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    Do you think Tesla is limiting the MYP's launch performance to not compete with the M3P

    that “down low” torque is what breaks things. It makes sense for a heavier car to be slower off the line.
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    Trade-in offer definition of major cosmetic and mechanical issues

    there have been pretty significant changes as evidenced by various posts here. The used car market has been jumping around quite a bit.
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    Vacation Rentals with Tesla chargers

    @floatplane who is responsible when there is a laundry room fire for the next guest because the wire didn’t get fully tightened when putting the old outlet back in? nevermimd - rereading it looks like your using the screwdriver to replace your ends on your cord.
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    Tesla Service: SC says they will charge 0.5 hour diagnostic fee for vibrations, noise issues - Model X

    It’s pretty common now. Suggest you collect data prior to the visit such as video/audio recording if it is not repeatable.
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    I get a rebate for a level 2 charger...but it may just be easier to get a 14-50 put in

    My electrician had absolutely no issue filing the rebate and getting me a check. Sure, it needed a licensed electrician and a permit. But those are technically required anyway. I have had the WC installed 4 years and they haven’t replaced it. When I asked about it they were keeping it open as...
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    Help with Nema 14-50 Install (with pictures)

    You are sure the outlet is wired like this?
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    Help with Nema 14-50 Install (with pictures)

    It’s not likely the breaker. There won’t be much current plugging in a connector (wall or mobile).
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    Standard Range Plus Autopilot Removed Remotely [by Tesla]

    My opinion - the problem with FSD in the used resale market is simply that it is a promise or a wish. There is really no value to the average person, esp one that doesn't follow Tesla. No sane used car dealer is going to pay more for a car with FSD over another car because they really cannot...
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    Standard Range Plus Autopilot Removed Remotely [by Tesla]

    Sure they can if the original purchaser agreed to put 18 inch wheels on in return for a lower cost or other consideration.
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    retail cost for a battery is whatever Tesla would like it to be.
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    Will it hold my garbage cans? (I miss Wagons and SUVs, not liking CUVs.)

    See if you can get an overnight test drive :) I agree - I wouldn’t throw stuff directly in the car. Too much chance of leaking. Perhaps double bag with something like a super thick 96 gal trash bag. But I’m still not sure I would do it.
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    Will it hold my garbage cans? (I miss Wagons and SUVs, not liking CUVs.)

    Those racks are super easy to install / remove. I cannot find any videos on the Tesla hitch. I believe that is also removable.
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    Got Wheels Aligned & Now Steering Wheel Is Off

    You need the car re-aligned. They messed up. There is a hard connection between the wheel angle and the steering wheel angle. No number of reboots will fix it. There is a steering wheel angle sensor that the car uses for autopilot. That may get calibrated with driving. But everything I...
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    Vendor It’s Electric! The EcoHitch and Tesla Relationship

    Towing capacity goes beyond chassis and drivetrain. Suspension and tires play a large role too.
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    That’s probably a substantial profit for Apple.
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    Tesla Service Quote On Rotation and Balancing

    I’ve always had tire work due at a tire shop. Never been to a dealer that matched discount tire pricing.
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    2021.4.15 Charging Issues

    I’m wondering if it’s the gen3 WC causing your problems.
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    Sentry Mode bust!

    And you add on the companies that publish mugshots and videos along with searchable names and charge to have them removed….
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    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    Doesn’t Model S have mechanical front doors from the inside? Like any other car in the market, they are subject to jamming in an accident but they are not super complicated electronic devices. The external handles require electricity to operate. But is that any different from other cars that...
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    Charging Cable Stolen While Charging

    The trunk will not close with a cable in it. I’m not aware of any car that could have a thick cable or two hanging out of the trunk and it still close? Sure, you could leave it in the back seat with the window open slightly, but to me that’s inviting someone to break out the window.
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    Kilowatt usage from home charging

    Teslafi can track usage per location.
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    I hit a Tree in my Tesla Model 3

    Why use EAP in pouring down freezing rain with bad road conditions?
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    How long does it take for a newbie to change air filter to fix smelly AC?

    @simpsonhomer do you get the same smell if you open the door for a minute? My truck and model S both do that. I think it’s the extra humidity. No clue where the mildew is in my car & truck.
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Service can fix this over the air if I recall correctly. It’s some sort of security key they failed to update.
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    Used CPO warranty MISSING.. Tesla won't honor

    I would hope - clearly telling them the warranty change was for vehicles purchased after Oct 15 and they cannot retroactively change your purchase terms - would do it. With the pdf of the doc around your purchase time from way back.
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    Used CPO warranty MISSING.. Tesla won't honor

    https://electrek.co/2020/10/19/tesla-slashes-used-car-warranty/ Does not say exactly what date from a quick read.
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    Used CPO warranty MISSING.. Tesla won't honor

    At some point it changed from additional warranty to remaining warranty plus 1 year/10k miles. the original CPO warranty also said it was only for the first time the car was sold CPO. You can find the old text easily with Google. But when it changed and for which cars is harder. is it in...
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    [Is a model 3 a good purchase for someone who is] Not computer literate

    Sit in a new BMW X3, take it for a drive, try to change radio stations, air conditioner, etc. Then try the same in a model 3. the model 3 is much easier (imho). my 70+ year old mom takes her bmw in 2x per year to get the clock adjusted.
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    Serious ETA Error in Trip Planner

    How about this :) it felt like it was off by about 20 minutes for the last 70 or so miles of the trip. Watched it count down to 1 mile, 300 ft, 200 ft…
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    CHAdeMo adapter , $450 , seriously ?? Why so expensive

    Oops. I only saw the second photo.
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    CHAdeMo adapter , $450 , seriously ?? Why so expensive

    @Truffles1 there is not a Tesla manufacturered adapter for that plug. There is an aftermarket one that some have used with mixed results. hopefully soon!
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    How bad are Falcon Wing doors?

    I have an S and a 3 - a bit out of fear of the X doors. But my friend has an X and they just LOVE the doors.
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    Enhanced Autopilot removed - Bought From 3rd Party Dealer

    I would like to see the documentation when the car leaves Tesla’s hands to see if any blame goes past Tesla.
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    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    @blecchus_rex I probably agree on the truck stop risk. But I think I'd take that and services over a spot in an empty mall.
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    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    My personal preference is a 24 hour truck stop type location. Feels more secure. Always have restrooms available & a quick snack if needed. With a Model 3 & V3 chargers the stop really isn't that long to worry about where to eat if it isn't basically attached. Again, my personal preference...
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    Cyber Lndr (Camper for Cybertruck)

    Going to love it so much it never needs removing /s
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    Gen3 HPWC disassembly, with overheating issues explained!

    So…. How do they claim a software update will fix a bad relay setup? Ignore the heat buildup?
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    Supercharger - Texas Best Smokehouse - Grapevine, TX

    Yea! Will really help on the next trip.
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    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    I think it’s a good location for being on campus. Away from game traffic & near some restaurants. Although v3 charging and a model 3 doesn’t give much time. It will enable college kids to get a tesla now.
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    How often does your car wake up when parked?

    Every few hours.
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    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    supercharge.info gets its info from here and does an awesome job displaying it. But most of it does come from here. Post #91 above has the details.
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    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    Very interesting! Never expected on campus. this is also interesting to me -
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    Is it better to add a 14-50 outlet or hardwire an electric charger in garage?

    1. Gfci breaker is required by latest version of NEC. Many jurisdictions adopt that code. So, yes, it’s common. I think the price sounds high. I would expect $100 for the breaker. 2. Depends on your wishes. The hard wired connectors can go to 48a (on a 60a circuit) vs 32a with the UMC on a...
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    Tesla blames MCU resets on Tesla Waze Website.

    Well - you can blame them for having a browser. I realize it sounds nice on paper, but it comes with a certain amount of complexity & overhead that clearly they did not take into consideration.
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    Supercharger - Texas Best Smokehouse - Grapevine, TX

    Just left the area on the way back to Austin. it can open now.
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    How long does it take for a newbie to change air filter to fix smelly AC?

    @TLLMRRJ I’ve read that the desiccant can break down over time. True or not, I don’t know. Agree it’s really to get the moisture out of the initial charge.
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    Supercharger - Georgetown, TX

    @Wolfram Definitely agree if one doesn’t have home charging it’s a different game.
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    Why does Tesla SUCK on the administrative side?

    If it makes you feel better my used Nissan purchase was a nightmare too. they failed to get the title from the previous owner. Then failed to get it signed. Lied about the state of the battery (ended up with about 20 miles range). Finally got the AG and the BBB involved and a released title...
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    Should I get the self driving option for 10k or wait ?

    FSD is transferable. Tesla may take it away before they resell (or auction) a car when they own the car after a trade in. They also may not pay more for it. But it does transfer. Now, with that said I don’t think anyone is offering a significant premium for it when buying used. It depends on...

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