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  1. Sorabh

    Dispute Experience with Tesla Canada

    Folks Little late to the party but wanted to chime in with the whole degradation issue here. The range on the car is a combination of Kwh left in the battery pack and the consumption (Kwh/km) of the vehicle based on driving habits. (Using the ideal range may produce a more stable number but...
  2. Sorabh

    AP2 (HW2) to HW3 (no MCU2 upgrade)

    Mine just got done (Kitchener, On, Canada) and the invoice said AP2.5 to 3 but my car was definitely AP2 Cant wait to see the changes tomorrow. I was not expecting this and didnt even ask when I scheduled the appt so I am pleased at the moment :)
  3. Sorabh

    Anyone purchase used from Tesla site?

    Mine took 10 days too. Can confirm no test drive was possible. It was a painful process though but would do it again
  4. Sorabh

    Is 2019.40.50.1 wide on AP2 cars ? If yes, when did you get yours ?

    Still at 8 unfortunately. :( BTW uncheck three times a day. I think I also may be addicted
  5. Sorabh

    Ontario Supercharger 2017 Report Card - Grade is 50% (being generous)

    I just drove from Toronto to Orlando and back for free. Supercharged freely in Canada and the US with no issues Based on that I think saying they underdeliverd is a bit of a stretch.
  6. Sorabh

    Is 2019.40.50.1 wide on AP2 cars ? If yes, when did you get yours ?

    I'm still waiting for the update. Anyone get it yet? I have AP 2
  7. Sorabh

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    Yup. My biggest hate as well. Although with free supercharging and premium connectivity I will most likely hang on to mine as long as I can.
  8. Sorabh

    Battery % used vs kWh used

    What were the total Kwh used on your trips? I think the issue is not efficiency but capacity.
  9. Sorabh

    Battery % used vs kWh used

    Although tesla says this I dont think its accurate. You can test this yourself by running your HVAC for an hour and move the car an inch. The number of Kwh used will be greater than 0 for that.
  10. Sorabh

    Used Model S 90D Range Seems Way Off

    Charge to 100% and then drive it down as low as you feel comfortable. I think you have to do this a couple of times. Not sure if this is what caused my numbers to jump or the warmer weather but it is worth a shot.
  11. Sorabh

    Used Model S 90D Range Seems Way Off

    Not sure if this helps but here are my #'s When I bought the car (Used 2017 w 35000km) my rated range was 407km at 90% I did a few long trips in the summer and the last time I checked I got 417km I have gotten over 500km on a full charge on a long flat road trip in the spring I also get...
  12. Sorabh

    Smart Summon Coming to Canada This Weekend

    Just noticed this morning that Summon works reliably without the fob in the car. This is a first as I could only get it to work 50% of the time before without the fob and 0% if it was not physically in the car. This is a huge improvement
  13. Sorabh

    Ontario 407 - V10 horrible

    I use the 407 extensively and have not had any problems with NOA. It smoothly changes lanes as needed including spots where I could barely see the lines. V10 has been a major improvement in terms of how smooth it is so now it is even better EDIT: Not NOW rather NOA
  14. Sorabh

    Locking car from the app

    I think that is enough to set up a support ticket. I'll reach out and see what Tesla says. Thanks for your post.
  15. Sorabh

    299km at 80%

    Smart play. For everyone talking about what they "get" at a certain % or extrapolate to 100% please stop. The mileage shown is completely irrelevant. Remaining KM's are based on State of Charge multiplied by a value that we dont know to produce some number. Because we don't know the value of...
  16. Sorabh

    Locking car from the app

    Got it .. thanks
  17. Sorabh

    Locking car from the app

    Fob was in the car. (Left in there by accident) I go grab a coffee and realize that I left my fob in the car Using the app I lock my car and the app shows the car is locked At this point if anyone touches the handle it will present and the door can be open. So based on that the car is not...
  18. Sorabh

    Locking car from the app

    I would agree with you but the problem I am having is that the app is reporting that the door is locked. As soon as I touch the handle the car unlocks so it was never locked in the first place. Either way it is a bug. Just trying to figure out what the bug actually is. Also wont be using...
  19. Sorabh

    Locking car from the app

    I have occassionally have left my fob in the car by accident and locked the car remotely. This happened again yesterday but I noticed that even though the app showed the door as locked it actually unlocked when I touched the handle. Anyone else have this happen to them? From what I can see...
  20. Sorabh

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    Love the car name! Cant wait for season 4
  21. Sorabh

    V10 on MCU1

    I am a MCU1 and seem to get the updates as soon as they are posted on Teslafi. Not sure if I am on early release or not but I am definitely getting the updates quickly
  22. Sorabh

    Trying To Understand Range And Efficiency

    This is great data. How did you compile it?
  23. Sorabh

    Canada Section - are there guidelines for Canada specific content?

    look at the agree's and the disagree's. By the 4th post we had 10 users chime in with an agree/disagree and by my tally it looks like the split is 6-4 Further to that most of the subsequent posts that garnered any kind of activity leaned more towards neutral than a specific side. my 2 cents...
  24. Sorabh

    Canada Section - are there guidelines for Canada specific content?

    I didn't run a full analysis but I'm pretty sure the responses are split 50/50 and there is definitely not a majority.
  25. Sorabh

    Another Small Tesla Advantage

  26. Sorabh

    Canada Section - are there guidelines for Canada specific content?

    Definitely do not agree. There are hardly any new threads being created in this forum and sometimes you just want to hear what other Canadians think.
  27. Sorabh

    NOA over the last couple of days

    Has anyone noticed an improvement in the lane changing using NOA? I dont use this most of the time but in the last couple of days I noticed that it perfectly placed me three times in a row. The key to this is that traffic was fairly heavy at the time and the lane changes were slightly more...
  28. Sorabh

    Share your experience with buying used from Tesla directly

    The entire process was painful and noone really seemed to care about selling me a vehicle. After I laid down a deposit it got a bit better but overall I was somewhere between annoyed and totally furious through the different steps. I also bought from a dealer who was great to deal with but the...
  29. Sorabh

    tesla-apiscraper: Yet another selfhosted Teslog/Teslafi alternative

    I downloaded the .json files from the below folder in the git repository locally to my windows PC. grafana-dashboards then from within grafana (http://server:3000) I was able to hit the + button on the left side and choose import. I did this on the same windows machine I downloaded the .json...
  30. Sorabh

    tesla-apiscraper: Yet another selfhosted Teslog/Teslafi alternative

    I know you posted this a while back but I downloaded the files to my windows desktop and imported them into Grafana by choosing Create ==> Import. These dashboards are amazing BTW.
  31. Sorabh

    Ontario licence plate changes

    I still think he is a numpty but overall you have made some very good points
  32. Sorabh

    Tesla launches $44,999 base Model 3 in Canada

    Where ? I don't see anything in the Canada forum on this
  33. Sorabh

    Mississauga Service

  34. Sorabh

    Any Model S Owner in Canada Receive New Firmware Updates Since December?

    I got an update last week to 2019.8.2 2017 Model S AP2 It came a few days after I purchased FSD.
  35. Sorabh

    A little buyers remorse for FSD

    I have AP2 with 2019.8.2. I got the update a few days after ouchasing FSD if that helps. Just wondering where the info for this thread is coming from. My expectation is that AP 2 will have the same functional rollout as 2.5 and have not seen anything that would state otherwise.
  36. Sorabh

    How Many Still on 2018.50.6? (or earlier)

    I got 2019.8 on my Model S a couple if days ago
  37. Sorabh

    A Positive Thread

    I have had a model S for just over a year now and still love it as much as I did when I first got it. I still peel out at every light and enjoy that roller coaster feeling. On a side note for you Disney fans, Test Track is no longer a fun ride. I understand the hate on these forums but cant...
  38. Sorabh

    [Speculation] Tesla Critical Youtube Videos Receiving Community Guideline Violations

    I guess my point is that if I notice my browser is not working one of my troubleshooting steps is to go to YouTube and see what is happening with other people. By that logic should you really take your video down if they fix it? If you do take it down then it could be said you are trying to...
  39. Sorabh

    [Speculation] Tesla Critical Youtube Videos Receiving Community Guideline Violations

    OP, not sure why noone chose to respond to your actual question but it would be really crappy if your video got taken down because you were being critical. Did you have some crazy clickbait title or something? Would like to know if you get any explanation. Also if I had the time I would do the...
  40. Sorabh

    Pre-refresh Model S 90d range battery health

    Are these numbers published somewhere? I would expect a 90D to have a 90Kwh battery with 4Kwh reserve.
  41. Sorabh

    Pre-refresh Model S 90d range battery health

    I would be curious to see what your numbers become as percentages. Ie: if you went from 100% Soc to 0% SOC and only got 67Kwh then that would definitely be concerning. Range is not valid to me because we have no idea what it is being calculated against.
  42. Sorabh

    Autopilot issues with hills (AP1)

    I just traded my AP1 for AP2 and noticed right away that the AP2 had no issues with the hills that AP1 did I cant say for sure but the reason I think AP1 struggled was that it could not cope with the lane dividers at the top of the hill. You can kind of replicate this by covering your eyes so...
  43. Sorabh

    AP2 vs AP2.5

    Thanks for the feedback folks!
  44. Sorabh

    AP2 vs AP2.5

    Ok. Million dollar question that has probably been answered a bunch of times. I bought a car with Enhanced Autopilot. How do I know if it is AP2 or AP 2.5. I am asking this because I am not sure if I can completely trust what they told me at the time of sale. It is a 2017 S90D if that helps
  45. Sorabh

    AP2 vs AP2.5

    Perfect! Chalk up another win for the CPO process. I wonder what would happen if I spring for the FSD?
  46. Sorabh

    New Race Rules (Humor?)

    I see... I was thinking you were looking for some crazy Cannonball Run type stuff where we go cross country sabotaging each others cars documenting the whole thing for a youtube video
  47. Sorabh

    AP2 vs AP2.5

    I have an AP 2 car with the ability to add FSD. When I bought the car I was told that AP 2.5 is an AP2 car that has had the FSD paid for. Other than that the hardware is identical. Is any of this accurate?
  48. Sorabh

    New Race Rules (Humor?)

    I'd be happy to do this but am nowhere near Florida
  49. Sorabh

    tesla-apiscraper: Yet another selfhosted Teslog/Teslafi alternative

    Just installed this also. Took some time but I am getting data back. Looking forward to these new analytics! Thank you OP
  50. Sorabh

    Buying from a dealership vs CPO

    I bought from both. The dealer wanted my sale and treated me properly during the whole process. Tesla sold me a car that did not have a functioning door and the ring around the MCU. They were super disorganized and the entire purchase of the vehicle was very painful. This said I could have...

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