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  1. 03DSG

    Should PPF look OK from 5 feet away?

    That a really bad job. Poor application of a pre-cut pattern. Dirt is going to get under all those exposed edges and look terrible. Using a pre-cut pattern is fine. It’s the installation of it that’s bad. I would want a refund and go somewhere else.
  2. 03DSG

    Any good examples of Tesla Wall Connector installed between garage doors?

    I used readily available 1” x 6” lumber for the wings. I attached a piece of rectangular strapping running down one edge of the 1 x 6 with screws to give me a way to screw it to the wood frame that secures the door track. Had to leave gaps where the track attaches. Here’s a couple of closeups:
  3. 03DSG

    Any good examples of Tesla Wall Connector installed between garage doors?

    Here you go. As you can see I installed side ‘wings’ to contain the cord and keep it away from the tracks. The box above it the emergency shutoff switch. Required if the fuse panel is not in the garage:
  4. 03DSG

    Model Y RWD need advice

    Y would be a great young family car if your ok with the RWD and standard range. I have a 3 but my wife has a Ford Escape. If we go down to 1 vehicle it will be a Y.
  5. 03DSG

    Ordered M3P 02-23-21 and Vanity Plates!

    Nice! IMO best color combo. Wish the white interior was available back when.
  6. 03DSG

    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    Tesla Is Shifting All Standard Range EVs To LFP To Ensure Supply Elon Musk says Tesla is shifting more electric cars to LFP batteries over nickel supply concerns - Electrek
  7. 03DSG

    Tesla auto insurance premium varies greatly between different postal code??

    We moved from Scarborough to Cobourg 8 years ago. 3 cars. Our insurance on the 3 cars dropped 50%. Currently insuring 2014 Ford Escape and a 2018 Model 3. Both include optional 1,000,000/3,000,000 medical/catastrophic coverage. $850 for the Escape and $985 for the Tesla BUT the Tesla includes...
  8. 03DSG

    Windshield wiper fluid

    I second the CTC Reflex brand. This one in particular. It’s rated to -49 and comes in a large 9.5 litre bottle. I use the big bottle to fill a couple smaller ones: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/reflex-ice-defence-windshield-washer-fluid-49c-9-46-l-0290002p.html#srp
  9. 03DSG

    Mats for Model 3

    3D MaxPiders are good. Full coverage and easy to clean. Can order from Costco and others.
  10. 03DSG

    Toronto Collision Repair Recommendations?

    Excellence on Midwest: Excellence Auto Collision
  11. 03DSG

    Aviva Insurance

    I was with Traders General until the merge but have been with Aviva ever since. Cars and home. Good rates. One minor collision claim handled very professionally. No issues.
  12. 03DSG

    Best aftermarket dash strip to replace OEM wood (with pics...hopefully)

    Thats actually one of the reasons I bought the TSportline dash cap. I liked that the grain was in the same direction as the OEM carbon fibre grain on the model S and X dash. Top left to bottom right. Its also the only CF in my interior so no issue for me.
  13. 03DSG

    What to call a MY with Acceleration Boost?

    Possibly nothing? It’s a really clean look.
  14. 03DSG

    Ontario electricity billing change: TOU or tier for EV charging?

    Exactly. Even retired, staying home and charging overnight. I was consistently paying a smaller total bill YOY compared to the Covid 24/7 fixed TOU rate months. Corrected for variances in monthly YOY charging amounts. It’s the overnight charging at the low off-peak rate that makes the difference.
  15. 03DSG

    New Model 3 Sport wheels

    I don't like the 'new' Sport wheels at all. Too 'Slipstream' looking for me. Hate the flat wide wheel edge.Yes, probably better aero but if you want better aero just stick with the dinner plate 18's.
  16. 03DSG

    For Sale: TesBros Model 3 Complete Chrome Delete Kit

    SOLD Thanks for the interest
  17. 03DSG

    For Sale: TesBros Model 3 Complete Chrome Delete Kit

    Brand new TesBros Model 3 complete chrome delete kit. 3M 2080 DARK SATIN GREY. Kit contains TWO complete sets of upper window trim, lower window trim, side turn signal/camera, door handle and mirrors. ONE set only of the front and rear 'T' emblem as I kept one set. I chose not to install. My...
  18. 03DSG

    Puzzled by loud fan or blower noise

    Blowing air through the HVAC system to dry it out. Prevents mold and the musty smell many were getting.
  19. 03DSG

    Rear Drive Unit Failed

    Yes. Here’s the RDU part number: ASY,3DUR,MOSFET-HC(1120980-00-G) Other RDU’s around my 30,000 VIN WERE 00-C
  20. 03DSG

    Rear Drive Unit Failed

    Just had the rear drive unit replaced on my Jun 2018 RWD with 27,000 km. Got following warning: We were headed out for shopping trip and wife was uncomfortable with this so we went home and got the Escape. Booked a service appointment and went for 8am today. They gave me an S P90D with...
  21. 03DSG

    Curb Rash - Wheel Repair

    Fitting it into their schedule and what needs to be done. My wheels were gone for a week but it was a Muti-step complete refinishing.
  22. 03DSG

    GTA PPF Recomendations

    You won't be disappointed.
  23. 03DSG

    Model 3 trunk more stiff to close

    Just Lube the hinge rotating points occasionally. Easy to see where they are by moving the lid up and down a bit. Any widely available spray lube will do. Use them on your trunk and door hinges as well. These would both work great and last a long time...
  24. 03DSG

    GTA PPF Recomendations

    Home > Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings | Markham | Toronto | GTA Fabian did my full frontal PPF, side window tint and ceramic coating in July, 2018. Custom PPF install with wrapped edges. One piece full mirror. One piece full front bumper. Zero defects and zero issues. In reality, with all...
  25. 03DSG

    Rear Window Full tint problems and negative experience at oakville tesla

    My take on it is that any aftermarket add-on, and most have at least some, is at our own risk. I just had my passenger side headlight replaced under warranty (Model 3 early build known issue). I also had the drivers side replaced within a month of delivery back in 2018. They both had...
  26. 03DSG

    Headlight signature lights failed

    Thread resurrection. Replaced my drivers side HL twice in late 2018 from original part # -00-G to upgraded part # -00-I due to the LED strip failure. 2 weeks ago noticed my passenger side strip was out. Mobile service replaced it under warranty this week. Failed part # -00-G to upgraded part #...
  27. 03DSG

    Accent Headlight

    Another resurrection. Replaced my drivers side HL twice in late 2018 from original part # -00-G to upgraded part # -00-I due to the LED strip failure. 2 weeks ago noticed my passenger side strip was out. Mobile service replaced it under warranty this week. Failed part # -00-G to upgraded part #...
  28. 03DSG

    Dispute Experience with Tesla Canada

    I switched my indicated battery range to % from km's over a year ago. Best thing I did to self-control my OCD. :)
  29. 03DSG

    Headrest bubbling and other issues, theories and testing

    My ex-wife does. Seriously. The steering wheel leather/pleather of her cars literally rots away where she holds it the most.
  30. 03DSG

    Anyone else found a snail in their M3?

    No snail here but I understand most EV’s other than Tesla come with the ‘snail pace’ performance package as standard equipment... I think that guy there was just checking out the competition.
  31. 03DSG

    Forward adjustment on hood (gap)

    Awesome job man! Looks terrific. Always great seeing people working on their own cars.
  32. 03DSG

    Rocker panel trim is bowed out - will not push back into place

    In French but you'll get the drift. Pop open the flaps, remove the bolts, pull it off, line it up and reinstall it:
  33. 03DSG

    Cleaning black metal trim around windows? After wash oxidized (rainbow colors)

    It's not faulty. It's the soaps PH. The main issue is PH factor. Not just an issue on black trim but bright anodized as well: Rear Chrome Trim Fading - Anyone else?
  34. 03DSG

    Cleaning black metal trim around windows? After wash oxidized (rainbow colors)

    Use a PH neutral CAR WASH soap only that don’t contain waxes or ‘conditioners’. Never dish detergent. https://www.amazon.com/Adams-Shampoo-Neutral-Formula-Cleaning/dp/B00UICCQGQ https://www.amazon.com/3D-Pink-Car-Soap-Chemicals/dp/B0007RVLDQ...
  35. 03DSG

    M3 mud flaps don’t fit

    Ditto what @mswlogo wrote above. Rears really aren’t necessary.
  36. 03DSG

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Website reads $2500 now. They jacked the Model 3 price $2000 with our falling CDN$. Deposit is refundable so the only reason for the drop may be to increase orders?
  37. 03DSG

    3D Maxpider Model 3 Trunk and Frunk Liners in Canada?

    The first link in my post has the frunk and trunk mats
  38. 03DSG

    3D Maxpider Model 3 Trunk and Frunk Liners in Canada?

    For Model 3: U-Guard Maxpider Custom-fitted Floor Mat in Black - PartsEngine Costco as well. Search Costco.ca for 3D MaxPider
  39. 03DSG

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    It was grandfathered into cars bought before a specific time: All Tesla cars ordered on or before June 30, 2018 will continue to have access to their existing Premium Connectivity features at no cost for the lifetime of the car. As additional features and services become available in the...
  40. 03DSG

    WiFi doesn't automatically re-connect

    Not sure what your saying. Do you mean the Wi-Fi is not re-connecting once you return to your garage? Mine does but it takes a couple of minutes to do so. It loses the LTE after pulling into the garage and a couple of minutes to connect to my house Wifi.
  41. 03DSG

    Opinions and tips, please - Body Side Molding

    Be aware that the thinner color change wrap doesn't offer the same level of protection of clear PPF.
  42. 03DSG

    anyone received 2020.12.5 update yet in Canada?

    I got 12.5 on Monday night around midnight. Was just pulling into the garage after a drive and it showed up as soon as the car switched to WiFi.
  43. 03DSG

    HW3 Upgrade

    Service is still open as an essential service. On the list: “Motor vehicle, auto-supply, auto and motor-vehicle-repair, including bicycle repair, aircraft repair, heavy equipment repair, watercraft/marine craft repairs, car and truck dealerships and related facilities.”
  44. 03DSG

    HW3 Upgrade

    Realize you directed this to Tony but both Tony and I were early June, 2018. Both got ours done at the Mississauga SC. Maybe try there?
  45. 03DSG

    What Floor Mats do you prefer?

    Model 3 here. Used WeatherTech Floorliners for years and swore by them. Got MaxPiders 3D for the car and they are the best mats I’ve used. Fit and look better than the WeatherTechs.
  46. 03DSG

    Bumper panel gap

    My June '18 build similar and I don't think its an issue as the fender is painted steel and the bumper is plastic. Its not painted metal against painted metal.

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