all around SunTek CIR.
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    Paint protection films

    There are many threads on this topic, if you do a search on "PPF" on the interior/exterior forum you will find them. IMO, PPF is worth it, it will save the front of the car from many small rock chips.
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    Chargers not included with new M3 Orders?

    The NEMA 14-50 adapter is not included anymore, but the mobile charger should still be included.
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    Would an OEM wheel be exactly the same as that ordered through Tesla?

    Have you checked the Marketplace section on this site? Some people are selling their 20" stock wheels, maybe you can pick one up for cheap.
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    Display on phone app Reads “In Service”

    The service center usually put your car in service mode when it's in service and your phone will show "In Service" on the Tesla app. If your car is not in the service center and showing "in service" on your app, you should be able to call your service center and they can reset the status to...
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    Has anyone DIY'd a PPF installation?

    See this thread Cheap DIY Paint Protection Film Project
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    Wheels and curb rash - Any new ideas?

    The 18's are really easy to DIY fix. Do a search on "curb rash" on this forum and you will find lots of useful tips on this topic.
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    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Sorry that happened to your new car. That location is at tustin market place, not an area that you would expect a break in to happen in broad day light. You can get it fixed at SC for sure, you can find the price on quite a few posts here.
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    Cheap DIY Paint Protection Film Project

    That's a half hood half fender kit. If you could go for full hood full fender, you dont want the half line showing up after a while with dirt. There are definitly shops that would use your kit but most would not, you would have call around.
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    Trunk weather seal gap

    I saw the tech did it, it's simply pull it up and reseat it so the rubber flap is seating right, took 5 minutes.
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    How to request for updated trunk seal?

    Most likely your trunk seal was installed wrong with the rubber flap tucked under the bumper cover. You can ask the SC to pull it up and reseat it right, or you could do it yourself. It's has some gooey glue inside when you pull it up.
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    M3 AWD LR Non P Vbox run(S)

    Do you like Vbox or Dragy better?
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    Options for customized headlights

    RevoZport Unplugged Performance
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    Screen clean mode with protective glass?

    No issue here with the AO one. You should not have to press hard on the screen since it's a capacitive and not a resistive touch screen.
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    Cheap DIY Paint Protection Film Project

    I Depending on brand, a precut full front kit cost about 600-700; if you buy bulk film and cut it yourself it's much cheaper. A full front wrap from a shop depending on the shop cost anywhere from 1000 plus to 2000 plus. If you don't have the experience, the install can be tricky.
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    Had a SR+ for 7 days, returned it!

    Some people have experienced it, such as this thread Poll: Frequent black screen at startup? Hope your next one will be trouble free.
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    Bird Bombs and Black Paint

    The clear coat got etched, a detailer should be able to polish it out.
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    cheap acoustic foam sunroof (insulation) project

    Have you considered the Tesla glass roof sunshade or a darker tint? The sunshade is $75 and tint runs about $100.
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    Now that I have new wheels, What do I do with my Aeros?

    Sell them on the marketplace forum.
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    SoCal front bumper paint protection film

    See this thread Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa
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    Options for customized headlights

    There are some colored films you can apply to the lights to make them look smoked out or in a different color when the light is not on. There are a few front body kit that could make the front look more aggressive.
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    Model 3 Frunk Daily Users: Dent Issue?

    I don't use it everyday but do use it when I take out food. I use the two hands methods and haven't encountered any issue.
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    Trimming down the Card Key?

    People had done some pretty creative things modding the key card. They dissolve the plastic and keep the antenna and RFID chip intact and repackage it into different things like a key fob If you want to try it, see this thread model 3 rfid chip put into homemade "fob"- success!
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    SR charging kit

    See this thread: NEMA 14-50 adapter no longer included with vehicles You can buy the adapter on Tesla's website if they don't include it.
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    Best Ceramic Coating ?

    I used Gyeon Syncro kit. There are some helpful DIY info on this thread Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating
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    Tesla Model 3 phone connector cover can't fully close

    I experienced this on a coworker's new car. Check the usb cables are tucked in. It's harder to slide close than my car but it will close if you put more force into it.
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    Already a nasty stone chip. Ugh.

    Sorry to hear, is that on the hood? Have you considered PPF, it could have possibly prevented that paint damage.
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    Wheel repair?

    Curb rash is pretty easy to DIY fix on the aero wheels, do a search on "curb rash" on the forum and you will find lots of helpful threads on this topic.
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    Plasti Dip Aero Rims?

    There was a person who painted his aero wheel silver, I couldn't find the thread. Here's the next best approximation since the prototype aero wheels were silver Has anyone painted their 18" rims?
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    Plasti Dip Aero Rims?

    See this thread Silver Plasti Dipped Aeros project on Silver Model 3
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    Paint Damage - What would do this to a car?

    It might be something acidic that has etch the paint. If the damage is not too deep and only on the clear coat you should be able polish it out, check with a detailer.
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    What is best for the battery?

    From a Reddit thread on AWD power: Between 80-90% SOC the Model 3 AWD makes a peak power of 314 kW (421 hp). The values above 90% SOC might be slightly higher, but as it's not yet warm enough outside I wasn't able to test in that range with an ideal battery temperature. At 70% SOC the peak...
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    Does this white seal look normal ?

    It's like that on all the M3 that I have seen.
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    Curb rash repair

    If you do a search on "curb rash" on the interior/exterior forum you can find lots of info on this.
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    Model 3 - The Amazing, the not-so-amazing and the ugly!

    For wireless charging, you could go with a 3rd party charger such as Taptes for $50 or more expensive ones from Jeda or Nomad. For hands on steering wheel during AP, just gripping the wheel is not enough, the car has to feel there's weight/resistance on the wheel. Some people found resting...
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    San Fernando valley, Glendale California. Where to see all color model 3

    You can probably see all the colors at your local super charger location or service center.
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    Vendor Is your Tesla’s paint protected? If so, how?

    I got SunTek Ultra PPF full front and Gyeon Syncro the full car, very happy with the results so far. I would have PPF the whole car if it didn't cost so much.
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    Sales Calls in the Model 3, Gas Verses Electric

    You could have gotten the regular AP last month for $2K, TACC and Auto-steer would be worth it if you drive so much. You can still get it now for $3K.

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