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  1. dhrivnak

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    The wild card is that 0 is not 0 nor is 100% completely full either with Tesla. There are buffers at both the top and bottom which unfortunately they do not disclose. So it is very likely that 80% on the Tesla screen is in reality 75%.
  2. dhrivnak

    Rheem ProTerra Electric Hybrid Hot Water deals

    We have one and it is crazy efficient and I found out it qualified for a $200 home energy tax credit. Ours has been running about 9 months now and doing even better than advertised. And at 16 amps I am sure a PowerWall will run it.
  3. dhrivnak

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    We take about 10 trips a year typically with 3 SuperCharge visits a trip, So about 100 sessions. And my average watts/mile is around 250 watts/mile. Better on the MX4 tires and a little worse on the Cross Climate tires.
  4. dhrivnak

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Maybe, but there is also a possibility that I do not charge to 80% or less, thus not giving the battery a chance to balance. And that I do charge to full and run to near empty so the BMS can calibrate, and no third party apps that often seem to drain the battery.
  5. dhrivnak

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    The car started out with 309 miles some 38 months and 58,000 miles ago. Basically I charge to 90% and about 4 times a year when on a trip I will charge to full if needed.
  6. dhrivnak

    Punished by Autosteer for no reason!

    Yes quite annoying as I DO have my hands on the wheel.
  7. dhrivnak

    Preventative 12V battery replacement before road trip?

    I am at 38 months and 57,000 miles and the 12v seems just fine in my car.
  8. dhrivnak

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Let’s stick to the core. I have been trying to buy a PowerWall for over 18 months. The semi and Roadster are behind schedule. No need to add extra projects and distractions.
  9. dhrivnak

    Solar Roof, big price increase

    We are a small solar company and once a contract is signed we honor the price. I am amazed at Tesla is doing this. For about a year we have been actively trying to partner with Tesla but now I am having serious second thoughts as we would never treat our customers this way.
  10. dhrivnak

    Three year report, mostly good.

    Yes I have done it probably a dozen time and I still have my paint. While I prefer to wash by hand sometimes that is not practical. To me the biggest pain is getting the car in neutral and keeping it in neutral.
  11. dhrivnak

    Three year report, mostly good.

    Sorry I misspoke, leather like material, and yes the ranger who serviced me said rubbing alcohol was the best thing to clean seats. Mine remain in good condition so I plan to keep it up.
  12. dhrivnak

    Three year report, mostly good.

    It only had 5 miles on the odometer and I only started to log after the car was home.
  13. dhrivnak

    Three year report, mostly good.

    We have now had our Model 3 for 3 years and 55,500 miles. So, I thought I would give an update, and fortunately, it is mostly a good update. Range - One big question people have is range and how much have we lost? And you could say 3 or 8%. If you look at the graph below, we are down 3% or 9...
  14. dhrivnak

    Any experience with car shows?

    I have done it often and I even had to come up with some laminated common questions as usually I had far more people genuinely curious and wanting to ask question than I could answer. I had my Roadster which is a real eye catcher. But I assume you will get similar with the Model S. The...
  15. dhrivnak

    Tesla only vehicle

    My Model 3 is now past 3 years and 57,000 miles. Not more than an hour out of service as the three minor issues were quickly handled by a mobile Ranger. So for me much better than the typical dealer drop off. I have had a flat but I carry a compressor/slime kit and a tire plug kit and I...
  16. dhrivnak

    Is it better to add a 14-50 outlet or hardwire an electric charger in garage?

    I put in three NEMA 14-50 in my garage as it adds greatly to the flexibility. Over the the last 10 years we went from a Roadster to a Model 3 and a Volt to a RAV4 Prime. Needed different chargers in different places and it was very easy for me reconfigure. And yes such a plug would add more...
  17. dhrivnak

    Is This Normal Phantom Drain? - 2021 Model 3 SR+

    I have no 3rd party apps and I lose about 1.5 miles a day if I am gone. A very low level and I typically will only check every 2nd or third day as to not disturb the sleep cycle. I strongly think third party software or even constant checking with the app keeps the car from sleeping and thus...
  18. dhrivnak

    What a Horrid Company

    Please do as they need the customers.
  19. dhrivnak

    How to clean solar panels?

    In TN we get enough rain that there is no need to clean them. After 7 years, when cleaning some skylights, I did a good job of cleaning my panels. When I then compared against another solar install I found out that after cleaning my system did slightly less. I am sure it is just random error...
  20. dhrivnak

    14-50 or 14-30 as a backup

    NEMA 14-50 is a standard stove plug. And it can be used for welders or RV's.
  21. dhrivnak

    14-50 or 14-30 as a backup

    14-50 is most common, but at $35 each get both to give you the most options. I have been plugging in for over 10 years, with MANY times in the rain and never a hint of a shock. Just relax and enjoy the car.
  22. dhrivnak

    Thinking of trading my 2018 for 2021 Model 3. What would you do?

    I too have a 18 LR RWD with 55,000 miles. Personally I plan to run it into the ground or I am hoping another 200,000 miles. If you like spending money your plan is a good one.
  23. dhrivnak

    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    From what I have found air travel is one of the more carbon intensive ways to travel. A fuel efficient car and especially an EV is more environmentally friendly as a general rule. Now if you are comparing a coast to coast flight of one person. I agree air wins. But if two are more are...
  24. dhrivnak

    1st Tesla - Shocked at process

    Not fair there as I get MUCH better service from Tesla than my cable company. But I will acknowledge our local cable is a VERY low bar.
  25. dhrivnak

    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    You are sure lucky. I am 15 months in and Tesla keeps telling me no installs in our area. And we have applied multiple times to be an installer as well.
  26. dhrivnak

    Both Inverters stuck in night mode

    Did you try a complete reboot, shut off AC and shut off DC for a few minutes then bring the power back on.
  27. dhrivnak

    I traded in my Model S for a Prius Prime

    You are putting a lot of restrictions on your criteria. I for one owned a Roadster for 9 year. I lost $10,000 in depreciation, a more manageable $1,100/year and with most of those years out of warranty I racked up $2200 in repair bills. Not exactly aweful for a first generation car.
  28. dhrivnak

    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    When I swapped from the MXM4 to the Cross Climate I saw a 7% range hit. I am going back to the MXM4 even though the treadlife and handling are a little better with the Cross Climate.
  29. dhrivnak

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Are you sure; as for the last 4 years I heard it was just a few months away. :)
  30. dhrivnak

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Sorry not sure I agree as my driving, or even my wife's driving is far superior to the current FSD. She has yet to brake check me just because of a shadow on the road. Or because someone may merge behind me.
  31. dhrivnak

    Michelin Launches the Pilot Sport EV Tire....

    Watts per mile jumped fro 226 to 260 after I swapped tires. Measured on several 650 mile trips on the same road.
  32. dhrivnak

    New Construction Solar Roof?

    First check with Tesla as PowerWalls and roofs are about as easy to come by as unicorns, at least in most areas. So I would plan on a standard roof and add panels.
  33. dhrivnak

    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    It looks like a Model Y would easily cover you. But if nervous about the jump to all electric the RAV4 Prime is also an option to give you EV driving around town and gas for the trips. But after that I’ll bet your next car will be all electric.
  34. dhrivnak

    Michelin Launches the Pilot Sport EV Tire....

    Wow I would love to see how the rolling resistance compares to the MX4M that shipped as when I moved to the Cross Climate I saw a 7% hit in watts/mile.
  35. dhrivnak

    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Unfortunately they are greatly backlogged an unavailable to most of the country.
  36. dhrivnak

    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    I sure did, twice with no issues.
  37. dhrivnak

    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    Not normally as I seem to spin the car and road around. A “feature “ that has no or possibly negative value.
  38. dhrivnak

    You gotta be kidding me. Electricians won't add a Tesla wall connector on the backup side of ESS

    One ca EASILY as a plug to the wall connector and just dial back to 40 amps for the codes.
  39. dhrivnak

    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    Go back to the last software update where we had a bigger map, easier to see battery gauge and where I could see tire pressures and trip mileage
  40. dhrivnak

    You gotta be kidding me. Electricians won't add a Tesla wall connector on the backup side of ESS

    Then put in a NEMA 14-50 and buy a second mobile connector. Even at 32 amps you will be fully charged in the morning.
  41. dhrivnak

    You gotta be kidding me. Electricians won't add a Tesla wall connector on the backup side of ESS

    Have you considered installing yourself? I have installed at my home and Church with no issues.
  42. dhrivnak

    Mustang Mach-E Gets Great Reviews = Model 3 Challenger

    Try it you may be surprised as we have taken NUMEROUS trips in the Model 3 frequently covering 645 miles in a day. We stop every 3-4 hours for a restroom, food, or drink and we have not been able to order and eat a fast food meal before Tesla is sending a notification that we are ready to proceed.
  43. dhrivnak

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    no sir as many of us are working diligently to consciously lower our carbon footprint. Personally we are down 89%. And 90% lower than the average US household.
  44. dhrivnak

    15 degrees, snowing [discussion on energy situation in Texas]

    Not sure I would call that snow. maybe a few flurries.
  45. dhrivnak

    O-Oh. It's happened. Frunk won't open.

    This happed to me and a Ranger replaced the bad actuators a 15 minute job as I had the Frunk open for him. I was able to pop it open with some care and an Allen wrench after watching a video online.
  46. dhrivnak

    Fair Price Question

    KBB says about $41K
  47. dhrivnak

    New tesla owner ...wall outlet or new wall charger

    I went with NEMA 14-50 plugs in my garage. And the served me well. And if you want a wall charger it is EASY to add a plug. Yes your supposed to dial it back to 40 amps. But even that is more than enough to charge you overnight
  48. dhrivnak

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    I hate to say it, but this is why we got a RAV4 Prime. We also like National Forest, BLM, State parks and National Parks. Most have no electricity and the State parks that do few have 240v service. And I unfortunately do not seeing that changing any time soon.

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