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  1. ckoval7


    Were there any previous landings where people noticed wildlife on the ship? From a legal standpoint, they are protected by the migratory bird act. From a PR standpoint, what kind of backlash could SpaceX face if they roasted some seagulls on live stream?
  2. ckoval7

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Thanks. I don't imediately hate it, but I guess I'll see when I actually get the update. My screen is all bubbly like that too, but not quite as bas as yours.
  3. ckoval7

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I haven't gotten an update yet. Does someone have pictures of the new IC layout?
  4. ckoval7

    Why did this show up my 2021 M3 Dashboard?

    At least it doesn't have teeth
  5. ckoval7

    Model S Trade In - Ridiculous Offer

    Just to add a datapoint to this thread, I did a trade-in quote for my car last week. 2015 P85D with 92k miles. Techically it'sa P90D now that it has a 90kWh battery, but Telsa didn't give me the option to pick P90D. They offered $28k, Carvana offered $25k.
  6. ckoval7

    Tesla changing music streaming agreement?

    Maybe I should have said "outside North America". I know Europe and AUS get Spotify. I have no idea what you Canadians get.
  7. ckoval7

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    What charging speed reduction are people seeing with their 90kWh batteries? I had a charge peak at 132kW on a trip a few weeks ago.
  8. ckoval7

    Tesla changing music streaming agreement?

    This is only true outside the US.
  9. ckoval7

    New new FSD possible on AP2 cameras and radars?

    Recently I've been shopping around for a used Tesla to replace my current one. I've noticed that Tesla includes FSD on AP2.5 cars, but only base Autopilot on AP2 cars. Based on this observation, I'm going to assume the AP2 cars can't handle the fancy new FSD. Maybe others will have different info.
  10. ckoval7

    Will Tesla upgrade the Autopilot computer on used cars?

    I'm considering replacing my 2015 MS with a late 2017/early 2018 soon. I seems most used MS's from Tesla come with FSD. Most of the cars I look at have the AP2.5 computer (APH3) listed in the option codes. Does anyone know if Tesla will upgrade the computer to the AP3 hardware? Since I'll likely...
  11. ckoval7

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I had that error pop up on occasion for a few months before anything happened. I would get in the car, it would pop up, then go away a few seconds later. Eventually, and maybe not cooinsidentally after a 5 hour drive, the car went into "limp mode" as the service center called it. The...
  12. ckoval7

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    That's an isolation fault in one of the motors. There's a drive unit replacement in your near future. Source: Been there, done that, was 5 hours away from home when it happened.
  13. ckoval7

    Supercharger - Phillipsburg, NJ

    Have they started construction? If not, that's an awfully optimistic time frame.
  14. ckoval7

    Electrical people pls help.

    The only work around is to use other chargers while you wait for your HOA. Best case what you're doing there won't work, worse case you risk burning your condo down.
  15. ckoval7

    Electrical people pls help.

    The car requires a good earth ground to start charging, which is what the third prong is for. It would be much better to get an electrician to install a proper outlet.
  16. ckoval7

    AC charging issue since 2020.44

    I just had this issue start this weekend, but I've been on 2020.40.9.2 since Nov 25th. I'll get woken up at 4 in the mornng to the sound of the contactors engaging and disenaging every 5 seconds. If I go out to the car and wake it up it charges fine. I put in for an appointment with Tesla for...
  17. ckoval7

    Model S REST API

    Has anyone found if/how enabling 2FA affects API access?
  18. ckoval7

    “Vehicle Shutting Down” “Unable to Drive”

    From my experience, the time they give you is the time until the tow truck finishes their current job, that does not include the time it takes for them to get to you.
  19. ckoval7

    Can you turn the screen off?

    If it were me I would just throw a coat over it. Temporary situations require temporary solutions :)
  20. ckoval7

    Supercharger - La Vale, MD

    Is no news good news on this charger? Seems to make sense for a trip I might take this weekend.
  21. ckoval7

    So, I got an old Model S as a loaner ...

    Some of us get stuck with Uber credits.
  22. ckoval7

    Advice on buying a used Model S P90D

    The car will protect its battery and not let it get to the unrecoverably dead point. I would go back and take a good look at it once they charge it.
  23. ckoval7

    LA to Vegas - LR

    According to A Better Route Planner, you'll want to charge. A Better Routeplanner
  24. ckoval7

    How to get home?

    I had the exact same thing happen to me when I was in Virginia Beach back in February. They bumped me to the top of the list and they had a drive unit on hand which was slotted for another car. I apologize to whomever I made wait longer! If they don't already have a DU then you're stuck waiting...
  25. ckoval7

    Dark Mode

    On desktop:
  26. ckoval7

    Tesla modified my PW output and I may cancel

    What does a normal continuous load look like at your house? 15kW continuous runs quite a lot of stuff.
  27. ckoval7

    Pulling the trigger on Tesla Solar Panels (Maryland)

    I guess I should post an update. Tesla has determined that my roof is "not suitable for solar". This is probably because of the two giant trees on the south side of my house. They refunded the $100 deposit.
  28. ckoval7

    Thoughts on my charging habbits

    The idea of finishing a run and having a nice, cold, fully charged car waiting for me at the end doesn't sound too bad honestly. Once a week shouldn't be too terrible for the battery. The car will eventually limit your charge rate when you start supercharging too often in order to preserve itself.
  29. ckoval7

    Thoughts on my charging habbits

    Battery issues aside, is it really worth your time to do that?
  30. ckoval7


    So you're talking anti-theft rather than navigation?
  31. ckoval7

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    If this is a thing they're doing, this must be really recent. As far as I know, all the replacement MCU1s from Tesla still have the 8GB eMMC.
  32. ckoval7

    What does this indicate?

    That makes sense. Sounds like they just put their car in mars mode to be funny before taking the pictures.
  33. ckoval7

    What does this indicate?

    Do you just not look at your map? I feel like your map not looking anything like your location, or even Earth for that matter would be more alarming to you than the Starship.
  34. ckoval7

    Supercharger - Hamden, CT - Dixwell Avenue

    Do you have a web crawler that just searches meeting notes and permits?
  35. ckoval7

    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    Sounds like you're in the wrong thread :p
  36. ckoval7

    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    I updated to 2020.12.5 on 4/8 and I haven't noticed any changes at all.
  37. ckoval7

    Speed and power removed from API?

    As of this morning, TeslaFi is still correctly reporting my speed, so I'd say something is going wrong on your end.
  38. ckoval7

    Misleading "ADVANCED" Software Update Preference?

    For the last few updates, I've been getting them earlier than most on my 2015 MS. Before that I used to be in the later batches of software rollouts. Does your car have a solid connection to WiFi? it takes some time to download the update and won't update over cellular.
  39. ckoval7

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Tesla isn't going to touch the browser in MCU1 anymore.
  40. ckoval7

    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    You all keep hoping for browser fixes like it's actually going to happen. Tesla's browser fix is the $2500 upgrade to MCU2.
  41. ckoval7

    Pulling the trigger on Tesla Solar Panels (Maryland)

    Still no word from Tesla on this, however my neighbor who owns a construction company told me the counties in my state aren't issuing any new permits due to the pandemic.
  42. ckoval7

    I watched a Starlink train go by last night.

    Last night I took my dog outside around 8:40 pm. I noticed what looked like a perfectly spaced and aligned row of airplanes come from the northwest, go directly overhead, and move to the southeast. After the first 8 or so went by I realized it might actually be the Starlink satellites. I stayed...
  43. ckoval7

    Own up, who was this?

    The tweet also mentions someone doing 76 in a 50. Is that not normal over there?
  44. ckoval7

    Blue Dome Lights

    Colored cellophane? I guess it depends whether or not you want to take things apart.
  45. ckoval7

    Rebooted MCU Display Not Responding $1948 Bill

    You're experiencing the common MCU problem related to the eMMC (flash memory) wearing out. It seems they've dropped the pricing of replacing MCU1. It used to be over $2k. Since you're out of warranty, there are people here able to replace the eMMC for you.
  46. ckoval7

    Pulling the trigger on Tesla Solar Panels (Maryland)

    Here we are over a week later without a single peep from Tesla. I wonder if the delay is related to the pandemic.
  47. ckoval7

    TeslaFi General Discussion

    For a referral code, chances are anyone's username in this thread will work. I know for sure my username here matches TeslaFi.
  48. ckoval7

    Pulling the trigger on Tesla Solar Panels (Maryland)

    I just went ahead and put my order in on Tesla's website for a Large (11.34kW) solar array. I answered some basic questions and uploaded the pictures of my utility meter and main electrical panel. I considered going for the three power walls, but I don't think it would be worth the extra...
  49. ckoval7

    TeslaFi General Discussion

    I love the lifetime map feature. I'm guilty of taking some weird routes just to fill in more of the map.
  50. ckoval7

    Windshield, OEM or Aftermarket. Progressive Ins denied OEM.

    Is your car Pre-AP? If not, there are heating elements for the front camera.

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