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    I Found and “Fixed” Another Noise/Vibration Point

    I’d had two separate vibe issues coming from this area, one that resonated with a tone generator around 70-80hz and another that I couldn’t produce with the app. This fixed both! I’d tried less “aggressive” versions of the same but ultimately gave this a shot with a spare microfiber towel...
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    I really like the Tesla brander all-weather mats.
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    Phone key issues - anyone just throw in the towel and use card or buy fob?

    Happens to me occasionally. Turning Bluetooth off and then back on usually helps.
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    Model 3 Mud Flaps and glove box organizer

    How do you like that organizer? I've almost bought one. Good fit? Possible rattles? That is, is it a felted/rubberized or hard/smooth surface?
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    Audio Volume Blares when coming off mute

    In this case, it appears to be the same volume setting, but certainly frequencies are "over-amplified" initially. After a second or two, they resume normal levels.
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    Audio Volume Blares when coming off mute

    Has anyone noticed that when the audio is muted and you unmute via scrolling or depressing the left steering wheel button, the volume is suddenly much louder, especially for bass frequencies (or just the sub?). This seems to me a possible effect of the amplifier turning back on and I think is...
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    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    Same. Mine have proven either far too sensitive (high speed for drizzle), or not sensitive enough (nothing during standard rain).
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    Has Spotify Improved?

    I was getting spotty service at first, but have found it to be a lot better in the past week or so.
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    Model 3 mud guards

    Same here. Now that I've installed them...
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    Model 3 mud guards

    Wow...didn't notice that on mine, but now I'm concerned. I had washed and sealed the area behind them just prior. I haven't installed PPF before and was a little hesitant to go that route.
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    Model 3 mud guards

    Has anyone removed these after they've been on for a while and seen whether there's any issue with them rubbing against the paint while driving? Mine (Basenor) are pretty tightly fitted, and they can move slightly under certain loads but it's hard to guess how much they'd move while driving...
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    Western WA model 3 window tint? Seattle, Bellevue, etc.

    I’ve used Metropolitan Detail in the past and the owner, John, is great to work with. I’ve heard good things about Accutint but haven’t used them. They have multiple locations. I’m holding off on tint at the moment but will do it eventually.
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    Please explain the Lumbar Support switch to me!

    Same. It's not explained in the manual...
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    Squealing brakes when backing up (winter)

    Thanks...will try that. Same issue here.
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    Would Tesla schedule service without me requesting it?

    When I’ve made an appt I’ve gotten both. Text and email notification. HW3?
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Got the Tesla mats after seeing the Maxs in person. I’m happy with them!
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    New Model 3 Loose Door Seal

    I hav had the same issue on all four in the two weeks I’ve had mine. I pushed it back on but I’m guessing it’ll fail again.
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    Ceramic coating

    Wow that’s pretty cheap! What price have others here paid? I’ve seen $700-$1500 or so.
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    Black or white model 3?

    I originally decided on black and then went with white for durability, maintainability, lower cost, and that I ended up thinking that the white was better looking. The black tends to disguise some of the design elements of the car. And the pearl effect adds depth.
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    SR+ vs Dual / premium interior vs Partial

    This is clearly the other really important "feature". There are lists of the exact differences in other threads, but one other one is (more) interior ambient lighting.
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    Long Range, RWD

    There have been a few that have popped up in inventory in the past few months but they haven’t actually been available to order for months. I just took delivery of one of these but it was built in April. I think there was also some mention of an attempt to fill dormant orders last month, but...
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Yep...totally agree. I just keep hoping someone will have done that comparison. Oh well, the maxs it is I think..
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    heater noise - sounds like metal crinkling / popcorn maker - is this normal?

    Yeah, that's the exact sound I have. It lasts about 5-10 seconds. Must be heating coils, right?
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Anyone? I won’t bug again...
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    What kind of windshield washer fluid does Model 3 Use?

    Not that it's worth everyone's time, but I just make my own out of alcohol, water, and Dr. Bronners. Recipes online. Works super well and seems gentle enough on finishes. Disclaimer: have not tried this yet in the Model 3 system...
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    On the fence...reasons to return (?)

    I'm in the 7d period on a new white ext/black int/aero LR RWD (4/19 build) purchased at the default prices. This is after a string of false starts on various VINs. Having driven it for a few days,this one seems mostly sound, though there are a few things giving me pause. I have no idea how...
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    Noise under dash when waking up from sleep

    My guess is we're all talking about two distinct/different sounds. The one I referenced is a little lower-key. I'll try to grab a sample.
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    Noise under dash when waking up from sleep

    Hmm. Mine doesn't sound quite like that but when the heat is starting up, i've heard what I've thought must be the coils warming from cold. Granted, mine is new to me and has always been that way (all 4 days).
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    To talk to myself a bit...:) I feel like I've heard lots about the MAXpiders (all positive), but nothing comparing the two.
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    Rear camera issue

    Interesting - looks like it could be a loose connection...kind of like when a monitor cable isn't fully seated.
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    2020 model year Model 3 discussion

    Just curious...why are folks hesitant to post VINs? I must be totally ignorant on something Important here...
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Has anyone here compared them to the 3D MAXpider firsthand? Fit and finish?
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Also curious here.
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    For anyone who thinks ceramic coating isn't worth it

    Did you do it yourself? It seems really appealing but I don't quite have the gear and am not sure I'd pay $1k for someone else to do it...
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    Apparently too good to be true...demo car

    Oh. Sorry! No car here yet either though I do have a LR RWD in transit from BC...still...
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    SR+ Unwired Speaker Locations...drivers still there on recent VINs?

    Thanks. I wonder about Q3 builds....anyone?
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    Delivery Fee for New Inventory Cars?

    I haven't paid a great deal of attention to it in the past, but I could have sworn there was a note on the Tesla new inventory page that would alert to a potential $1000-1500 fee for transport of new inventory cars to an alternate location. I'm not seeing that anymore (or not looking in the...
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    Apparently too good to be true...demo car

    Wow...that's insane. Happy with the SR+ I guess...?
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    Demo vehicle pricing

    I had a LR RWD demo reserved with a $2k discount and 800 miles. I found out the night before delivery it had been in an accident, repaired, and then listed for sale. I chose not to take it. With all that, it was still considered "New" since it had never been titled...
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    Demo vehicle pricing

    And the quarter is over. I would assume they haven’t cut production though so the concentration is clearly elsewhere.
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    Demo vehicle pricing

    I didn’t say zero. But it’s very much dwindled since several weeks back. There been no Model 3 in inventory at Fremont for a bit.
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    Demo vehicle pricing

    Given the all the sudden nearly zero inventory, many will be willing to pay...
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    Demo vehicle pricing

    Price adjustments at the beginning of a quarter seem to be rare and small. They might recondition the rim (or replace) if you ask.
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    Apparently too good to be true...demo car

    Yep, it is, and the difference between receiving and not receiving the tax incentive. Yeah, I'd love either an AWD or LR RWD. I was actually coordinating with someone and their SA to pick up a used white AWD during the Aug. "sales" when they let it go, and I had stepped away from my phone for...
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    Apparently too good to be true...demo car

    Oh, yeah. Sounds like it’s already here ...
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    Apparently too good to be true...demo car

    Update: I did find another LR RWD in white/black/aero. This one is apparently (more) new, was not a demo, and has no issues. It's a very slightly lower VIN but was still likely produced in March/April. I'm not sure where/why it's been hiding (somewhere in Canada apparently). The unfortunate...
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    SR+ Unwired Speaker Locations...drivers still there on recent VINs?

    There are plenty of posts showing the locations of the SR+ deactivated speakers, or at least where they should be. Has anyone with a recent SR+ (last month or two) confirmed that the speakers are actually still there and simply unwired? I know others have found they are but I'm curious if...

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