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    Tracking Tesla Software Dev Practices

    In the spirit of the thread tracking the dangerous deficiencies in Tesla's service communications... Here's a thread to track the dangerous deficiences in their software development practices, which could lead to angry customers, elevated service costs, and drops in demand. Let's start off...
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    Service and communication (out of main)

    Thank you!
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    How To Get Tesla To Acknowledge A Third-party Purchase Of A Used Tesla?

    I've been told to email [email protected] How long should I wait for a response before I conclude that that email address is dead? This seems to be necessary before I can get Tesla to service the car I bought.
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    Q1 2019 earnings call stuff

    Very very brief summary: -- not enough cars delivered to make a profit in Q1. Automotive profit down by $750 million from Q4 to Q1 mostly because fewer cars. Most of the rest of the profit change is noise; a drop in solar and more service & other costs. -- plan to reach 90K-100K total car...
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    Electric airplanes

    We may see commercial service (on *really* short hops) by 2022. Canadian Seaplane Service Wants to Fly All-Electric Planes Within 3 Years I've been telling people this is coming fast...
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    Collecting the evidence of uninvestigated market manipulation & insider trading

    Papafox did a decent job a while back (A Field Guide To Potential Securities Violations By Tesla's Foes — In Depth | CleanTechnica) , but there have been some more, such as the guy who traded puts after Consumer Reports leaked its "disrecommendation" to the press and before they made it public...
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    Tesla Investors Fossil Fuel Divestment News & Discussion

    I think this is a major topic, and I wasn't sure whether it fit in market politics or macroeonomics... so I'm making it its own topic. I don't have a direct link to the FT citation here, but according to Nick Cunningham: Investors Are Turning Their Back On Coal | OilPrice.com
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    Something weird just happened with the SolarCity Zero Coupon convertibles...

    ...they traded. On December 3, someone sold them to a dealer after hours. On December 4, someone bought them. Bond Trade Activity Search Results What's weird about this is that as far as I know, *all* of these were held by Silver Lake Kraftwerk. Elon Musk also had some but he converted...
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    New general counsel for Tesla

    I consider this good news; I have been of the opinion that Maron is out of his depth. I know nothing about his replacement, however. Tesla Hires Williams & Connolly Chairman and Trial Lawyer, Dane Butswinkas, as General Counsel
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    For anyone who wants to know why we *won't* have self-driving cars soon...

    This says it better than I can. Cosma Shalizi is brilliant as always: Revised and Extended Remarks at "The Rise of Intelligent Economies and the Work of the IMF" Key quotes:
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    GM killing the Volt, shuttering 3 factories

    I figured this needed to come out of market action. GM killing the Volt: Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Factories in Lordstown OH, Hamtramck/Detroit, MI, and Oshawa, ON to be close: General Motors to close Detroit, Ohio, Canada plants Three major implications: 1 -- plugin hybrids are dead 2...
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    Lazard LCOE/LCOS 2018 has been released

    Levelized Cost of Energy and Levelized Cost of Storage 2018 Thread for discussion. Points noted on page one: -- utility-scale solar and wind is cheaper than any new fossil fuel plant, including gas combined cycle -- utility-scale solar and wind is about the same cost as operating the average...
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    Comments on Q3 Q&A Webcast

    Just a thread for it...
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    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    Many of us use this layout; camera on all the time, and media player (or energy app) on, no map needed. Messages from Tesla indicate that they are breaking this in "version 9" of the software by forcing the map to cover half the screen and only allowing one other app to be up at a time. This...
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    Recording of the semi

    Sounds exactly like an electric streetcar. A Tesla semi visited the Tesla office in Draper, UT earlier this month. : teslamotors
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    Reported failure points in delivery process

    This is what I've gleaned from following everyone's stories. These are the points where deliveries have failed. (1) Before assignment of delivery center / assignment of delivery advisor. Some people who ordered early have heard NOTHING. This seems to be because of bugs in Tesla's computer...
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    Chinese tarriffs

    I've seen a lot of confusion over this. Last I checked, this was the situation: -- the general Chinese tariff on car imports was 25% -- they lowered this to 15% on electric cars -- but then they added an extra tariff on car imports *from the US* of 25% -- the Shanghai Free Trade Zone carries...
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    The thing which may prevent truck companies from ordering Tesla Semis

    Tesla's extremely bad attitude about releasing repair manuals. Truck companies are used to being able to do a lot of their own maintenance and repairs. Tesla is unreasonably hostile to releasing repair information on their cars, and has massive backlogs on actually doing repairs themselves...
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    When do shorts have to cover? (Neroden's megathread)

    You really, really can't. You'd have to have a lender who was willing to accept not getting their shares back, which means the lender has to be someone who is planning to get cashed out at $420. That's the thing about a deal where a large number of the shareholders are holding onto their...
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    Self Directed IRA discussion

    OK, it's time to have this discussion. :-( So, if Tesla goes private and you choose to keep the stock, if you own it outright it's nice and simple. You keep the stock. If it's wrapped in an IRA or Roth IRA, however.... you have to find a custodian who will allow you to hold private equity...
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    q1 2019 accounting change

    So, I am mainly starting this thread because there's a big lease accounting change coming at the start of 2019. Tesla reported that starting Jan 1, 2019, solar leases and PPAs *will not be accounted for as leases*. Apparently they're supposed to retroactively reclassify all the old ones too...
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    Why Tesla Will Fail

    This is why Tesla will fail -- not this year, not next year, but in a few years. It's just one story, but unfortunately it's representative. Mid-december, the latch fails shut on my rear right door. I call up the service center I've been using to tell them that the latch is stuck shut (can't...
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    TACC/Autopilot discussion moved from general thread

    Following Too Close I'll tell you what Tesla should do here: it should eliminate the tailgating following distance options (which are, sadly, available on the TACC) and enforce actual safe following distances when using Autopilot.
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    The Stationary Battery Business

    I realized this didn't have an investment thread. I believe that J B Straubel is right and that this will be a bigger business for Tesla than the automotive business. For one thing, Tesla's notorious communications issues are a much bigger problem in the auto business than in the "install and...
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    I don't even know what to say about this (John Deere Ukranian firmware)

    I don't even know what to say about this... but I feel that it has some long term investing relevance: Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware - Motherboard It seems unwise for any company to pursue the John Deere path. Something to watch out for.
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    Market misvaluation of capital-intensive companies

    I have a theory for why there are *so* many analysts, big investors, traders, article-writers, and so on who cannot get their heads around the situation of Tesla. Apart from the usual status quo bias, etc. For several decades, the vogue in investing has been "low capital" companies --...
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    Predicting whether TSLA-SCTY merger will go through

    There wasn't a topic specifically for this. Someone who *isn't* one of the usual suspects at Seeking Alpha (ValueAnalyst) has made an interesting analysis of the voters: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3983611-tesla-solarcity-3-interesting-facts...
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    Information specifically from TSLA conference call on SCTY merger

    OK, this is for tidbits of data straight out of the conference call. Pardon if I have transcription errors, I'm not that good at transcription. Musk starts by basically saying that Tesla customers ask about solar panels, he wants to sell them solar panels, and it's "inefficient" for the panels...
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    Speculations on Model 3 Reservation Counts

    Over in the Model 3 forum, they're keeping track of the reported number of reservations. But as investors, we of course want to *anticipate* the number. This is a place to make your guesses as to how many reservations there will be as of I'm going to start off by predicting 600,000 by May 1...
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    Tesla Needs a Service Center in Syracuse, NY

    I've said this before, but I have confirmation from Google Trends. Web searches for "Tesla Model 3" in New York: Yes, there is more interest in Central New York than there is in Long Island or New York City. But we don't have a service center. People will not buy the car without a service...
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    At the moment it's looking like I'm going to have to simply refuse software updates -- permanently. With my February 2013 Model S, I don't need or want any of the new features in v.7, and I can't even use most of them, but the current betas dramatically damage the dashboard display by: (1)...
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    What does Tesla Motors need to fix, operationally?

    I have my own opinions on this as a stockholder and customer, but I wondered if other people do too. This is not for anything specific regarding products, but for *organizational*/*managerial* issues. This is my list, in no particular order except that #1 is the most important. (1) Internal...
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    Tesla taxi /chauffeur service in Cincinatti -- Drivr

    Cincinnati company takes on Uber... by driving you in a Tesla: EXCLUSIVE - Cincinnati Business Courier Only $2.50 / mile! :love: Apparently they've been going for a year but I'd never heard of them until this article (they don't pop up if you do a Google search for Tesla rentals)...
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    Model Ses for hire... when will we see more?

    So, there are now several limo / hire car services which are offering Teslas -- mostly only in LA and Chicago. There's one in Chicago which *only* uses Teslas (E-motion). Most of them are really freaking expensive, though. The same is true of the very few rental car places which rent...
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    Big changes in the Supercharger map -- Erie, PA!

    So I went to look at the official Supercharger map again (haven't looked for a few weeks). It's changed. A lot. Some locations are gone, others are added. But from my point of view, the most exciting thing is in the Coming Soon tab. ERIE PA! :biggrin: This means I can head west...
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    Early model chargeports

    Having a February 2013 car, I had one of the early chargeports -- it was always "loose" when the charge cable was plugged in. With three successive cables, I had increased difficulty getting the cables to seat, and had to replace the cable (which was dead each time). I told Tesla I wanted...
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    Trying to go from Ithaca, NY to Grand Rapids, MI -- range anxiety

    So I'm trying to do this trip in my Model S 85 kWh with only one overnight stop. Around Christmas. And I just don't think it's possible to do it reliably at the moment. Sun Country Highway has 90 amp chargers available from Niagara Falls to London, ON -- so I can get as far as London in one...
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    Tip: How to Dry Your Model S Carpet

    So, I figured this out after 24 hours of trying other things which didn't work, and I feel kind of dumb for not thinking of it earlier. :redface: So I thought I'd share it. I just got my car (Electro)'s interior detailed in preparation for putting in the all-weather floor mats. Of course...
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    Negative reputation points need to be eliminated

    They're used almost exclusively by people who don't like hearing bad news, and applied to the bearers of bad news. This isn't valid or desirable behavior. Don't encourage it. Get rid of the negative reputation point.
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    "Air suspension needs service"

    Well, exciting, my first actual breakage. Set the air suspension to "Very High" (before entering the grass field at the drive-in); it ran and ran without stopping, then declared "Air suspension needs service", the indicator light came on, and it announced that it was switching to jack mode...
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    Energy app needs longer vertical scale...

    I've mentioned this to Tesla. It's not that important, but it is funny. This is an *absolutely typical* picture of the energy app in my car. As for the 5-mile graph... Yeah. So what's my peak energy usage? I don't know, it's off the chart. What's my peak regen rate? I don't...
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    Drive-in problems (and solution)

    The current iteration of the software for the Model S has some really serious problems when going to the drive-in. I've reported them. I would appreciate it if anyone else who wants to take the car to the drive-in would report them too.... since I told Tesla about the importance of having...
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    First person to haul trash in a Model S?

    :wink: I just hauled a load of trash and recycling to the transfer station in my Model S. Pretty much filled up the back, with the seats down. I'm now wondering if I'm the first person to haul garbage with the Model S. It's actually extremely good for that purpose. :tongue: -- I've also now...
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    Atheists, Agnostics, Religion and Spirituality ... oh my

    If you'll indulge me a bit... I've studied religion a certain amount. One of the hardest questions in religious studies is, "What is religion?" In other words, what's the definition of the field of study? ! Some propose a definitions of "religion" which is based on rituals, practices, and...
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    neroden's first week with "Electro" the Model S (Best Car Ever)

    Whew. Summary: Best Car Ever. It has some issues, but it's still the Best Car Ever. So I got my car on Monday February 25th around 3 PM! I wasn't intending to give it a name, but it quickly acquired the name Electro. It's plain white with body-colored roof, grey leather interior, and obeche...
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    neroden's NOT happy.

    Thanks to whoever pointed out that it's possible to email George Blankenship through this forum. I did so. I'm not going to go through all the issues I've had with ordering & delivery in public, but suffice it to say that the process has been absolutely abysmal. I've never seen anything...
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    Anyone want to get the source code for the Linux (etc.) in your car?

    I'm asking this of anyone who's received delivery. Tesla is legally required to provide the source code, or a written offer to provide source code, for the GPL-licenced components of the firmware. As you all know, Tesla has not done so. (Correct me if I'm wrong, of course --) I can put...
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    Parked & plugged in (storage mode) energy usage?

    Anyone got a sense of this yet? This electrical usage is probably going to be dominant over the driving/charging usage some months. I'd like to be able to estimate it.
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    Gas Vs Electric / Induction cook tops / Electricty Unit Rates

    Well, you've got relatively expensive electricity. I ran the numbers in upstate NY and concluded that electricity was on par with gas, and electricity is actually getting cheaper here; meanwhile, natural gas is getting more expensive *VERY* quickly, for whatever reason. (We discussed the...
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    Well, I'm back in the queue!

    With a Standard reservation for sometime next year rather than my former Signature reservation. You may remember that I'm allergic to the headliner; well, I've found some plastic-type surface treatments which should work at preventing the microfiber from bleeding into the air. Won't be...

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