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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Tesla Decatur (GA) service center tells me “We have not started to roll that out at Tesla Decatur yet!”, in response to my request to schedule the Infotainment upgrade. Are there other SCs that haven’t started making (or even scheduling) these upgrades, at all, or did I just get ‘lucky’?
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    Do current replacement touchscreens still suffer from the yellow edges?

    Can they do the UV fix on the IC screen as well? Because both my MCU1 and my IC screens have the yellow border problem. 2018 (very late Feb) S75D.
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    V10 on MCU1

    Ditto (but 2018 MCU1, having missed MCU2 by two days...). Got the update last night and drove this morning. Spotify sounds good, but sure was picky about cell reception, stopping frequently in a 1- or 2- bar stretch of road where Slacker rarely has issues. Does Spotify not have any...
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    Did they make v10 UI better for Model S?

    Yeah I thought Spotify was added IN ADDITION TO Slacker, not as a replacement...? If so, I don’t get why people are so quick to complain that you have to have your own account to use Spotify.
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    Has Model S quality improved?

    ...funny that I was psyched to see that there were new posts in this thread, after not checking it for several days...
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    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    If this in-car theater thing is supposed to run on wifi, are they going to install free wifi at all the superchargers? Or even nominal-fee wifi at the superchargers? Because that's the only place where I would ever use netflix or youtube, etc. in my car. Apologies if I missed this in the...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Is the yellow-border problem only an MCU1 issue, or has it also shown up on MCU2? My MCU1 on my S75D just started having the yellowing over the last week or two. March 2018 S, yes one of the very last of the MCU1s.
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    Changes & Updates to the Model S over the Past 4 Years

    I think FUSC is 'free unlimited supercharging'.
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    Raven: information needed!

    Right, the Raven refresh bumped the 100D to a rated range of 370 miles (!), and folks say that the Raven suspension is a big step up in smoothness and tech. Please note that I'm assuming that you bought a new S that was built in the last couple months. Anything older would not have those...
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    Unable to Get Service for MAJOR problems

    When I took my car in to the Decatur, Ga service center several months ago, they didn't have a loaner for me so they got me an Enterprise rental for the couple days it took to fix my issue. Is that no longer something they do?
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    Consumer Reports - Best and Worst Car Acceleration

    I guess I’m the main dummy that was so easily confused. So sorry. Not as sorry or dumb as the CR article tho!
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    Consumer Reports - Best and Worst Car Acceleration

    What's up with this CR list? Not only do they not include S100D at all, or a P version, but the times listed for the Tesla models that they do include are not current/correct times. It's like they're intentionally pushing Teslas down the list.
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    Happy wife, happy life (Tesla tip)

    That's good use of technology to overcome likely human errors. Analogous to how I always take a cellphone pic of my hotel room number in case I forget it later.
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    Does charging warm up the cabin interior overnight?

    I have a Feb 2018 S75D, and have just in the last week or so I've begun to experience this weird a.m. cabin heating. I didn't think to check via app, but it was easily in the mid-80s this morning, significantly warmer than the temperature in my garage. I had noticed the warmth the prior couple...
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    Strange noise on full throttle acceleration. Any ideas??

    I think mine only raises itself when it notices via GPS that it is in the same area where I've manually raised it previously. Not entirely sure if mine ever raises itself otherwise, but that might vary by model or date of manufacture. My car is a wonderful vehicle of mysteries.
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    Strange noise on full throttle acceleration. Any ideas??

    I've had that just once in a while in my 2018 S75D. I think that it has only happened when my air suspension had raised itself above standard height (due to location) and I accelerated hard. Just something you might want to investigate.
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    Would you upgrade your recent Model S to a new Long Range model?

    Same here (except no sunroof). Also wouldn't mind the faster supercharging capability. It's a consideration, but I bet I would, once again, just barely miss the next iteration/improvement and then I'd be sitting here in a year wishing I had just waited a bit longer... !
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    Constant brake check for false positives in traffic.....UHG!

    I'm in a S75D built late Feb 2018 (MCU1, AP2.5). When I first started driving it in March 2018, it would do this phantom braking thing while on AP; also, about half the time on my commute to work it would try to take a left-side exit out of the HOV lane (same exit every time, one that would be...
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    Glitchy stuttering streaming music back again in 8.5

    Same here, never had this audio stutter/glitching with streaming until 2019.8.5 (to which my S updated last week from one of the 2018.50 versions). My S is one of the very last that were built in late February last year with MCU1. I'm not bitter! (much)
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    MCU1 to MCU2 switchover

    Thanks, but I should note that I still love the car!
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    75D battery degradation

    2/2018 S75D, 11K miles. Rated miles = 243, down from 250 in the summer. Lifetime wh/mile = 304, living and mostly driving in Georgia.
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    MCU1 to MCU2 switchover

    Yes, but how would you feel if you would only have had to wait one or two days? My 75D was built/finished on 2/28/19 - had I known that just waiting a day or two to place the order would give me 2018 technology rather than 2011 technology, I most definitely would have waited.
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    What's your S 75 range at 90%?

    Late February 2018 build (last day or two of MCU1...ugh!) 219-220 at 90% charge At about 10,000 miles since new
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Does MCU2 have better sound processing capabilities - specifically as to music (not video games)?
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    Model S entertainment system problems

    For the most part, I find the entertainment system just adequate... which is to say, not as good as you would expect from a car in this price range and with this level of technology. My main complaint is that if (IF) the supposed upgraded hifi system costs this much, it should come with a way...
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    air conditioning always on 5

    Whenever I hit the A/C button/icon at the bottom of the MCU or turn on the A/C remotely, the fan comes on at level 5. I never need it this high and it bothers me. So every single time, I need to spend extra time fiddling with the A/C controls on the MCU to turn the fan down to level 1. I...
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    Improve the "Set Charge Limit" Control!

    I find the slider clunky to use, and so usually use Remote S to set battery charge limits. I think this concern could be easily resolved with a better slider with a numerical readout of what charge % the slider is currently at. Slide it to the right, % readout goes up, slide slider down, %...
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    MS 75D delivery in 10 days, getting cold feet...

    I had a disappointing delivery experience, but have loved my S since I drove it off the lot (service center) in March 2018. The smart air suspension hasn't been an issue at all, and is very handy for the speed bumps at a shopping center near my home, because it just knows to raise the car up to...
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    2018 Model S 75D "Bricked" after software update

    Never happened to me either, but now I want to cancel my update that's scheduled for tonight. Does the 'software update available' window actually tell you the version to which your car will be updated? Seems to me that you don't actually know until you have already installed the update, but...
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    Model S Theme Tune

    "Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'n the Tears
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    Idle charges at destination chargers?

    Sounds like it’s just an idle threat.
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    Looking for some wisdom for choosing 75D vs 100D

    I’ve had my S75D for almost 4 months, and have a ~26 mile roundtrip daily commute and it was indeed the right choice for me. Got over the range anxiety after about a month and have never come anywhere close to running out of electrons. Haven’t roadtripped yet but very excited for one that’s...
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    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    I upgraded to 2018.21.9 from 2018.18, and this update returned my EQ range to +/-12 (I have the UHFS on a early 2018 S (pre-MCU2)). Also seemed to improve the sound a bit, especially with volume from the rear (but the rear volume is still lacking...almost no point in having all those speakers...
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    Which insurance companies to get quotes from?

    I’ve had Electric Insurance Co. for about 12 years, on home and autos, and have been very pleased with their service (never said that about any insurance co. before). When I got my S a few months ago, I added the S to that insurance. I mean, it’s ELECTRIC Insurance !!! Can’t hurt for you...
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    ATL to Greenville

    Definitely the Atlantic Station supercharger is much more convenient if you're coming down (or up) I-85. Also, the Decatur superchargers are poorly placed in the back of the Tesla service center / new car lot. If the lot is full (like it was when I picked up my S there), those superchargers...
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    This. The problem is the sound, not the number of notches on the EQ scale. Top of the list of problems for me is that there is nothing but a pathetic trickle of sound coming from all the speakers behind the front seats.
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    Software Update 2018.18.2 301aeee

    I'm on 2018.18 (not 18.2), and have had the phantom breaking a couple times over the last week. I don't think I had ever had it previously (purchased S75D in mid-March this year). It certainly jolts me back into hyper-awareness!
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    Hey, congrats! Your standard rear speakers are now operating at the same level as my expensive upgraded audio's rear speakers! The authentic sounds of sitting in an upstairs reading room while listening to a 70's-era transister AM radio being played in a closet in the basement. Such realism...
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    Bass is back

    You need to email Tesla service and request your car’s Slacker user is and password - you have to include your VIN with the request so they can give you that VIN’s userid/password. Then sign in to slacker (on a computer) with those account credentials, go to settings and make sure highest...
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    Issue with my Slacker

    This is the case for everyone today. Some kind of outage or failure by Slacker (not a problem with our cars), at least that’s what I read on the Tesla.com board.
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    Got 2018.16 this morning and haven’t notice much (if any) difference in audio quality. Still hoping they fix it.
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    Note that I got the above-quoted response more than 3 weeks ago... I'm getting a software update tonight, and I'm hoping it's 2018.16 (meaning I would skip 2018.14, as I'm currently on .12) and that 2018.16 has a positive impact on the audio. Fingers crossed. I'm in an S, received delivery...
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    Software Update 2018.16

    I only got a day or two of that quality sound before "upgrading" to 2018.12. So I simultaneously find out that I missed the MCU2 rollout by just a day or two, and my audio has been downgraded! Salt in the wound! Not cool at all.
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    Software Update 2018.16

    I got my S on March 18, and it's MCU1. :-(
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    Software Update 2018.16

    Thanks for the response. For me, I have MCU1 (missed MCU2 by just a couple days or less...grrrrr....). For the first day or two, my sound was outstanding. Then I got an update (2018.10, i think) and the sound was noticeably worse no matter what I tried. Then I got 2018.12 and it sounded...
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    Software Update 2018.16

    That's my question as well. I'd certainly appreciate folks' thoughts on changes (if any) to the premium audio's sound with this update. Also, I'll be getting the update this evening but not sure if it's 2018.14 or 2018.16 (is there a way to easily tell, when you get the notice? I was in a...
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    What happened to Slacker

    There is no login/user-id and password needed just to use Slacker on your Tesla (the user-id and password seem to be coded already into the car), but your Tesla still should have a unique user-id and password. Maybe it's a matter of how you ask them the question, because I did receive my...
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    Here it is the new Tesla Maps ( coming this weekend? )

    Looks like the blue bubble is what road you’re on, and the others are just FYIs on what intersecting/crossing roads you’re about to go past...?
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    When do you receive your $500 credit?

    F3 and GatorGuy, have you tried to use the credit online, and if so, how did it go?
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    When do you receive your $500 credit?

    In the US, I’ve been told that I need to go into a service center or showroom to use my $500 credit. Something about difficulty aligning the Tesla credits with the separate company that runs the Tesla online shop. Not exactly a seamless experience.

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