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    Prices are slowly going up?

    What are you taking about. Tesla only sold $350M total to Stellantis and it only appears to affect European credit purchases. So it’s not anywhere near a billion. Probably not even $200M
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    Prices are slowly going up?

    I remember it. I thought that was the incentive I got for paid for being a beta tester 😆 . Besides. They dropped the price more than $7500 worth.
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    Walk away lock "Exclude Home" distance

    I actually have been meaning to ask on exclude home auto lock. My parents are 0.2 miles away. Line of sight. (Down the street) and it does not auto lock when I walk away. Is it because it’s too close or because I have their gate set up in my homelink ? Does it use home link locations as part of...
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    Just upgraded from a 2018 LR to a 2021 Performance

    Ya I wasted $5k on EAP and all I use is basic autopilot features. Radar cruise and auto steer. Everything else is not useful. Sadly back then Standard AP wasn’t included!
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    Prices are slowly going up?

    What!? I paid just over $60k (with tax) for my slow ass 310 mile single motor “LR” RWD in 2018! Prices have definitely dropped since. Not increased as this thread is saying.
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    Prices are slowly going up?

    Yes. Toyota increased their prices too. I’m waiting for a RAV4 Prime and it’s now $150 more between January and now.
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    Supercharger - San Gabriel, CA - Valley Blvd. (under construction Apr 2021)

    Wow nice! I’m too late In the game. The rates now are crazy high no matter which plan i choose. I’ve tried the normal schedule-D, TOU-PRIME, and now on the TOU-D-4-9pm and they all cost about the same. No matter what plan the lowest rate Is at least $0.20 a kw till round 700 kw After all the...
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    Supercharger - San Gabriel, CA - Valley Blvd. (under construction Apr 2021)

    Kidding right? Where you get $0.13 from in San Gabriel? Lowest tier is $0.21! That’s not enough to power your normal household usage. Then it’s at lease $0.27 a kw to run your whole house.
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    Why are people waiting at Costco gas stations instead of buying Teslas?

    But those are appreciating assets. So they can sell their 6000 sq ft homes for more than they paid for it. Can never do that with a Tesla.
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    New Model 3 SR+ with rear motor 3D5 instead of 3D1

    And then people don’t understand where the price drops are coming from. Hell I over paid for my model 3 in 2018.
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    How I upgraded from NEMA 5-15 to NEMA 6-20 for $66

    Oh that’s awesome! Great job.
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    USB 32 Gig inadequate

    *sugar*. I clicked it too lol
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    Trading Model 3 with FSD for Model Y with FSD [complaint about FSD pricing].

    Why would you even want FSD? It’s not even ready. It’s still in gimmic show off phase. Requires more baby sitting than just driving the car yourself. But you should get it. Help TSLA go up.
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    Supercharger - Manhattan Beach, CA (LIVE 6 Dec 2018, 24 Urban stalls)

    They finished? I was there two weeks ago and it was still fenced off. edit: your pic shows hermosa beach. This is in Manhattan beach
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    Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA - W 120th St (LIVE 5 Oct 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    Charging here now. Arrived with 17% charge. I peaked at 165 kw /hr and then it went down hill from here. At 50% I was already down to 65kw / hr. Kinda disappointing. There’s no one here. So I should be getting full speed. I use to goto Space X and I got 247kw mad and normally averaged 170 kw...
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    [Feature Request] Turn off Auto-Dimming Mirrors

    so mine will cut out the auto dim when in reverse. It just slow. I’ll be 3/4 way up the driveway by the time the auto-aim is off. I wonder if it was the latest update that affected my auto dim now. Cuz I swore i never noticed it as dark.
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    Default OFF for headlights? (instead of AUTO)

    Yes there are workarounds. But requires several clicks. Would be nice to have it as a remembered option.
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    How do you deal with cold steering wheel ?

    How did you deal with it before your got the model 3? Or before you got a car that had heated steering wheel? I guess you’ve always had a car with heated steering wheel?
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    Car not shutting down after leaving it

    Hey this happened to me after the latest update. My car remained on. The radio was still on after I shut the door and locked the car.
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    Default OFF for headlights? (instead of AUTO)

    I don’t need it. But can try to give a scenario for the want/need of such a default “off” setting. Actually I would like it to stay off until the car actually senses speed then switch to auto. Not even when I just put it in D. My use case. I back into my garage and I face the street and my...
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    [Feature Request] Turn off Auto-Dimming Mirrors

    I thought mine worked the way they’re suppose to for 2.5 years until this winter! LoL try driving down a dark street by yourself. No other cars around and report back. During Non Covid times I’ve always was driving back from work. With other cars.
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    [Feature Request] Turn off Auto-Dimming Mirrors

    Wonder why I just noticed this in my 3? But yes. This past month it’s been driving me crazy cuz I’ve been just driving down the street and I’m the only car on the road. So I’m like why the F are my mirrors all dimmed? I guess I never noticed it because during non Covid times I actually drive...
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    Mouse infiltrated Model 3

    lol Mice infiltrates all cars. Chewed up the PSAM on a Porsche! So it’s not only Tesla issue. Even Porsche have this issue. Costed me $800
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    Supercharger - Manhattan Beach, CA (LIVE 6 Dec 2018, 24 Urban stalls)

    Oh ya. You’re right. Those were regular parking.
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    Supercharger - Manhattan Beach, CA (LIVE 6 Dec 2018, 24 Urban stalls)

    Isn’t that where the current chargepoint are? For other EVs? Where are those going?
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    Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA - W 120th St (LIVE 5 Oct 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    Oh it’s open!? How are they? I need to go try them! Are they all 250kw stations?
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    Premium Connectivity - Loss of Traffic Visualization

    Yes. Even during Covid.
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    Acceleration Boost Now Included??

    I need something free. Like supercharging.
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    My phone app logged out after 10 months - is this normal?

    Mine logs me out every two months or so.
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    Amazon announces new Sentry Mode and Ring integration

    $199? Should be free for ring plus subscribers!
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    Tesla to fix rapidly dying 12v batteries with software update.

    The main battery pack charges the 12V when it needs to.
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    Can you turn the screen off?

    Was just going to suggest that.
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    Texas refuses to renew registration of Tesla M3 without emissions test

    it’ll fail the test because it’s a Tesla. But a coal roller will pass with flying colors.
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    Junk update. Nothing for my expired car.
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    Old warranty copy

    “begins on the purchase date of the part(s)” Isn’t that for repaired parts and paint? Not original parts. This is true for almost all cars. If you get a something fixed under warranty it will have an additional 12 months of warranty. Say you got something fixed under warranty 3 years 364 days...
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    AP sees the sun as a Red traffic light at dusk

    It didn’t slam on the brakes for you?
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    My 2018 LR RWD M3 needs new tires and service - Keep it or Trade?

    Brake fluid for a Tesla is more than 2 years lifespan prob 5 or more before I really am going to consider a flush. Brake fluid in a Porsche is more susceptible if you track it and heat cycle it.
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    My 2018 LR RWD M3 needs new tires and service - Keep it or Trade?

    Lol this case What did you use as the ash tray?
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    Rear brake pads wearing quickly

    What brakes does the hold mode use? All 4 or just rear?
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    M3 lemon law arbitration with Tesla resolutions team

    I opted out of arbitration. But never got a response back (obviously). I hope not to have to use it.
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    My 2018 LR RWD M3 needs new tires and service - Keep it or Trade?

    Get the Y now and trade it for a cyber truck when the Y needs new tires. Heck! Sounds like you can afford it. I wish I can do that. Enjoy your life while you can!
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    Tesla Referral Program

    So I’m going to post something enlightening. Maybe someone already did but I didn’t scroll to check. Hope it helps people understand the referral and would use my referral code. I’ve only had one ever referral in the two years I’ve had the car. I’m not a YouTuber so it’s not like I have...
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    Another Darwin Award...

    Just a prank video
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    Version 2020.32.3 USB issue

    Reboot the car too.
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    When did the backup sensors start giving distances

    Oh ya. On the left side of the display behind and in front of the car. Always. In the video on the right? Never.
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    Tesla Opens New 40-Stall Charging Station in Baker, Calif.

    Absolutely true! I don’t got anymore. It’s too crowded and it’s Covid infected ppl.
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    Tesla Opens New 40-Stall Charging Station in Baker, Calif.

    How was the social distancing in Vegas? Should we expect coronavirus uptick next week?

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