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  1. HankLloydRight

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    I would argue that it was the first all touchscreen smart phone that redefined the entire industry. But that's not the point. First mover or not, Apple doesn't lead the market in smartphones. Currently, worldwide market share is Android at ~73% and iOS at ~27%. Mobile Operating System...
  2. HankLloydRight

    Wheel identification for 2016 Model S P90D

    They look like Rial Luganos. https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=wheelCloseUp&wheelMake=Rial&wheelModel=Lugano+OE+Cap&wheelFinish=Graphite+Silver The 19" versions were popular with early Model S owners to replace the 21" Turbines -- before T-Sportline came out with...
  3. HankLloydRight

    Will there be Roadsters at Cars & Coffee / car meets?

    I think you're making several huge assumptions, and as they say "there's lots to unpack here". Teslas show up at C&C all the time. Car guys are just car guys (and gals), and just like cars. I don't think it has anything to do with loud, or fast, or whatever. People like seeing and learning...
  4. HankLloydRight

    Elon Musk to host SNL - Saturday Night Live on May 8

    We still watch SNL every week mostly out of habit. There's usually one skit per show that's really good (and that's usually the pre-recorded musical spoofs they do, or the fake commercials, or when Pete Davidson loves to emulate Eminem). And Weekend Update is usually good (except when they do...
  5. HankLloydRight

    Celebrities who drive a Tesla?

    I agree, but if you watch the video, it’s definitely her voice.
  6. HankLloydRight

    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    If you're looking for a battery upgrade, why wait? It won't effect your new or extended warranty, only your 8 year battery and drivetrain warranty.
  7. HankLloydRight

    Elon Musk to host SNL - Saturday Night Live on May 8

  8. HankLloydRight

    Supercharger - Maple Shade, NJ

    How could the owner(s) not know? Somebody is paying those idle fees (if they accrue), and for a small business, I really doubt the owner would't know, or just considered it a cost of doing business.
  9. HankLloydRight

    Paint Protection - Got my car Autoflex'ed with the concept silver during the reveal + Aero colorede

    I did my Autoflex 4 years ago, and even when my car is dirty, it looks like it did the day it was done. Not a single issue or problem.
  10. HankLloydRight

    Elon Musk to host SNL - Saturday Night Live on May 8

    Is Grimes the musical guest? 😁
  11. HankLloydRight

    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    I like all of those things in my X6M, but I like TACC in my Model S better. ;)
  12. HankLloydRight

    Supercharger - Cherry Hill, NJ

    Oh, yeah, I do agree. There are no WaWa's up where I live**, so whenever I get a chance to go visit the 'rents, I can find PLENTY to do at WaWa. :) And whether I need to charge or not, I usually stop at the Kearny SC at WaWa 'just because'. ** which also means no Tasty-Kakes. :(
  13. HankLloydRight

    Supercharger - Cherry Hill, NJ

    When I was a kid, there was this AMAZING new pizza shop at Ellisburg (near were Radio Shack was). But only a few months after opening, a fire burned it out and they never rebuilt/returned. It was the rumor at the time that it was torched because they didn't buy their cheese from, you know...
  14. HankLloydRight

    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    Yes. It's a 2016 X6M as mentioned above.
  15. HankLloydRight

    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    I've been lurking in this thread long enough. :) I'm also a serial BMW owner since 1995 (and my Dad before me). My dilemma was a little bit different, though. I have my P85D+ (now a P100D+) and until recently, my beloved 2002 E39 M5. My wife has a 2009 335i convertible, and before that, we...
  16. HankLloydRight

    Supercharger - Cherry Hill, NJ

    Oh yeah. I think they had that on a schedule. :)
  17. HankLloydRight

    Supercharger - Maple Shade, NJ

    Cherry Hill and Maple Shade are both pretty handy for me, but Marlton - fuggedaboutit. You're dead to me now.
  18. HankLloydRight

    Supercharger - Cherry Hill, NJ

    But is there a safe and convenient pedestrian crosswalk across Haddonfield Road? With all the development in the area, Haddonfield Road has turned into a major highway. Without easy access to cross the street to the shops there, what's left on the WaWa side? It's not a terribly walkable...
  19. HankLloydRight

    Lack of a Heads Up Display (HUD)

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  20. HankLloydRight

    21” model s grey turbine wheels for sale

    FYI, they will fit a Model X but AFAIK, they are not properly weight rated for MX.
  21. HankLloydRight

    Lack of a Heads Up Display (HUD)

    HUD is convenient (I have it on my X6M), but I would never consider it a deal-breaker from buying a Tesla! There are so many other benefits to going EV/Tesla, it greatly overwhelms any desire to demand a HUD. It could be years, or never, until Tesla puts in a HUD. I can't imagine foregoing...
  22. HankLloydRight

    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    What plates are you going to have on the car during this road trip? You do realize that you'll need to apply for registration at a physical NJ DMV location before you get NJ plates. I still think you're going to need a NJ licence to register the car there. Finally, why don't you call up NV...
  23. HankLloydRight

    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    If you take delivery in CA, you’re still going to pay CA sales tax. So good luck with your tax fraud plan.
  24. HankLloydRight

    Supercharger - Maple Shade, NJ

    Full house here yesterday afternoon!
  25. HankLloydRight

    2022 Model S Plaid+ GVWR = 5596 lbs, 4 lbs short for IRS section 179-168 !! Why??

    I'm not assuming anything. I'm just trying to show you that grown men don't nearly cry as much as you are here. Over a tax deduction. Get over yourself already.
  26. HankLloydRight

    Snippiness 2.0

    Dude, you don’t have to mansplain to me what Tesla does or doesn’t do. I never said Tesla avoids anything. Clearly there are reasons Tesla did what they did, and I already gave you several possibilities for that. Just accept it and stop crying like an entitled little kid who wants their candy.
  27. HankLloydRight

    2022 Model S Plaid+ GVWR = 5596 lbs, 4 lbs short for IRS section 179-168 !! Why??

    Yeah, and if they “slightly improve” something that increases the GVWR, they’d probably have to get a whole list of things re-certified, including crash testing. As I said, they can’t just fudge it as easily as you are implying.
  28. HankLloydRight

    FS: FL: P85D

    GLWS. I'd love to have one of these sitting in a garage if/when something happens to my matching P85D+. Best Tesla ever made. Especially now that I put a 100kWh battery into it. 😁
  29. HankLloydRight

    2022 Model S Plaid+ GVWR = 5596 lbs, 4 lbs short for IRS section 179-168 !! Why??

    I'm sure the GVWR is based on some repeatable, industry accepted, testing standard. They can't just "fudge" it 5 pounds.
  30. HankLloydRight


    That's the ringtone on my phone for my wife!!! (I stole the idea from another friend of mine).
  31. HankLloydRight

    CT FSD price gaurantee

    Why should Tesla lock themselves into a price now for FSD for a vehicle that's not being sold or even produced yet?
  32. HankLloydRight

    Long shot: DUAL MOTOR font

    Have you tried WhatTheFont! « MyFonts ?
  33. HankLloydRight

    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    Yes, it's a CA only thing, as they don't have a reciprocal sales tax agreement with most other states. Just as if you walked into a BestBuy in L.A. and bought a $2000 big screen TV, you're paying CA sales tax regardless of your state of residence or where you're talking the TV. They've tried...
  34. HankLloydRight

    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    I think people also overlooked this little nugget. If you pick up the car in CA, you're paying CA sales tax regardless of where you plan to register the car.
  35. HankLloydRight

    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    Exactly. If this were a thing, everyone would be doing it. Maybe the OP can fake his residence with his relatives in NJ, but that would be tax fraud. And you're also lying to the insurance company, so good luck if/when you need to file a claim, and they find out you're not actually a NJ...
  36. HankLloydRight

    Cyber Lndr (Camper for Cybertruck)

    That's pretty cool.
  37. HankLloydRight

    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    There are visually impaired humans who use echolocation to navigate the world.
  38. HankLloydRight

    1st Tesla - Shocked at process

    It was actually quite a bit more than that tweet. Ford Motor Company forced the dealer to reset the price: https://www.motor1.com/news/493595/ford-mach-e-dealer-markup-removed/ https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/ford-forces-dealership-to-remove-10000-market-adjustment-on-mach-e-2021-03-11/
  39. HankLloydRight

    14-50 or 14-30 as a backup

    Yes, Tesla does say not to use an extension cable. But back before superchargers were not so available as they are now, a lot of people here have used the 15' 14-50 extension cable I linked below without any problems or concerns. It's 8 gauge wire and rated for 50 amps. But 15' doesn't get...
  40. HankLloydRight

    WTB 12-17 Model S Free Lifetime supercharging (Warranty preferred)

    Good timing perhaps? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/2013-model-s-85-low-miles-excellent-condition-7-seat-31-999.224724/
  41. HankLloydRight

    NJ doesn't charge sales tax on new EVs

    I’m no expert but I think you do need a NJ drivers license.
  42. HankLloydRight

    Used Tesla delivery in Fremont and Road Trip home

    Exactly. If you think about it, how do they know you "drive straight out of state"? Can you stop for lunch? What if you have a flat tire on the way? Is there a time limit and someone at every state border crossing to timestamp your "Exit California" certificate? LOL
  43. HankLloydRight

    Idea for Tesla Referral Code Generator

    One of several: RandomReferral.com | Get a referral code for your Tesla-Order from a person who actually needs it ⚡ But a MH said, it's pretty easy to find a referral code around everywhere.
  44. HankLloydRight

    Forum quirks

    wasn’t don’t they’re can’t won’t isn’t that’s working for me on iOS.
  45. HankLloydRight

    Used Tesla delivery in Fremont and Road Trip home

    Good deal, looks like it works out for FL residents. I know many other states don't offer that, and many people have ended up paying double sales tax.
  46. HankLloydRight

    Used Tesla delivery in Fremont and Road Trip home

    This is a common idea many non-CA residents consider. Just be aware that you’ll have to pay the CA sales tax (7.25% I believe) if you take delivery at the factory or anywhere in CA. Since FL doesn’t have a reciprocal tax agreement, you’ll also pay FL sales tax.
  47. HankLloydRight

    100D or 105D speculation

    Agreed. Based on just one charging session? Come on... I wouldn't even call it a dubious claim. I'd call it pure speculation.
  48. HankLloydRight

    Light harmonic amp on MCU2

    Yeah, how did you get the "new revision" and what did it cost? Is there a trade-in/upgrade program? How long did it take to get it?

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