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  1. ecarfan

    Do I need to keep the key card In my wallet or just use the phone?

    Apologies for the typo, meant to type “...no need to use the card.”
  2. ecarfan

    Do I need to keep the key card In my wallet or just use the phone?

    Just to clarify: this thread is about using a key card or phone to unlock a Model 3 or Y. Your post referred to a “key fob”. Did you buy a fob for your Y? The 3/Y do not come with a fob but they are available for purchase through the Tesla Shop online. You certainly could leave your Y key card...
  3. ecarfan

    Photo of new Model S interior posted on reddit; spotted at Kettleman City Supercharger

    See That was posted 3 days ago. I looked around the various S forums and don’t see a thread about it. Did I miss it?
  4. ecarfan

    Supercharger - North Vancouver, BC

    This Supercharger is taking its own sweet time to get online...
  5. ecarfan

    Do I need to keep the key card In my wallet or just use the phone?

    I keep my key card in my wallet but primarily use the Tesla app. Every now and then the app won’t connect to the car and then I use my card, which always works.
  6. ecarfan

    British Columbia's EV Charger Rebate

    From that web page: “Owners or residents of single-family homes that purchase and install an eligible Level 2 EV charger can receive a rebate of up to 50% of costs, to a maximum of $350. This offer is also available to duplexes and townhouses with private garages or dedicated parking. “ I...
  7. ecarfan

    Supercharger - North Vancouver, BC

    So the transformers are the tall white boxes with the grille around the top shown in the photo posted by @MarcoRP? Below is a photo of the transformers at the new Coquitlam SC, taken from that thread. I’m just learning what BC transformers look like, I’m used to the ones in California which...
  8. ecarfan

    Model 3/Y updated interior door panels now available in Canada & Model 3 SR-

    That’s what Fred Lambert thinks as well Tesla starts advertising Model 3 with 93 miles of range on its website in Canada - Electrek
  9. ecarfan

    CCS @ Petro Canada

    Personal opinion: I think that Tesla will offer a CCS adaptor by the end of this year in NA because of the rapid growth of the Electrify America charging network in the US and the increasing number of CCS chargers in Canada. Tesla sells a CCS adaptor South Korea so the company knows how to make...
  10. ecarfan

    Model 3 test trunk, Victoria

    Why don’t you post the dimensions of your “package bubble” so that Model 3 owners can at least estimate if if will fit or not. Model Y might be a better choice for you.
  11. ecarfan

    Tow Hitch Cover

    They are easier to reach than on the Model X. One thing you could do is add a permanent link to each loop, that would probably make it easier for you.
  12. ecarfan

    Supercharging with a trailer

    I have had the same experience as @ohmman since I purchased my 17 ft Safari Condo Alto trailer in February 2018. Unhitching to charge is a minor inconvenience, and at some Supercharger locations I don’t have to unhitch to charge, though that is uncommon. @YEG EV I do not block stalls to charge...
  13. ecarfan

    Supercharger - North Vancouver, BC

    But is the transformer installed yet? I don’t know about Canada, but in California the final step of the local utility installing the transformer and connecting it to the grid can take weeks.
  14. ecarfan

    Supercharger - North Vancouver, BC

    Agreed, but it’s a good start. I won’t be using this new location since I have charging in my condo garage, but I’m happy to see the first Superchargers coming to North Vancouver! Any sign of the transformer? Glad these are V3 and not Urban.
  15. ecarfan

    Western Canada Superchargers

    I think that is an error. Probably going to be more than 10 stalls In a busy urban region like that.
  16. ecarfan

    Anyone taken an HPC bought in the US and installed it in Vancouver?

    And mine have that “c”. Thank you! The condo building service company will have a qualified electrician install then once I get permission. It may be the first time the building has had an owner request a Tesla HPC install. Thanks again!
  17. ecarfan

    Anyone taken an HPC bought in the US and installed it in Vancouver?

    I’m moving from California to Vancouver in May and planning on taking my two HPCs with me to be installed in my underground garage in the multistory condo building where I purchased a unit. I am assuming that since the HPCs are UL listed and approved that there will be no problem using them in...
  18. ecarfan

    Underground Overnight Parking

    @Stargazer_ivy why do you think that your Model 3 display going blank is related to being parked underground? Every Tesla I’ve owned has occasionally had the display blank out and then it reboots itself or I force a reboot. @canphan your approach to receiving updates is a good one. In a few...
  19. ecarfan

    Moving to Vancouver, thinking about winter tires, seeking comments on my plan

    Thanks everyone, appreciate your comments. I will definitely be going with all weather tires.
  20. ecarfan

    Moving to Vancouver, thinking about winter tires, seeking comments on my plan

    Found this article by Nokian Three reasons why you shouldn't drive winter tires during spring and summer. Summary: 1. Winter tires wear down quickly in warm weather 2. Wet asphalt is challenging for winter tires 3. In summer, winter tires steer slowly and feel unstable to drive The article...
  21. ecarfan

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink V1.0-L20 - SLC-40

    This was an interesting view from the booster after separation. Had not seen that before.
  22. ecarfan

    Moving to Vancouver, thinking about winter tires, seeking comments on my plan

    Yes I have checked and I can legally import them, and I will be using a specialist company, Can-Am Auto Importers to assist me. Thank you. That said, do you have any comments about my winter tire plan as I described in my post?
  23. ecarfan

    Moving to Vancouver, thinking about winter tires, seeking comments on my plan

    This summer my wife and I are moving back to Canada. Specifically, to Vancouver, a place we love but have never lived in before. Currently on our Model X and Model 3 Dual Motor (edit: purchased in the US, can be legally imported into B.C.) we have the OEM tires. 85km miles on the X, it has it’s...
  24. ecarfan

    Supercharger - Coquitlam, BC

    @wayner is correct: the pin location on Tesla’s Find Us map does not show the actual planned location for future Superchargers. The actual location could be kilometers away from the pin. When Tesla adds a future location pin to that map they probably have not determined where the actual location...
  25. ecarfan

    Model Y 7-seat Delivery Vancouver

    Tesla store personnel mean well but they often have no more information than the public does, or they have incorrect information. The history of Tesla is replete with store personnel providing incorrect information.
  26. ecarfan

    Supercharger - Buttonwillow, CA - Buttonwillow Raceway (speculation)

    That’s pretty cool. I used to race with VARA at Buttonwillow. Obviously not in an EV. ;) I see that Tesla Corsa has had an event there. That would be a lot of fun!
  27. ecarfan

    Supercharger - Corte Madera, CA - Casa Buena Drive (permitting, speculation)

    It’s not clear if those will be Superchargers for public use. As far as I know Tesla Supercharger locations still have to be reviewed and building permits issued. AB1236 tries to streamline that process but does not eliminate it. Permitting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Best Practices |...
  28. ecarfan

    Who has put a 2” tow hitch on an S, with a connection to the trailer brakes?

    I know there are a few threads over the past several years discussing the lack of a factory hitch option for the Model S and what owners have done themselves to provide towing capability for their car. What I have not been able to find is an owner who has installed a 2” tow hitch on their S...
  29. ecarfan

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    There is no US law saying steering wheels have to be “mostly round”. Suggest you wait to do a test drive and try using it before assuming something that looks a bit different is unacceptable.
  30. ecarfan

    New model steering wheel controls

    This article describes the controls as “force touch buttons” Tesla's new steering wheel comes with Autopilot sensor-based drive modes, force touch buttons, and more - Electrek My guess is they are not capacitive, but I could be wrong.
  31. ecarfan

    4860 In The Model S Plaid+?

    I agree. It seems like that is the only way Tesla could claim such a large range increase, and it explains why the Plaid + won’t be available until late 2021, since the “regular” Plaid model is shown as being available in March just like the Long Range version.
  32. ecarfan

    Comparing Tesla pricing in Canada v. US

    Heh, thanks for your response :D Yes, life in Vancouver will certainly not be less costly than what I’m experiencing right now, next door to Silicon Valley. And I did see that thread on the Y, thanks. Still was a bit stunned to see that an X was C$10,831 more in Canada!
  33. ecarfan

    Comparing Tesla pricing in Canada v. US

    I do recall reading on TMC years ago about the issue with the S not being allowed to be brought into Canada. Tesla realized that was a problem and resolved the issues. This page says my X can be brought in...
  34. ecarfan

    Comparing Tesla pricing in Canada v. US

    I know this has been discussed before, but here is my situation: I (an American) and my wife (a Canadian) are planning to move from California to British Columbia (Vancouver) this summer. We own a Model 3 and a 2017 Model X and may replace the latter with a new X before we move if the rumored...
  35. ecarfan

    Us to CAD vs Canadian Tesla vehicle prices

    Only Tesla can answer that question and they will not reveal a change like that in advance.
  36. ecarfan

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    There is no reliable information on what changes, if any, are coming for the X. If you make statements about coming changes based on a “leak”, then back up your statements with sources and facts. And what exactly is a “dynamic motor”?
  37. ecarfan

    Let’s see those new 2021’s

    I’m interested in seeing pics of the new steering wheel and center console styles. The renderings shown in this article did not show much detail. Tesla officially launches Model 3 2021 refresh with more range and features - Electrek
  38. ecarfan

    Tesla has a lot of Superchargers to open in the next 10 days !

    The 72kW unpaired “Urban” style chargers are intended for use at locations where people are more likely to be parked for a longer period of time (metropolitan area shopping centers, for example). In contrast, Superchargers located on long distance travel routes are the type 2 or 3 versions that...
  39. ecarfan

    Tesla has a lot of Superchargers to open in the next 10 days !

    I think the principal factor that delays future sites is finding suitable locations; parking spaces with a landlord who agrees to lease the spaces to Tesla under terms Tesla finds acceptable and that have the local electrical power infrastructure required to support the Supercharger hardware...
  40. ecarfan

    Model 3 bike rack

    The 1up rack looks like a great rack but won’t work for bikes with full fenders, which is what my wife’s Trek Allant +7 Lowstep is; full fenders plus a rear rack. For that reason I decided against the 1up 2” Heavy Duty Double.
  41. ecarfan

    Model 3 bike rack

    I installed the Torklift Stealth Ecohitch and am using the Thule EasyFold XT2. I chose it because I have two 50 lb e bikes so needed a rack capable of supporting them. The rack is rated for up to 130 lbs and the hitch is rated for up to 210 lbs load 12” out from the hitch (I contacted Torklift...
  42. ecarfan

    Supercharger - Davis, CA (LIVE 19 Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    Yes and there is a thread about it at Supercharger - Woodland, CA (LIVE 19 Nov 2020, 12 V3 stalls)
  43. ecarfan

    Supercharger - Malibu, CA - Whole Foods and the Park (LIVE Jun 2019, 5 Urban stalls)

    You can find photos of the new Malibu Supercharger site in the thread dedicated to it, see Supercharger - Malibu, CA - Cross Creek Rd (under construction Sep 2020, 8 V3 stalls)
  44. ecarfan

    Tow Package - Hitch Carrier Weight Rating - is it really 120lb or 500lbs?

    This has been discussed in multiple threads, and recently. Search the Model X forum for “hitch weight” and you will find the threads, including this one Hitch Accessory Max
  45. ecarfan

    Canada Classifieds - subforum potential? or maybe its own stickied thread at least?

    A Canada-only marketplace forum makes sense to me. There is a border between America and Canada, after all, and customs regulations, etc. Sellers may not want to ship across the border. It is non-trivial to move cars across the border. Why not a separate forum? It takes almost no effort to...
  46. ecarfan

    Rivian Vs Tesla

    That is correct; the stock hitch is a weight bearing not a weight distribution hitch. Since you were towing a load that exceeded the stock hitch specification, and that was about the same weight as your tow vehicle, I assumed you were using a different hitch that could accommodate weight...
  47. ecarfan

    Supercharger - Greenfield, CA (LIVE 15 Dec 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    That design will be helpful for those towing trailers; when this location isn’t busy they can charge without unhitching, like at the Petaluma Supercharger. Long distance travel on 101 between SF and LA is getting ridiculously easy as there are so many more Superchargers on that route compared...
  48. ecarfan

    Rivian Vs Tesla

    It appears you towed that trailer without weight distribution bars, is that correct? That seems risky to me, as a WD hitch is recommended when the weight of the trailer is more than 50% of the weight of the tow vehicle.

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