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  1. tpham07

    Can Tesla Model X AP 2.0 record by Sentry Mode?

    it most certainly isn't. Because AP 2.0 was invented when sentry mode wasn't considered to be an option. sentry mode only was invented on the fly after a large number of tesla model 3 break ins and someone complained to elon musk to let the cameras record.
  2. tpham07

    Road trip Texas to Washington

    use the car's navigation system. easy and simple.
  3. tpham07

    Phantom drain, 2-3% per day?

    Standby mode for summon will drain a lot of power. turn that off.
  4. tpham07

    351 Mile Range!

  5. tpham07

    Model X postponed indefinitely?

    considering the media overblows every single negative tesla news and we've heard nothing about this from anywhere, i wouldn't put any weight to it.
  6. tpham07

    351 Mile Range!

    sure whatever bro. Tesla releases 'Long Range Plus' Model S/X with 390/351 mile range, new wheels - Electrek but if you dont believe elon musk then sure whatever haha.
  7. tpham07

    351 Mile Range!

    More like the previous range was understated. Remember when the model 3 LR RWD first came out? a lot of people were getting way more than the advertised 310 miles at the time. then a software update gave everyone like 325+ miles with zero hardware changes.
  8. tpham07

    351 Mile Range!

    No its all efficiency gains thru software tweaks and how they calculate EPA range. Elon has already said that the most recent raven models are all capable of this range and currently have understated range. an OTA update should bring it on par with the new "plus" range. Plus was only added for...
  9. tpham07

    HW2.0 to 3.0 upgrade - are Tesla in big legal & financial trouble?

    and the greyscale/red cameras of the 2.0 hardware is irrelevant to FSD. The OP's post is pure FUD. AP2.0 Cameras: Capabilities and Limitations?
  10. tpham07

    HW2.0 to 3.0 upgrade - are Tesla in big legal & financial trouble?

    yeah....tesla does not use black and white cameras for autopilot. Just watch ONE sentry mode video recording. The cameras are more than capable of recording color.
  11. tpham07

    EAP to FSD upgrade now $3,000

    Obviously this is a moneygrab. but for the good number of us who "own" our vehicles and plan on keeping it for 5-10 years, then why the heck not. If FSD isn't a thing a couple years from now, i doubt Tesla will be around then seeing how FSD is basically their entire business strategy. Since you...
  12. tpham07

    Elon Confirms S & X Are Chopped Liver

    Not that much money apparently. The number crunchers have clearly already determined there is more money to be made from the 3/Y/Truck/Semi. The S & X are niche vehicles that won't have mass market appeal. Its like the Denalis, do we really think GM is making a lot of money on those? obviously...
  13. tpham07

    X: What's your 90%?

    15,700 miles later, 262mi at 90%.
  14. tpham07

    Chademo charging

    not worth it, especially when there are superchargers that are literally 3x faster and in more places and usually are cheaper/free.
  15. tpham07

    Model X and S Updated

    i did read the blog post. it says nothing about new electronics to control battery, only a new drivetrain. The battery is the exact same pack. updated suspension would have nothing to do with increased charging rate.
  16. tpham07

    Model X and S Updated

    Any official word on this? same exact battery pack, so honestly the only difference would have to be the wiring but AFAIK the only difference between these cars is the newer motors. pretty sure they took carbon fiber away months ago.
  17. tpham07

    Navigate on AutoPilot poll

    i rest my hand at the lower left bottom of the wheel. never get the nag.
  18. tpham07

    Model X and S Updated

    i already took a huge financial hit trading in my 16 month old Model S for a Model X, so might have to sit this one out haha. I can live without the 30 mile extra range upgrade. Im guessing current S/X will also be able to charge up to 145kw on V2 and 200kw on V3 seeing how its the same battery...
  19. tpham07

    Range Failure

    It's interesting that coming back to the TMC after a couple months, i see the same subset of users who are either love their tesla, or complain about their tesla. Like you don't see a owner in both categories, its usually just one or another. As stated by others, planning on arriving at the...
  20. tpham07

    Received HW3 MX today. What I found compared to my 2016 MS (delivery)

    the better camera came out a couple years ago, its 1080P quality vs the 720P quality of older teslas.
  21. tpham07

    Model X 75D or Long Range

    that hardly seems like a discount on a 75D.
  22. tpham07

    Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.

    New technologies go through a lot of time and validation to make it work the way its intended. If my car is going to navigate a crowded parking lot on its own, i dont want that technology to be any less than perfect. We've already seen what happens when you rush new features (737 MAX anyone?)...
  23. tpham07

    Model X Service & Elon's Tweetstorm

    maybe. but over 3/4ths of tesla owners bought their cars online without even test driving them. The % of Model 3 owners who bought their cars without even knowing anything about the car is even greater. Honestly, everytime i've bought a car, test driving it never swayed me one way or another...
  24. tpham07

    Model X Service & Elon's Tweetstorm

    i dont get why the SEC is butt hurt. the 500k figure isn't that far fetched based on current trends. and he obviously didn't post it to sway stock price, and quickly corrected himself. i think the SEC is just itching to get after him that's all cuz he insulted them.
  25. tpham07

    MX owner (Tesla employee) in Fremont crash this morning

    are overnight factory jobs paying that well where they can afford to own teslas?
  26. tpham07

    tail light condensation

    mine has that, never bothered me so i never brought it up. there's been wild temperature extremes here (from 2 degrees to 63 degrees in the span of a week) so i know that hasn't helped.
  27. tpham07

    Tesla speeding at 128mph in a 45mph zone

    if anything this is another example on why humans can't be trusted to drive. bring on FSD.
  28. tpham07

    Anyone only getting 60% of predicted range?

    i don't. but thats why cellphone batteries die out and lose a good percentage of their capacity after 2-3 years while 2-3 years later tesla batteries go strong. Batteries have a finite number of charge cycles, and everytime you charge to 100%, you're closer to using a full cycle. That's a fact...
  29. tpham07

    Doors not closing

    yes by all means return your car. because no other car has ever had problems ever. then again im biased, i enjoy driving my car too much i can't imagine any sort of mechanical failure that would compel me to drive a different vehicle.
  30. tpham07

    My 2018 MX 75D - Issues at delivery

    i didn't post in this thread. you are mistaken.
  31. tpham07

    Wall Charger Install Questions

    Don't install 90A. thats terrible advice, especially since your car will max out at 48A. Install a 60A breaker. anything more will require a manual disconnect installed to be compliant with code. a 60A breaker will get you the full 48A charging.
  32. tpham07

    Powered doors are a PITA

    Auto doors is the reason i traded in a 16 month old model S and ate $15k in deprecation to buy a new model X. Like others have said, the sensors have detected an obstacle. They do not want your door to slam into something or have the wind blow it into something. Its meant to protect your car...
  33. tpham07

    Wrap and rear badges

    im still lol-ing at 2 months lol. my guy who wrapped my car ordered new badges from tesla and put them on.
  34. tpham07

    My 2018 MX 75D - Issues at delivery

    why are you mentioning me in a thread created 2 months ago? bored much?
  35. tpham07

    Model X 75D (237 EPA) or software locked 100D (270 EPA)

    a software locked 100D will supercharge faster than a 75kwh battery. Personally i would save the money, but its something to consider.
  36. tpham07

    Recent X75D purchase range anxiety vs purchasing today

    Tesla discontinued the 72A on board chargers for single-phase markets (USA/CAN/MX/JAPAN), so even if you bought a 100D now it'd still only have a 48A charger. When you get into the summertime, the 75D will have closer to the range that you'd expect. Only suggestion i would have is to try and...
  37. tpham07

    Full Self Driving Removed - Not Even “Off Menu”

    precisely why they designed the computer to be replaced relatively easily. Im confident they can achieve a FSD with the camera setup they have.
  38. tpham07

    New model X and S line up! Cheaper model X!

    He didn't buy a performance model. He's just upset that he could've gotten one now with the same money he paid. Granted one with black seats, 5 seats, no autopilot, standard wheels, standard black paint, etc. I mean if you added all the options he added probably more like $128k.
  39. tpham07

    Tesloop Model X at 350,000 miles

    At 350k miles? are you surprised? or naive? A battery going through that much use is not going to be the same as new. Most owners expect 5% degradation in the first 100k miles.
  40. tpham07

    New model X and S line up! Cheaper model X!

    You're comparing a base level Model X 100D to a fully loaded 100D you bought months ago? After adding the autopilot, white seats, and seating option, the Model X i ordered at $112k is now $108k. Big whoop. You seem shocked, its like Tesla never lowered the prices of their cars before. I bet you...
  41. tpham07

    New model X and S line up! Cheaper model X!

    A P100D without ludicrous mode is pointless. There are technology and design limits. If Tesla can't make it happen with the smaller and more efficient Model 3, how exactly are they doing to do it in a Model X? How many people need 400+ miles of range in one day anyways? If anything, this...
  42. tpham07

    Model X Window Tint

    Sunshades: Tesla Model X
  43. tpham07

    Calibred Customs dashcam install power?

    Off topic but it says you're in brooklyn. Did you drive from NYC to Southern California for a dashcam install? :O
  44. tpham07

    No mention of mileage in CPO order agreement

    i mean my order agreement for my brand new car said 50 miles and it came with 7.
  45. tpham07

    Tesla losing free access to toll lanes in Los Angeles

    This was in the news six months ago. FasTrak toll lanes in Los Angeles to charge all EVs soon.
  46. tpham07

    Elon Canning Referral Program!

    yes it was. The correct math was showing Tesla would lose more money. Maybe its not the full value of the roadster, but thats lost revenue opportunity for sure. Tesla cutting 7% of their staff probably saves them the same amount they would've made selling 80 roadsters. It's not exactly chump...
  47. tpham07

    How to tell if you have the new MCU....

    My bad, i was thinking AP2.5/AP2.0
  48. tpham07

    My delivery SUCKED and how I feel 1 month later...

    This is a behavior i've only seen with Teslas. I dont know about others, but anytime ive ever bought a new car before, never once did inspect the car with a fine tooth comb like some of these people. The fact theres a delivery inspection checklist is hilarious in itself. Like really, is anyone...
  49. tpham07

    Elon Canning Referral Program!

    https://electrek.co/2019/01/17/tesla-roadster-free-killed-referral-program/ You're right, it was a far fetched idea. So glad i didn't come up with it.
  50. tpham07

    How to tell if you have the new MCU....

    Dash-cam ability, or if you have the ability to turn on energy saving/always connected in your vehicle settings.

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