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    Free Supercharging Miles suddenly have an expiration date

    During a pandemic? And many people have been told by Tesla staff that their free miles wouldn't expire. That's what I was told, never saw any fine print until they added an expiration date in the app. This isn't material to Tesla or customers. It's just no way to treat your very best...
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    My M3 Roasting in 85 Degree Temps? Pacific NorthWET

    Activate Cabin Overheat Protection.
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    Free Supercharging Miles suddenly have an expiration date

    No way to treat early adopters and your best supporters. I still can't believe my 5000 supercharger miles expired on 6/30/2020 during a pandemic when I thought they never expired. Tesla can do crap things from time to time. This is crap, it's not material, it's the principle. I even reached out...
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    Expiring miles on June 30

    How did you know your miles were about to expire in Dec 2019? I had no idea reward miles expired at all. Its lawful to have them expire, but the notice in mid April that they would expire in May to be extended to June is wrong during a pandemic.
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    Expiring miles on June 30

    It's not about money. It's about the customer notification during a pandemic. It's the principle of doing what's right. It all matters and these are the people that are helping Tesla move things forward the most....
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    Expiring miles on June 30

    My 2 cents. I have 4500 miles expiring on June 30th. I was saving them as i didn't think they expire. Then it showed up in April that they would be expiring at the end of May in the loot box. Then they updated it to June 30th. **To think people thought they had free miles and now they are...
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    Long Range, Rear Wheel Drive Owners - Step in Please

    March 2018 Build 80%: 260 miles 90%: 293 miles 100%: 325 miles Rated Range increase to 325 miles: Yes.
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    Model 3 LR range is now listed @ 325 miles

    RWD LR Model 3 owner. My full charge is 324-325. To be clear and help fellow owners. RWD really did have a software update to 325. That's a pic of the last time I fully charged, going on 2 years.
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    Sound Deadening Model 3

    It's a project definitely worth your time if road noise is a big deal to you and you are planning on keeping your model 3 around for a while. This is a DIY project for those that have the time/energy/skills/flexibility. Labor hours make this cost prohibitive. It's by far the quietest car (city...
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    Optimum amp charge rate for Model 3 long range battery longevity?

    Should you not be at 292.5 at 90%. Seems you have lost some miles, no?
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    Model 3 OEM Dashboard Wood Trim

    Seattle area $150 Mint Model 3 OEM Dashboard Wood Trim Tesla Professionally Removed for sale
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    Turning Steering Wheel while not moving noise.

    I sent you a message on this.
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    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    Folks that already paid $5k for Enhanced AP on their Model 3s NEED FSD added just like the folks who bought Model 3s on the SAME DAY in 2018 that can buy AP/FSD today for $5k. Its the right thing to do, plain and simple. Please call, e-mail and tweet Tesla. They will listen, they always do...
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    FSD 2k or 3k for those who purchased EAP for 5k?

    Folks that already paid $5k for Enhanced AP on their Model 3s NEED FSD added just like the folks who bought Model 3s on the SAME DAY in 2018 that can buy AP/FSD today for $5k. Its the right thing to do, plain and simple. Please call, e-mail and tweet Tesla. They will listen, they always do...
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    Will Tesla punish their supporters, or refund $3,000?

    ebmcs03 said: So people who didn’t buy anything are rewarded to purchased FSD for total of $5k now. But those of us who bought EAP now are penalized and have to pay $7k total to get FSD. F U Tesla! ------------------------------ Exactly. Tesla needs to make this right by adding FSD to those who...
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    FSD 2k or 3k for those who purchased EAP for 5k?

    Exactly. Tesla needs to make this right by adding FSD to those who already spent 5k on autopilot when they bought the car in 2018. Elon / Tesla please listen. This issue will not go away without resolution. Folks reading this, please call and write Tesla. Tesla will have to listen if...
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    FSD for $3K online for EAP owners?

    I agree this is what should be done. Please, let's as a community of early adopters fight for this.
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    Full Tax Credit Pointless

    It's not fair. Bait and switch / ploy tactics I thought I was avoiding by buying from Tesla. Tesla should be fair with early adopters more so than any other group of buyers.
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    Model 3 - Noico Sound Deadening and new seal - work together in Seattle area

    Hi All, Anyone in the SEATTLE area interested in getting together to sound deaden our doors and install new outer door seals to help with road noise? Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!!
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    Seattle Area - Would you like to sell your spoiler?

    Hello, I live in the Seattle area and would love to purchase your spoiler from you when it's ready. All we have to do is let the service center know. Please PM me if interesting in making a fellow Model 3 owner happy. Thanks!!
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    Seattle Area Model 3 Owners - Swap wood for white dash?

    Is there anyone in the Seattle area that would like to swap our their white dash trim for a new wood dash trim. The swap would take less than 15 mins. It snaps in and out like a big Lego. I think both the wood dash trim w/ white interior and white dash trim w/ black interior LOOK BETTER! PM...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    Hi All, Thanks to Chuckie and Brad for their efforts and for sharing their findings with fellow owners. Anyone in the Seattle area want to do the door seals and door noicoing? If so PM me. It would be far more productive and fun to do this with a fellow Model 3 owner. Interesting that...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    Thanks Brad for all your efforts, much appreciated. We like hearing that the doors close better with a thump and there is less dirt. The bigger overall question is whether it quiets cabin noise overall? If you have already shared, maybe I missed it. Would you be willing to give your honest...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    My Model 3 is currently in the shop right now. Fit & finish items going on 11 months, but that's another story. I did not want to modify my Model 3 without giving Tesla another chance to address roadnoise and ride comfort feedback from many customers including myself. They will not perform...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. This looks like good news, look forward to trying this myself to confirm your findings. Let's us know the links and if you don't mind quick install instructions. I'll take quick b/f and after db measurements for everybody too. Thanks bradhs
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    Cabin noise

    Any updates on this? I'm interested in how to lower road noise. Good thread, hoping EV-lutioin and others figure out what works.
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    New vs Old Rear Seats

    Anybody interested in the original FLAT back seats? Anybody near Seattle that wants to swap? If so let me know by messaging me back. Now that we have the video on how to remove and reinstall this will be an easy swap out. It would be cool to make someone else happy to get what they want as...
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    Model 3 suspension & kids

    I wish LR was more tuned for family touring. The suspension is fine for our family, but I wish it was more comfortable on all types of roads. My kids never say anything, they love how fast it goes. But my wife and I think it's too ruff, I keep it to myself and give feedback for LR M3s with...
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    New vs Old Rear Seats

    Any update on rear seat retrofits? This needs to be addressed for early adopters one might think...the new seats are a lot more comfortable! Even the new front seats have a bit more cushiony softness. The back is a the big ticket item tho, vast improvement.
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    Three weeks and my biggest disapointment in the Model 3...

    I wanted to chime in. I've had plenty of fit & finish fixes, but my biggest issue is ride comfort. I think the ride is bouncy, jerky on uneven local roads. On the freeway going 70mph the road noise is louder than it should be. The worst is grooved pavement on the highway, it's way too loud...
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    VInyl Scuff & Scratch on Interior B-Pillar

    I have the same thing upon entry/exit, I have no idea how to prevent this from getting worse. My guess is this effects taller people more. My M3 is going to service on Monday, so I'm hoping Tesla will do something to help. After sharing pics they said it's normal wear and tear while I said...
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    Seattle area RTA registration tax

    I paid too much RTA tax: $616 back in March. So glad that this car is going to be valued at 35k with depreciation going forward for the RTA. Thanks gearchruncher, Foxhound199 and all for fixing this and figuring it out. My quick question: Do I contact the DOL or Tesla to get the $231 refund...
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    M3 Acceleration Shudder/Vibration in the wheel

    Turning it off might just be the ticket! Why does the M3 shake the wheel without telling you why it's doing so? Does the M3 tell you? Strange. To me when you lane drift the last thing you might want to happen is to have your wheel shake making it possibly even worse. Hmmm...
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    M3 Acceleration Shudder/Vibration in the wheel

    Anyone experiencing acceleration shudder in the front wheel around 40-50 mph. My M3 has 650 miles. It's going to the service center on Friday to fix this and the back up camera at night (streaking/flashing). Wondering if I'm the only one. Really hoping they are able to fix it permanently...
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Wanted to update the forum that I received my VIN tonight, it just showed up in my account. MS/Aeros/Seattle configured 2/14
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Glad you have your VIN, still waiting on mine that I configured on 2/14 for Seattle, same order except I went with Midnight Silver. Hope I see the VIN before the end of the week.
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Exciting to see VINs coming out for you all. Trying to be patient. I have everything ready to go, just need the car. Ordered: 2/14 No VIN as of yet Location: Bellevue, WA near Seattle Midnight Silver/Aero/EAP