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    Whistling Noise at 60-70km/h

    Hello Since 3 weeks I have exactly the same ‘issue’ with my SR+. It is not annoying but goes in both directions from 60 to 70 and 70 to 60. It is not really annoying but the sound is clearly there. Anyone an update on this? Regards T
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    Motor noise/whistle at specific speed

    Hi I noticed since a couple weeks the following: When I drive between 60 and 70km/h I hear this “whistling noise” coming from what I believe the motor in the back. Once above 70 it is gone. Also when regen going down from 70 to 60 I hear this. Once below 60 it is gone again. It is not really...
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    Geluid bij traag rijden

    Hallo iedereen Per toeval kwam ik er op uit dat het eigenlijk al verplicht is dat je wagen een geluid maakt bij traag rijden. Dit om hoorbaar te zijn voor de anderen. Mijn model 3 van sep 2019 heeft dit niet en ik heb dit eigenlijk nog bij geen enkele Tesla gehoord. Bij andere merken wel. Moet...
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    Touching touch screens while driving no longer allowed in Germany, even for adjusting wiper speed!!

    Hi all I just read this rather concerning article. In Germany a model 3 driver got a fine and lost temporary his license because he touched the screen for adjusting the wiper speed during heavy rain. Unfortunately he caused an accident by doing that. This falls under the law that you cannot...
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    Tesla App now showing Supercharging referral mile expiring date

    Well in my case it should be Sep 14 instead of May 31st. This date makes no sense...
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    Tesla App now showing Supercharging referral mile expiring date

    Same here with exact the same date as above. I have mine from sep 14 2019... What is the date based on? Impossible to use it now, especially during the pandemic...
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    Is it sentry or accidental awake?

    Hi all I notice the following lately on my M3. When I am close to the car I hear the click under the car for starting everything up, battery unlocking. Also you hear the car buzzing after that click that the system is on. I thought this was because I am close to my car and it notices my phone...
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Mine is named XD-1 which is short for Discovery One, the name of the white spaceship from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey! And with sentry mode on ‘Hal 9000’ is present too!!!
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    Immersive sound disappeared

    SR+ does come with immersive sound. Like said above only not with pillar speakers activated and no subwoofer. Also when you configure the Tesla model 3 today you see at the SR+ specs that is has immersive sound. I just hope this software update is just buggy and an update or reboot will solve...
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    Headlights too bright?

    Exactly the same thing here. Since couple weeks cars start sometimes flashing their lights to me for my lights. I adjusted the lights now to really low. Did standard alignment already once before but it seems it resets itself after a while again. Is this possible? Not sure it is bc of software...
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Hi If someday you want to replace your battery, is it possible to change your SR+ battery into the long range battery? Regards T
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    Footwell lighting in SR+

    Exactly the same here, I really hope this gets fixed with some update, even if we need to pay for it it doesn’t make sense to have something installed in the car, that is all connected and functional but not activated.
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    Dash Symbol Question

    Answering on this old topic. The (H) in my car is in small next to the 0mph but on youtube I see often that the (H) os a big sign and replaces the 0. Why this difference? Since I assume the functionality is the same? regards T
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    Beginners vragen

    Hi iedereen Ik heb al enkele maanden een M3 en ben vrij goed met hoe alles werkt aan de wagen mee. Echter erger ik mij vaak wel aan het volgende: Als je vlug even iets uit de wagen of achterbank gaat halen springt heel het systeem op. Naast het scherm ook de verwarming/airco en alles om...
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    Tesla's Premium Connectivity wordt subscription based

    Waar kan je dit ergens zien op je account? Heeft iemand hier screenshots van? Ik zie het nergens in mijn account. Ik vind dit abbo systeem een goed systeem en schrijf me er graag voor in. Ik vond het op zich wel onduidelijk dat met de Kerstupdate er ineens minder functies werken omdat het nu met...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    I used it today for the first time and I also noticed this click. You can also feel it a bit in your pedal when it comes to a full stop and the (H) appears on the screen. Ok, the radio was very silent and the AC too but I am surprised how these kind of clicks do can be a bit annoying.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    I understand this concern for driving in Hold mode when parking the car. This can be surprising responsive for small movements. I do love it when driving the car though. Do other of you notice the click in the dashboard (ac system) below and/or near the gas pedal when the car puts himself in...
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    No theater or web browser on my Model 3 SR+ FSD partial premium after V10 upgrading

    And fixed... don’t ask me why but after driving it suddenly is visible and all works. You need to have driven once before the full update is visible.
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    No theater or web browser on my Model 3 SR+ FSD partial premium after V10 upgrading

    I have the same issue, just upgraded to the V10. And I have spotify etc but no Tesla Theatre. Did a reboot too but still no Theatre. What else can I do?
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    Slight alignment issue from factory?

    Exactly the same issue here, losing the wheel it drives straight but the steering wheel is my case a bit to the right. Thinking of making an appointment to a SeC too...
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    User interface pops up at opening all doors, why?

    Hi I noticed that when opening a door, even the back doors, the screen pops on and the system starts up. When closing the door it shuts down. In my case I often open the back door, put something in, close it and open the driver’s door. This means the screen always pops on and off and on again...
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    WoW! Netflix audio is super immersive!

    Is there a possibility to download a movie so you can watch offline, just like on a tablet of phone? Maybe via the stick you use for the sentry mode?
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    Wiper issue

    Hi all I wanted to know if someone has the following issue with his wiper. More specifically the driver’s wiper. It works fine but when the wiper is down I noticed that about an inch is resting below the window and hence on the plastic. While wiping I sometimes hear the tick of touching the...

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