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  1. ShockOnT

    Getting 118kW charging on my ancient S75D !

    I’ve never seen charging over 98kW at any state of since the day I bought my car in 2016, and lately it was usually maxing out at 88-90kW. 145,000km and 4.5 years old. Today I’m getting 118kW! I thought it might be an artefact of sudden charging, but actually it started at 110kW at 13%SoC and...
  2. ShockOnT

    I want a new Model S

    Has anyone else noticed that the pace of innovation seems to be slowing at Tesla? When I bought my Model S in 2016 I got a facelifted AP1 car. So the car had just had an exterior refresh. A few short months later AP2 was released (didn't realise at the time I'd dodged a bullet :-)). Then AP2.5...
  3. ShockOnT

    TuneIn not working?

    I’ve noticed for the last two days that TuneIn is not working. Just shows the “Have a TuneIn account?” question. It used to have a default car account.
  4. ShockOnT

    Did prices just go up?

    Not sure if I recall correctly, but it seems the price of Model S has just gone up on the Tesla AU site.
  5. ShockOnT

    Out of warranty repair

    The modem in my MCU is apparently playing up, and Tesla Service want to charge $4100 for a new MCU. It would be a like-for-like replacement if the old 3G MCU. The car is less than 3 years old, but has 107,000km so is beyond the warranty. Does anyone have an opinion about whether this should...
  6. ShockOnT

    Help with HPWC

    Hi all, I recently moved house, and went from a 3 phase supply to single phase supply. I'm using the same HPWC, just running on single phase 32A. After the electrician connected everything up (added a new circuit etc) it was energised with a normal green light at the top, but when connecting...
  7. ShockOnT

    CCS2 cables being installed at St Leonards

    First CCS2 Superchargers getting installed today at St Leonards. .
  8. ShockOnT

    PSA: Check your bill if you are/were on AGL $1/day

    My last two bills were unusually high, and it seems AGL has been adding my car usage into the general usage. It turns out I had been overcharged about $500 total over the last 2 quarters. The person at AGL apologised and said that this "happens a lot" with the Electric Car plan.
  9. ShockOnT

    Model 3 Charging in Australia

    Three phase charger is plenty fast enough.
  10. ShockOnT

    21" Silver Turbines for Sale - $3,000 (Note: in Sydney, Australia)

    Hi All I've decided to sell my 21" silver turbine wheels. They are near-mint condition, with no curb rash at all. Set of 4, tyres have about 20,000kms except one, which I replaced 5,000kms ago due to sidewall puncture. I will post photos shortly, once I've given them a good clean. Selling...
  11. ShockOnT

    21" Silver Turbines for Sale - $3,000 (Sold)

    Hi All I've decided to sell my 21" silver turbine wheels. They are near-mint condition, with no curb rash at all. Set of 4, tyres have about 20,000kms except one, which I replaced 5,000kms ago due to sidewall puncture. I will post photos shortly, once I've given them a good clean. Selling...
  12. ShockOnT

    Long Range is 100D

    This inventory car is a "Long Range" Model X. Model X 100D 5YJXDCE2XJF097242 | Tesla Australia The thing is, it has 5,700kms on the odometer. I can't imagine one of the new Long Range cars has put that much mileage on the clock since last week or whenever the badges changed, so I'm guessing...
  13. ShockOnT

    Singleton supercharger - any news?

    Title says it all... It's camping season, and I wanna head west.
  14. ShockOnT

    My 3rd door handle failure in 2 years

    I've had driver's door, then passenger door, now driver's door handle again fail since buying my Model S new in October 2016, 2 years 4 months ago. I'm on 94,000kms, so just past the 80,000km warranty limit. This should be covered under Australian Consumer Law, right? Even though it's past the...
  15. ShockOnT

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?
  16. ShockOnT

    Renault Zoe in Australia

    It's so sad ... I noticed the Zoe is on the Renault Australia site with a price of $52,000. I thought it might be interesting to have a test drive, maybe not wait for my Model 3 reservation. When I asked about the Zoe, the Renaults salesman said "I literally don't know what that is". Sigh...
  17. ShockOnT

    “Limited Charging” message

    I saw a new message this morning. I remember feeling like I hadn’t pushed the charging plug in properly last night, and this morning when I checked the app it showed a message I hadn’t seen before. It had automatically set the charge speed to 16A at 240V. Normally I have it at 25A.
  18. ShockOnT

    ICE Comparison Mode

    It would be interesting to have an Easter egg that allowed ones Tesla to simulate any ICE car. You could choose for example “Toyota / Corolla” and the car could use known performance curves for power, torque, gear ratios etc to simulate exactly the feel of driving that ICE car. It would even...
  19. ShockOnT

    Did my car steer to avoid accident?

    I’ve had my S75D for about a year. The other day I entered a main road from a side road at fairly high speed, accelerating and turning left. There was a concreted divider (wall) which I was approaching as I turned in. I was driving fast but was obviously not planning to hit the divider...
  20. ShockOnT

    Not enough Superchargers

    I'll be doing a tour of Europe in a Model X in a few weeks, and as I plan the trip it occurs to me that we are really being under-supported in Australia when it comes to Superchargers. I acknowledge that Australia is remote, but we buy a lot of Teslas. I see them every day driving around...
  21. ShockOnT

    Abercrombie House DC

    Does anyone know if this destination charger is accessible after hours? I'll be coming back from Dubbo on Wednesday night. It would be handy to have this option available. Will be stretching my 75D battery...
  22. ShockOnT

    Stupid round planet!

    It's the 29th already and still no Model 3 event?
  23. ShockOnT

    Wanted to buy: HPWC charger in Sydney

    Hi guys I know there's a sales section but it's all US stuff. I'm wanting to buy a 2nd HPWC wall charger if anyone has one they don't need. Sydney area preferably, but I'm happy to do a road trip to pick up.
  24. ShockOnT

    Design studio down - something new coming?

    Just noticed that the design studio is offline. Something new coming? Model 3 configurator? New options for new motor MS and MX? Just bug fixes!!!???
  25. ShockOnT

    Australians spent $42.5 billion on fuel last year

    Call me mad, but I've spent part of my Saturday night doing a Cost Benefit Analysis for EVs in Australia All statistics are for 12 months ending 30/06/2016 and come from this report: 9208.0 - Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia, 12 months ended 30 June 2016 I was inspired by a chat I was...
  26. ShockOnT

    Dead Patch!

    I've met a few people at the Heatherbrae supercharger who were charging to 100% so they could get to Forster and back. We could use a destination charger or two up there!
  27. ShockOnT

    Model 3 RHD confirmed for Mid-2018

    Elon today tweeted that the RHD version of the Model 3 will be rolling out in 'summer' 2018. I remember the original plan being simultaneous rollout of LHD and RHD lines, but it seems Tesla has decided to keep things simple to ensure a smooth launch. Personally this just make me even happier I...
  28. ShockOnT

    Sydney Supercharger Speed

    What peak charging speeds to people get at the St Leonards supercharger? in my facelift MS 70D (locked 75) I never seem to get above 92kW, regardless of state-of-charge or temperature. Is this normal? I'd love to know peak charging rates for other cars at this supercharger. Please share!
  29. ShockOnT

    Sydney to Orange and back

    Overnighting in Orange. Anyone know EV friendly accommodation in Orange where I can use my UMC? Was also planning to top up at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains each way. Does anyone know if their destination chargers are locked at night?
  30. ShockOnT

    The Dash-cam I want

    My perfect dash-cam: - Streams to the cloud, so data can't be lost if the device is destroyed or stolen - If that's too much data, streams to a storage unit which can be hidden anywhere in/on/under the car - Records sound as well Does such a device exist?
  31. ShockOnT

    New Member

    Hi guys, Thought I'd stop lurking and finally join the forum. I have a new Model S 70D on order, arriving in October. I live in Sydney with relatives in Brisbane and Tassie, looking forward to some road trips:-)

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