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  1. Lloyd

    Tesla to J1772 adapter recommendations?

    The Teslatap is a QUALITY piece of engineering. Especially the Mini. Highly recommended.
  2. Lloyd

    Tesla Inverter over temperature error

    It appears that the string #3 is making the system "over Voltage" for the inverter. For grid connected inverters common input voltage range is from 200 to 400V. Recheck the wiring and individual panels in String #3.
  3. Lloyd

    WTB Powerwall

    Wanted to buy Powerwall. Please PM me if anyone has one available used or award ok. Will Pick up within 500 miles of my location.
  4. Lloyd

    Aftermarket Warranty

  5. Lloyd

    Seriously Porsche!? Tempted to jump ship, new Taycan Turismo

    To me the supercharger network is the biggest advantage to Tesla.
  6. Lloyd

    Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V9 Will ‘Blow Your Mind,’ Says Musk

    Wiki answer: Gating Factor refers to the key element of a series of interdependent tasks which has the ability to delay the whole. For Example: "The arrival of the last shipment of components will be the gating factor for us to be able to meet our on time delivery."
  7. Lloyd

    Powerwall 2 update

    I saw 16Kw from my 3X powerwall last week.
  8. Lloyd

    Phantom text messages

    Did you name your car "Christine"?
  9. Lloyd

    Solar Roof, big price increase

    Breach of contract is pretty easy to prove if you have the documentation.
  10. Lloyd

    Cyber Lndr (Camper for Cybertruck)

    CyberLandr, the Disappearing Camper for Tesla Cybertruck
  11. Lloyd

    Cyber Landr

    Cool!! Credit TD ameritrade newswire: CyberLandr, the Disappearing Camper for Tesla Cybertruck Today 5:20 PM ET (PR NewsWire)Print The Best Trailer is the One You Don't Have to Tow Stream It, Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, NV announces the CyberLandr, an innovative camper/overlander for...
  12. Lloyd

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    Don't you have security on your phone? Isn't this more secure than any other car with just a set of keys? Set a PIN to drive?
  13. Lloyd

    Blog Model S Plaid With Yoke Steering Wheel Spotted Near Factory

    Seems like they have the stats mixed with the plaid and the plaid +
  14. Lloyd

    Need help dealing with Tesla

    File a suit for failure to perform. Worked fir a friend! It got immediate attention.
  15. Lloyd

    Supercharger Prices

    It's our cost of electricity, not the cost of supercharging. CA is .58 cents per Kwh in summer on peak.
  16. Lloyd

    Help!! Charge amperage max drops from 80a to 32a

    If you are dropping from 240+ to 228, that is too much. You have some resistance somewhere making heat.
  17. Lloyd

    Model S Plaid+ order updated - now shows 'Yoke Steering'

    Interesting, Mine does not indicate Yoke Steering.
  18. Lloyd

    Rats...[question on preventing rodent damage in model 3]

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DTBOV06/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HTZLAG6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  19. Lloyd

    Loose driver's seat – considering class action

    Tesla replaced mine when it was loose.
  20. Lloyd

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    I asked my service rep. "would you wait for the free upgrade 3-6 months from now or do the MCU2 upgrade now at a discount?" He asked me how long I planed on keeping the car. I replied "Until the wheels fall off!" He then told me, no question get the MCU2 upgrade. I did. No regrets, its great
  21. Lloyd

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    With the Mcu2 upgrade, you get two brand new screens also. the console screen and the drivers screen. better resolution and crisper colors.
  22. Lloyd

    Charging issues

    I had in instance with an early roadster in 2009 when it was trying to charge at my house it could not for the same reason. Voltage measured stable. PGE came out and found that there was a CoGen plant nearby that was throwing momentary spikes onto the grid. Not a problem for most appliances etc...
  23. Lloyd

    Why is FSD not transferable to your next Tesla?

    You can transfer your FSD....... The transfer fee is $10,000
  24. Lloyd

    Return of $7500 Federal Tax Credit?

    Yes but now the US government is buying most of their own bonds. So, Yes, they are borrowing their own money. The Fed Now Holds a Record Percentage of US Debt | SchiffGold Fed Closes Out Wild Year as All Eyes Focus on Bond-Buying Program
  25. Lloyd

    How effective is active noise cancelling in a car?

    They work great in airplanes and decrese noise ~8-10 db.
  26. Lloyd

    I am wondering whether the new lithium 12v battery in Plaid will fit M3 or MY

    Won't a Li battery require a different charge controller from the lead-acid?
  27. Lloyd

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA - Los Osos Valley Rd (under construction Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    Welcome! Thanks for remembering the "early days". My office downtown provides 70 amps and is available to all TMC members.
  28. Lloyd

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA - Los Osos Valley Rd (under construction Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    They are all within two city blocks! I guess that is "distant" !
  29. Lloyd

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA - Los Osos Valley Rd (under construction Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    I disagree! In addition to the Copper Cafe and Goldrush steakhouse at Madonna: 1. Sushi Kokku 2. Tahoe Joes 3. Buffalo Wild Wings 4. Chipoltle Mexican Grill 5. McDonalds 6. Panera 7. Golden Gong 8. Ihop 9. Starbucks 10. Sprouts Market 11. Ralphs 12. Crushed Grape
  30. Lloyd

    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    Here is my car this morning. Center display would not reset.
  31. Lloyd

    What are you guys using your 12 volt socket for?

    To charge my escooter while on road trips.
  32. Lloyd

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA - Los Osos Valley Rd (under construction Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    Now updated to Q1 2021 !! San Luis Obispo, CA Target opening in Q1 2021 Timing and location subject to change New locations added and timing updated quarterly
  33. Lloyd

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA - Los Osos Valley Rd (under construction Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    In the past they have only had level 2 charging here in this parking lot. The Madonna Inn supercharging is only 1 mile away!
  34. Lloyd

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Elon will just Tweet “ the yokes on you,” !
  35. Lloyd

    Model S refresh!

    It still has Mirrors on each side..... :(
  36. Lloyd

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Yep, don't like the steering yoke! I hope it is an option!!
  37. Lloyd

    Autonomous Car Progress

    I would like to be able to "summon" the car from a distance, or dispatch my car to a location. As a pilot, it would be nice to dispatch your car to an airport and have it waiting there for your arrival, and then send it back home when you are done! This is autonomous!!
  38. Lloyd

    Public Charging Etiquette - blocking public chargers

    Legislation Reference - Reserved Parking for Plug-In Vehicle Charging | PlugInSites
  39. Lloyd

    New Solar with Powerwall install, but PW stuck on Standby

    It is not supposed to be on until inspections are complete. Appears that CT's are not communicating across your network. IMO additional configuration is required. Call customer service???
  40. Lloyd


    Keep the turn signal on longer to avoid the aborted lane change.
  41. Lloyd

    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    What about: U.S., Canada and EU certification: What’s the difference? from Gerald Zucker: Quite a few. For decades, Canadian cars have had heftier starting systems, including bigger batteries, and often more powerful starter motors and/or alternators, to deal with the difficulties of winter...
  42. Lloyd

    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    Isn't it true that cars sold in Canada have to be built to a different and higher standard than those sold in Europe and the US? I understood that the wiring, lighting, loading, undercoating etc. all had to be to a higher standard. Is this government regulation at least part of the reason for...
  43. Lloyd

    Insurance rejecting rates for Tesla approved body shop

    If you have a chance, talk to an approved shop and understand what they have to go through to become an approved shop....... They include: Separate work areas for Aluminum, no steel paneled vehicles allowed Air evacuation systems to prevent explosive buildup of aluminum dust OSHA and safety...
  44. Lloyd

    I just ordered my first Tesla

    Congrats and welcome!!
  45. Lloyd

    Bring Back The Green Mileage Icon - Please!

    Also make the Blue tooth Blue/? when connected and RED when not. It would help prevent me from leaving without my phone.
  46. Lloyd

    12V battery replacement warranty (and how long they last)

    I had one fail at 4 months on my 2014. Then I proactively replaced that one at 6 years.
  47. Lloyd

    Plaid S in the wild photos

    Special Paint and Interior??

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