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  1. Fernand

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Meh. This is the culture humankind needs to save on Mars? I was watching TSLA sell off like ... a pebble. Depressing. Meh. Well, ok the Chad Mars bit was ... OK.
  2. Fernand

    Blog Musk Says He’s the ‘Wild Card’ on This Week’s Saturday Night Live

    Unfortunately, the SNL show just hasn't been interesting or funny in a long time. I was despondent watching Elon acting foolish in a dump of mediocre "comedy" writing. Is this the culture that humankind needs to preserve on Mars? He must be surrounded by sycophants who didn't dare talk him out...
  3. Fernand

    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    @gearchruncher, you worry too theoretical ... It will need to obey every law. Speed, waiting at stop signs for X seconds, stopping for yellow lights, only moving left to pass, turn signals, etc. It's going to drive quite a bit differently than human drivers around it, which will cause some...
  4. Fernand

    Driver initiated lane change during NoA

    I had one of those layered smart aborts today. Wow. And a couple of muscle-in smooth lane changes, the way humans do it when they need want to. The whole NOA driving skill set has again gained more fluidity and skill of late. There's absolutely no question that my Nicki drives better than me at...
  5. Fernand

    My Experience With EAP Suggests Not Only Won't FSD Go Up In Price, It's Going To Go Down

    Some people are into measuring half-empty cups - waste of time while others are drinking from it just fine.
  6. Fernand

    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    So alright already, when do we get it ?
  7. Fernand

    Why I'm Not Opting for Full Self-Driving

    FWIW, I ordered EAP with the car and added the version 3 hardware with a "FSD upgrade". I'm very comfortable riding that automation as it stands, much more than dealing with the humans with their "much better than a robot" creative driving. I know when to use what mode, and what to expect. It's...
  8. Fernand

    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    Alright, alright, alright @run-the-joules, yeah we know it's a con or a delusion. But either way it largely drives better than me. .
  9. Fernand

    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    The fact remains that Mr Musk's NN should have deep-learned by now to keep his transient thoughts, however cool, in RAM. Comforting to know that the CTO/CEO is amazed at the Beta street level NOA actually working, ... and is debating ripping out hardware and commenting out half the C++ code...
  10. Fernand

    CA: East Bay Area Caldecott Tunnel NOA map error?

    Freeway 24 -> 13 NOA error. A recent map update introduced a dangerous NOA drop-out for drivers Westbound in the California highway 24 Caldecott Tunnel, who are about to take the Warren Freeway southbound, i.e. highway 13. The problem has now been there for a month or more? We have so many...
  11. Fernand

    FSD Beta testing open to all with next update?

    People who didn't buy the "FSD" option are now asking all sorts of unanswerable questions about something they didn't want. :rolleyes:
  12. Fernand

    New button to enable FSD Beta download?

    Dunno about older boards, lemons and frustrated owners. Sorry but my late 2018 Model w/ HW3 has been entirely satisfactory. A 5/5. A bit of magic in our lives, as Andrey Karpathy said. I'm loving the expanding voice commands, I'm using freeway NOA all the time, and I can't wait for street NOA...
  13. Fernand

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    NEW rims for that 2018 Model 3 ?? Got a Dremel tool and $16? This is very effective . .
  14. Fernand

    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    I'm not trusting ANY system enough to be backing out into the combat zone without using mirrors, cameras, everything.
  15. Fernand

    Steering Wheel Weights on ebay. Legal now?

    Absolute garbage? Ooh, I think I detect a millennial. But I hear you. Still, there are reasons why they designed it this way, IMHO. Hear me out. I had contemplated adding a camera and a little board with face recognition AI chips, and was digging into ways to simulate "the jerk" or pass a...
  16. Fernand

    Clear your cameras

    There are two different cool ways to enjoy this great car: eyes and hands to The Power, or autopilot Let It Be. NOA keeps getting better, smoother, more like a skilled driver. Actually impressive. I use NOA on freeways > 95% of the time, with occasional autopilot on city streets. I'm looking...
  17. Fernand

    No supercharging in Bakersfield CA?

    I drove through Bakersfield to/from Las Vegas, and there were 2 Superchargers, one by the CHP on the West exit from town. Easy Trip Food Store 29541 Stockdale Hwy Bakersfield, CA 93314. The next one North was a few miles up on Highway 5. A new Supercharger in downtown Bakersfield is planned to...
  18. Fernand

    Picking up my M3 SLR Thursday. Or am I???

    @itscindy I'm actually excited at your purchase. Give yourself some time to develop a work-flow with the different driving ways and automation. A lot of people want to challenge it, look for the things it can't do, and they develop a sort of negative feedback loop. Embrace it, hey you own it...
  19. Fernand

    Picking up my M3 SLR Thursday. Or am I???

    Train Scruffy to sit on the accelerator pedal when you want to take a nap. But seriously, you haven't fully digested what a different machine the Tesla is. No, Creep Mode is not traditional two pedal driving. Once you (and Cornelius) get used to the regen, it's a different way to relax. It's...
  20. Fernand

    No issues with my 2018 Model 3

    Delivered December 2018, has 9,200 miles including 2 road trips. No problems. Added FSD 3.x hardware, some snazzy blue LEDs, rotated tires, added washer liquid. A joy to operate, and a "gas" to drive. Best car I've owned.
  21. Fernand

    Dash woody mods?

    Wrapping's ok, but it's been done. That wood is tricky to refinish. After trying a lot of approaches, this works well, if you're into Classic. Blue-tape the edges. Lightly sand with say a #400 grit. Careful, this isn't a piece of hardwood, it's like IKEA veneer on IKEA particulate. Wipe off or...
  22. Fernand

    Which do you prefer - old center console or new center console

    They don't call it Class-ic for nuthin'. Tesla is after simple, inexpensive to make. And that's great. But they started out with a specific esthetic. Where's the 3's leather wrapped steering wheel now? It's like that. So dig, a Model 3 is not a Model S, and little by little the 3's been...
  23. Fernand

    Back seat cover for dogs in Model 3?

    ANY animal. They animals, dude. :p
  24. Fernand

    Buy Model 3 Standard Range Plus now or wait for LFP and tax credit?

    In our family we have 1 BMW 6xx, 1 Honda Accord, 2 Bolts, and 1 Model 3. Guess who has gloating rights. There's one outstanding thing about the Bolts. They cheap. Oh, and they 'lectric and don't get stolen.
  25. Fernand

    Back seat cover for dogs in Model 3?

    Oh, oops, I forgot the ;)
  26. Fernand

    Back seat cover for dogs in Model 3?

    @MentalNomad you're half way to what I was going to suggest. How about one of those cartons they ship fruit in, the ones with the air holes? Just get the right size. Recyclable, economical, even fashionable. And keep the lid. Dogs are fairly smart. After they misbehave a few times and you slap...
  27. Fernand

    Buy Model 3 Standard Range Plus now or wait for LFP and tax credit?

    You did due diligence by test driving a 3 and Y - or did you just sit in one? Not the same. Your original question wasn't entirely about the credit and battery. Here's a different consideration. I've owned Mercedes, Datsun Z, '53 Chevy, and lots of just cars. My (our) last one was/is a Honda...
  28. Fernand

    Steering Wheel Weights on ebay. Legal now?

    There are some variables here that the disapprovers can't seem to grasp. First of all, it appears that different cars require more or less torque on the wheel to quell a nag. Secondly, people have quite different upper body anatomies, and physiologies. The nags can make auto-steer almost...
  29. Fernand

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    2018, after 150 mile drive. No wraps, no tints, no ceramic, never garaged. ONR/w anyone?
  30. Fernand

    Model 3 size - more like an Accord or more like a Civic?

    Our Model 3 is roughly the same inside as our 2007 Honda Accord LX, except that the Honda is more cocooning, while the Tesla offers something very spacious and liberating in the lack of doodads and control knickknacks all over the place.
  31. Fernand

    Aero Shield Panel

    This sure looks like an afterthought in the design. I wonder how they've improved that of late. And if it's even needed. Their position that if it falls apart it's your fault is absurd. But now that we know it's there, if I lived in a very wet climate, before anything like that happened, and...
  32. Fernand

    Aero Shield Panel

    This doesn't make any sense. Who is joking here? Are they saying that part of the car's undercarriage dissolves or falls apart if the car is driven in the rain? Why then do they even provide windshield wipers? Where is this "aero shield" anyway? .
  33. Fernand

    Salty...[comment about tone of posts]

    In many ways it's an American thing. Not too bad here, but it's part of the masochism and guilt that Americans emanate so much of. It would be too "uncool" to not to find fault. Yeah, Teslas are amazing machines, Musk is right about so many things, some say he's actually done the impossible...
  34. Fernand

    Auto open frunk for $15 [non electric]

    I've had both trunk and frunk struts upgraded, and a lighter spring on the frunk latch, with no problems in 2 years. You should always gently use 2 hands, like Tesla says, or center one hand, to close the frunk, no matter which struts are installed. I can't imagine how a slightly stronger strut...
  35. Fernand

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    What are "runflats"?
  36. Fernand

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Nice. Did you have the tint done? How far does it reach up in the back? How much did it cost?
  37. Fernand

    phantom braking. Are you still experiencing it with latest software update?

    I always do a pre-flight walk-around and wipe the cameras/glass first thing in the morning. I have never had unexplainable "phantom" braking in the last year and a half. There are rare ambiguous situations where the car chooses to slow down where I might or might not make that choice. We're...
  38. Fernand

    Model 3: Roof Crack

    @jessca My guess would be Tesla will cover it under warranty as a stress crack. Just tell them like it is, that it appeared out of nowhere.
  39. Fernand

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    Not to worry you, but this is a huge rabbit hole subject. Between wear, handling, braking, quietness, efficiency, there are SO many variables. Search this forum and some others. .
  40. Fernand

    2021 Model 3 Problems

    FWIW, no. My late 2018 Model 3 was and is perfect. The day after I'd ordered it evening of 12/27/2018 they did all the loan and paperwork, then, in the evening of the 28th, a posse of Tesla kids delivered it to my house, then continued enthusiastically up the hill to drop off another two. The...
  41. Fernand

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    Ok, a dozen 12 volt batteries on forum W, another dozen on forums X, Y and Z, out of, what, 700,000 model 3s? That's POS territory? What's the failure rate on that type of 12 volt battery on average in the wild? "Your rose colored glasses are very strong, where can I get some?" The rose...
  42. Fernand

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    Of course it's not typical, and the OP is entitled to a detailed explanation. FWIW, Having designed DC motor drives, one likely way for them to fail is the power semiconductors frying due to being, or becoming, loose on their heat sinks. And if I were Tesla I'd be very seriously looking for...
  43. Fernand

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    "2 drive failures in 6000 miles is terrible, how is that reliable?" Very simple. THAT car has had one specific problem twice. That's not very good. But that tells us nothing about the other 999,999 Teslas. Nor about how THIS car will be doing over the next few years. There are about a million...
  44. Fernand

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    So much drama! The car needed service and the poor guy is being told it's a POS, and cranked up in his anxieties. It's not a POS, it's a very reliable car, with very high customer satisfaction. Tesla Service doesn't communicate well, that's just how it is. They replaced the failed parts, at no...
  45. Fernand

    Master Thread 2021 M3LR heated steering wheel Discussion thread

    Those masked raccoons can do a lot of damage. Count your blessings. Any chance you could face the car the other way and not have to disable Sentry? .
  46. Fernand

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    Wait a minute, @cwerdna. I'm an engineer. The 12 volt battery problems you reference have nothing to do with the drive motor. There have been some "accessory" 12 volt batteries failing. The other issues you list are all over the place. Let's be real. There are about a million Teslas on the road...
  47. Fernand

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    Oh, @cwerdna , report it? what's the point? Something in the drive unit failed, it's uncommon, chit happens. Noise is a symptom not a cause. They are replacing it under warranty, presumably checked for causes, done. .
  48. Fernand

    VW ID.3 beats Tesla model 3

    What did Elon say about the ID3 ? "not bad for a ... car". I forget the adjective. Oh, yeah. Not bad for a "non-sporty" car. Very diplomatic.
  49. Fernand

    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    Good point, @Gauss Guzzler. I confess I stretched that rule getting the late 2018 Model 3 w/ EAP and adding FSD. But it's been such a great beastie, no regrets. I might quote that saying about "the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten", but once every month that payment does...
  50. Fernand

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    In the East Bay hills, it's like a hallucination, so many new Teslas. It seems it's all people are buying. Berkeley's Service Center's been very good, hard to get in touch with, what else is new, but well organized and competent.

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