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    More Y Competition

    The problem with that for me is that I want an SUV as the road trip car. For a daily commuter I don't want an SUV, I want a sports sedan like the Model 3. But most of the competition seems to be SUVs, which I think aren't that useful without the supercharging network.
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    Front License Plate for Model Y

    But assuming you're asking about the normal method, I imagine it's the same as the 3, where the included bracket is attached with double sided tape.
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    COVID-19 Impact on Tesla production?

    Except that the 11,000 cases didn't yield 168 deaths. Most of the reported cases are recent and some will end up dying. You can only compare the number of recoveries with the number of deaths, not the number of active infections.
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    Fremont will be shut down!

    It looks like they will be closing monday: https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/03/19/coronavirus-tesla-takes-temperatures-of-employees-coming-to-work/
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    Fremont will be shut down!

    And annual flu deaths in the US is about 30K, so how is that less? And I'm really confused about your statement of preventable deaths. Here we are talking about 1 million preventable deaths in the US (actually I believe the CDC estimate was up to 1.7 million deaths).
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    Is parallel park part of self driving package option?

    I love auto parallel park. I can park myself into tighter spaces, but other than that it's totally stress free and quite fast. Auto perpendicular park is too slow.
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    Walkaway lock at home ... I don’t want it

    I don't see how a smart fob would help. Actually I like the Model 3 better in that way, since I'm far more likely to have my phone with me when outside than a car fob. If I need to get into my car I can, but if I need to get into my wife's car I need to go back inside.
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    Tesla backing away from "Phone Key as primary key"

    Once a month or so I need to press the handle a second time, but no waiting in between or shifting my body or anything. I do keep my phone in my front pocket (always have, can't stand anything in my back pocket). I chose 100%. I definitely keep my card with me, because I did have one...
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    I like it

    Whereas I would only ever fly to LA unless it was a scenic roadtrip over 2 days down the coast. No way would I ever spend 8 hours driving in a car on a freeway, that's just torture.
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    EAP constantly saying "autosteer temporarily not available"

    I'm not sure why it's not allowing it in your case, but I just wanted to point out that you shouldn't need to have failed attempts. The steering wheel icon will show up when auto steer becomes available, prior to that you will get the warning. Rather than just trying it over and over again...
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    Unable to see AutoPark feature for parking lot

    That's funny, because it rarely shows up for me with perpendicular parking, but I use it almost every time with parallel parking. Although generally I don't see the grey P, just the blue button to engage it once I put it in reverse to park. It's much faster at parallel parking, and generally...
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    Can we renew our HOV sticker?

    ?? The CHP doesn't have to look up your license plates. They just need to look at the color of the sticker. All stickers of the same color have the same expiration date.
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    Does anyone else have zero interest in EAP?

    Yeah, I'm talking about stop and go freeway driving. I never use EAP on surface streets.
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    Does anyone else have zero interest in EAP?

    I think it boils down to: If you drive in stop and go traffic it's a must have. If you do long drives with a wide open freeway it's nice. Otherwise it can be nice, but it depends on how much you like it (personally I use it all the time in the first case, sometimes in the second and never at...
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    US Federal $7,500 Electric Vehicle Credit Expiry Date By Automaker

    That makes no sense whatsoever. Tesla can upgrade the car anytime they want. I don't buy this "pissing off current owners", Tesla has never worried about that before. If Tesla came out with a much more amazing car tomorrow for the same price (and the same cost of manufacturing) current owners...
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    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    After almost 10k miles I’m at 234 wh/mile. Interestingly, after about 50k miles of the exact same driving in my Model S I was at 305 wh/mile.
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    Got back from service and now car can be driven without keys

    I was also going to say that generally you don't need to put the key card in the center as long as you've just unlocked the door with the key card. This is definitely normal behavior.
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    Looks like the Model 3 is getting a Keyfob!

    Maybe he meant frunk and got auto-corrected. Opening the frunk to put in groceries is when I always have to pull out my phone (I can't open the trunk when my car is parked in the garage).
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    Ever Hit Anything On Auto-Park? Summon?

    I often don't get the P, but still get the option to self park once I put it into reverse. Since I'm actually trying to park instead of just looking to try out a feature, I don't ever pay attention to whether the P appears or not. I get ready to parallel park my car, and when I put it in...
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    After 8000 miles I'm at 235 wh/mile (rwd w/ aeros). For comparison after 50,000 miles of the exact same driving in my Model S I ended up at 305 wh/mile. I'll point out though that even in California I was averaging more like 255 wh/mile during the winter and have been doing more like 220 over...
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    My evolving thoughts on autopilot

    My technique is to rest my left hand at the bottom of the steering wheel next to the spoke and keep a slight sideways pressure against the spoke. I find this comfortable and eliminates all nags. It does also allow me to feel the car steering so I'm alerted if it's doing something unexpected.
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    California red car pool lane decal - waiting for DMV

    If you get a new decal in June 2020, it won't be red, it will be some other color.
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    Regen throttling on hill descent

    I've gotten it before. Back when I first got my car 6 months ago it came on every day on my commute, but it's gotten a lot better and I rarely see it now (I descend about 1500 feet on my commute in about 8 minutes). It happens even if the battery is only about 75% charged. I assume it's to...
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    Traffic aware cruise control - initial set speed?

    While I agree it’s strange that you can’t set it at the current speed, my 99% use of TACC is to engage it in stop and go traffic, where I do want it to accelerate as the traffic speeds up, not maintain my current speed. I definitely want to be able to set it at the speed limit, not my current speed.
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    iphone vs android

    For over 6 months my iPhone has offered that degree of reliability. Many other people have had different experiences though.
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    Is there an "Extra" Parking Brake Step or Not? Weird.....

    Sigh. Look back at the first post in the thread. The manual is really clear. Putting the car in park engages the parking brake. There is no state similar to a parked state in an ICE. A unpowered electric motor spins freely and would not stop the car from rolling at all.
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    Is there an "Extra" Parking Brake Step or Not? Weird.....

    Your guess would be wrong. Putting a Tesla into 'park' uses actual calipers to grip the wheels. I'm pretty sure there are parking brakes only on the rear wheels.
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    Is there an "Extra" Parking Brake Step or Not? Weird.....

    I tried the same experiment and couldn't hear any additional noise when the indicator came on, but the whirring noise is definitely the sound of the parking brake engaging. Unlike an automatic ICE car you most definitely need to engage the parking brake. As far as I know the only reason for...
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    Am I doing something wrong? Cruising at Speed Limit

    Reading the Note seems pretty clear to me. It mentions that the speed when driving does not adjust to speed limit changes (which clearly means when using TACC) and you need to depress the stalk to cruise at the new speed limit. That clearly is talking about when you are already in TACC, or the...
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    Is there an "Extra" Parking Brake Step or Not? Weird.....

    No, no, no. Park in an ICE holds it in place with the transmission. There is no transmission in a Tesla. Putting it in park engages the parking brake, or it would roll away.
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    Advice Needed on Selling... Tax Credit

    Title was indeed transferred to you under California state law. Again, the federal government doesn't care what state you're talking about.
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    Who's putting front license plates on their M3?

    I put a front plate on my Model 3. But then I again I put one on my Model S as well. -shrug- I guess I'm just not that thingy about my cars.
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    Advice Needed on Selling... Tax Credit

    It has been registered. The "Tesla temp tags" are California registration tags. You can't drive a car before it's registered with some state, and the federal government isn't going to care which state the car was registered in.
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    Quick Poll, How many RWD owners would have waited for the AWD/

    I'm a little confused. I wanted AWD, but knew in January that it was coming out mid-year and I would have to wait six months, which was exactly right. I wasn't willing to wait that long, so I don't regret my decision. I'm pretty sure Tesla always said it was going to be coming out when it...
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    Model 3 set to dominate it's category as early as next month

    July 2018 YTD U.S. Passenger Car Sales Rankings - Best-Selling Cars In America - For the month of July, 14,000 units was enough to put them in 7th place for US passenger car sales. Here are the top 10: Toyota Corolla Family 26,754 Toyota Camry 26,311 Honda Civic 26,311 Honda Accord 24,927...
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    I can't shift into gear fast enough. Fix it.

    I put on my seat belt before I drive, but I don't press the brake until I'm ready to go. 5 1/2 years of driving Teslas, and I've only just started having a problem getting it into drive. I assume they will fix it again soon.
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    Tesla backing away from "Phone Key as primary key"

    So far it's been 6 months and 8000 miles. I put 100%, although in fairness I have had the car fail to unlock a few times. Once I had left my phone in the house. A couple of times I had airplane mode turned on. Once I had earlier deliberately turned my phone off. But I agree that pretty much...
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    Would be cool if the app had profiles..

    My wife's Honda is able to determine which key fob is outside the driver's door even when we are both standing right next to the car. I'm pretty sure Tesla can do the same with the phones.
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    Would be cool if the app had profiles..

    A phone is tied to a particular keycard (you associate the phone with a keycard when you set up the phone key). If the card can activate a profile then the phone should be able to activate a profile.
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    Expected unlock behavior - immediate?

    The car always unlocks for me without any hesitation when I press the door handle.
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    So Why Does It Matter Keeping Tesla Battery Between 20%-80% Charged?

    I think you misread the thread. There is absolutely no advantage to only charging every other day. You want to minimize extremes of battery charge, not artificially make them greater by running the battery down more. You would be better off charging to 70% and charging every day, although...
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    SR now 215 mile range, 0-60 in 5.1 (AWD?)

    That's a big assumption. I figured it was 18 vs 19" wheels.
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    Phone as Key Issues

    The App needs to be running as well. So yes, it's normal to need to launch the app before it will work. Definitely if I force quit the app or restart my phone it won't unlock until after I launch the app. Once I've launched the app once it continues working.
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    So Why Does It Matter Keeping Tesla Battery Between 20%-80% Charged?

    Exactly. Generally most people don't need full range every day, or even 95% of the time. Why wear the batter more than necessary when you don't need it? However, that doesn't mean you don't charge to 100% and drive to 0% (or as close as you are comfortable) whenever you need to drive a long...
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    Maps, traffic issue

    I think it's a display issue, not a download issue. For me I find I zoom in or out and the traffic updates, but often when I return to the original zoom level it displays the outdated traffic again.
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    Feature request for walk away lock - configurable horn tweet

    When you say they don't work flawlessly, does that include locking as well as unlocking? Locking is a passive operation, the phone doesn't tell the car to lock, the car locks when it can't sense the phone. I would imagine that a faulty phone might cause the car to lock even when you are...
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    Any news on if/when an old school key fob option will be available?

    It depends on the phone. My phone works 100%. Other people with varying phones and who knows what software installed can have random problems. By the same token there is no reason an RF fob would be any more reliable than a bluetooth one.
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    Any news on if/when an old school key fob option will be available?

    I believe Tesla charges about $130 for the Model S key fob. It seems reasonable it would be similar.
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    Give Me An Option for Walk-Up Unlock!

    If you press the button to unlatch the charge port, it needs unlatch if the phone key is present, whether the car is locked or unlocked. There’s no reason for an option and no reason why Tesla can’t implement this. I keep expecting them to fix this obvious bug with each release. If your only...
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    Tesla App - Add Trunk Open to first screen

    Why do you ever use the app to open the trunk rather than just pressing the button on the trunk? The frunk has no button, so I’m forced to use the app, but it would never occur to me to drag my phone out of my pocket to open the trunk.

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