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  1. VikH

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Just entered the race and released the hold on my MYP 03/2019 order. Black on Black 5 seat MYP.
  2. VikH

    Supercharging Speeds: Who, what, where, why, and when

    On hot days, people have recommended placing a wet towel on the handle of the supercharger so the SC does not throttle. Any concern on this causing damage? Is the handle temp just for keeping the handle cool enough to touch?
  3. VikH

    Speculation on the reason for the refresh delay

    It worries me a little that they are still testing it for battery safety. Seems like they would have figured that out a while ago.
  4. VikH

    Speculation on the reason for the refresh delay

    No. It is not a rule and hasn't been the past few years. Not everyone wants a large sedan or a large SUV (I have owned a Model X for 3.5 years). Many choose the Model 3 over the S because it is a true sports sedan. I am trading in my Model X for a Model Y. I don't like the way the X handles and...
  5. VikH

    Speculation on the reason for the refresh delay

    Because it is relevant and it is Musk's mentality on S/X in 2019. Also, where are you getting your numbers of hundreds of millions spent on R&D just for S and X? Ha. This is simply not true. Many people prefer the 3/Y over the S/X.
  6. VikH

    Speculation on the reason for the refresh delay

    I don't think the S and X are the "most desirable cars in the lineup." Prior to the refresh they were outdated with old technology. In some ways the refresh is still outdated (tail lights/brake lights) since most of the exterior is the same. Elon previously said in a 2019 earnings call...
  7. VikH

    Refreshed "2021" Model X LR/Plaid waiting room

    Not much discussion on MX. Mostly focused on the MS.
  8. VikH

    Speculation on the reason for the refresh delay

    Regarding the Q1 earnings call, Elon mentioned safety of the refresh Model S battery pack a few times on the call. These comments seemed odd.
  9. VikH

    Poor quality control on the Model Y

    Crazy. Tesla has been delivering cars with mis-matched trim for years and it still blows my mind. How do these cars leave the factory in this state?
  10. VikH

    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    Wow. I wasn't expecting such a high cost. Tesla needs to start getting creative with how they are servicing the drivetrain/battery components otherwise all of their cars are going to end up worthless after 8 years.
  11. VikH

    2016 Model X brake problems

    What was the exact issue with the brakes (post the service invoice)? I also don't understand how the tire was broken. Maybe it was the wheel? Since you live in Chicago, you should be getting your brakes serviced annually. If not, the brakes will develop corrosion due to the salt/winter in...
  12. VikH

    Performance Model S missing from Tesla Used Inventory

    Tesla auctions off a portion of their lease returns and trade-ins, so speculating about used inventory is difficult. If inventory is low, they could be auctioning off most of the lease turn in cars.
  13. VikH

    Plaid vs LR

    I ordered an LR but was contemplating a Plaid. I have gotten used to the performance of my MX P100D and the MS LR is just slightly slower than my MX (0-60 2.9 seconds). I will say, while I don't launch my P100D often, the extra power is usable when at speed and it is hard to go back to a slower...
  14. VikH

    21” arachnid or 19” base

    I did not realize the 21" wheels would be forged. Where does it say the wheels are forged? Or is it just an assumption since the previous arachnids were forged? Assuming they are forged that is a decent value with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (21" Tesla spec PS4S are about $1600). A few...
  15. VikH

    21” arachnid or 19” base

    The 19" wheels are ugly as sin, but I still ordered them for max range on winter road trips. I will get aftermarket 21" wheels that are lighter/stronger than the stock wheels. To be fair, the Model S has received significant improvements since 2017. The new car, I hope, will have great sound...
  16. VikH

    Model X battery upgrading for 2017 MX..How can you get an upgraded battery for an existing model?

    Per a recent Gruber Motors video (starts at 3:30) you can upgrade to a new 90 pack which costs about $20k-23k, but can be as low as $16k. Tesla won't install a 100 pack for a non-100 pack car.
  17. VikH

    Enhanced Autopilot removed - Bought From 3rd Party Dealer

    No. This is solely Tesla's fault. All they have to do is configure the car properly prior to auction. It is a simple process that they can't get right.
  18. VikH

    How bad are Falcon Wing doors?

    I used to say that I never had FWD problems, but recently (in the last 4 months) the drive side FWD will detect phantom obstacles when leaving my heated garage and into cold weather. This goes away after a bit, but it is frustrating. Of course when I took it into the Service Center they said...
  19. VikH

    Show off your aftermarket Model X wheels...

    Looks good. Did you do any camber kits?
  20. VikH

    Picked up my first Tesla!

    If this was 2017, they likely would have comped the whole thing. Today, I am surprised they comped anything. Good to hear though.
  21. VikH

    New Matrix projector LED vs "old" reflector LED headlights comparison on US cars

    Great work. It seems the LEDs are better at illuminating the road, but the old headlights are still very good.
  22. VikH

    I feel like a nerd and a kid all over again, adding a Model X to the garage.

    Great adjustment! Congrats. Surprising to see low mile pre-refresh cars still on lots. Did they let you lease it?
  23. VikH

    Double-charged by Tesla?

    No harm? What? As someone who was not effected how can you make that statement? Okay, let's get real. I will (unplanned) take $50k cash out of your checking/savings account for several days. Let's see if I caused "harm". My guess is it impacted people significantly and some may have had bills...
  24. VikH

    Double-charged by Tesla?

    Let's set aside the usage of the word "scam", as this was not a scam. It's odd that you are so defensive of Tesla in this situation. Why does Tesla not hold any responsibility? Wasn't it their payment system that caused the double charge? Why blame the consumer in this scenario when they are out...
  25. VikH

    Delivery on hold until July?

    My March 2019 order used to say that, but today they have removed the April 2nd date. It just says to click I'm Ready when I want to take delivery.
  26. VikH

    Refreshed “2021” Model S waiting room

    Disappointing. I was looking forward to the massive jump in range with the 4680 cells.
  27. VikH

    30mm spacers installed all around with 22s. Some pics....

    Looks good! Does it rub in Very Low?
  28. VikH

    Double-charged by Tesla?

    Insane. This is a massive Tesla Finance screw up. Why not just go into the closest Sales center and wait there until they fix it?
  29. VikH

    2018 P100D Unable to drive and screen not working, but lights and doors open. Had 12V replaced 2 months ago and MCU2 infotainment upgrade last year

    Sounds like a dead MCU2 based on the inability to charge and screens not working. MCU2 runs both the binnacle and the main screen, whearas MCU1 binnacle can run separately from main screen.
  30. VikH

    Rear Seats Not Detecting Child in Car Seat

    Why not install the car seats using the seat belts instead of the LATCH anchors? Also note that LATCH anchors. Most seat manufacturers require rear facing @ 65lbs and front @ 69 lbs (includes car seat weight), but some seat manufacturers may have lower limits.
  31. VikH

    Double-charged by Tesla?

    Tesla Finance. Wait until after EOQ. No one is going to help you the next few days.
  32. VikH

    How to get out of Tesla Lease?

    This is the answer. OP will almost assuredly take a bath.
  33. VikH

    Model X, 22inch wheel Tire Pressures

    I have aftermarket 22", but have the same sized stock 22" tires. I generally over-inflate the tires to 44-45 psi cold to get better efficiency. The ride is slightly rougher, but not uncomfortable. Max psi for my Conti DWS is 52 psi.
  34. VikH

    Have you seen a refreshed Model S/X in person?

    The Model S has wider fender flares than the previous S, so that is my guess as to why they are beefier.
  35. VikH

    Anyone try the “Buckle Booster” for car seats?

    My Britax Marathon convertible and Britax Grow with You front facing harness booster fit perfectly fine (no extenders or modifications) in the Model Y I tested and in my Model X.
  36. VikH

    Model S Refresh Spotted in Ohio

    Video - Take Off Vid - More Pics -
  37. VikH

    Model S Refresh Spotted in Ohio

    Some photos of the interior and UI from user u/FridayTheDog111 on Reddit. Note "Drag Strip Mode" -
  38. VikH

    Thinking of getting a Taycan Cross Turismo...

    The Taycan's charging curve is killer. It would be a great road tripper and have better quality/customer service.
  39. VikH

    Review: '17 MX P vs. '20 MX P vs. '20 MY P-

    That sounds about right in terms of wear on stock 20" continentals. Although my rears wear out faster than my fronts (too many acceleration pulls).
  40. VikH

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Sad, but not unheard of. Several S and X owners can attest to receiving cars with different interior trims. How these things pass QA is mind blowing.
  41. VikH

    X: What's your 90%?

    2017 MX P100DL at 36k miles is at 243 Rated Miles at 90% SOC.
  42. VikH

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Classic Tesla trying to deliver the wrong car. Happens to all of us! Damn blue looks good in the sun. Congrats!
  43. VikH

    Model S Battery Replacement

    How much are they asking you to pay for a replacement pack?
  44. VikH

    Have you seen a refreshed Model S/X in person?

    Refresh X spotted at Fremont - https://twitter.com/klwtts/status/1365017604155314176
  45. VikH

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    If that bothers you, don't look at the chrome strip on the outer edge of the headlight housing.
  46. VikH

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    Agreed. This seems like an easy update too. Very annoying.
  47. VikH

    New Tesla Model X Long Range should change it's name.

    Regarding range of the refreshed Model X, my bet is they changed the underbody of the car to accept the future 4680 pack when ready. They had to create a new 18650 pack that would fit in the 4680 pack space. This results in a smaller 18650 pack and less range (even with the heat pump).
  48. VikH

    New Tesla Model X Long Range should change it's name.

    These cars do not last 3 hours driving at highway speeds in weather below 40F. Just did a 400 mile road trip this past weekend in my 2017 MX P100DL where I had to stop 4 times to charge and trip took 8 hours. It should take 6 hours to drive non-stop. Supercharging can be slow and most...
  49. VikH

    Sentry Mode bust!

    Agreed. Felt bad for the kid!

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