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  1. Uncle Paul

    I'll never be able to decide on a color

    Same thing often happens when new Tesla owners decide to keep their old car "just in case" they want to experience driving an ICE again. Even with panel gaps, Tesla owners tend to rarely drive their old gassers.
  2. Uncle Paul

    1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas because charging their cars is a hassle, new research shows

    Seems like the greatest % of owners going back to ICE were those taking advantage of super low lease rates or huge tax incentives that are no longer available. They bought the EV due to low net pricing. Now buying a new ICE for the same reason. Those Fiat 500's were almost being given away to...
  3. Uncle Paul

    I'll never be able to decide on a color

    Tesla Pearl White is a great looking white. Others cost more money.
  4. Uncle Paul

    Blog Musk Says He’s the ‘Wild Card’ on This Week’s Saturday Night Live

    Simply amazing just how much free publicity Elon can garner for Tesla. He is a one Man marketing machine.
  5. Uncle Paul

    PPF Accident

    While understanding the OP's justified frustration, I learned long ago (from a Physician) that "Better is often the enemy of Good". OP had a brand new Tesla that he wanted made even better by his friendly local detail shop. OP chose that shop, knowing full well that he was passing possession of...
  6. Uncle Paul

    Mustang Mach-E Gets Great Reviews = Model 3 Challenger

    Heard that Mustang deliveries have hit a wall.
  7. Uncle Paul

    Will We See A CT Price Increase?

    The only price that really matters is the one you get when you configure your selection. Pricing that Tesla announces is always subject to change. Steel pricing has almost doubled recently. Imagine that when production starts firmer pricing will be available.
  8. Uncle Paul

    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    Interesting that the instructions say to place with the State Seal in the up position, but the picture shows it placed in the lower (down) position :(
  9. Uncle Paul

    Prices are slowly going up?

    If pricing goes down, Tesla often will adjust your order pricing to reflect the change.
  10. Uncle Paul

    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    If gas goes to $5 gallon, many of those investment cars will be rarely driven. Due to maintenance costs and resale values, many exotic owners rarely take pleasure on driving anything but short distances.
  11. Uncle Paul

    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    With the significant holding costs (insurance, registration, oil changes, tune ups, depreciation etc) of a 2nd "fun" car, it perhaps makes better sense to just upgrade to the P version of your Tesla. Can become your go to car for both economy and fun.
  12. Uncle Paul

    Just got notified my Blue M3 LR RWD is totaled

    My X was recently totaled. Insurance gave me a low first offer. They scoured the web to find low priced comparable cars. I countered back with listings of comparable cars from Carfax, private offerings etc. The came back with a new and higher offer which I accepted. They also reimbursed me for...
  13. Uncle Paul

    Help me talk my wife into a P Y

    Warning. The P version is great for the driver. For the passenger...not so much.
  14. Uncle Paul

    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    I will be more willing to believe in Global Warming and rising Seas when I see people moving away from our coaslines and insurance companies not be willing to write policies for those areas as well. Europe had global warming in medevial times. Populations of the Earth doubled because so much...
  15. Uncle Paul

    Installed larger system from another company since Tesla wouldn't change design

    When I ordered my Solar System from Tesla, they quoted based on aerial imagery. Prior to installation they sent out an inspector that actually went on the roof, and modified the original layout due to first hand inspection. OP might be getting a solar system that fits the letter of the law...
  16. Uncle Paul

    2021 Model X Glass

    The newly refreshed Model X will come standard with active noise cancellation. Imagine it will be the quietest of all the Tesla in production. It also has additional attention to air flow, which also tends to quiet things down even more at speed.
  17. Uncle Paul

    Best Paint Color for Maintaining

    I find that silver/grey cars are the easiest to keep clean. Ended up ordering white as the $$$$ savings will pay for a lifetime of car washes.
  18. Uncle Paul

    Lexus RX 350 to Model Y

    I kept my Mercedes AMG E Class after purchasing my first Model X. I kept it thinking I would miss the roar of the exhaust and the firm ride. I soon realized I was never driving it. Even though it had more perfect panel gaps, my Tesla became my go to drive in all circumstances. Sold the Mercedes...
  19. Uncle Paul

    Y vs X

    Model Y has a firmer ride, but also provides much better handling than the cushy suspended Lexus. Lexus is a soft riding, ladies cruiser. You may see a Model Y at a track event...but never an RX.
  20. Uncle Paul

    Tesla Service: SC says they will charge 0.5 hour diagnostic fee for vibrations, noise issues - Model X

    Had a similar issue with my X. Assorted concerns were quoted as potential $300 charges. They ended up covering each under warranty for a 0 charge. Had the same hanging rubber trims. They re-glued them properly at service call. Overall have had good service on my X. Feel that they are very...
  21. Uncle Paul

    Model 3 braking failure reproduced with video

    Tesla has evaluated this claim and does not agree with the young woman. Read that she was passenger and her Father driving. They were driving about 50 mph over the speed limit. Logs show the brakes being applied, but not firmly. The computer recognized the pressure was not going to be enough...
  22. Uncle Paul

    Supercharging taking more than hour

    Most cost effective way to upgrade your battery is to sell your car and buy a later one.
  23. Uncle Paul

    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    Those thinking about a C8 vette have no idea how hard they are to get. GM has been having one problem after another and the waiting list for those ordering slinks back several years. You will pay a large dealership additional markup if you want to cut in line.
  24. Uncle Paul

    More Tesla Woes

    If your expectations are for perfection, then disappointment is inevitable. Complaining about a company providing a premium vehicle like an Audi Q5 tips the scale against you. Demanding a loaner car when you have an active Covid infection also is something many would consider unconscionable.
  25. Uncle Paul

    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    It is Tesla policy to replace used packs with another used pack, with range no worse than the pack being replaced. Do not believe they currently do not manufacture new 85 kWh packs.
  26. Uncle Paul

    Trip from Sacramento to Los Angeles

    Your onboard computer will monitor your travels in real time. It will give you a suggested route and stopping points to make travel time efficient. As you drive it will reconsider how things are going and may change the stops or how long to stop to continue your journey. Driver can always...
  27. Uncle Paul

    Seriously Porsche!? Tempted to jump ship, new Taycan Turismo

    Independant auto tear down artist has torn apart most of the drivelines of available EVs. Says nobody is close to the technology that Tesla has implemented in their drive trains. Europeans fell well short. Believes that the upcoming EVs from China will take over tremendous market share from our...
  28. Uncle Paul

    Is 120v charging enough

    Check to see if you have a 50 amp breaker serving something (like an electric dryer) that can be repurposed for Tesla charging. Some have an electric stove hookup, but use a gas stove. Something like that.
  29. Uncle Paul

    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    I will know that Global Warming/Climate change is real when I see people moving away from coastal properties and onto higher ground.
  30. Uncle Paul

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I predict that when Tesla releases the refreshed S/X that people will be surprised at all the improvements that will be included. Tesla will produce a vehicle that cost them less to build, but also provides major improvements to the new owners.
  31. Uncle Paul

    Dashcam Turns off once gear is engaged

    If it was my car I would first remove any USB drives to eliminate that as a possible cause of the issue.
  32. Uncle Paul

    Seriously Porsche!? Tempted to jump ship, new Taycan Turismo

    Porsche vehicle are usually aspirational purchases. They have good style and build quality. Imagine their new offerings will be pretty popular, but this is a Tesla forum, and of course we understand where Tesla had advantages and where a Porsche might be the better choice. Tesla has the best and...
  33. Uncle Paul

    Tired on constant repairs

    It is normal for some people to have more issues than others with automobiles. Sorry for what you have experienced, but others cite trouble free experiences for years and years.
  34. Uncle Paul

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Don't believe delays like this are just a Tesla thing. Most dealerships cannot guarantee precise deliveries of most any high demand vehicle. The computer chip shortage, combined with transportation and slow downs at the ports has caused shortages and delays for lots of items. The Chevy Corvette...
  35. Uncle Paul

    Tesla Cancelled Model Y order and Lost 7k FSD

    Long term policy at Tesla is that if you change a configuration you get changed to the current pricing.
  36. Uncle Paul

    Why isn't it a hatchback?

    It may simply be that Tesla was planning for a SUV version when they designed the Model 3. This way they covered two different markets, those that wanted a trunk and those that wanted a hatch back design.
  37. Uncle Paul

    Will it hold my garbage cans? (I miss Wagons and SUVs, not liking CUVs.)

    Consider using a hitch mounted rear carry rack to hold your garbage buckets. So much more pleasant than hauling garbage inside your car. Will come in handy for lots of other stuff as well.
  38. Uncle Paul

    Love my model Y but...

    Everybody wants something...
  39. Uncle Paul

    POLL - Reason you got your MX

    Model X is the most capable vehicle produces (until CyberTruck comes out) Fast Safe Seats up to 7 Smooth adjustable air suspension Quiet long distance tourer Vista windshield Falcon wing doors...great for baby seats Tows up to 5,000 lbs. Best off road (not rock crawling) Long range Can fart and...
  40. Uncle Paul

    Tesla A Year Or More Away From Volume Production Of 4680 Cells

    Elons goals are aspirational. They are useful to speed up production and challenge those involved. They are not promises, guarantees nor 100% certain. His accomplishments are perhaps greater than any other single person. His methods seem to be effective.
  41. Uncle Paul

    Model X won’t start

    I would stop using a USB stick until this issue gets sorted.
  42. Uncle Paul

    Car Wash at Service Center

    They mentioned some time ago that California did not want them washing every serviced car due to drought conditions. Not sure they ever lifted that request.
  43. Uncle Paul

    Speculation on the reason for the refresh delay

    People are usually making a mistake when judging Elon by what he says. Better to judge him by what he does. Elon is a optimist, and often reality gets in the way of his plans. Aspirational deadlines are often extended.
  44. Uncle Paul

    Does model x auto level in trailer mode.

    My X levels depending on the load. Does not matter if load is inside the car or on the hitch. Works perfect for me.
  45. Uncle Paul

    Stuck In Trailer Mode

    Objection is to the click bait "stuck" drama. It is simple to turn on or off trailer mode on the center display.
  46. Uncle Paul

    Service Center told me there is a recall on my vehicle [SC later retracted statement]

    It may not be a government recall, but an internal recall. Tesla does this from time to time and every car that is brought into service will have this update performed while other service is being done. They do not publicise this as they do not want to encourage owners to make up service needs...
  47. Uncle Paul

    Refreshed "2021" Model X LR/Plaid waiting room

    Our idle minds are perhaps causing us to invent problems that may or may not be reality.
  48. Uncle Paul

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    S & X are in a different marketplace than 3/Y/Cybertruck/Semi/Coupe. They are profitable for Tesla to produce and serve as the flagships for the brand. They are also near and dear to Elon. You most always see him pulling up to business meeting in an S or X. They really make a statement on...
  49. Uncle Paul

    Poor quality control on the Model Y

    Always a good idea to do your inspection before driving off. Make it much easier for the delivery center to confirm the state of your car upon delivery. A scratch or defect can easily be photographed by both parties and concensus for coverage easy to attain. You may feel rushed to take...

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