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  1. MacGreiner

    any updates on the official dimension of cybertruck?

    I'm out if there is a price increase on the tri-motor. The number one factor for me in ordering it was just how much driving value you got at that price, especially when compared to the S. I mean 500 mile+ range for $69,900? Pretty hard to beat.
  2. MacGreiner

    The real purpose of the tri-motor Cybertruck

    I pre-ordered the trimotor as a road trip vehicle. I do about 12 MD-FL trips a year that work out to about 900 miles each way. The range, ride, storage and ease of maintenance (bugs on the stainless steel front I don't think will be a problem) - make this the ultimate Atlantic coast to FL...
  3. MacGreiner

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink V1.0-L19 - LC-39A

    Is the date still firm for this launch? I cant find the 45TH WEATHER SQUADRON weather announcement for this anymore.
  4. MacGreiner

    Model 3 getting shot at

    2nd car shooting that I have seen in reports today. What the hell is going on out there?
  5. MacGreiner

    Best mud flaps?

    My first set were the Tsolutions - they lasted about a week. As they are not contoured but straight, they do not present well at the taped adhesion point and the tape will separate the moment anything like snow builds up. Like others, I went the cheap Chinese amazon route and are happy with...
  6. MacGreiner

    a_196 "12 volt battery has been disconnected" error *SOLVED*

    Ken, The front windscreen was replaced soon after we picked it up in Feb 18. I saw some left over black adhesive that had dripped right near the battery. That is the only time I can think of anyone having to access that compartment. Hard to believe it hasn't errored before this time. It was...
  7. MacGreiner


    Based on what I see on Teslafi at time of writing, rollout of the xmas update has dropped off dramatically.
  8. MacGreiner

    a_196 "12 volt battery has been disconnected" error *SOLVED*

    My wife just called frantically to say that she had received to following error whilst out driving: Instructed her to return home without stopping. Once back home we tried: 1. Two scroll wheel reset - no change. 2. Vehicle power down - no change. I popped the "mini grill" plastic cover in...
  9. MacGreiner

    Phone call echo

    Agreed. Much better so far.
  10. MacGreiner

    Sporadic audio cut out on USB

    For about the last 6 months I've been getting audio cut outs every now and again when playing back music off a a partitioned USB 3 drive. Initially I heard there was a FLAC issue so reencoded to mp3 - same issue. I have already changed drives so I know it is not that. The Samsung drive I have is...
  11. MacGreiner

    Model 3 crash @ +100MPH

    Tesla Model S debris launched into homes in high-speed crash, driver cited for DUI Contrary to the report, it is a Model 3 when you look at the crash pics.As if this didn't confirm it, the driver is not not the sharpest tack in the box based on his twitter feed. That is some serious protection.
  12. MacGreiner

    What is it with ICE truck drivers? Is it just me.....?

    Glass half empty/full. I always interpret this as them declaring Tesla as No.1.
  13. MacGreiner

    Venting-post sale customer service... sigh... (i

    That is why Recall is in inverted commas.
  14. MacGreiner

    summons never works

  15. MacGreiner

    Venting-post sale customer service... sigh... (i

    I need to get the battery breathers installed per the 'recall'. The banging and clanging is annoying during supercharging and altitude changes. However, there is no way I am going in for this until something more pressing comes up. I cannot recall a single time I have gone in to get something...
  16. MacGreiner

    Selling used Tesla vehicles. Why people dont have realistic expectations?

    Market has power. Don't like the price - don't buy it. It will work for you once you own one.
  17. MacGreiner

    New T1 Primacy MXM4 tire

    I have the PS4s. The range hit/efficiency has been way less than 10% - in fact less than 5%. 'Thinner' (front profile) tire will get better efficiency, no doubt. This is why the i3 tires are so narrow. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I will never buy the MXM4s again. I found the wet weather...
  18. MacGreiner

    Recommended tires M3 Long Range, RWD

    All good news. Eficiency hit: negligible. Sound: Same. Negligible Performance: Huge upgrade from OEMs. Wet weather grip compared to OEMs is night/day better Wear: Too early to tell I was so impressed that I will replace the tires on our other 3 with the same.
  19. MacGreiner

    New tires killed my range (20-30% decrease)

    Yes - this. I have these same tires and they are amazing. Seeing close to OEM consumption per mile. Last family trip was around 218Wh/m. Feel the hubs after a drive - are they hot? could have a caliper that is binding.
  20. MacGreiner

    My Two Weeks Old Tesla Model 3 Depreciated by 10% Overnight

    Ah yes - this was I when I bought one. It happens to all of us. Hopefully you'll make it up on the next one. Teslas are so crazy expensive in Australia.
  21. MacGreiner

    Phone call echo

    I'm still having issues with this. Tried moving it to the seat and this sometimes works. This has been an issue for me since I first got my 2018 M3 - surely it can't be that difficult to solve?
  22. MacGreiner

    Auto dimming mirrors

    A simple enable/disable function would fix all this. I don't have tinted windows but have the dimming mirrors. They do not dim enough for my liking.
  23. MacGreiner

    Tire Recommendation - Quietest all season?

    Yes, this. Just completed a 1100 mile road trip and saw hardly any watt/mile difference. Super pleased with these. Great in the rain too which the OEMs definitely were not.
  24. MacGreiner

    Why is my Model 3 consuming my entire upstream BW?

    Hearing a lot more of these kind of observations these days about upload traffic from the car increasing.
  25. MacGreiner

    2020.36 - no Detected speed limit for HW below version 3

    Well that was an anti climax. I was looking forward to getting some of my AP1 level speed sign reading reading utility back on my model 3 only to see that this is only for HW3 and up. Hard to imagine this was not a marketing decision rather than a hardware based decision?
  26. MacGreiner

    Recommended tires M3 Long Range, RWD

    I'm just about to set out on a road trip with new PILOT SPORT ALL SEASON 4s. Will report back in a week.
  27. MacGreiner

    Battery Pre-conditioning question

    Preheating does help with performance and ability to regenerate. If a battery is left super cold overnight you'll have access to neither at full strength. So there are indeed some cases where preheating makes sense. Best way to do this is to put the local supercharger in your nav. This will...
  28. MacGreiner

    creep, roll, hold. What is your fav setting?

    The hold function was my last "wanted to have function" that I was hoping for. One of the best features of driving an i3 and now makes one pedal driving a reality on Teslas.
  29. MacGreiner

    Tesla wall charger availability

    The other disadvantage of using the adaptor is the charge port opening button. We have a hpwc and a jukebox in our garage (teslas and other EVs in the family) - I always find myself defaulting to the Tesla charger for this reason, as lazy as it is, alone.
  30. MacGreiner

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    Multi coat red is just as problematic
  31. MacGreiner


    4.3M people watch this horsesh!t?
  32. MacGreiner

    Where do you want a new Supercharger?

    Let people post - it's not hurting anyone.
  33. MacGreiner

    My M3 Roasting in 85 Degree Temps? Pacific NorthWET

    Regularly see interior temps of 130 deg. here.
  34. MacGreiner

    Vent: service @ tesla

    Not good enough and sadly representative of many experiences of those on the board. I do everything I can to avoid SCs. I usually go in for one issue and come out with another.
  35. MacGreiner

    Police Palaver

    Bloody hell. Sorting through these 'posts' to find the link to the actually footage is time I want back. Don't you people realize that any online format is the very worst medium to try and rationally discuss any issue of import?
  36. MacGreiner

    2020.24.6.4 !

    I'm one of those who is not paying for connectivity, but now that Tesla is charging for it, I don't see any reason why upgrades over wireless isn't an option now.
  37. MacGreiner

    2020.24.6.4 !

    Same here - WTH?
  38. MacGreiner

    Michelin A/S 3+ closeout

    Tirerack says not recommended for vehicle?
  39. MacGreiner

    Autopilot Brake checking

    Yep. I often get fellow motorists signaling that they agree that my Tesla is No. 1 each time my AP randomly brakes on the freeway.
  40. MacGreiner

    MXM4 price

    It is time to replace the rears on the wife's Long range 3. I hate the stock Michelins. They are without doubt the worst performing tires in the wet I have ever suffered, but the times being what they are, we need to be frugal. I'll just replace the 2 rears with the same he thinks. You have be...
  41. MacGreiner

    BMW fist to use iPhone as a key

    First even. Ummmmm . . . who wants to tell them?
  42. MacGreiner

    Recommendations, please: kayaks, trailers, hitches, advice for Model 3

    Hmm - Towed it from DC down to South Carolina on I95 multiple times. No issues. Tongue length means the front of the kayaks avoid the turbulence from the vehicle. Super stable, super efficient.
  43. MacGreiner

    Recommendations, please: kayaks, trailers, hitches, advice for Model 3

    This is what we used for our 2 kayaks until we sold the S. It is an ultra light Malone - great to tow. Unused now.
  44. MacGreiner

    Frunk and trunk buttons blacked out

    Thanks - yep - rebooted multiple times - no go. Waiting for 2020.20.12 to hit.
  45. MacGreiner

    Frunk and trunk buttons blacked out

    Anyone else seeing this? HW 2020.16.3
  46. MacGreiner

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Whilst the formulation is the same, the config is still 18650 so the density is way lower, and the distribution means the cooling isn't as efficient making for the slower charging times. Our Model S is probably the best roadtripping car around. Amazing ride and capacity. But due to the charge...
  47. MacGreiner

    Supercharger - KSC Cape Canaveral, FL (reserved for SpaceX)

    Yes, but the Cocoa West location is the only one officially 'booked' for construction by Telsa atm.

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