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    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    The levelized cost for wind isn't the whole cost. That's for a wind farm able sell all of its output. But at that price it's not going to meet all of the grid demand. It needs some balance of overbuild, NG and demand-response to fill in under the curve. What's the cost per MWh of the...
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    Supercharger - Durham NC

    Durham, NC Along Primary Interstates: I-40 Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-15, US-501 Along Auxiliary Interstates: None I-40 From: Mebane, NC - 20.9 miles To: Cary, NC - 15.4 miles Diversion: 1.7 miles From: Burlington, NC - 36.1 miles To: Wallace, NC - 116.8 miles US-15 From...
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    Supercharger - Howe, IN

    Howe, IN Along Primary Interstates: I-80, I-90 (Toll road Travel Plaza) Howe Eastbound, IN I-80 and I-90 From: Mishawaka, IN - 46.5 miles To: Angola, IN - 21.3 miles Diversion: 0.1 miles From: Rolling Prairie East, IN - 69.9 miles To: Maumee, OH - 91.7 miles More V3 Superchargers to help...
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    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    Something else meets that demand. I'm not talking about geothermal being a solution for all demand. It's geothermal base + (solar + wind + storage + demand response + NGCT) v (solar + wind + storage + demand response + NGCT) everything. If adding to the geothermal base solution is cheaper, it'd...
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    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    Let me repeat: if it's a fixed renewable resource that's cheaper than meeting base requirements with variable renewables + storage + NG peaker, why do you care so much about idling it?
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    Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Sometimes Elon Musk brainstorms out physical.
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    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    Certainly a generous CF estimate, but not that generous. Current average capacity factor for geothermal is 74.3%. Dispatchable just means you can turn it on and off on demand. Dispatchable != peaker. But why would it have to be idled? There's a chunk of steady demand, so the only economic...
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    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    Well, you say ridiculously expensive, but the EIA reports pipelined geothermal's unsubsidized LCOE as below $40/MWh and basically matching CCGT, so it's apparently not _that_ expensive, and is dispatchable. I think water use is the bigger challenge. It needs a shift to closed loop, the way...
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    Given that the human industrial era is less than 10% of that period, and that human activity is increasing, recent data should have the strongest signals of any impact. It's similar to the way using 2016 UK coal usage data to describe its level of coal use is omitting a significant time period.
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    Blog Musk Says He’s the ‘Wild Card’ on This Week’s Saturday Night Live

    It would take more guts just to apologize for being a dick sometimes.
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    1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas because charging their cars is a hassle, new research shows

    On that aside, as of May 1st 2021: 10,361 fuel cell vehicles sold and leased in the USA. At the end of March 2021 PHEV and BEV sales/leases since 2010 were cumulatively at 1,818,473 vehicles sold and leased in the USA. BEV over 60% of the sales. August 2020 is was 62.7%, with BEV having reached...
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    Supercharger - Howe, IN

    Can you describe and give the GPS locations of the Superchargers so Construction pins can be added to Supercharge.info? @MarcoRP @Chuq
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    Supercharger - Mt. Pleasant, IA

    Version 3 Superchargers has 4 stalls to a cabinet. To deal with cabinet failure, a 4-stall Supercharger would still need 2 cabinets, so if it can, Tesla just goes for a standard 8-stall setup, with 4 signed Tesla only and 4 signed preferred.
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    Pipeline protests are largely focused on oil because there's no such thing as a natural gas flood. There's a long-term aim to eliminate natural gas pipelines, although that would primarily be by increasing electrification of homes and businesses, and eliminating new natural gas hookups. That...
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    1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas because charging their cars is a hassle, new research shows

    Charging at home, with a decent permanent set-up. Range easily beating frequent needs. Challenge-free charging for trips outside of range. Our Kona's front-left charge port is a bit less convenient for us than the left-front-fender position on our Volt. It was made worse by having a cover over...
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    Can't Charge Via Nissan EVSE (With Adapter)?

    It's very generous of you to buy your daughter a new smart EVSE.
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    Supercharger - Benton Harbor, MI

    Benton Harbor, MI Along Primary Interstates: I-94 Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-31 Along Auxiliary Interstates: None I-94 From: St. Joseph, MI - 3.6 miles To: Portage, MI - 47.7 miles Diversion: 1.3 miles From: Michigan City, IN - 42.7 miles To: Marshall, MI - 81.2 miles US-31...
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    Supercharger - Charlton, MA (I-90 westbound service plaza)

    The extra bollards are protecting the concrete pad that will hold the transformer.
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    Not facilitating death is one of the reasons why people want to eliminate coal.
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    Tesla Spoof Email - Impressive Effort

    I remember once years ago being _actually_ being called by my bank's fraud department and them asking for security details. I started answering and then realized, stopped and told them I'd call back. Obviously now, they wouldn't ask for details.
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    NSW Police Targeting Teslas?

    The respondents are directly addressing the OP. They aren't being lofty. Please don't derail the thread.
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    SpaceX SN15 Experimental Test Vehicle

    As well as being about the test vehicle and what it's intended to be able to do. It's not pre-production, but they're at high enough altitude to execute the belly flop and landing maneuver.
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    Supercharger - Norfolk, VA - N Military Hwy

    Norfolk - N Military Hwy, VA Along Primary Interstates: I-64 Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-13, US-460 Along Auxiliary Interstates: None From: Newport News, VA - 25.9 miles To: Norfolk, VA - 3 miles Diversion: 1 miles From: Williamsburg, VA - 42.7 miles To: End (I-264/I-664 near...
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    Supercharger - Marquette, MI

    A relatively small box from Tesla like that could be the pedestals.
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    The engineers don't say whether coal is needed. The engineers figure out what power is needed. The rest is policy and economics, and coal is a loser both ways. Even the Trump administration, loaded with coal people, tried to prop up coal and failed miserably. Obviously coal isn't needed...
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    Am I not understanding the app?

    Baseline credit is a reduction in the cost of electricity for usage up to the a baseline monthly amount. Because they're TOU, it's easier to do it that way than give different prices. Their rate plan is one of the ones shown here...
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    SpaceX SN15 Experimental Test Vehicle

    So, next question: what do they do with SN15? For previously launches, the answer was obvious: clear up the mess.
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    Induction Stoves

    It's now the fire tetrahedron: heat, fuel, oxygen, chain reaction (or dumb person).
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    Who's suggesting banning internal combustion engines? I don't think anybody is. There are proposed future bans on sales of _new_ gasoline and diesel vehicles. That's not telling you what fuel you have to use, it's telling you what fuel you _can't_ use.
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    Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V9 Will ‘Blow Your Mind,’ Says Musk

    No, I think he got screwed over by Tesla as many other people have. It's not just FSD, it's also all of the Tesla owners who're dealing with painfully nerfed Supercharging, the owners dealing with build issues that are "within spec", the people with MCU1 memory issues that are told it's a wear...
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    He was referring to total energy use, not just electricity. He was using outdated numbers, but the overall decline in fossil fuel use hasn't been as steep overall as it has been for electricity. However, with accelerating electrification of transportation, the ban on natural gas heating in new...
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    Remanufactured means more than repaired, but it _definitely_ does not mean brand new or better than new. EDIT: to be clearer, remanufactured should meet original specifications, but that doesn't mean it's going to perform like new, which is more likely to _exceed_ specifications. "Within spec"...
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    I amount itself that's the problem. It's that Tesla didn't tell the OP that the price was for a capacity-matched pack. Had they told the OP, the OP would clearly have asked them for a price on a pack with a higher capacity, and they would have been better able to make an appropriate decision...
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    You: the UK hasn't phased out coal (using 2016 data) Me: UK use is much lower than (using 2019 data), coal electricity generation ends 2024/2025, examples of government electrification policy You: 80% of energy consumption in the UK comes from fossil fuels It was 78.4% in 2019, down from 79.4%...
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    Supercharger - Brentwood, MO

    Brentwood, MO Along Primary Interstates: I-64 Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-40, US-61, US-67 Along Auxiliary Interstates: None I-64 From: I-70 at Wentzville, MO - 31.7 miles To: Mount Vernon, IL - 84.8 miles Diversion: 0.7 miles To: Haubstadt, IN - 165.4 miles To: Collinsville, IL...
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    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    That's based on 2016 data. It's dropped a lot just since then. The UK is in an advanced process of phase out. That link says 2016 demand was 41.5M short tons This link...
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    Capacity matching is the normal way for warranty replacements. Paid replacements are a different matter. It seems like the OP assumed a particular meaning of re-manufactured that doesn't apply to battery packs and didn't know what questions they should ask to know whether the pack was acceptable.
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    Tesla's legendary customer service strikes again. Maybe you got a remanufactured pack with matched capacity. Is the Supercharging nerfed on the replacement pack as well? Unfortunately, manufacturers get no credit for replacement batteries, and a bunch of credits for new vehicles, so they have...
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    Supercharger - Huntsville, TX

    The little boxes are for voltage regulation. The boxes have been installed at other sites, but have usually been installed when the site was originally set up.
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    Supercharger - Watertown, SD

    Plugshare says: - Sushi restaurant with a 120V outlet - 9/2019 - Small RV park with a 14-50s - 4/2019 - Future: BP gas station with DCFCs including CHAdeMO (courtesy of VW diesel cars) due to be completed by 12/18/2021.
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    saw a mustang ev on road today- YUKKKK what a disgrace to mustang!

    When the fanbois don't have to excuse all the things Tesla does badly.
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    Autonomous Car Progress

    Money spent Money earned Cost per mile
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    What's your best piece of Advice for a newbie?

    IANATO. Tesla-specific;: - read the manual - don't trust Autopilot: it's just an aid to to reduce the physical effort of driving - Note that some Tesla Superchargers are in car parks with ANPR, especially when at hotels. If you park at one of those, after you plug in, you have to register at...
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    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    The 100% was on a holiday during COVID. People could get paid to use electricity. Still more offshore wind being added. Offshore wind isn't cheap, but it's no longer extraordinarily expensive, and of course the Hinckley Point C debacle has gone on so long that new offshore wind is cheaper...
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    Supercharger - Auburn, CA (permit application found Apr 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    Sorry, I live in Undulationland, so I often forgot about the mountain problem.

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