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    Getting billed for using a normal looking wall connector?

    No, and no. Do we need to recap the thread? 1. This was not a random one. It is an apartment complex the OP visits frequently as a guest. 2. It was in the area for guest parking and labeled for guest use. 3. It was separate from the ones reserved for residents. 4. This is a Tesla wall...
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    Long distance driving from arizona to Colorado

    I haven't tried to deal with regular charging stations at hotels like that. I get that we should encourage them by booking with places that offer that amenity to show that it's valuable/appreciated, but the ones that do it are usually the pricier ones so far, and I'm more of an AirBNB guy. On...
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    Getting billed for using a normal looking wall connector?

    kWh would be about right even if it's not time. A lot of these would be on 30A circuits, so that's around 6kW power level, so it would deliver 6 kWh of energy in 1 hour.
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    Tesla to J1772 adapter recommendations?

    Good grief, that doesn't solve the issue though. From the circuit, there then needs to be an EVSE inline to get to the car. So if you do that, then he would need to get/buy a different EVSE to plug into the 14-50 outlet. Some new electric cars come with something like that, but a lot of them...
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    Long distance driving from arizona to Colorado

    For this specific question, it sounds like you are asking about the Tesla Supercharger station that happens to be located at a Holiday Inn Express. That is not something that is owned or controlled by the hotel. Tesla's Supercharger stations are for Tesla car owners to use at any time, without...
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    charging hardware suggestions for driveway

    Your question is about needing a longer cable, and that's totally what this other recent thread was about. He is looking at a different brand of wall mount charging unit that has a 50 foot cable for this kind of issue. I would recommend something like that...
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    Getting billed for using a normal looking wall connector?

    *facepalm* I am sure it's not THAT low.
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    Study Suggests Commercial Electric Trucks Will Have Huge Benefits

    @AMPd Could you explain why you marked a disagree on this? Why would the choice of a diesel or electric tractor have any impact on the amount of space for cargo in the trailer? Maybe there actually is some DOT regulation that interacts between cargo weight and cargo volume, where the limit on...
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    That's not the right scenario. You are looking at your car, which still works. The topic is about a car with an already failed battery that is in non-working condition. In no way at all is that worth $20,000. So the rest of your statements based on this false premise are inapplicable. I'm...
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    Standard or LR?

    Yeah, I will fall into that camp. I'm normally one who would recommend saving that several thousand dollars if people are considering between the two, because that's normally a tradeoff in some extra patience for charging time while on trips a few times a year. But that is some very heavy...
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    PrimecomTech EVSE with 50’ Cable??

    I certainly do! Yes, that is absolutely a good reason to go for this. Since your situation really does need to cover a 50 foot distance, that is going to be safer and more reliable to have a continuous fully enclosed cord than having extra extensions and plugin points along the way. That is a...
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    100A Main Panel Question

    I'm really confused why you are asking for options then. The wall connector can be set for whatever level of circuit it's on, from 15A up to 60A. So you will get a load calculation, find out how big a circuit you can add, and then set the wall connector for that. There aren't really any...
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    You are really letting your intense hatred of Tesla make you totally irrational. I see it all over this forum in every thread you post in now. The premise of the original question was for cars where the battery has already failed and needs to be replaced. Is it worth the cost to do the...
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    NEMA 14-50 Gen 2 Adapter out of stock

    I doubt it, and I don't see why. They already have everything they need in it (reducing to 32A and adding a temperature sensor), and the mobile cable isn't going to need things like wi-fi control and web interfaces, etc.
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    Model 3 Owners: Who Here Has Trickle-Charging Only/No Home Charging?

    I'm not sure if you want to go ahead and do this yourself because it's fun, or if you just think you have to build one yourself. If you don't have the time and don't want to bother, you can just buy one: https://www.evseadapters.com/products/l6-30-adapter-for-tesla-model-s-x-3-gen-2/
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    Supercharger in Brighton?

    The best site to look for these is www.supercharge.info, but I don't see any building permit or construction found in Brighton yet.
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    NEMA 14-50 40amp circuit

    I see this often. You seem to have pre-decided on a 14-50 (as if thinking that was your only option) before even finding out if your electrical setup will be able to do that. That's putting the cart before the horse. Find out what size circuit you can add, and then that will help to determine...
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    Need Help With Portable Charger Options

    Well, neither one. The Tesla charging cable that comes with their cars is still by far the best portable charging cable on the market because of its dual voltage capability with a wide selection of swappable charging plugs. I haven't seen anything that beats that. You can have plugs for all...
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    Could this be an easy charging/outlet install?

    Confirming what others have mentioned. You can't just share a circuit with the air conditioner, so that idea is a no-go. But sure, maybe you could get a new line run through that conduit.
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    2017 P100D ludicrous slow to charge

    Well, you're trying to put a square peg in a round hole. You're trying to do trips exactly like you used to in a gas car: drive as far as possible and then "fill 'er up". That is a terrible way to try to use Supercharging. As people have pointed out, the charging speed drops off quite a lot...
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    Pre-facelift vin <50900 can't use v3 supercharger?

    Yeah, it is definitely just a physical fit kind of thing from the explicit message that the car says it just can't get the locking pin to latch in. The handle is not getting in far enough for that notch in the bottom of it to allow to pin to get up in there without catching the edge of it. The...
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    Average Estimate Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Install

    Or, I think sometimes people overestimate how big they really need on a home charging circuit sometimes, like overkill is still not enough type of thing. If you can put a 30 or 40A circuit off that 100A subpanel in the garage, that's probably plenty and much cheaper.
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    Charging question on 2020 MSP

    I'm still trying to figure out what you are referring to as an "MSP". Microsoft Project?
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    Pre-facelift vin <50900 can't use v3 supercharger?

    I did have a problem with that at one place, and it's not a software thing. It's a physical thing with the diameter of the plastic handle on the charging cable. Some of the new handles on the newer installations are just barely slightly thicker, and it's a damn tight fit trying to get them...
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    Supercharging taking more than hour

    Yeah, that was misleading in the most generous interpretation. What you are "getting" is most certainly not what is "displaying" and is not relevant. If the car's display was showing half what it was supposed to, service would not blow that off. My work firewall won't let me view external...
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    Chargepoint Home Flex

    Yes, much more simple and foolproof and more likely to work that way.
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    Chargepoint Home Flex

    Yeah, I was thinking that may not have been a good idea trying to use both at the same time. It's like people who think they will be better off if they get insurance on something from two different companies, thinking they will be double covered. Instead, they just argue with each other about...
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    I think they have already said straight-up that the 2170 cells can't be retrofitted back into the S and X for that reason, so it's not going to happen until they redesign those vehicles.
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    Supercharger - Burns, OR (or Hines, OR)

    It could be a week or it could be a month...or more. These things are never very predictable, because it then also depends on the utility company to deliver and hook up the transformer, and then other inspections, so there can frequently be all kinds of unknown lengths of delays.
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    Chargepoint Home Flex

    Well, "better" is not just one thing. Better for what purposes? If you have a pretty simple electric rate schedule that only has like one extended cheap overnight rate or only one higher peak time, then the car scheduling is super reliable. You can just set it to start charging at 11PM or...
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    Help with Nema 14-50 Install (with pictures)

    The connections in your panel look fine. What I do not see is how the wires are connected onto your outlet. And since this pops immediately when you plug in, I am suspecting that you have something hooked up wrong there, and it's a short circuit when something gets into those slots of the outlet.
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    Mobile Connector Problems.

    I've been seeing a lot of reports on this forum of bad UMCs with this kind of intermittent failure, and Tesla replaces them--no bother. I'm not sure why they are giving you a hard time about this.
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    Battery drain advice 2016 P90DL

    Yes it is. It's addressed in the frontal area of the Model X just being a lot bigger than the Model S. That creates a lot more wind resistance, and therefore higher energy consumption. You moved to a less efficient vehicle.
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    Charging time Tesla charger vs Standard 50amp outlet

    I don't think that is too much of a big deal (I've done it a couple of times). But to mitigate it, I've seen a couple of pretty good ideas for this. The simple temporary solution to use as needed is to get a couple of boards that are about the thickness of the cable (about a half inch? 3/4 of...
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    RANGE UPGRADE CHANGE? Option to Upgrade 60D to 75D Gone from Tesla.com "Manage" Page

    I think I would start with using the app to schedule a service visit for it. Select software or other as the category and try to get someone to do it that way. If you still can't get someone who knows how to deal with it, I would try the number that is for roadside assistance that is listed in...
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    Supercharger - Burns, OR (or Hines, OR)

    I really like those pre-formed cement bases. They are a small enough piece they can consistently make them elsewhere and bring them in and set them quicker than having to make forms and pour cement in all these different locations and weather/temperature.
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    Charging time Tesla charger vs Standard 50amp outlet

    Someone is being extremely hand-wavy with their marketing speak. There's nothing mysterious about this--it's just arithmetic. Your house's voltage should be 240V, plus or minus a couple. Code only allows a long term draw of 40A on a 50A rated circuit. The power is the volts times the amps...
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    [my] Home Computer screen flickers [ when i charge my car ]

    Also, I have heard of weird issues like this sometimes being related to loose ground or loose neutral somewhere. If there is a loose neutral, the two hot lines through the house can fluctuate away from 120V quite a bit, depending on how much load is on each one.
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    Supercharger amenities App needed

    Questions about Supercharger sites shouldn't be in the Cybertruck specific section. I just reported this to get it moved.
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    High temperature detected by Wall Connector alert

    Oh yeah--more than a little consternation. The Gen3 was woefully inadequate in a few ways, and it was pretty insulting to people that the wonderful Gen2 units for $500 were being replaced by these deficient Gen3 ones for the same $500 price. Significant downgrades: 1. Shorter cable--the cable...
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    High temperature detected by Wall Connector alert

    Saying they are on a 100A circuit and saying that they are set up with a load sharing system with the communication cable run between them for that purpose are both things the Gen3 doesn't do. I know it wasn't intended to mislead. I just didn't want the OP chasing rabbit trails trying...
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    Charging time Tesla charger vs Standard 50amp outlet

    @NJcarowner You're getting really good answers. I'll just add an overall conceptual thing that the devices aren't really doing something that makes the charging faster or slower, because all of these things external to the car are just closing a switch. It's just that the different parts are...
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    Preventative 12V battery replacement before road trip?

    I think I may have been hearing that the Model 3 was having a bit more trouble with the 12V batteries not giving enough warnings of going bad. I have a 2014 Model S, and it has the bad 12V warning on it right now (came on about 4 days ago or so), and I have an appointment to get it replaced...
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    High temperature detected by Wall Connector alert

    @JHCCAZ While that is a great thread about the Gen3 wall connectors, I don't want you misleading @WSE51 since this thread is about Gen2 wall connectors, which are totally different and were not known to usually have any overheating problems.
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    Will Our Original Garage Plugs Work??

    One more minor thing you might look into. If that is a few feet up above the floor, you might not want all the weight of the plug and the electronics box and more cord hanging from that outlet unsupported. So some type of bracket to hold the electronics box might be a good idea. And that...
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    240v Extension Cord Question

    What exactly did you buy, and where did you buy it from, and have you tried it yet? I am asking because if you bought just a regular one of those cables that from like camping supply/RV equipment places, it definitely will NOT work for charging your car. It won't harm anything, but the car...
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    Charging with a 3 prong dryer outlet?

    It's not adjusting voltage, by the way; it's amps. But no, that will not automatically signal the right amperage. The signaling is from a chip in the Tesla adapters. That cable you bought is just a cable that lets you plug into a 10-30 outlet, but then makes you use your Tesla 14-50 plug...
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    Wall Connector vs 14-50R Outlet Plus Mobile Connector

    That looks mostly right then, except the $45 Tesla plug adapter for your cable wouldn't be part of the tax credit. That's only for what you install in your house.
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    Charging with a 3 prong dryer outlet?

    I'm not sure if you know this yet, but as long as you are just using the regular Tesla equipment, with one of their adapters for that dryer outlet attached to the mobile charging cable, you do not need to manually adjust current. The adapters have a chip in them that signals the proper amount...
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    Wall Connector vs 14-50R Outlet Plus Mobile Connector

    Yeah, I think it's just self-reporting.

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