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  1. Twiglett

    Automatic windshield wiper erratic behavior with software update 2021.4.15

    last time it rained in the vicinity of my car, it rained everywhere, not just on the windshield :cool: Maybe they're using the other cameras to see if its rain or spray etc - I thought Green was brighter than that.
  2. Twiglett

    Buying a M3 or MY at auction - how to know if FSD is on the car

    easy - price it assuming it doesn't have FSD If they say its got FSD, ask them to prove it. If they say nothing, it doesn't have FSD.
  3. Twiglett

    Mini Refrigerator in MX trunk?

    As a thought - maybe try a cooler that has the fridge part built in. The insulation in those pretend fridges is pretty crappy. [edit] like this one? But you get the idea...
  4. Twiglett

    Mini Refrigerator in MX trunk?

    I doubt it would work. The problem with those little 6 can coolers is that they usually just use Peltier cooling and are pretty useless at actually cooling things down. They will keep something that is already cool, but don't have the capacity to bring warm cans down to chilly drinking...
  5. Twiglett

    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    you do know which forum you're posting in right? Facts like that have no place for some folks. This is THE place for inventing your own feature, creating a new expectation based on that feature you just invented then being angry when the shipped product doesn't meet your own, unrealistic...
  6. Twiglett

    Owning a M3S+ in Central Texas sucks...

    it takes a while to get used to it, but as others have already said, Plugshare is great to finding chargers and abetterrouteplanner is fantastic for rout planning. Just take baby steps, your car can do more than you think. Once you start doing long an longer trips you'll get used to being able...
  7. Twiglett

    Vendor TEXAS TESLA DRIVERS: Earn $50 for balancing the grid

    an ideas when this will be offered to co-op customers
  8. Twiglett

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    Beethoven Villas is an AirBnB place that has a pair of destination chargers just for guests. We have stayed there an enjoyed it, just off the main street so easy walk to most of town.
  9. Twiglett

    Software 2021.4.11 Park [sensor] Issue

    TL:DR - delay in rollout is normal at this time of year. I couldn't edit this post - My car got the update this weekend, but interestingly the last time there was this amount of delay for me was V2020.8 back in March last year. In 2019 there was a period of three months (Jan-Mar) when it also...
  10. Twiglett

    Software 2021.4.11 Park [sensor] Issue

    this whole release seemed to take much longer than normal to settle down. Usually they can get wide rollout figured in a couple of versions, but this one took eleven versions to figure out - from 2020.48.35.5 to this release. Which seems nuts for all that work to just be "minor improvements".
  11. Twiglett

    App not working

    access the car with a car card, then check that the new phone is registered as a key. Replacing the phone will mean deleting the key registration of the old phone and adding a new one
  12. Twiglett

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    That is one point of view. I can understand the use of degraded in a sentence. My biggest issue are the many, many folks who read about degradation and presume its permanent (and bad) as opposed to a temporary condition. As you say - it just "is" :D
  13. Twiglett

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Your average "end user" isn't going to obsessing about battery capacity any more than they would about oil levels. The biggest problem here is that this car/mobile computer makes all sorts of crazy stats available for everyone to insist that their interpretation of battery health is correct...
  14. Twiglett

    Powering house with a Tesla during blackout?

    Can't see any way that not providing this could be described as "negligent". Its too easy to look at something, not understand it, then erroneously extrapolate features to get to an inaccurate conclusion. The hypothesis is that Tesla doesn't provide it because they want to sell Powerwalls -...
  15. Twiglett

    Apple Watch/Tesla question

    It would be so nice if they extended the phone app onto the watch like so many other apps.
  16. Twiglett

    How does Tesla find out about software issues

    Thank you for your insightful and on topic post, I'm sure it will be valued . . . . somewhere.
  17. Twiglett

    How does Tesla find out about software issues

    They seem pretty determined to cut off all avenues of feedback. It also feels like the "beta" program is mostly selecting those who run youtube channels, so I have no expectation that feedback is even wanted any longer. I'm guessing the only option is to use the options presented. Time to start...
  18. Twiglett

    How does Tesla find out about software issues

    I ask because I used to alway send feedback on releases in about odd things happening etc. Nobody ever replied of course. It used to concern me that there was no apparent way of letting them know stuff didn't work or did something stupid, like garage door opener doing nothing and needing a...
  19. Twiglett

    How does Tesla find out about software issues

    I'm really curious now about how Tesla finds out about issues with software/firmware releases. All of the old email/phone channels have been removed and the website only runs on shortened pacific time business hours. I was told to use the phone app to report issues, but that seems ridiculous as...
  20. Twiglett

    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    great for freaking out your passenger on the drive up :D
  21. Twiglett

    Chickening out ...

    each to their own personally I'd take the Y ABRP and Plugshare are your friends
  22. Twiglett

    Ceramic coating - DIY application

    I used the same when I first got my car. coming up on three years later and its holding up really well. The only thing I wish I had done is put PPF on the bonnet/hood and the nose. It has a bunch of rock chips now that the ceramic can't protect against. Now looking at going with a wrap instead -...
  23. Twiglett

    Supercharger - Brownsville, TX

    just a thought - has anyone down there seen the transformer for the chargers. Usually there is a transformer close to the supercharger cabinets and usually a meter as well. Without those we may be further away from a working SC than first thought.
  24. Twiglett

    Supercharger - Brownsville, TX

    Even though I'm a realist for when superchargers are ready, it would be wonderful if this was completed this month. We have to head that way in three weeks. But I also know that multi week waits for transformers and inspections usually take much longer than that :rolleyes:
  25. Twiglett

    Elon confirms NO FSD transfer will be offered :(

    I had no expectation that there would be any transfer. I'd always planned on keeping this car until its wheels fall off anyway. What I find more restricting is the ever increasing cost of FSD. Any new Tesla has to be a massive upgrade to get me to trade what I have. Just adding a few tweaks...
  26. Twiglett


    its not the drive, same thing happened right after a previous release late last year, started getting these issues only to see they vanish at the next release without doing anything else
  27. Twiglett

    My 2 pence after my test drive

    Just select a different source, something other than radio. So choosing phone, spotify or USB for instance - if you select one that automatically starts playing at least you can pause it.
  28. Twiglett

    Tesla Model 3 addon dashboard $575

    Reading though some of posts about other Hansshow products and the support entertainment, I'll not be giving them my money. Looking at the video of reaching around the steering wheel to use the touch screen on the V2 product - err, no thanks.
  29. Twiglett

    Door gap within spec.. push back?

    It does seem odd seeing stuff like this on the Y. My 2018 Model 3 was built with less automation, but has great panel fit. Very strange indeed.
  30. Twiglett

    My 2 pence after my test drive

    for #5 - don't forget that its up to you to make sure the car doesn't do anything illegal. AP is there to keep you in the lane and not hit the car in front, almost everything is yours to do :D Using the centre display takes a little getting used to, but pretty soon you start to love being able...
  31. Twiglett

    Retuning a Long Range Model X

    This doesn't sound like "degradation" at all. More like energy use while not plugged in. How much energy is used when not plugged in is dependent on your settings in the car as well as use of apps like TeslaFi or the phone app. Main thing is to realize that a Tesla isn't a gas car that can be...
  32. Twiglett

    Tesla Model 3 addon dashboard $575

    Biggest problem is that is only for sale on aliexpress - hardly the paragon of trustworthiness. Remember you will have zero local support and that while you technically can return faulty items, you will likely need to pay international guaranteed shipped to do so. Been there, done that, got the...
  33. Twiglett

    Tesla Model 3 addon dashboard $575

    right - but they are tagged as vendors so we know that they are selling something
  34. Twiglett

    the rate at which this car chews thru tires is insane

    sadly it is to be expected with a performance car - and one that makes it so easy to use the performance. If you want to feel better about that previous set, put on a set of summer performance tires and see if the last a full summer :cool: I managed 30k out of my MXMs but its was really slippy...
  35. Twiglett


    the day after getting this update I started seeing the USB device malfunction errors again. As there is no real feedback method (other than tweets to elon) looks like its another service call in the app
  36. Twiglett

    High cost of charging according to TeslaFi?

    I think this is the big "problem" that many EVs have. They enable the use of vast amounts of data that can be used to provide incredibly detailed stats and costings. In an ICE world almost everything is guesswork, reset the trip every fill up is about it with the resolution of a tank of gas...
  37. Twiglett

    Covid Frunk

    Does the Y come with a powered frunk now or is that an add on?
  38. Twiglett

    Supercharger - Beaumont, Texas

    SR can work for some folks, but for road tripping it is much more sensitive to supercharger location. It should be easier in a few years when there are more superchargers along with a bunch of alternative fast charging options.
  39. Twiglett

    Is Autopilot at fault in this accident?

    In your scenario the accident still happens and your car is off the road being repaired - but hey, its the other guys fault so its all ok. Slowing down to let the car/truck change lanes doesn't change the fault, it just stops the accident from happening. The whole "fault" thing boggles my mind...
  40. Twiglett

    Dog Mode

    I think you misunderstand how its supposed to work, it is specifically designed to turn off if nobody is in the car along with locking the car etc I have never had it unexpectedly turning off the AC - because turning off when I walk away is completely expected. If I want the AC to stay running I...
  41. Twiglett

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    Feedback is fundementally a good thing without which they can't improve. I've always been taught that feedback is a gift. It would be even better if there were somewhere to submit that to Tesla.
  42. Twiglett

    Amarillo to Trinidad, CO supercharger stats - round trip

    I see that Clayton now shows as Q1 2021 so hopefully this route will become much more straightforward
  43. Twiglett

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    Yes, to the point of driving along with a thick layer of ice on the front of the car. But that's not what I meant, what I meant was why get a Tesla that you know doesn't work for you, then complain about it not being suitable?
  44. Twiglett

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    ^^This^^ some folks are only happy when they have something to complain about. Its often been said on these forums that someone here would complain that is was unacceptable getting a free car because it wasn't the color they wanted.
  45. Twiglett

    Favorite part about 2020.48.26... changing the charging threshold

    I love that its the fault of the "stupid car" and the "stupid line"
  46. Twiglett

    New Model X Owner - Battery range seems way over optimistic.

    How close you get to predicted range depends entirely on you, your right foot, your cabin temp, road and weather conditions. Just like a petrol car. If your expectation is that you will achieve rated economy when not driving economically, then you must reset your expectations - again just like a...
  47. Twiglett

    Is Autopilot at fault in this accident?

    Wow, I didn't realize that was so important to you that you prove you were right. Hope you feel better for it. Hakuna Matata dude
  48. Twiglett

    Elon ducking behind bogus "regulation" for $10K Level 5 bet this year

    What I find most entertaining about this definition is how people interpret it. This definition basically says that if it can't proceed and the user decides not to intervene then it will pull over and wait. Far too many people have an unrealistic expectation that and autonomous car will just...
  49. Twiglett

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    just stopping by with current stats for my 38k mile, 31 month old Model 3LR-RWD current predicted 100% range 308 delivered range 309 max range 311 lowest range 289 (Feb 2020)
  50. Twiglett

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    Thoroughly recommend the wines at Alexander Vineyards. They are imported european wines and well worth it - my favorite wine location :) If you're going to stay in town, we have stayed at Beethoven Villas which were very good. They have two destination chargers for guest use, they had to keep...

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