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  1. roblab

    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    I have 11 kw of solar plus 20 kWh of battery backup and wish I had more. I can heat or cool my living space of my home solely with solar and battery if need be. I use NatGas now for some heating, but I certainly don't need it and am thinking of turning it off more and more often. It's not...
  2. roblab

    Why are people buying new ICE cars?

    I hear this all the time. Then I see people, like our daughter's husband, who won't buy an "expensive" EV, but owns two pickups and three cars. And my wife's 3 goes 320 miles on a charge, so I don't understand the comment about small and not going far. Add to that, there are chargers...
  3. roblab

    Rubber oem trim by hood popping out

    Use some rubber cement or door gasket cement.
  4. roblab

    Walt Disney World

    The issue is that there is plenty of charging around. You don't need to charge while at the park. Just charge a day earlier on the way to WDW, then stop at the Disney motel -- or any other motel . Since you're not going anywhere, you don't need to charge. Thinking you need to charge while...
  5. roblab

    Model LS V8

    How, exactly, does it "eliminate" range anxiety? I found that any Tesla with over 300 miles range eliminates range anxiety if the driver is knowledgeable and aware. Never had "anxiety" with my Model 3. All you gotta do is stop to supercharge every 200 miles or so (or longer if it's a 400 mile...
  6. roblab

    Climate Change Denial - Discuss

    Not sure what you're getting at. I'm a liberal. I'm also a clinical lab scientist, one who relies on scientific data rather than feelings. And I vote. Maybe someday you'll explain this to me.
  7. roblab

    How much did you pay for your 50 Amp Outlet?

    Well, If I'd known, I could have come helped you put your outlet in. Only thing, most people like to pull a permit (where I live in Napa Valley I don't need one) and I did all my own wiring (as I live in the county I'm allowed to do this at my own property). So I did my outlet for the price of...
  8. roblab

    Model 3 vs S

    I like my S and I like my 3. The three costs less because it is less, and don't think it isn't. The three seems quicker, but the S is just as quick, has more room, rides smoother. If all a person wants is a track car, well, then, there you go. But if you want a smooth-riding car that has a...
  9. roblab

    Poll: Official Tesla Motors Club (TMC) T-Shirt. Which version would you want?

    Seat all the way back, leaning back so I can look out the back window if I turn my head, no one on the seat behind me. Then I'm pretty comfortable. The Tesla seats fit me pretty good, so I'm pretty happy, even on a thousand mile run. You notice, Milli doesn't take up any room, so we're rather...
  10. roblab

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    What fraction of the $22K price did Elon quote? As I see it, 99.99/100ths of a price is a fraction. Unless he gave us an actual price of a new battery, well, giving people new batteries for half the price won't happen just to keep a car on the road. I agree with you that it's expensive, but...
  11. roblab

    Preventative 12V battery replacement before road trip?

    Worriers gotta worry. Did you replace your 12 v battery on your ice vehicle every time you went on a trip? I've had 4 Teslas since 2012. First two had over 100K miles on them, roughly 4 years old, NEVER replaced any battery, 12v or otherwise. What ruins a lead acid battery is letting it...
  12. roblab

    Love my model Y but...

    Oh, come on. Everyone wants extra stuff, but please, this is an all electric car. The battery is a huge chunk of change, costing much more than the cookie cutter gas engine/transmission package on other cars. Tesla has to cut every little thing to get you a car like this, and if you don't...
  13. roblab

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    And some people like white on a car. I think white is boring, but it's the most popular color. I have two friends with red 3s, and they are gorgeous... the car, not the friends. And after driving electric since 2002, I pretty much think that any car that still uses gas to power it is SOOOO...
  14. roblab

    Has anyone here decided they will sell or trade-in their Tesla for the CyberTruck?

    I wouldn't trade in my 3 until after the CT becomes available.
  15. roblab

    CR Report/Test on Recent Model S Crash

    But, honestly, people shouldn't have to be monitored to make sure they're in the driver's seat, or that their hands are on the wheel. If they prove they are smart enough to defeat such devices, they they should be smart enough to not do stupid cat tricks just to prove they can. Stupid people...
  16. roblab

    Cost of 50 amp circuit and Nema 14-50 Plug installation in SFBay area (Oakland)?

    Here's where it's good to have some experience doing wiring. I installed a 14-50 outlet in my daughter's garage, where I just punched a hole in the wall into the meter outside the garage. Ran about a foot of #6 wire into a 50 amp breaker. Took maybe an hour. Cost? the price of the outlet and...
  17. roblab

    Why are people waiting at Costco gas stations instead of buying Teslas?

    And I see the "smart money" people spending HUGE amounts of money on a 6000+ sq ft house so they can show off to their friends, when it's just for a man and wife. Oh, and also for "entertainment". What a waste. They should consider the Tesla a bit of bling so it would be easier to take the...
  18. roblab

    Flat tires - Fix yourself vs Roadside Assistance?

    I guess it depends on where you live, too. Wifey got a screw in her tire while construction was going on a block from our place, while I haven't had a flat in years, so luck is also a factor. I like to think that I dodge the stuff on the road a little better than she does, too, like two by...
  19. roblab

    Green New Deal

    Because I have 66 solar panels with 20+ kWh of battery storage, I tend to charge my car in the day time, usually in the morning. Works for me.
  20. roblab

    Tesla for 80 year old?

    And I know several kids (age 60) who can't handle the Tesla, think it's too complicated, don't like plugging it in, and basically just leave it in the drive gathering dust. It's not age. Some people just will never understand tech. As for not being able to see the screen, I'd recommend they...
  21. roblab

    Calling all military/ veteran owners

    You're welcome.
  22. roblab


    You could just ignore minor swings and drive to enjoy. If it's not 5 lb, it's not worth it. Or if you don't notice it it's not worth it. As the man says, it's mainly to let you know if you've got a flat.
  23. roblab

    Poll: Official Tesla Motors Club (TMC) T-Shirt. Which version would you want?

    If any of these shirts came in Extra Large Tall (XLT) I might be interested, but knowing that MOST likely they don't, well, thanks anyway.
  24. roblab

    Got my first flat tire...now Tesla charging me for fixing it. Is this normal ?

    Or not. Let's use the plug, see if it EVER leaks, and if necessary THEN pay a bunch to have a tire shop take your money. Uh, I mean, fix your tire. Personally, I have NEVER had a tire shop fix a tire, as I prefer to use a cheap plug kit available from WalMart or KMart or wherever such...
  25. roblab

    Red glass when water is on it?

    From a Chemistry teacher's point of view, I figured it was a feature of the glass that reflected infrared (heat) away from the cabin. Of course we can't see infrared, but it's likely that some near infrared is also reflected, and that's what we see. On my S it's hardly viewable, while on my 3...
  26. roblab

    Service Center - Vallejo, CA

    Go to Walmart, buy a tire plug kit, fix in parking lot without removing tire. Super easy, costs less than $20 for kit, and leaves you with enough extra plugs to do a dozen more tires.
  27. roblab

    Is it better to add a 14-50 outlet or hardwire an electric charger in garage?

    Man, am I glad I learned to use a screwdriver when I was in High School! I put a 14-50 outlet in the wall of my garage, ran my own wire (you can get all necessary information on sizes, etc. on line) and connected it to a 50 amp breaker. As my breaker was full, it was simple to buy two...
  28. roblab

    What’s an educated guess on when Model Y will receive 400+ mi range capability?

    They'll supply towing capability for the Y as soon as people are willing to pay for the beefed up frame. But then people will complain about the extra cost of owning a Y. Look. If you want to tow, you really need to get the X, which has the power, battery and frame to do it. And even then...
  29. roblab

    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    I see two examples. I like to drive completely silently through a woods, listening to birds and other natural noises and am blessed that I live where I CAN drive quietly. And again, I would not wish to be in a rush hour or downtown situation with hundreds of cars all "boop-beeping" at each...
  30. roblab

    Model LS V8

    Not much. I gave up my gas burners in 2002. I drove RAV4EV for years, then bought almost first Model S available to public. No more stopping at gas stations, no more oil changes, no tune ups or valve adjustments, no more oil drips on garage floor. I don't see ANY advantages to such a hybrid...
  31. roblab

    Thoroughly impressed [with my model 3 LR]

    Since a 3 has over 300 miles of range, one could start out with a full battery, drive til noonish, enjoy a restaurant while you charge, drive till supper, eat, and drive to the motel. Superchargers are often near hotels and restaurants. Yes, you have to plan, which is something not required...
  32. roblab

    Non-Tesla recommendations for 2nd cheaper EV

    My wifey's advice? "A used 3".
  33. roblab

    New MY, 150 miles... screw in front driver tire thread.

    I carry a tire plug kit, and since most nails and screws puncture the tread area, these work great for most repairs. You don't even have to remove the tire. Just pump up tire at any service station on your way, thread tire repair rope plug through insertion tool (looks like a large needle...
  34. roblab

    Can't decide between P3D or Model S, halp!

    Well, I zip around here quite a bit, but our population may not be as crowded as Florida. I zip in my S about as often as in my 3, and I enjoy it. AT 77, I consider zipping just good for the circulation. My wife, however is not a zipper, more of velcro. She gets all tight and scared if I zip...
  35. roblab

    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    With electric high speed rail, most jet travel would be unnecessary. Especially when they get the Atlantic rail tunnel built. Yeah, right. I think the problem might be that people really don't need to get on a plane. Businesses can zoom rather than send salespeople. But we're stuck with...
  36. roblab

    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    But cows can't fly. Just pigs.
  37. roblab

    Home Battery Adoption

    You need to move to PG&E territory! Three times this winter the power went out, once for a week, and twice for three days. It was almost strange driving into the driveway and seeing lights when all around our house it was pitch black-- except for the candle here and there. And the best part...
  38. roblab

    Poll: Official Tesla Motors Club (TMC) T-Shirt. Which version would you want?

    I'd love to wear a Tesla T-shirt, but very likely won't buy one of these, because, like most t-shirts for sale, they only come in S-M-L, while I wear XLT. I understand that it's too expensive to sell shirts in all body sizes, but there you go. If you ever so sell a shirt in XLT, I'll be all in.
  39. roblab

    Why conceal your VIN?

    I know what you mean! I had 000064, our first Tesla, and had heard it was the eighth Tesla sold to the public. Woohoo!
  40. roblab

    MACH-E: The Best EV You've Ever Pushed

    OR, as I said, make an adapter yourself for about $20 at Home Depot. I've made several and keep them in my frunks (Model S and 3) plus the one on my wall.
  41. roblab

    Mobile connectors with new S

    or make one yourself from off the shelf outlets and plugs and #6 3 wire cable from The Home Depot. MUCH cheaper. Of course, you need to know things like how to tighten a screw, strip wires, use colored wires, etc. And don't listen to folks who run around like Chicken Little claiming, "Your...
  42. roblab

    About that "yoke" steering wheel

    Having watched my brother fly, the steering yoke seems to only tip the plane's wings up on one side and down on the other, which has nothing whatever to do with driving a car. The pedals steer the rudder, and again that's only a few degrees unless you want to go into a spin. The yoke steering...
  43. roblab

    Green Hydrogen

    Well, there you go. If big oil is pushing it, you know it's a scam. Nothing beats the cost of solar, especially when you factor in the carbon footprint, and hydrogen is not a fuel, it's a storage medium. You've got to separate the water molecule, pull out the hydrogen, then burn it to make...
  44. roblab

    Does your home consumption in Tesla app increase with production increase?

    I have not noticed this. My home usage sits at about .5 to 1kW all day, then stays about .5 when we shut down. Well pumps, etc, cause brief spikes, but nothing unexpected. Right now my solar is making 7.5 kW, of which 7 is feeding the grid and .5 is running the house. So I have to say, when...
  45. roblab

    Humble Motors SUV

    Woohoo! Another SUV, and now "Powered by SUNLIGHT!!!" Well, my cars are powered by sunlight, and I actually have two sitting here. As there's no mention of a plug, or a charging network, or even its "LONG range", I wonder how that works for a trip. I guess it takes several hours to charge...
  46. roblab

    Non roof solar panel installs

    I walk on my metal roof, and I weigh 220 lb. It's no problem if you can figure out where you can step. I also have racks that tip my solar panels toward the sun, also mounted on my metal roof, that I can walk around. Metal roofs are only a problem when you are dealing with people who aren't...
  47. roblab

    Which vaccine did you get?

    Good idea. No need suffering through a mildly painful shoulder for a whole day just to get immunity from a deadly disease. My wife and I have had our second shots, first ones no pain, this one just hurts if I push on the muscle. I've been sorer the day after visiting the gym. As another...
  48. roblab

    Does Tesla charge idle fees for empty superchargers?

    I'm seventy eight. I'm not sure if I qualify as tech savvy, but it certainly isn't hard to know when my car will be charged and I'll have to go move it. I have seen people hog the chargers, and not give diddly-squat if someone complains about not being able to charge, as when I was one of...
  49. roblab

    2020 Model 3 dual motor long range for sale

    Beautiful car. If I didn't have two, I'd buy it.
  50. roblab

    Mach-E review from Model 3 SR+ owner...

    Thanks for your write up. You seem to feel like I do, in that it's hard to compete with Tesla. Add to your comments that Tesla has been in the EV business for several years showing other car manufacturers that it can be done instead of trying to play catch up, I'd say that such experience is...

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