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    Weird charging error while driving?

    I've been driving my Model 3 for about a week. I've been getting an odd error and was wondering if it's happened for anyone else. Sporadically (maybe once every 50 miles?), while driving I get a warning beep and an error pops up on my screen for a second or so that says something like...
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    The Mystery of the Edit Button

    For those who have configured, there seems to be some randomness to whether or not you have an "Edit" button after configuration and ordering. A few theories: - It's random or buggy - It goes away after a set period of time (e.g. 24 hours after configuration) - It goes away when something...
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    Model 3 Projected 0-60 Times

    I was struck by how very close the base Model 3 0-60 time is to the base Model S. With that apparent disclosure of the base Model 3 0-60 time we can then estimate the 0-60 times of the likely upgraded models. Assumptions: The base Model 3 will have a 0-60 time of 5.6s The most likely battery...
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    Can you drive with the trunk open?

    We are planning to pick up some long items in our X and it would be helpful to have them stick out the back. (i.e. in the back with the trunk partially open) Has anyone tried this? Any tips on where to attach bungie cords or keeping the car beeping at us the whole time?
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    Trunk Closing Problem

    We picked up our new 75D last Friday and encountered a problem I don't remember seeing described here. (We also have one FWD door with the phantom "obstacle detected" problem, but that seems sadly common.) Around a third of the time when pressing the button to close the trunk, it will go all...
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    Early Info on Firmware 8.0

    Looks like some improvements to Autopilot and an overhaul of the look and feel are coming. Full article here via Electrek, but highlights look to be: using the blinker to take exit ramps while on Autopilot, better visibility of what the car "sees" from it's sensors, better voice commands...
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    How much lead time on final delivery date scheduling?

    I don't think I've seen this discussed recently... For those who have (or had) your final delivery date/time scheduled, how much warning did you get at the end? (e.g. a week, 3 days, "tomorrow!", etc.)
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    Model X 75D Deliveries

    There are a bunch of 75D threads around talking about production, config, etc, but nothing dedicated to people taking delivery of 75D's as far as I know. There is currently one 75D listed as being delivered in the ModelXTracker. Given that a few people have reported that they are taking...
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    Poll: Next VIN batch release date

    Looks like Tesla is releasing VINs in batches and it's been a bit since the last batch. So, in a meaningless way to pass the time and for no prize other than pronogstication bragging rights, here's a poll to guess the date of the next date of the next VINs to be released. Midnight determined by...
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    How long is too long to make reserved customers wait?

    I saw the announcement that Tesla plans to open up the Model X design studio to the public at large and have test drive vehicles available sometime around the end of April. I have a 70D on order and noticed that I was slightly (and irrationally) annoyed. Given that, I was curious what other...
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    Are we in a lull between VIN's being assigned?

    It was looking to me like the VIN's are getting assigned in batches. Looking on modelxtracker, there was a very large group of VIN's assigned up until a little over 2 weeks ago. There are a few stragglers after that, but it's never totally clear if that is the date it was actually assigned or...
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    Next best option vs. a 14-50 outlet?

    Short version of the question: What is the best option for charging at 30 amps or less? Longer version: We are getting a Model X later this year, so I've started the process of getting a 14-50 outlet in the garage. That will be very easy for us given our current electric service. I am also...
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    First Delivery Date for a 70D

    Figured I'd add a poll to mirror the 90D poll...
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    70D vs. 90D?

    I'm curious about people's thoughts about the 70D vs. 90D. My wife and I have put down our deposit and will be configuring our Model X order after a test drive early next week. A little background: - This would primarily be my wife's car. - Vast majority of use will be shuttling kids around...

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